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亚美体育官方网址-新版下载采用百度引擎2(Baidu 0)Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy will executive produce Jake Gyllenhaal s HBO limited series; Disney+ ups its fantasy fare with a Willow sequel series; new trailers include Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Kaley Cuoco s murder-mystery The Flight Attendant, and Underground Railroad; and more of the biggest TV and streaming news of the week.TOP STORYJake Gyllenhaal Is Starring In and Producing The Son, with Denis Villeneuve Signed On To Direct(Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)Jake Gyllenhaal is coming to television, and he’ll be all about revenge. The actor is starring in and producing an HBO limited adaptation of author Jo Nesbø’s New York Times bestseller The Son, a crime novel about a 15-year-old boy whose life is turned upside down when his father commits suicide.The boy, Sonny Lofthus, goes to prison for crimes he didn’t commit, and is fed a steady supply of drugs to feed his addiction and keep him from asking questions. But when he does find out the truth about his dad’s death, he escapes from jail and plots revenge against the people he considers responsible for his losses.Gyllenhaal is producing with his Nine Stories company, while Denis Villeneuve will direct. The Son makes the third collaboration for Gyllenhaal and the director, who also worked together on Enemy and Prisoners. Writer Lenore Zion (Ray Donovan) will showrun and executive produce with Kilter Films’ Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, creators of HBO sci-fi hit Westworld.Nesbø’s crime novels have sold more than 33 million copies globally.A Willow Series Is in the Works at Disney+, with Warwick Davis Starring and Ron Howard Producing(Photo by Disney+/© & TM Lucasfilm Ltd)George Lucas’ epic fantasy movie Willow is being adapted as a Disney+ TV series, with Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu directing the pilot, which will begin production next year in Wales. Chu will also produce, along with showrunners Jonathan Kasdan, who wrote the pilot, and Wendy Mericle.Ron Howard, who directed the original Willow film, returns as an executive producer on the series, which takes place years after the events of the 1988 film. New characters will be introduced, but fans can look forward to the return of Warwick Davis as the beloved hero Willow Ufgood, too.“So many fans have asked me over the years if Willow will make a return, and now I’m thrilled to tell them that he will indeed,” Davis says. “Many have told me they grew up with Willow and that the film has influenced how they view heroism in our own world. If Willow Ufgood can represent the heroic potential in all of us, then he is a character I am extremely honored to reprise.”Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang Land at Apple TV+ for New Series and Those Classic Holiday SpecialsWhen you’re looking for Linus waiting on the Great Pumpkin in the pumpkin patch, or Snoopy serving up his famous jelly beans and toast for Thanksgiving dinner, forget the broadcast networks this year: the Peanuts gang has moved on to Apple TV+. The streaming service announced an expanded partnership with the world of Snoopy and crew that will include new original specials and classic Peanuts holiday specials like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and A Charlie Brown Christmas.New specials will celebrate Mother’s Day, Earth Day, New Year’s Eve, and Back to School, and the 70th anniversary of Peanuts will be marked with a new documentary. There’s also a second season of the Daytime Emmy-nominated Snoopy In Space on the way, as well as a new series, The Snoopy Show.For those without an Apple TV+ subscription, take heart: the service is allowing free access to those classic holiday gems. The Halloween special will begin streaming on Oct. 19, and will be available for free from Oct. 30 until Nov. 1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving hits the service on Nov. 18, and will be available for free from Nov. 25-27. And A Charlie Brown Christmas  premieres on Apple TV+ on Dec. 4, and will be free Dec. 11-13.Kevin Hart and an All-Star Lineup with Bryan Cranston, Daniel Levy, and Gabriel Union Bring Back the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)A multitude of  celebs will join host Kevin Hart for the comedian’s MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) Kids Telethon, a two-hour variety special that will raise money for MDA, in the vein of the legendary Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day telethons. Participating stars include Bryan Cranston, Daniel Levy, Don Cheadle, Common, Cindy Crawford, John David Washington, Whitney Cummings, Gabrielle Union Wade, Stephen Curry, Zachary Levi, Kelly Rowland, Garcelle Beauvais, Aloe Blacc, Michael B. Jordan, DJ Khaled, Jack Black, Usain Bolt, Adam Devine, Fat Joe, Josh Gad, Liz Gillies, Aldis Hodge, Edwin Hodge, Loni Love, Leslie Mann, Jillian Mercado, and Robin Thicke .The telethon streams live on Oct. 24 (8 p.m. ET) on Hart’s LOL Network, YouTube, Pluto TV, TikTok, Triller, and Twitch. SiriusXM will air an encore of the show on the Laugh Out Loud Radio channel on Oct. 26 (4 p.m.) and Oct. 27 (10 a.m.).NEW TRAILERS: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Features Chadwick Boseman’s Final Role Before His August DeathMovie Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, based on the play by Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson, is