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bob体育官网app下载采用百度引擎4(Baidu 3)(Photo by Universal/courtesy Everett Collection)All Fast Furious Movies RankedFrom bursting out the nose of an exploding plane, to skipping skyscraper to skyscraper, to gently guiding a bank safe across public roads and additional civil engineering, the Fast Furious franchise has made its mission delivering more outrageous action than the previous movies could ever muster. And as the stunts got crazier for Dom (Vin Diesel), Brian (Paul Walker), Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and the whole F F-in family, critics were just as willing to go along for the ride. It was finally the fifth Furious film that earned the franchise s first Fresh. And since then it s been on a skyward trajectory, like a souped-up Karmann Ghia ramping off an Arrakis sandworm and barrel rolling between a fleet of nuclear dirigibles (you know we re heading in this direction). Furious 7 reached a high emotional crescendo in the wake of Walker s death, while follow-up F8 saw a dip, though stayed in the Fresh lane.The latest include spin-off Hobbs Shaw and the long-delayed F9. Now that the whole family s here, see all Fast Furious movies ranked by Tomatometer!

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【超变真传奇手游下载】超变真传奇安卓正版下载提供给大家,这是一款大型的传奇手游,真正的传奇玩法和模式等待大家前来体验,丰富多样的副本和BOSS挑战等你来感受,支持离线挂机玩法,从此解放你的双手,超高爆率享不停,喜欢的小伙伴赶快来下载吧。 The HBO fantasy drama His Dark Materials, based on Philip Pullman s epic fantasy trilogy, is back for more bewitchment, magic, and mystical goodness. So whether you re just getting caught up with season 1, or need something to tide you over while you wait week to week, here are five more titles that will surely cast a spell on you in this week s Binge Guide.His Dark Materials airs at 9 p.m. on Mondays on HBO and HBO Max.

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This week s Ketchup brings you another 10 headlines from the world of film development news (the stories about what movies Hollywood is working on for you next), covering such titles as The Suicide Squad, Face/Off, Major Matt Mason, Mission: Impossible 7, and Tank Girl.This WEEK S TOP STORYJAMES GUNN REVEALS FULL CAST OF THE SUICIDE SQUAD(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)After writer-director James Gunn was dismissed by Disney from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 over some controversial tweets and before he was then re-hired for the project Warner Bros. and DC swooped in to secure his talents for a new Suicide Squad movie. We learned later that the film would be a reboot instead of a sequel, and casting announcements began to roll in, starting with Margot Robbie (as Harley Quinn) and Idris Elba (who specifically isn t replacing Will Smith as Deadshot), and eventually including returning stars Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, and Joel Kinnaman. More casting announcements came fast and furious after that, but on Friday, just as this article was set to publish, Gunn himself took to Twitter to officially confirm the full cast of The Suicide Squad for the first time, along with the words Don t get too attached. In other words, we can fully expect that not all of the cast will survive to the end of the movie. The Suicide Squad starts filming this month, with a scheduled release date of August 6, 2021.Other Top Headlines1. JOAQUIN PHOENIX S JOKER WILL NEVER MEET ROBERT PATTINSON S THE BATMAN(Photo by Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros., Warner Bros.)It s a good time to be bad for Joaquin Phoenix s Joker, which currently has a Tomatometer score of 76%, won the top prize at the Venice Film Festival, and is projected to make around million at the box office when it opens in October. All of that already has pundits speculating on Phoenix s chances of replicating Heath Ledger s Academy Awards win as the Joker in The Dark Knight. So, it s not unreasonable to wonder if he might reprise the role to square off against Robert Pattinson s The Batman (6/25/2021), either in that film or in future sequels. Well, Joker director Todd Phillips was asked that exact question this week, and he replied with, No. Definitely not. Asked again a few days later, he said basically the same thing, but with a few more words, I don t see it connecting to anything in the future. This is just a movie. It s possible that the reason why Joaquin Phoenix s Joker won t tie in to other DC Comics movies is that, as far as we currently know, the DCEU version of the Joker is still Jared Leto s take from Suicide Squad. After all, Margot Robbie s Harley Quinn is still very much in play, as she s reprising the role in Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (2/7/2020) and, as noted above, presumably in James Gunn s The Suicide Squad.2. MARVEL S AGENT CARTER STAR JOINS MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FRANCHISE (Photo by The Weinstein Company/courtesy Everett Collection)Although many other franchises have come and gone since the first Mission: Impossible in 1996, last year s Mission: Impossible Fallout was the sixth in the series, and Paramount Pictures has already scheduled Mission: Impossible 7 (7/23/2021) and Mission: Impossible 8 (8/5/2022). Part of how the M:I franchise has stayed relevant is through a steady flow of new cast members, including Michelle Monaghan and Simon Pegg in M:I III and Rebecca Ferguson and Alec Baldwin in M:I Rogue Nation. The first new cast member to be announced for Mission: Impossible 7 is British actress Hayley Atwell, who probably remains best known for playing Marvel s Peggy Carter, as seen in both Captain America: The First Avenger and in the much-missed ABC series, Agent Carter. Neither Atwell nor director Christopher McQuarrie revealed in their announcements the nature of her new character, though one could speculate (and this writer is) that she might be playing a British counterpart to those led by Tom Cruise s Ethan Hunt.3. HAILEE STEINFELD LIKELY TO JOIN THE MCU AS NEW HAWKEYE KATE BISHOP(Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)Although she was not primarily an archer when first introduced in 2005, the Marvel Comics character Kate Bishop would go on to become the second Hawkeye and the star of one of Marvel s most popular titles when Matt Fraction s Hawkeye series debuted in 2012. Before Avengers: Endgame was released this year, it seemed from the trailers that maybe Kate Bishop would be featured in that film (the young female archer in the trailers turned out to be Clint Barton s daughter instead). Instead, the character s introduction to the MCU was confirmed at SDCC to be in the upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye. That show isn t scheduled to be released until the fall of 2021 (and indeed, the writer wasn t even hired