about singer Ma Rainey (Viola Davis), “The Mother of the Blues.” The film features the final performance by Chadwick Boseman, who plays Rainey’s trumpet player, Levee. Denzel Washington is a producer on the film, while Glynn Turman, Colman Domingo, and Michael Potts also star. Premieres Dec. 18 (Netflix)More trailers and teasers released this week:• Mank is the David Fincher-directed story of alcoholic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman) as he races to finish the screenplay of Citizen Kane for Orson Welles (Tom Burke). Also stars Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, Arliss Howard, and Tom Pelphrey. Premieres Dec. 4 (Netflix)• The Flight Attendant is a limited series starring Kaley Cuoco as the titular airline employee who, after a night of partying with a man she just met, wakes up in a hotel room with no idea how she got there, and how the man she partied with is now dead. The dark comedy thriller also stars Michiel Huisman, Rosie Perez, Zosia Mamet, and T.R. Knight. Debuts Nov. 26 (HBO Max)• The Mandalorian season 2 features Timothy Olyphant, Michael Biehn, Rosario Dawson, Temuera Morrison, Katee Sackoff in new roles. Premieres Oct. 30 (Disney+)• Eater’s Guide to the World is a docuseries, narrated by Maya Rudolph, which takes viewers around the globe to virtually sample the best food from various cultures. Premieres Nov. 11 (Hulu)• The Life Ahead stars Sophia Loren as a Holocaust survivor who runs a daycare business, and forms an unconventional new family when she bonds with a 12-year-old orphan who recently robbed her. Premieres Nov. 13 (Netflix)• The Vow season 2 will continue to unfold the backstory and related crimes of NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere. Premieres 2021 (HBO Max)• The Underground Railroad is a limited series with an alternate timeline in which the network of abolitionists and safe house routes that helped slaves escape to freedom is an actual railroad, which Georgia slave Cora rides to try to get to freedom. Directed by Oscar winner Barry Jenkins, based on the novel of the same name by Pulitzer Prize winner Colson Whitehead (Amazon Prime Video)• No Man’s Land season 1 is a drama about the Syrian civil war, as told via the story of a young French man named Antoine, who is searching for his presumed dead sister. Premieres Nov. 18 (Hulu)For all the latest TV and streaming trailers, subscribe to the Rotten Tomatoes TV YouTube channel.CASTING: The Crown Eyes Dominic West To Take Over as Prince Charles(Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for dunhill)The Wire and The Affair alum Dominic West is in final talks to join the cast of The Crown for seasons 5 and 6, where he would play Prince Charles. Those seasons will follow the British royal family into the 1990s and beyond, and will include Charles’ divorce from Princess Diana and his scandalous affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. West would co-star with Elizabeth Debecki as Diana, Imelda Staunton as the queen, Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, and Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret.Jamie Foxx will star in the Netflix vampire comedy Day Shift, as a pool cleaner whose business is a front for how he really makes cash: he hunts and kills vampires, all in the name of giving his gifted daughter a good life. The Oscar winner will also executive produce the series. 

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在摩尔庄园手游公测前,奥比岛和洛克王国这两款童年游戏IP分别于4月29日和5月26日发布了手游化的预告。摩尔庄园公测消息登顶热搜榜的时候,洛克王国出手游的消息也在榜上占据了一席之地。 手游目前共开放了50余名英雄,虽然英雄数量还不及端游的零头,但阿狸、金克丝、盖伦等经典英雄悉数回归,而且英雄的形象也都进行了精细化的更迭,外形上适配升级效果显著,角色模型更为精美,不同皮肤甚至还会有不同的场景动画。

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You could say that 2019 is the year superheroes were thoroughly deconstructed on television. Between The Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol, and Amazon’s upcoming The Boys, being a hero isn’t just about flying around, saving the day, and hiding yourself from your closest loved ones. And as The Boys teaser trailer Amazon recently unveiled illustrates, being a hero comes with plenty of “fringe” benefits: including a club where heroes can use their powers in all sorts of debauched ways, a voyeur with invisibility abilities, and various other abuses of powers. But that hedonism comes at a price as the titular Boys set out to knock some sense into the superhero community.But there’s more to The Boys than that NSFW trailer suggests. Here’s everything we know about the subversive superhero series, which debuts Friday, July 26 on Amazon Prime Video.Another Preacher Collaboration(Photo by Amazon)As the trailer boldly touts, the hourlong comic book adaptation comes from executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who finally brought Preacher to the screen after a long gestation with other producers. But the series also comes from the same source as Preacher (pictured above): the comic books of writer Garth Ennis.With artist Darick Robertson, Ennis set out to blast the superheroes apart in 2006 with The Boys. The title was initially published by DC Comic’s Wildstorm imprint, but was cancelled after six issues. According to reports at the time, DC brass became uncomfortable with the series after noticing its corrupt superhero team bore an uncanny resemblance to the Justice League. And considering the first thing the team does is coerce an obvious Stargirl analogue into performing oral sex on them, it is hardly a surprise DC would cancel it outright.Ennis and Robertson