until this week), but Disney and Marvel may already be in talks with their Kate Bishop actress. An offer has reportedly been made to 22-year-old Hailee Steinfeld, whose recent films have included Pitch Perfect 2, Pitch Perfect 3, Bumblebee, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, in which she voiced Spider-Gwen. In addition to the Disney+ series, it s also very possible that Steinfeld could reprise the role in future MCU movies.4. UNIVERSAL CLASSIC MONSTERS TO RETURN AS DARK ARMY (Photo by Universal Pictures)It was just two years ago that Universal Pictures brought together a cast of stars to promote their new Dark Universe cinematic universe. That, however, was before the first movie in that proposed franchise, The Mummy, was released to both critical and box office disappointment. Earlier this year, Variety ran a story that confirmed that the Dark Universe concept was dead, following the news last year that Bride of Frankenstein had been cancelled. (The Invisible Man, starring Elisabeth Moss, is still coming out next year, but not as part of a cinematic universe.) Instead, it appears the next time the various Universal Classic Monsters will co-star in the same movie together will be in something called Dark Army, which started as a pitch from comedic writer-director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy). It s not yet known if Feig s frequent collaborator Melissa McCarthy will appear in Dark Army, and if she does, what role she would play (Bride of Frankenstein, perhaps?). In addition to various (but not yet confirmed) Universal Classic Monsters, Dark Army will also feature some new monsters.5. CHIWETEL EJIOFOR TO FOLLOW SCAR IN THE LION KING WITH ANOTHER VILLAIN(Photo by Jaap Buitendijk/TM and Copyright ©Fox Searchlight Pictures)It sounds like reprising one of Disney s most iconic villains as Scar in this year s CGI remake of The Lion King may have been something Chiwetel Ejiofor enjoyed, because this week, the British actor signed on for another heel role. Ejiofor has joined Mark Wahlberg in the Paramount action thriller Infinite (which Icelandic actor Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson also joined this week). Mark Wahlberg will play a man haunted by memories of past lives who then discovers that he is part of a secret society of people who have been using their past memories to shape history for centuries. Infinite (8/7/2020) started as a project for Chris Evans, as one of his first post-Captain America roles, but he subsequently departed the project and was quickly replaced by Wahlberg.6. MARGOT ROBBIE REMAKING POST-APOCALYTPIC COMEDY TANK GIRL (Photo by Warner Bros.)As the old expression goes, what I really want to do is direct, but another smart play for today s movie stars is to become a producer. Margot Robbie started her LuckyChap Entertainment production company in 2014, and since then, she s produced I, Tonya, and is also producing the upcoming Barbie, Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), and Gotham City Sirens. This week, it was confirmed that Robbie is also producing and is likely to star in a reboot of the post-apocalyptic comedy Tank Girl. Lori Petty starred in the first Tank Girl movie (Rotten at 38%) in 1995, which was, like Robbie s movie will be, based on the British comic book series. Tank Girl depicts the adventures of an outlaw tank pilot with a mutated kangaroo boyfriend (played in the first movie by a heavily made-up Ice-T), supported by counterparts like Jet Girl and Sub Girl (you get one guess each as to how they each get around). This week, Robbie hired director Miles Joris-Peyrafitte (of her recent film Dreamland) to direct her version of Tank Girl.7. TOM HANKS STILL ATTACHED TO STAR IN 1960S ACTION FIGURE MOVIE MAJOR MATT MASON (Photo by Jaap Buitendijk/Walt Disney Studios)The 1960s action figure character Major Matt Mason remains fairly obscure for most people, but it has a very influential fan in the form of Tom Hanks. Although he is now 63 years old, Hanks has long been attached to star in a Major Matt Mason movie, and this week, it was confirmed that Hanks is still attached to star, despite his age. Introduced in 1966 at the height of the space race, Major Matt Mason is an American astronaut who lives on the Moon. Tom Hanks involvement actually started in 2012 (when he was a relatively spritely 56) as a film that would have been directed by Robert Zemeckis, but it is now being adapted by screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, who worked with Tom Hanks on The Da Vinci Code and its sequel Angels Demons. Of course, it s possible that Tom Hanks advanced age might be part of the story, perhaps in the form of a twist in which Matt Mason has been living on the Moon since the space race years.8. CHANNING TATUM PRODUCING MOVIE BASED ON CHINA S ZOMBIE BROTHER(Photo by Claudette Barius/©Warner Bros.)China is increasingly becoming a factor in the box office prospects of Hollywood films, but it s still relatively rare that those movies are actually based on Chinese properties. That, however, may be slowly changing, as suggested by one new project based on the Chinese webcomic and animated series Shi Xiong (Zombie Brother). It s not yet known if he will also star in Zombie Brother, but Channing Tatum is producing the live-action film version. The first step came this week with the hiring of director Todd Strauss-Schulson (Isn t It Romantic?). Although movies featuring magic or the supernatural frequently face censorship in China, Zombie Brother skirts that issue by explaining zombies through science.9. DEFINITIVE 1990S ACTION MOVIE FACE/OFF TO BE REMADE(Photo by Paramount Pictures courtesy Everett Collection)Although it feels like the 1997 action thriller Face/Off is now primarily referenced in jest, the film starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta actually maintains an impressive Certified Fresh Tomatometer score of 92%. That, however, doesn t necessarily help this week s news, as it s commonly held that the best candidates for remakes are movies that were flawed the first time around. That s right, Paramount Pictures is now developing a remake of Face/Off, about the highly unlikely scenario in which an FBI agent and a terrorist end up wearing each other s faces after a complicated surgery. Paramount Pictures has hired screenwriter Oren Uziel, who recently worked for Paramount on their movie version of Sonic the Hedgehog, which begs the question as to whether the remake will have to be delayed several months after audiences reject the CGI faces they see in the first trailer.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.bob体育官网app下载然而现实却是——一旦有批评摩尔手游的视频火了,就有自来水开始抨击up主本人,人身攻击、挖掘批评者过往的黑历史。哇,有必要吗,目前那个最火的视频up还被指责蹭热度。我倒是学那些小键盘侠们翻了翻up的视频,发现那个up是主机圈的。我就想人家主机游戏玩得快快乐乐,还不是真的想怀旧才来体验,结果吃了一嘴奥利给不给人说啦?

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In December of 2000, Robert Zemeckis’s survival film Cast Away asked movie audiences to ponder the unthinkable: What if a nightmare set of circumstances left you marooned on a desolate, uninhabited island, cut off from the world, each day reduced to a primitive struggle to maintain the basic necessities of life? Could you survive? Could you measure up to the resourcefulness displayed by stranded FedEx employee Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks), who perseveres for four years until he makes it back to civilization?Twenty years later, we’re living the unthinkable; the global pandemic, with its daily challenges of remaining safe from a deadly virus, has turned us into homebound versions of Noland, hunkered down, trying to survive, and restricted from intimate contact with friends and loved ones (though unlike Noland, we do have our smartphones, social media, and a number of streaming platforms on which to binge hundreds of TV shows).With so many of us coping with enforced isolation, Cast Away feels even more resonant today than it did in 2000. In fact, the film has a lot to teach us about staying resilient amidst seemingly hopeless circumstances by living one day at a time, since, as Noland observes, “You never know what tomorrow may bring.”  To honor its 20th anniversary, we take a look at why Cast Away is the perfect film for today’s socially distanced times. I ll be right back. When we first meet Noland, he’s in a Moscow warehouse, lecturing a group of FedEx employees on how to meet deadlines more efficiently. Called away on a sudden work emergency to Malaysia on Christmas night, Chuck slips his long-time girlfriend Kelly (Helen Hunt) an engagement ring, kisses her goodbye, and promises that he’ll be “right back.”Instead, in a terrifying sequence, his FedEx plane goes down in the Pacific, and Noland is the lone survivor. When his life raft bumps ashore on a volcanic island in the middle of nowhere, he realizes his life has irrevocably changed.In 2017, Hanks told THR Actors Roundtable  I wanted to examine the concept of four years of hopelessness, in which you have none of the requirements for living — food, water, shelter, fire and company… I was reading an article about FedEx, and I realized that 747s filled with packages fly across the Pacific three times a day. And I just thought, What happens if that goes down?' I. Made. Fire! There’s something profound about watching Noland, a man once ruled by clocks and deadlines, take the first step towards his own survival by making a fire – something he likely hasn’t had to do since boyhood. For anyone stuck at home and feeling sorry for themselves during the pandemic, it’s a poignant reminder of the film’s central theme of discovering what’s truly important in life. Hanks’s chest-thumps and primitive shouts are an inspiration to anyone looking to reconnect with their inner caveman.As Hanks told ABC News in ‘06, “Once Chuck has figured out how to stay alive, his battle is no longer against the elements, it’s about desperation. It’s about… loneliness that is very different from being home on a Saturday night with nothing to do.” And just think – I used to avoid going to the dentist. (Photo by ©20th Century Fox Film Corp.)Those of us too afraid to visit a dentist’s office while the coronavirus rages might not want to duplicate Noland’s barbaric solution to DIY tooth extraction, using an unorthodox rock and ice-skate-blade combo with no numbing agent. The takeaway here: when you’re way out of your comfort zone, you’ve got to adapt, and quickly. I think we did it! (Photo by ©20th Century Fox Film Corp.)Noland escapes his captivity on a homemade raft with a jury-rigged “sail” fashioned from the detritus of a portable toilet that came in with the tide. A testament not only to his ingenuity and resourcefulness, but his will to survive at all costs. I m sorry, Wilson!

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2.20.8 8月喜迎合击传奇手游,一款热血传奇手游。引擎打造开放式沙城世界,还原原汁原味的传奇设定,组队副本多样的探索玩法,畅快的PVP模式,沙巴克城再战,再现经典。激战BOSS,神兵利器快速获取,自由交易系统,公会系统感受万人同屏畅快的热血厮杀,搭载实时语音系统指挥攻城无往不利!
With the sweaty season in full swing, most of us are gearing up for our summer habits: Curling up with the latest paperback, bingeing that show that everyone has been talking about, or hitting the movie theater for some blockbuster action. But for many, summer also means catching up with or checking in on great documentaries. At home and in theaters, summer always boasts a fresh crop of gripping true-to-life stories to keep us entertained.To help you narrow down your choices, we ve put together a list of some our favorite Fresh and Certified Fresh docs that you can stream today or catch in theaters now or very soon. From socially conscious documentaries to harrowing retrospectives on historic events – with dynamic subjects like Aretha Franklin, Anton Yelchin, Beto O Rourke, and disgraced Silicon Valley CEO Elizabeth Holmes – we have you covered with our list of the some of the buzziest true-life feature films of the year so far, and where to watch them.Stream it: Apollo 11 (2019) 99%Unprecedented access to unreleased audio from the Apollo 11 space mission gave director Todd Douglas Miller a whole new avenue to craft a unique story about well-known events. Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, this reconstruction of humanity’s first successful trip to the moon uses archival footage to completely enthrall the audiences. Expect the movie, which is one of the best-reviewed films of the year, to be a big contender in Documentary categories come awards season.Critics Consensus: Edifying and inspiring in equal measure, Apollo 11 uses artfully repurposed archival footage to send audiences soaring back to a pivotal time in American history.Where to watch it: Stream it now on, FandangoNow, Amazon, Vudu, Google.Stream it: Knock Down the House (2019) 99%What it is: When documentarian Rachel Lears started filming Knock Down the House, she was solely interested in documenting four progressive Democrats who had challenged incumbents. Each faced tough odds, but no one could predict that one of the film s subjects, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, would become one of the most talked about politicians in the legislature. The film documents AOC s road to the ballot box alongside Amy Vilela of Nevada, Cori Bush of Missouri, and Paula Jean Swearengin of West Virginia.Critics Consensus: A galvanizing glimpse behind the scenes of a pivotal election, Knock Down the House should prove engrossing for viewers of all political persuasions.Where to watch it: Stream it on Netflix.Stream it soon: Amazing Grace (2018) 99%What it is: The late Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, was in a decades-long legal battle with the man behind the concert doc Amazing Grace. Originally intended for release by Warner Bros. in 1972, director Alan Elliott s film was long delayed as he spent time trying to find lost footage and fend off legal challenges from Franklin. Though never publicly stated, Elliott maintains the soul singer s suit and objections were just a negotiating tactic. After the singer s death, her estate reached an agreement with Elliott and Amazing Grace was cleared to premiere in 2018. Shot by late director Sydney Pollack and reassembled by Elliott, the feature lives as the only video documentation of one of the best-selling gospel albums in history and an enduring tribute to the late singer at the height of her power.  