soon found another publisher —Dynamite Entertainment — and continued their story for another 60-odd issues. Of course, as often happens with Ennis’ work, the coarseness of its initial story lines gave way to something more nuanced and considered, an element of his writing Rogen and Goldberg clearly enjoy as they keep adapting his comics into television.Cutting Down the SuperheroesThe television version stars Jack Quaid as Hughie, a blissfully happy human whose life turns to crud when his girlfriend is obliterated before his eyes by A-Train (Jesse T. Usher). The speedster hardly takes a moment to consider his actions before running off at superspeed to continue his pursuit of a perp. And while the scene was shocking to comic book readers — and will eventually be shocking to viewers — it is hardly an uncommon occurrence in the world of The Boys. In fact, a shell-shocked Hughie soon finds himself confronted with a standardized settlement agreement from Vought, the management company that represents and promotes the superheroes.He also meets Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), a government agent with a mandate to clip the superhero wings when they get too rowdy. He intends to recruit Hughie into his cadre known as The Boys because revenge is a great motivator.The team also includes Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk, Butcher’s most trusted ally; Tomer Kapon as unstable weaponsmith Frenchie; and Karen Fukuhara as Female, a quiet killer repurposed into Butcher’s plans for the superheroes. Jennifer Esposito will also appear as CIA Agent Susan Raynor, Butcher’s somewhat unwilling accomplice within the Company.The Light of the SevenThe Boys also focuses on the exploits of those very flawed and corruptible heroes. In the comic book, Starlight (played by Erin Moriarty in the television series) becomes our window into the worldview of the superhero team known as The Seven — which we presume will carry over to television as Starlight is described as a lead role.More akin to a superstar NFL team during a winning season than the Avengers, The Seven bicker about percentages, likeness rights, and their next movie role more than they maintain the safety of the planet. Thanks to the simultaneously beautiful and grotesque artwork from Robertson, the reader is left to wonder if such a team even needs supervillains to fight. They do a great job of being their own worst enemies.As mentioned before, the team is composed of some fairly obvious Justice League stand-ins, including Homelander (Antony Starr), Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott), the aforementioned A-Train, The Deep (Chase Crawford), and Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell). From the trailer, it is easy to see corrupted versions of Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Batman in their aesthetics.And also like a major league sports team, The Seven’s destiny is not theirs to control. In the television series, Elizabeth Shue plays Madelyn Stillwell, Vice President of Hero Management at Vought. She plots the team’s adventures and maintains public relations for them when incidents like A-Train atomizing Hughie’s girlfriend occurs. But she is also a cog in the Vought machinery and may have motives differing from her superiors.The Significance of Simon Pegg(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)In the early 2000s, capturing a celebrity’s likeness was all the rage in comic books. Marvel s The Ultimates featured Samuel L. Jackson’s visage as its version of Nick Fury well before he was cast in the role. Ultimates writer Mark Millar would continue the trick with Wanted, in which the main character bore an intentional resemblance to Eminem and the story s take on Catwoman featured a woman who looked very much like Halle Berry.On The Boys, Robertson, a big fan of Shaun of the Dead, decided to use Simon Pegg as the basis for Hughie – known as “Wee Hughie” in the book. Pegg was thrilled to become a comic book character and told fans he would gleefully play Wee Hughie in a Boys film should it ever get off the ground.Then Pegg aged out of the role, illustrating just how long it can take for a comic book to become a live action project. But Amazon thrilled fans by revealing Pegg’s presence would still be part of The Boys television destiny. At New York Comic Con last October, they announced the actor would play Hughie’s father. It is an important visual connection to the books history fans will no doubt enjoy when they finally get to see the show.Irreverence Is on Display, But It s Not All The Boys Has to Offer亚美体育官方网址-新版下载Adjusted Score: 88995% Critics Consensus: Live Free or Die Hard may be preposterous, but it's an efficient, action-packed summer popcorn flick with thrilling stunts and a commanding performance by Bruce Willis. Fans of the previous Die Hard films will not be disappointed. Synopsis: As the nation prepares to celebrate Independence Day, veteran cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) carries out another routine assignment: bringing... [More] Starring: Bruce Willis, Justin Long, Timothy Olyphant, Cliff Curtis Directed By: Len Wiseman

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Charlie Heaton, Blu Hunt, Alice Braga, Henry Zaga, and Josh Boone go deep on their genre-bending take on the Demon Bear saga. by RT Staff | July 23, 2020 | Comments

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9.86.4 0月喜迎神战奇迹官方版是一款魔幻风格的角色扮演手游,画面非常的唯美,超大的游戏世界地图,给玩家带来了无限欢乐的冒险体验,更有不同的特色副本等待玩家的挑战,感兴趣的玩家快来下载试玩吧!