Critics Consensus: Brilliantly capturing a remarkable performer near the peak of her prodigious power, Amazing Grace is a thrilling must-watch documentary for Aretha Franklin fans.Where to watch it: Currently in limited release. Available for digital download or on Blu-Ray and DVD August 6.Stream It: Running With Beto (2019) 91%What it is: Regardless of your political leanings, Running with Beto is a highly entertaining and intimate look at a candidate running against political convention. A Democrat has not won a statewide election in Texas for over 25 years, but with a millennial-friendly social media strategy and old-fashioned grassroots campaigning Texas Congressman Beto O Rourke made a serious run against incumbent Senator Ted Cruz. Running With Beto captures the drama of the campaign.Critics Consensus: Candid and compelling, Running with Beto is an illuminating exploration of an up-and-coming politician and the changing political landscape around him.Where to watch it: Watch on HBO or HBONow.In theaters: Pavarotti (2019) 87%What it is: In the age  ofInstagram celebs it s hard to believe that at one time – for several decades in fact – one of the biggest stars in the world was an opera singer. Luciano Pavarotti transcended the opera singer stereotype to become a bona fide A-list celebrity and live a fascinating life. Handled by a rock-and-roll manager, Pavarotti lived the life of a hard-rock frontman and documented much of what happened. Director Ron Howard was given access to the late singer s home movies and – for the first time – given permission to interview Pavarotti s wives, children, and closest friends.Critics Consensus: Pavarotti pays entertaining tribute to a towering cultural figure with a documentary whose evident affection for its subject proves contagious.Where to watch it: Currently in limited theatrical release.In theaters: The Biggest Little Farm (2018) 91% What it is: When a noise complaint about their dog got them evicted them from their apartments, filmmaker John Chester and his chef wife Molly Chester bet it all on The Farm. The revolutionary organic farm they created is actually a return to noncommercial farming techniques, and the trials and tribulations of achieving it are the focus of this documentary, which spans the course of seven years. A perfect watch if you re looking for inspiration for your own veggie patch.Critics Consensus: Uplifting, educational, and entertaining, The Biggest Little Farm is an environmental advocacy documentary with a satisfying side dish of hope for the future.Where to watch it: Currently in limited theatrical release.Coming soon: Maiden (2018) 98% What it is: The tale of Tracy Edwards, a 24-year-old cook turned skipper for the first all-female crew to sail around the world, is one so incredible it sounds like a work of fiction. In truth, tired of being dismissed and passed over because of her gender, Edwards took on the male-dominated sailing competition Whitbread Round the World with her historic team entry. Following the formation of the crew and every battle they fought just to compete, this is one of the most rousing feelgood stories of the summer.Where to watch it: In limited release June 28.Stream it: The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley (2019) 79% What it is: Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced former CEO and founder of blood-testing startup Theranos, is another one of those figures destined to inspire hours of entertainment. She s the subject of several books, countless articles, and an upcoming feature film with Jennifer Lawrence attached, and The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley is the latest to feature the poster child for everything wrong with the tech industry and icon idolatry. Chronicled by Going Clear documentarian Alex Gibney, Stanford dropout Holmes was obsessed with Apple CEO Steve Jobs and molded herself in his image, crafting a house-of-cards empire built largely on hero worship and aggressive PR without having ever achieved actual success.Critics Consensus: Alex Gibney s The Inventor declines to outright condemn the actions by Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, but instead provides a comprehensive overview of the scandal that allows viewers to mull over its implications towards the broader Silicon ValleyWhere to watch it: Watch on HBO or HBONow.Coming Soon: Love, Antosha (2019) 97% What it is: Actor Anton Yelchin was an artist that defied categorization. The star of blockbuster films like Star Trek, Terminator: Salvation, and The Smurfs and beloved indies like Green Room, Like Crazy, and Odd Thomas, Yelchin was a cinematic chameleon. The documentary gives us a peek inside the enigmatic actor s life and his tragic death at the age 27. Editor Turned director Garret Price conducted interviews with Yelchin s family and friends, including Chris Pine, JJ Abrams, Nicolas Cage, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Simon Pegg.Where to watch it: In limited theaters August 2.Coming Soon: Hail Satan? (2019) 96% What it is: Satanism takes center stage in the hilarious documentary Hail Satan?. The movie chronicles the satanic temple s fight in deeply Christian Arkansas and forces audiences to reconsider the sect religion that is so often a punchline. After only 30 minutes of Hail Satan?, you ll begin to question if the group is in fact comprised of assumed weirdo outcasts or something more like patriots.Critics Consensus: Hail Satan? challenges preconceived notions of its subject with a smart, witty, and overall entertaining dispatch from the front lines of the fight for social justice.Where to watch it: Available for digital download or on Blu-Ray and DVD July 23.Like this? 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Today s Ketchup brings you ten headlines from the world of film development news, covering titles such as Avengers 4, Gladiator 2, The Meg 2, and The Time Machine.This WEEK S TOP STORYARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? RIDLEY SCOTT MOVES FORWARD WITH GLADIATOR SEQUEL(Photo by DreamWorks courtesy Everett Collection)Director Ridley Scott has had so many film projects in development over his career that they have their own Wikipedia page. (Some of those movies, like Alien 5, Blade Runner 2, Dune, I Am Legend, and Tristan Isolde were eventually directed by other filmmakers.) It s anyone s guess as to whether we will ever get The Merlin Saga, Monopoly, or The Prisoner, but one of the longest-running ideas still yet to be realized is a sequel to 2000 s Gladiator (which won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Russell Crowe), and Scott is again considering directing a Gladiator sequel. The proposed sequel would tell the decades-later story of Lucius Verus, the son of Lucilla, and the nephew of the emperor Commodus (played in the first film, respectively, by Spencer Treat Clark, Connie Nielsen, and Joaquin Phoenix). DreamWorks no longer has the rights to a Gladiator sequel, so the project is now at Paramount, which, with Ridley Scott s production company, has hired screenwriter Peter Craig (cowriter of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1/2, and 2020 s Top Gun: Maverick) to work on the sequel. There doesn t appear to be much historical evidence of the real Lucius Verus becoming a gladiator, but Gladiator also suggested a detour from history anyway.Fresh Developments1. AVENGERS 4 CASTING IGNITES NEW RUMORS(Photo by Marvel Studios)Avengers 4 comes out in just six months from this Saturday (May 3, 2019), but there remains so much that we don t know. Heck, we don t even know the title yet. Marvel Studios is somehow sustaining that mystery even while they continue their second stage of production. This week, 13 Reasons Why co-star Katherine Langford was cast as someone in Avengers 4, with no clues about who that might be. That just means, however, that every fan who s read actual comics can now speculate who Langford might play, and in today s world, many of those fans are actual professional writers. One obvious reason for the mystery is that Langford s character might hint at Marvel Studios future plans. A front runner guess (possibly because she has the same first name) is Kate Bishop, AKA Hawkeye, who takes over after (and during) Clint Barton s era. Other possibilities include Clea (an ally of Doctor Strange), Queen Veranke (of the Skrulls from Captain Marvel), and longtime Avengers member Sersi (of The Eternals, who are someday getting their own movie). Meanwhile, Marvel Studios is developing shows for the upcoming Disney streaming app, which may include a team-up limited series starring Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan). There has previously been talk about shows for Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) that are also limited series (probably 6 to 8 episodes), starting in 2019.2. EWAN MCGREGOR TO DON BLACK MASK AS BAT-VILLAIN IN BIRDS OF PREY (Photo by Neil Davidson/IFC Films courtesy Everett Collection)If we start the clock in 1989 with Tim Burton s first Batman, there have been seven solo Batman movies in the modern era. Although we have obviously had three Jokers, two Two-Faces, and two Catwomans, for the most part the franchise focused on introducing new Bat-villains (the Spider-Man movies also tend to do this). Birds of Prey, featuring Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), and Detective Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez), is part of DC Comics extended Bat-Family of titles, so it will also feature a Batman-related villain. This time, it s Black Mask s turn, and he will be played by Ewan McGregor, making his superhero movie debut. The Birds of Prey version of Black Mask is described as a brutally sadistic kingpin in Gotham City’s criminal underworld who has a fixation with masks. McGregor and Mary Elizabeth-Winstead previously co-starred together as a romantic couple dabbling in a life in crime in Fargo Season 3. You can read more about Black Mask s road to the big screen right here. Warner Bros. has scheduled Birds of Prey for release on February 7, 2020, up against Peter Rabbit 2, and the week after the Shining sequel Doctor Sleep, also starring Ewan McGregor.3. IT DIRECTOR ADAPTING ATTACK ON TITAN AND THE TIME MACHINEIt is entirely expected that directors coming off two hit films like Mama and IT will be wanted for high profile films, but Andy Muschietti actually had that happen twice this week. First, on Monday, we learned that Muschietti had signed with Warner Bros. to direct their live action adaptation of the popular manga series Attack on Titan (which has also been adapted as an anime). Attack on Titan is set in a bizarre future in which mankind is beset by gigantic creatures called Titans who resemble humans (without their skin, so their muscles are exposed it s kind of gross). Warner Bros is also the studio behind next year s Godzilla: King of the Monsters (5/31/2019) and Godzilla vs Kong (5/22/2020), so it makes total sense they d also be interested in Attack on Titan. The second new project for Andy Muschietti this week is also at Warner Bros., with Leonardo DiCaprio s Appian Way also on board. They have recruited Muschietti to start development on a new adaptation of H.G. Wells science fiction classic The Time Machine. The two most popular previous adaptations were released in 1960 (Fresh at 77%) and in 2002 (Rotten at 29%). It s not yet known whether DiCaprio is considering starring in The Time Machine. Andy Muschietti wrapped filming of IT: Chapter Two this week for release next year on September 6, 2019.4. SACHA BARON COHEN, EDDIE REDMAYNE, AND THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7  (Photo by Focus Features)Up above, we mentioned director Ridley Scott has been attached to a lot of movies, but he s got nothing on Steven Spielberg. Spielberg is now deeply in preproduction on his remake of West Side Story, and on Indiana Jones 5, but up until a few years ago, one of his projects was The Trial of the Chicago 7, depicting the true stories of the protestors at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Spielberg is still producing The Trial of the Chicago 7, but it will now be directed by its screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin (Molly s Game). Sacha Baron Cohen (who nearly starred as Freddie Mercury in this week s Bohemian Rhapsody) is also in early talks to play one of the protest s leaders, Abbie Hoffman (of the Yippies ). That news would have been a lot for one week, but Eddie Redmayne is also now in talks to play Tom Hayden, one of the student leaders (and future husband of Jane Fonda).5. MICHAEL KEATON TO PLAY ANTI-VIRUS ICON JOHN MCAFEE IN KING OF THE JUNGLE(Photo by The Weinstein Company)Many corporate leaders and innovators lead pretty boring lives, but then there s John McAfee, who lent his surname to the popular line of McAfee antivirus software.  John McAfee is back in the United States now, but for several years, he was on the run in Central America after accusations in 2012 that he had been involved in a murder in Belize. This incredible true story will soon become a movie called King of the Jungle, and we now know who will be the film s two male stars. Michael Keaton will play McAfee, and Seth Rogen will pay a journalist who finds himself drawn into McAfee’s escalating paranoia, slippery reality, and murder. King of the Jungle will be directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (the co-directors of Crazy Stupid Love) from a screenplay by the writing team of Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (Ed Wood, Man on the Moon). Michael Keaton comes to King of the Jungle after the departure of the film s first announced star, Johnny Depp.6. CHRIS ROCK TO DIRECT KEVIN HART IN CO-PARENTING(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)Since making his directorial debut in 2003 with the political comedy Head of State, comedian Chris Rock has also directed 2007 s I Think I Love My Wife and 2014 s Top Five. Rock also starred in all three of those films, but for his fourth film as director, he has instead recruited Kevin Hart as his lead. Kevin Hart will star in Co-Parenting, a family comedy from screenwriter Yamara Taylor (TV s black-ish), playing a stay at home dad who raises the kids while his star CEO wife serves as the breadwinner [until he] finds himself in emotional and public turmoil when his wife kicks him to the curb, and they engage in a bitter divorce and custody battle. So, perhaps it s not all comedy (the tone is being compared to some of the films of Judd Apatow and James L. Brooks).7. TYLER PERRY ANNOUNCES 2019 TO BE THE END OF MADEA (Photo by Lionsgate)Every once in a while, we interpret a news story as a Fresh Development because it involves a turnaround for something that would otherwise be Rotten. For example, Tyler Perry may have had a great box office run with his Madea character, but no movie with Madea in the title has ever scored above a 37% on the Tomatometer (that was 2011 s Madea s Big Happy Family). So, when Tyler Perry announced this week that 2019 would be the end of the Madea character with Tyler Perry s A Madea Family Funeral (3/1/2019), we see it as a Fresh Development for actual moviegoers. The 10 movies in Tyler Perry s Madea franchise have earned over 0 million to date.ROTTEN IDEAS OF THE WEEK2. THE BOBA FETT