Despite the fact Marvel’s Runaways will be completing its run on December 13th, it still has plenty of story to tell. In fact, this may be its biggest season, as it finally brings straight-up magic into its tale of teen runaway superheroes, aliens, supervillain parents, intergalactic intrigue, and a lovable pet dinosaur.In fact, the show’s unique mixture of elements was part of the appeal for Elizabeth Hurley, who spoke with Rotten Tomatoes and other journalists during a set visit last August and joins the program as Morgan le Fay.“What I really loved about it is the fact that the grown-ups had great stuff to do and were integral to the plot and had moments of their own. They weren t just feeding the kids [conflict].” That said, Morgan will certainly be feeding conflict to Nico (Lyrica Okano) as “one of the most powerful sorceresses in history and the universe” and the legendary magician of Arthurian legend. And as Hurley put it, “she s definitely bringing a completely different element to the show from a magic point of view. Though she did not appear in Runaways’ second season, she is at the heart of Nico’s troubles toward its conclusion. “Nico is a fledgling baby witch, unsure of her powers, and can t really control herself yet,” Hurley said of the character Morgan is most interested in positioning toward her ends.“We re going to learn more about what that darkness is about, where it comes from, [and] what it s connected to,” added executive producer and showrunner Stephanie Savage.“Nico seems at first [to be Morgan’s] chief adversary, but you ll start to see some connection between her and Tina [Nico’s mother, played by Brittany Ishibashi],” said Savage’s showrunning partner Josh Schwartz. “So mother and daughter might actually find themselves aligned against the larger evil in ways that will surprise people.”(Photo by Hulu)First introduced in 1955’s Black Knight #1 by Stan Lee and Joe Maneely, Morgan was presented as an immortal half-faerie with designs on world conquest well after the fall of Camelot. Projecting her consciousness into the modern day, she caused plenty of trouble for Spider-Man, the Avengers and others. Schwartz and Savage credited co-executive producer Quinton Peeples with pulling the character into the Runways’ orbit. “Based on where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do in terms of Marvel magic, she was a really strong fit for us,” Peeples said.But for the purposes of the show, Morgan will not be reaching out to Nico from the 6th Century. Instead, viewers will find her in a place more familiar to Marvel film watchers: the Dark Dimension featured in Doctor Strange. The strange realm also appeared in Marvel’s Agent Carter and Marvel Clock Dagger, but Peeples said, “Ours is very specific to our show, and I think it expands the vocabulary of what that world is like and how it operates. These rules will be important as Morgan tries to escape its pull.And once she makes her way to 2019 Los Angeles? “She thinks there s room for improvement,” Hurley said.Of course, Morgan’s attempts to join the modern world may not be the Runaways biggest problem when the season begins. When we last saw them, the group was divided, with Karolina (Virginia Gardner) and Chase (Greg Sulkin) captured by Jonah (now played by James Marsters) and the other remaining aliens from his spaceship, who put them in stasis tubes and seemed prepared to serve them up for supper in the finale s closing moments.(Photo by Michael Desmond/Hulu)“We pick up right where we left off last season, and the gang is trying to figure out how to get us out of those tubes,” Gardner told us. “And it takes them a little bit of time. We spend a long time in those tubes.”But Karolina’s time in the tube may give her space to process the Church of Gibborim’s new devotion to her. “She s still very uncomfortable with it,” she said. “Everywhere she goes, people are bowing down to her, and there’s posters of her everywhere.” And while that may continue to be an issue for her, Gardner said Karolina’s big conflict will be figuring out her place with Nico. “We re starting to see Nico get pulled towards this dark side the staff is leading her [toward],” she explained. “Karolina is trying to figure out if Nico is too far gone already or if she can pull her back from this dark side.”To the actor, this ultimately means Morgan is the biggest threat the group will ever face, “beyond the parents, beyond PRIDE, beyond Jonah, beyond any of those things. Morgan le Fay is like a whole new animal for us.”An animal that Rhenzy Feliz told us his character, Alex, considers a “f king maze.” As the one member of the group lacking any powers or abilities, Alex must be “smarter than everybody else in order to contribute.” He teased those contributions may be surprisingly “practical” despite the magic on display. Nonetheless, he warned “one of the big things about this season is that no one s really safe.”(Photo by Michael Desmond/Hulu)That lack of safety is a constant threat in the life of Nico’s father Robert (James Yaegashi), who, as the one of the more reluctant PRIDE parents, always seems to get it the worst, and left last season needing extreme medical care. “It does feel like Robert has nine lives,” Yaegeshi said. “I don t know if that target s ever coming off his back. I think part of the problem is that Robert s comfortable having other people do things [for him], but things are so extreme in this world that when he tries to step out to be the alpha is when he gets in trouble.” His season will begin in the ICU and set off something of an interior journey for the character.A mortally wounded Robert would usually be reason enough for Tina to put aside her own issues and help him, but now that she is possessed by one of the aliens, Ishibashi said the character has little concern for her host’s husband. “They didn t end up using it in the final cut, but there was one take that we did where Tina had put a hastily written sign on him that said ‘Human in Danger’ and pasted it to his shirt,” she said. Instead, much of the actor s time was spent building a new dynamic with Marsters and Brigid Brannagh, who now play formless aliens possessing the actor s former characters. “To establish a new family dynamic is hilarious because all of a sudden, Victor [Marsters] and Stacey [Brannagh] are my mom and dad,” she said. “Jonah, this person who she hates more than anything in the world, who killed her daughter and destroyed her family, is now her father figure.”Curiously, Ishibashi quipped that Nico will like the alien version of her mother better. “She s like, ‘I already thought my mom was crazy,’” the actor joked. She also teased the debut of the aliens’ “Brother” – a character as yet unseen, but inhabiting one of the children.