SPINOFF IS OFFICALLY DEAD (Photo by 20th Century Fox)Back in June, following the (relatively) disappointing box office numbers for Solo: A Star Wars Story, the world started hearing talk that Lucasfilm might be reconsidering its collective plans for Star Wars Story spinoffs. At that point, there had been discussions about spinoffs for such characters as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and the bounty hunter Boba Fett (and indeed, that might ve been next up). Well, this week, we received confirmation that the project that might ve been called Boba Fett: A Star Wars Story is no longer being developed, with the focus instead going to Jon Favreau s series The Mandalorian for Disney s upcoming streaming service. (Boba Fett wears Mandalorian battle armor.) As for what the Boba Fett spinoff would have included, we also learned this week that several of Boba Fett s fellow bounty hunters would have been featured in the movie, potentially including characters such as IG-88, Bossk, Dengar, 4-Lom, and Zuckus. As this piece points out, however, fans have been fascinated by Boba Fett for 40 years now, so we may yet see Boba Fett return in some form yet, somewhere, someday.1. THE MEG SEQUEL STILL IN DEVELOPMENT(Photo by Warner Bros.)This summer saw the release of the giant shark movie The Meg after the project had been kicked around Hollywood for about 20 years of development. The Meg received a Rotten Tomatometer score of just 46%, but it was still a box office success, earning 2 million domestically and over 7 million globally. One of the changes that was made to the film through the course of its development was a focus on Asian settings, characters, and financing, which was surely part of why the film did so well in many overseas markets. That s probably also why a sequel to The Meg is now in development, as its executive producer Catherine Xujin Ying revealed this week. It s not yet known if Jason Statham or any other co-stars will return for the sequel. In addition to a sequel and a potential film franchise, The Meg may also soon inspire giant-shark theme parks around the world. There s no word yet as to when The Meg 2 might take its giant bite out of the box office (or not).

When the children s cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender aired on Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2008, it was unlike anything kids or adults had ever seen. The show was praised for its art direction, soundtrack, cultural references, humor, and most importantly, its themes, as Avatar was not afraid to explore concepts rarely touched on in youth entertainment. And now, with the show arriving on Netflix after what feels like a 100-year sleep, it is about to be introduced to a whole new audience while simultaneously reminding hardcore fans what made it so special. And to go along with the show s reemergence into the pop culture mainstream, Rotten Tomatoes’ Mark Ellis is delivering five titles you may have missed that tackle many of the same themes, have similar animation styles, and contain characters that follow a similar journey.
Join us weekly as Rotten Tomatoes reports on what s opening, expanding, and coming to the specialty box office. From promising releases from new voices to experimental efforts from storied filmmakers – or perhaps the next indie darling to go the distance for end-of-year accolades – we will break it all down for you here each week in Fresh Indie Finds. This week at the specialty box office, we have new offerings from Cynthia Erivo, Ethan Hawke, and Martin Scorsese. Erivo s take on Civil War icon Harriet Tubman joins Ethan Hawke in a new indie tale about an ex-con and an abandoned baby, while Scorsese s long-awaited Jimmy Hoffa gangster epic starring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Harvey Keitel – all together for the first time ever – opens a theatrical run before it drops on Netflix. In our spotlight section, we highlight the per-screen-average winning film from last week s three-way showcase featuring The Lighthouse, Parasite, and Jojo Rabbit. And finally, in our indie trailer section, we have new clips featuring Vin Diesel, Sterling K. Brown, and a foreign language Oscar hopeful some are dubbing a modern-day Parisian Do The Right Thing. Opening This Weekend
1. Hallelujah As anyone who has ever watched a televised talent competition will tell you, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” has been subjected to its fair share of abuse over the years. Nowhere, though, has the song been more thoroughly beaten up than in this scene from Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, an otherwise fascinating superhero flick that has its hardcore defenders. What was a powerful moment in the graphic novel is laughable here, as Nite Owl (Patrick Wilson) and Silk Spectre (Malin Akerman) trade grunty-faces in their steampunk binoculars-looking sex pod all while the booming voice of Cohen… booms. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, the pod shoots flames at the moment of climax. Disagree, passionately? Let us know in the comments, and share your favorite so-bad-they re-good movie sex scenes.
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bob体育官网app下载 much better, with only two wins out of 10 nominations.What is the impact when certain narratives, and certain roles, are so heavily favored by the Academy and other awards voting groups, particularly when those roles home in on poverty and subjugation? The effect is insidious. If you are a young Black actress in Hollywood today and given a script with “Oscar potential” – say, one playing a historical figure like Shirley Chisholm (the first Black woman to run for president) or Mae Carol Jemison (the first Black female astronaut in space) – you could take the role, be lauded by critics, become a hit with audiences, and yet you would do so with the full knowledge that it will likely come up short of consideration for your profession s highest honor. The safer bet now, as it ever was, is to play a slave.(Photo by © Neon)And what is the impact of that calculus and its repetition? We will continue to see a certain type of role and character repeatedly rewarded, and the cycle will go on.These tales of slaves and maids and more are incredibly valuable and relevant stories to tell and lives to portray, and the performances – Erivo’s included – can be mind-blowingly good. But they are not the only stories worth being told or the only characters worthy of recognition. The world of ideas shrinks incredibly when we don’t see the full array of the Black experience represented and rewarded, whether that be the life of a 1950s maid or a modern-day prison warden or a school teacher or an astronaut or a twentysomething looking to party hard in New Orleans. Or the life of Aretha Franklin, whom Jennifer Hudson will play on the big screen this year, and Erivo herself will play on TV.Hattie McDaniel could never dream of playing a megastar musician. She won her Oscar for playing a maid, and made a living playing similar roles. She’s drawn criticism for taking so many “Mammy” jobs, but countered that it was her only real option for regular work at the time. She famously said it was far better to make Seven hundred dollars a week playing a maid than earn seven a day being a maid.” In that sense, some progress has been made. The variety of roles available to actresses of color may still be limited, but it s vaster than it ever has been. It would be great to see that better reflected on future nominations mornings.Are you as obsessed with awards as we are? Check out our Awards Leaderboard for 2019/2020.