(Photo by Michael Desmond/Hulu)For Marsters, taking over the part of Jonah from Julian McMahon (his version of Jonah was obliterated last season) meant getting a chance to smile on the show for once. His previous character, Victor Stein, was the sort who never had any fun. “There s something really delicious about playing that kind of character,” Marsters said. “But playing a character who does smile and is very confident, is having a good day and he s enjoying being himself and is not morally conflicted about everything It was a lot lighter of an experience.”Another light experience, at least working on set, was the arrival of former Cloak Dagger stars Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt for a special crossover episode. At the time, it was unclear if both series would continue past their current seasons, but the excitement about bringing the two shows together was electric.“Olivia and Aubrey [are] super cool people, and so having them on set is awesome. Getting to know them a lot better is awesome,” Feliz said. “Apart from that, the story that we re getting to tell with them, seeing their powers in action and seeing the groups mesh. We re teenagers at the end of the day, so it s like the little snippets and jokes and kind of witty humor going back and forth.”Schwartz said they always wanted to do some sort of crossover as both shows shot their pilots around the same time. “The idea that there are these young heroes walking around in L.A and Louisiana who don t know each other… It just felt too good to miss out on.”“Cloak and Dagger are here to save the day,” he added. “But they re also here to help save some relationships as well.”(Photo by Hulu)Everyone we talked to teased Cloak and Dagger will arrive at one of the most high-stakes moments ever for the series. “The mission that they re on is extremely serious,” said Savage. “And they kind of brought that gravitas.”But it seems Tyrone (Joseph) and Tandy’s (Holt) arrival in Los Angeles will feature lighter moments as well. “[It’s] has been a lot of fun for me because I don t have to come to work every day and scream and cry,” Joseph joked. “Our show is obviously very dark in comparison to their show. It s a lot more lighthearted.” That means the Cloak and Dagger seen on the show will be in much better spirits than when we last saw them at the end of the program’s now-series finale. In fact, discovering other super-powered teens will alleviate some of their tensions. “I think the main thing is just the fact that they re teenagers that are like us,” Joseph explained. “It s kind of like, ‘let s see what s up with these guys.’” He also teased their decision to become proper heroes may have an effect on the Runaways, who may finally be able to see past their own family struggles to a larger world. “I think they re definitely noticing we have these powers for a reason and we re a team for a reason,” he said.So, despite the program coming to its conclusion, it seems to be the culmination of many Marvel TV ideas, with aliens, magic, and superheroes coming together both in conflict and in friendship. In short, it’s a page straight out of the Runaways comic and a fitting end for this part of Marvel’s ongoing tale.The third and final season of Marvel s Runaways premieres on Friday, December 13 on Hulu.

Marvel s Thor Chris Hemsworth goes for a dive off the coast of Australia with 85-year-old shark icon and conservationist Valerie Taylor in the one-hour special ‘Shark Beach With Chris Hemsworth.’ Taylor, the renowned underwater filmmaker and shark research pioneer comments that the grey nurse shark they’ve just encountered is the biggest she’s ever seen. From the birth of cage diving to “Jaws” hysteria to the dawn of cageless shark diving, Taylor became a trailblazing advocate for the ocean’s most maligned and misunderstood creatures. In Shark Beach, Hemsworth hopes to better understand why there has been an increase in shark attacks along the east coast of Australia and how to prevent future hostile encounters.Shark Beach With Chris Hemsworth premieres Monday, July 5, at 9/8c on National Geographic and debuts on Disney+ on Friday, July 9.Sharkfest Programming CalendarWHEN SHARKS ATTACKNational Geographic—Premieres July 5, at 8/7cNat Geo WILD—Encore Presentation Aug. 2, at 8/7cDisney+—Beginning July 9The world’s beaches quickly turn deadly in this terror-filled deep-sea saga when sharks descend, shocking the local community and sending scientists reeling. What causes these spikes in activity? And how can they be prevented?SHARK BEACH WITH CHRIS HEMSWORTHNational Geographic—Premieres July 5, at 9/8cNat Geo WILD—Encore Presentation Aug. 2, at 10/9cDisney+—Beginning July 9Chris Hemsworth is on a mission to uncover the science of shark behavior and discover how humans and sharks can safely coexist. After an increase in local shark attacks along the east coast of Australia, Hemsworth seeks to understand different species of sharks and their behaviors while also exploring new preventative measures and the latest technology to help stave off shark-human encounters. The special from Nutopia (“One Strange Rock”) also features underwater conservationist and legend Valerie Taylor.ROGUE SHARK?National Geographic—Premieres July 5, at 10/9cNat Geo WILD—Encore Presentation Aug. 11, at 10/9cDisney+—Beginning July 9In October 2018, the remote islands of the Whitsunday in Australia were rocked by a series of shark attacks. Incredibly, all the victims were attacked in the same small patch of ocean, no larger than four football fields. Was a rogue serial killer on the loose? Or was something new drawing sharks and humans into conflict?ORCA VS. GREAT WHITENational Geographic—Premieres July 6, at 10/9cNat Geo WILD—Encore Presentation Aug. 3, at 10/9cDisney+—Beginning July 9Off the coast of South Africa in 2017, orcas began hunting and killing great white sharks. Now, researchers in New Zealand set out to discover if it could happen again. Diving with several shark populations along New Zealand’s southern coast, they investigate this murder mystery and seek answers to this burning question: have their local orcas developed a taste for great white sharks?SHARK GANGSNational Geographic—Premieres July 7, at 10/9cNat Geo WILD—Encore Presentation Aug. 12, at 8/7cDisney+—Beginning July 9For years sharks have been viewed as solitary predators, but scientists have recently discovered a surprising new behavior. In this special, we reveal how this apex predator likes to hang out in gangs. So what is behind this behavior? Do sharks enjoy a social life, or are they working together to become even more effective hunters?CROC THAT ATE JAWSNational Geographic—Premieres July 8, at 10/9cNat Geo WILD—Encore Presentation Aug. 4, at 10/9cDisney+—Beginning July 9From mysterious severed heads and ambush attacks to mob hunts and stand-offs, what happens when two of the deadliest predators on the planet go head-to-head?WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS SHARK?National Geographic—Premieres July 9, at 10/9cNat Geo WILD—Encore Presentation Aug. 5, at 10/9cDisney+—Beginning July 16The great white has a reputation for being the scariest in the sea, but Explorer Jacques Cousteau called the oceanic whitetip “The most dangerous of all sharks …” Two teams of experts dive deep into the world of the oceanic whitetip to reveal what makes this species a top contender for the title of “world’s most dangerous shark.”SHARK ATTACK FILESNational Geographic—Premieres July 12, at 9/8cNat Geo WILD—Encore Presentation Aug. 9, at 10/9cDisney+—Beginning July 16This action-packed series is an investigation into bizarre and fascinating shark behavior. Featuring footage from actual attacks, interactions and behavior captured by both professionals and observant bystanders, every twist and turn leaves viewers sitting on the edge of their seats. Scientific experts and investigators dive deeper into the mystery of these unexplained behaviors and come to a stunning revelation that ties these extraordinary events together.SHARK ATTACK INVESTIGATION: THE PAIGE WINTER STORYNational Geographic—Premieres July 12, at 10/9cNat Geo WILD—Encore Presentation Aug. 6, at 10/9cDisney+—Beginning July 16Paige Winter was only 17 years old when she lost a leg and portion of her hand to a shark. Experts unpack the details of Paige’s attack to determine what kind of shark is responsible and what can be done, if anything, to avoid this happening again. Despite all Paige has lived through, this inspirational teen remains an advocate for sharks and, with the guidance of professionals, takes brave steps to overcome her greatest fears.WORLD’S BIGGEST BULL SHARK?National Geographic—Premieres July 13, at 10/9cNat Geo WILD—Encore Presentation Aug. 10, at 9/8cDisney+—Beginning July 16It was a freak encounter that broke all the records. In 2012, off the coast of Florida, shark scientist Dr. Neil Hammerschlag caught the mother of all bull sharks—it stretched more than 10-feet long and weighed over 1,000 pounds! They named her Big Bull and set her free. Bull sharks in Florida patrol the beaches, terrifyingly close the swimmers, and feast on seasonal migrations of baitfish. Many long thought these sharks were just well-fed, but now some scientists believe that Big Bull is the matriarch of a unique population of giants. There is only one way to find out and you gotta get close.KILLER SHARK VS. KILLER WHALENational Geographic—Premieres July 15,at 10/9cNat Geo WILD—Encore Presentation Aug. 11, at 9/8cDisney+—Beginning Aug. 6The mystery of orcas attacking great white sharks for their livers leaves scientists baffled. This unusual predatory behavior has been witnessed in three parts of the world: California, South Africa and Australia. But the most shocking outcome is the disappearance of the other sharks after the event. How are they communicating with their kin and getting out of dodge when the killer whales move in?PLAYING WITH SHARKSDisney+—Premieres July 23A true pioneer in both underwater filmmaking and shark research, Valerie Taylor is a living legend and icon in the underwater world whose life’s work has become the basis for much of what we know about sharks today. Through remarkable underwater archival footage, along with interviews with Valerie herself, Playing With Sharks, from National Geographic Documentary Films and twice Emmy®-nominated director Sally Aitken, follows this daring ocean explorer’s trajectory from champion spearfisher to passionate shark protector. From the birth of cage diving to “Jaws” hysteria to the dawn of cageless shark diving, Valerie became a trailblazing advocate for the ocean’s most maligned and misunderstood creatures.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