Escape Room (2019) 51% For decades, Hollywood has tapped into the zeitgeist for inspiration to come up with new and inventive ways to scare the pants off audiences, and if there s any modern phenomenon absolutely ripe for the horror flick treatment, it s the rising popularity of escape rooms. Enter the aptly titled Escape Room, which brings together six strangers from varying backgrounds to navigate a series of increasingly deadly themed rooms designed to test their mettle or maybe there s a more sinister ulterior motive to the proceedings. That s what the film asks viewers to ponder, anyway, as each character faces the prospect of a violent death by way of clever traps. Critics say Escape Room features some amusing set pieces and effective tension, but its twists are contrived and its death-trap mechanics feel like a derivative mish-mash of the Saw and Final Destination films. It s likely to satisfy anyone who buys into its set-up, but it may also feel like a puzzle you ve solved before. Today s Ketchup brings you another 10 headlines from the world of film development news, covering titles such as Duke Nukem, Plastic Man, The Toxic Avenger, and Pixar s Onward.This WEEK S TOP STORYDOCTOR STRANGE SEQUEL CASTS SPELL FOR POTENTIAL 2021 RELEASERyan FujitaniWhen Marvel s Doctor Strange was released in 2016, it didn t feature any hosts of Hoggoth (hoary or otherwise), but that spell and dozens of other franchise elements remain out there for a sequel. This has been a big year for new Marvel Studios projects going into development for 2021 and beyond, including Black Widow, The Eternals, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther 2, and most recently, Shang-Chi. In the first three phases, there was a balance between original films and sequels, but as you can see from those five films, the focus in 2018 has thus far been on new properties, with Black Panther 2 being the only direct sequel. A Doctor Strange sequel was conspicuously absent, but that changed this week as director Scott Derrickson was confirmed to return for a second installment. Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong are both signed to return, and Rachel McAdams is expected to as well. Filming of Doctor Strange 2 is expected to start in early 2020, possibly aiming for a release in early May (or late April) of 2021. As for what Doctor Strange 2 might introduce to the Marvel Cinematic Universe next, there are lots of possibilities (though it probably involves either Baron Mordo or Nightmare, or both).Fresh Developments1. MARVEL S STAR-LORD AND SPIDER-MAN MOVE ONWARD FOR PIXAR IN 2020 (Photo by Todd Williamson/Getty Images)Pixar introduced the first teasers for next summer s Toy Story 4 a few weeks back, but we were still lacking details about another film scheduled for 2020, including its title. Pixar corrected that this week with the revelation that the suburban fantasy will be called Onward, will be directed by Dan Scanlon (Monsters University), and feature the voices of Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Octavia Spencer. Pratt and Holland are both Marvel Studios stars (Star-Lord and Spider-Man, respectively), and Octavia Spencer will co-star in Robert Downey Jr s The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, also in 2020 (1/17/2020). Although Onward is described as a suburban fantasy, it remains unclear what that means exactly. Onward is scheduled for release on March 6, 2020, which puts it a week after Fantasy Island (2/28/2020) and a week before the X-Men spinoff Gambit, starring Channing Tatum (3/13/2020). In related news, the first trailer for Tom Holland s next solo Marvel movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home (7/5/2019) debuted in Brazil this week.2. LEA SEYDOUX TO MAKE RARE RETURN FOR JAMES BOND 25 (Photo by Jonathan Olley/Columbia Pictures)One of the elements that unites almost all Bond girls to date is that the characters almost never return for a second film (although some like Maud Adams have played different characters). French actress Lea Seydoux, who co-starred in Spectre as Madeleine Swann, is going to buck the trend, however, as she will reprise her character in the 25th James Bond film. Bohemian Rhapsody star Rami Malek was reportedly considered for the film s villain, but conflicts with the filming of his TV series Mr. Robot are likely preventing him from being cast. Cary Joji Fukunaga (Beasts of No Nation, Sin Nombre) will be directing Daniel Craig in his fifth film as James Bond when it s released on February 14th, Valentine s Day, in 2020.3. GOT s KING TOMMEN INHERITS PRIME 2019 RELEASE DATE FOR 1917 (Photo by Gregorio T. Binuya/Everett Collection)Dozens of actors were featured in Game of Thrones, and next year, we re going to start to really see a deluge of new projects for them, as the show s final season has finished principal production. Obviously, some of them have already been taking work in between seasons, particularly those who left the show before season 7. One such young actor is Dean-Charles Chapman, who is not (yet) a household name, but is known to fans as King Tommen Baratheon in seasons 4, 5 and 6. Universal Pictures and Steven Spielberg s Amblin Partners have teamed up on a film called 1917, starring Chapman and George MacKay (Captain Fantastic). 1917 is the next film of director Sam Mendes, whose record behind the camera on the Tomatometer is entirely Fresh, including Certified Fresh scores for American Beauty and Skyfall. 1917 s title refers to the fourth year of World War I, the year in which the United States entered the war (4/6/1917). That McKay and Chapman are both English actors, however, suggests a British perspective. 1917 will open in limited released on December 25, 2019 (against Call of the Wild, Little Women, and Super Intelligence), and then expand wide on January 10, 2020.4. LIGHTER, BRIGHTER DC COMICS MOVIES LEADS TO BOUNCY SUPERHERO PLASTIC MAN (Photo by DC Comics)What a difference ten years can make. In 2008, director and producer Zack Snyder (Justice League, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) chided his Marvel competition, saying, we re going to have a Captain America movie if we re not careful. The positive reviews for the brighter perspectives of Wonder Woman (Certified Fresh at 93%), Teen Titans Go! to the Movies (Certified Fresh at 91%), and Aquaman (currently Fresh at 72%) suggest that critics and audiences alike want superhero movies that aren t always so grim (the verdict is still out on whether that would work for a Batman movie, of course). This week, DC Comics revealed plans for the hero who might be the lightest yet (even more so than next year s Shazam!), namely the super stretchy shapeshifter Plastic Man. First introduced in 1941, Plastic Man also had his own Saturday morning cartoon from 1979 to 1981. (Some sources are also comparing Plastic Man to Deadpool.) Although the Wachowskis (The Matrix, Speed Racer) had at one time been developing their own Plastic Man (the screenplay of which read a bit like a take on The Mask), the new Plastic Man will be written by