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Ghcxuf (Photo by Michael Tran/Getty Images)Though casual filmgoers may not know her by name just yet, Anya Taylor-Joy has been quietly establishing herself as one of the most versatile young actors around, capable of jumping from small indie dramas to blockbuster Hollywood fare with ease. Horror fans will recognize her from her debut, 2016 s The Witch, and from M. Night Shyamalan s Split and Glass, but in between those, she found time to star in a Barack Obama biopic (Barry), a pitch-black comedy (Thoroughbreds), and a sci-fi thriller (Morgan). In the coming year, we ll also see her in Edgar Wright s next film (Last Night in Soho) and the X-Men movie New Mutants. And rumor has it she s in talk to star as a young Furiosa in George Miller s long-promised Mad Max: Fury Road prequel.Currently, Taylor-Joy stars as the charismatic lead in Emma, Autumn de Wilde s new adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel about a high-society matchmaker who spends too much time on other people s romances and not enough on her own. The film opened on February 21 but has been made available on VOD for audiences self-quarantining at home, and to celebrate its early access digital release, Anya Taylor-Joy gave us her Five Favorite Films.They may be less her absolute favorites than the movies she s binging while in quarantine – her five favorite movies (and one of them actually a TV series) for the very moment. She noted on email to Rotten Tomatoes that she is continuously amazed at the restorative powers of art. A good or personally treasured film or show offers as much respite to me now as it did when facing my comparatively insignificant worries as a child. May we continue to find hope, faith and solace in them, in the knowledge that the tenacity and fortitude of the human spirit (especially when working together) ensures that we endure. 😈😈


亚美体育官方网址-新版下载 R.I.P. Stan Lee: The World Loses a LegendEvery Stan Lee Movie RankedMarvel Stars Pay Tribute to Stan LeeAll Upcoming Stan Lee Movie CameosAs the story often goes, Stan Lee, who passed away early Monday morning, was tired of working at Martin Goodman’s comic book company. His wife, Joan, suggested he pitch one last title and do it the way he felt a comic story should be told. Alongside genius co-creator Jack Kirby, his “last” comic book was The Fantastic Four, which lead to an ongoing series of new titles and ushered in the Marvel Age of comics.But Lee, who always hoped to leave comics behind to write the Great American Novel, also had bigger ambitious for characters he co-created, including The Fantastic Four, Thor, Black Panther, and The X-Men. Early on, he saw that they had the potential to transfer to other media. Here’s just a few way he helped comic books in transitioning to film and television.He Worked On The 1960s Marvel Super Heroes CartoonWhile still writing titles and acting as an editor and art director for Marvel in 1966, Lee also worked on Grantray-Lawrence Animation s The Marvel Super Heroes animated series. While Goodman negotiated the deal with Grantray-Lawrence and the company chose which Marvel characters would be featured, Lee nonetheless worked on the series, helping to reform stories written by him and people like Kirby, Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko, and others.The series focused on Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Namor. Each starred in their own sub-series ripped from the pages of Marvel s recent comic books. The animation generally consisted of photocopied images pulled directly from recent issues of the various characters’ comics — or even early issues of The Avengers — with the images manipulated to create the illusion of animation and limited lip-sync. But despite its technical limitations, the series expanded Marvel’s reach into homes all over the country, creating life-long fans thanks to memorable theme songs for Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. In interviews, Lee would admit he did not write the lyrics, but always wished he could claim those catchy tunes for himself.His Characters Came to Screen In the 1967 Fantastic Four Animated SeriesWhile not directly involved in the 1967 Hanna-Barbera Fantastic Four animated series, Lee’s influence could still be felt thanks to the story material adapted by the producers. Episodes featured key villains like The Mole Man and Galactus, while Dr. Doom’s origin received an episode-long origin story. The Skrulls and the Silver Surfer also made appearances and many of the stories were based on the early Lee and Kirby issues of Fantastic Four even as they were redesigned by Hanna-Barbera and comics legend Alex Toth.The series also led to the X-Men’s first television appearance when The Marvel Super Heroes adapted Fantastic Four #6, but substituted the Merry Mutants — referred to as “the Allies for Peace” — in for the FF, whose rights were already in the hands of Hanna-Barbera. Nowadays, rights confusion over characters is a well-known issue in the world of comics-to-screen adaptations, but this may be the first instance of comic-book characters disappearing from a television adaptation of one of their own stories.The 1970s: The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange Come to TVIn 1972, Lee became the publisher of Marvel Comics and largely left writing and creating to a new generation of writers, artists, and editors. And while he continued to have a hand in some creative aspects of the business – like the daily Spider-Man comic strip – Lee found himself shepherding the Marvel heroes through Hollywood as the characters began to emerge in the uncharted realm of live action. Before long, CBS debuted The Incredible Hulk.