newcomer Amanda Idoko (who also wrote the upcoming Breaking News In Yuba County, starring Laura Dern and Allison Janney).5. GRUESOME VILLAIN MR. ZSASZ JOINS MARGOT ROBBIE S BIRDS OF PREY Last month, we learned that Ewan McGregor had been cast as the villain Black Mask in the lengthily titled Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn). That will be Margot Robbie s second film as Harley Quinn, and her other teammates will include Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Lane) as Huntress, Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Black Canary, and Rosie Perez as Detective Renee Montoya. This week, we learned that Black Mask won t be the only villain in BoP ( TFEOOHQ), as Chris Messina (TV s The Mindy Project) has also been cast as the insane killer Victor Zsasz (AKA Mr. Zsasz). Zsasz s most obvious physical elements are the dozens of scars he has all over his body for each of his victims, so Messina can probably look forward to a lengthy sit each morning in the makeup chair. In directly related news, Ali Wong has also been cast in the film as an associate of Renee Montoya. Warner Bros has scheduled Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn) for release on February 7, 2020 (up against another sequel, Peter Rabbit 2).6. NEW BRIGHTBURN TRAILER REIMAGINES SUPERMAN ORIGIN AS HORROR STORY(Photo by Sony Pictures Entertainment)It appears unlikely that we will ever see director James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) directly work on another Marvel Studios film, but that doesn t necessarily mean he s done with the superhero genre. In October, we learned that Gunn had been hired by Marvel s distinguished competition at Warner Bros to write the screenplay for Suicide Squad 2 (with an eye towards possibly directing). This week, the first trailer for Brightburn (which Gunn co-wrote and produced) debuted, and it revealed that the film appears to be a reinterpretation of Superman s classic origin story. Put another way, what if Kal-El was had been evil? Elizabeth Banks will play the alien kid s human stepmom when Brightburn crashes into theaters next year on May 24, 2019, up against Disney s Aladdin remake, Brad Pitt s Ad Astra, and the western biopic (Billy) The Kid.Rotten Ideas3. SHARK SEQUEL 47 METERS DOWN: UNCAGED SET FOR NEXT SUMMER (Photo by Dimension Films)Although the shark movie 47 Meters Down received a Rotten Tomatometer score of 54%, the film also earned a domestic box office take of million from a budget of just .5 million, so it s probably not surprising that it s getting a sequel. Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, and Matthew Modine won t be returning for the second film (for obvious reasons, at least for two of them), which will instead feature a new ensemble cast led by Nia Long and Corinne Foxx (daughter of Jamie). The other films swimming around 47 Meters Down: Uncaged on June 28, 2019 will be Ford v Ferrari (starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon), Limited Partners (with Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne, and Salma Hayek), and the untitled musical from director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire). We continue to be baffled why the sequel, once known as 47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter, refuses to embrace the admittedly obvious but far less clunky title 48 Meters Down.2. THE TOXIC AVENGER IS GETTING A BIG BUDGET REBOOT(Photo by Troma Films)Although both 1984 s The Toxic Avenger and 2000 s Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV received Fresh Tomatometer scores of 70%, the second film has an absolutely Rotten 0%, and the third film wasn t even reviewed enough to earn a score. The Toxic Avenger became such a cult fan favorite that he became the company mascot of Troma Entertainment, the super low-budget production company behind such chestnuts as Blood Sucking Freaks, Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD, and Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. Despite its gonzo origins, The Toxic Avenger is now being developed as a new big budget superhero franchise by Legendary Entertainment, the company behind The Dark Knight, Watchmen, and Godzilla. In addition to the four feature length movies, The Toxic Avenger was also adapted as a stage musical production, a children’s cartoon TV series, and a Marvel comic. 1. ASSASSIN S CREED PRODUCER NOW WORKING ON A SUPER-UNTIMELY DUKE NUKEM (Photo by was once a time during which video games were largely perceived as products for children or teenagers (and more specifically, teenaged boys). It was at the height of that era, in 1991, when the original Duke Nukem franchise debuted; the games are littered with certain depictions of female characters that have not aged well at all. So, one might think that Duke Nukem would absolutely not be a franchise that would ever be adapted as a movie for 2020 or later, but guess what? That s exactly what s happening. The Duke Nukem project is being produced by Jean-Julien Baronnet, who also produced the video game-based 2016 disappointment Assassin s Creed (Rotten at 17%), and all that s without even mentioning the very Rotten legacy of the nearly 50 previous video game adaptations to date.


The latest sitcom to ride the wave of nostalgia with a reboot? Punky Brewster, a.k.a. the ’80s NBC sitcom about a spunky young girl raised by a foster dad. Original star Soleil Moon Frye will return as the titular character, now a single mom of three who is “trying to get her life back on track when she meets a young girl who reminds her a lot of her younger self,” according to the official description.Casting Update: A Suits Reunion, More(Photo by Shane Mahood/USA Network)Patrick J. Adams is returning to Suits for the series’ final season, he revealed to Deadline. While he’ll definitely appear in the fifth episode, during which he’ll take on a case that will put him “toe to toe” with Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl), there’s also a chance he’ll be back for the series finale. His TV wife, on the other hand — a.k.a. Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle — will not be back, but she will be mentioned.“I couldn’t be happier to be part of the final chapter of Suits. I’ve missed my TV family, and am looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble Mike Ross can stir up at the firm one last time,” Adams told Deadline in a statement. “But if the wardrobe department thinks they’re getting back the suits I stole when I left, they’re going to be very disappointed.”Joining Cate Blanchett and a cast stacked with all-star supporting performers in the limited series Mrs. America is Elizabeth Banks, who will star alongside Blanchett in the nine-episode FX drama. The series follows the unexpected backlash to the Equal Rights Amendment led by the conservative Phyllis Schlafly (Blanchett). Banks will go head-to-head with the Oscar winner as Jill Ruckelshaus, a pro-choice Republican appointed by President Ford to advance women’s rights.

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