(Photo by ©Universal Television/courtesy Everett Collection)The 1977 series, starring Bill Bixby as Dr. David Bruce Banner, was developed by Kenneth Johnson and followed the format of ABC s hit series The Fugitive. Each week, Banner would move into a new town and involve himself in local affairs until the Hulk explosively assisted Banner’s new friends. Sadly, word of the creature’s appearance would reach an investigative reporter hunting the Hulk, forcing Banner to look for peace somewhere else. The Incredible Hulk ran for five seasons.At nearly the same time, Lee sold CBS the rights to make a live-action version of The Amazing Spider-Man. Populating his world with new characters – J. Jonah Jameson was the only carryover in the regular cast – the show was not as successful as The Incredible Hulk, leading CBS to air it in a strange, inconsistent schedule. The two produced seasons amounted to only 13 episodes before the network pulled the plug.Nonetheless, the network soldiered on with a Dr. Strange pilot and two Captain America TV movies staring Reb Brown. Soon, Lee found himself spending more time in Los Angeles than in New York. In 1981, he and his wife finally moved to Los Angeles intent on making Marvel Productions a mover and shaker in film and television. Successes would include Marvel’s work on The Transformers and G.I. Joe. But after a handful of Incredible Hulk TV movies in the 1980s, television shows based on Marvel characters were few and far between. While Marvel regained a foothold in children s animation through the 1990s, it would not be until 2013’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that a Marvel live-action series would be a success.Lee s Characters Come to Dominate the Box Office, The MCU Is BornMeanwhile, on film, characters co-created by Lee grew to be a box office force in the early part of the 21st century. It all begins with 2000’s X-Men, which featured Lee and Kirby characters like Cyclops, Professor X, Magneto, and Jean Grey. Soon after, Lee and Ditko’s Spider-Man would star in his own film courtesy of director Sam Raimi.(Photo by Columbia/courtesy Everett Collection)But behind the scenes, Marvel was becoming less satisfied with their financial participation in films produced by 20th Century Fox and Sony. These films, based on the company’s most popular characters, inspired many of Marvel’s executives to try their hand at producing films on their own. With the X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Blade, Daredevil, and a few others unavailable, the newly formed Marvel Studios looked closer at Lee and Kirby characters like Iron Man and Thor for inspiration.They also identified another key aspect of Lee’s writing to create a unique momentum with their films. From The Fantastic Four on, the Marvel Comics Universe was a (mostly) cohesive world. Most of the new superheroes Lee and Kirby created were based in New York and crossed over into each other’s titles. The concept may have been borrowed from DC Comics’ Golden Age Justice Society of America, but Lee, Kirby, Ditko, and others made their world feel alive and dynamic with the Fantastic Four guest starring in The Amazing Spider-Man and vice-versa. Soon enough, Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Ant-Man. and the Wasp would form their own super team and revive Captain America to join their crew.Many years later, Marvel Studios would choose to adopt that crossover energy and lead to an Avengers of their own. As in comics, the pieces were always there to make it happen on film, but Lee’s efforts helped to point the way.The CameosAnd, of course, Stan Lee will leave a mark behind thanks to his penchant for making brief appearances in Marvel movies. It began innocuously enough in the 1989 TV movie The Trial of the Incredible Hulk and in some of the animated series, but that foundation led to his on-screen appearance in X-Men. He also appeared as a mail man in the first Fantastic Four film, receiving speaking lines. With his iconic look and distinctive voice, he would appear in all of the Marvel Studios films, as well as projects featuring characters he did not create, like Deadpool, and even make a cameo appearance in Teen Titans GO! to the Movies, poking fun at his hat-tip presence in comic book movies.(Photo by @ 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved.)He also played himself in Kevin Smith’s 1995 film Mallrats, in which he gave main character Brodie (Jason Lee) some sage wisdom even as Brodie kept asking him about the Hulk’s junk.If nothing else, Lee was always a sport on film, playing strip club MCs, bus drivers, and concerned citizens helping people out of harm s way. He got in the characters ways sometimes, or even reminded them that one person can make a difference. As with the universe-building he indulged in during the 1960s, the notion of creator cameos predated Lee s Incredible Hulk appearance, but he and the directors of each project gave it a unique spin each time. And when the first Marvel film unspools without a cameo from Stan the Man, his absence will be felt.

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Best-Reviewed Movies 2020: Released to StreamingWith the faucet turned off on theatrical releasing for a large portion of 2020, movie lovers turned to streaming — and the major streamers delivered. In fact, streamers like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, and more stepped up so majorly in 2020 that they’ve been dominating awards nominations lists from the Golden Globes to the SAGS. According to the critics, the best of the lot was Prime’s One Night In Miami, Regina King’s directorial debut about a fictional after-hours hang-out between Sam Cooke, Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali, and Malcolm X. The varied top 10 includes Netflix’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, starring Chadwick Boseman and Viola Davis, and His House, Remi Weekes’ terrifying directorial debut; Hulu’s time-loop rom-com Palm Springs; Hamilton and Soul, both on Disney+; and more.The order of the rank below reflects the Adjusted Score as of February 28, 2021. Scores might change over time.« Previous Category Next Category »

亚美体育官方网址-新版下载 在手游内测阶段,官方也进行了调研,调研表明许多端游老玩家愿意留在手游。更有骨灰级玩家表示英雄联盟是他们的青春,承载了他们太多的记忆,许多玩家更是从S2就开始入坑,经过这么多年也从未放弃这款游戏。虽然因为现实原因,这些玩家的登录频率大不如前,但是在节假日也会放肆一把。他们都对英雄联盟手游满怀期待,认为英雄联盟手游也一定会迎来自己的春天。

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