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365体育网址采用百度引擎9(Baidu 7)Best-Reviewed Romance Movies 2018What would date night be without some decent romances on the big screen to help conjure up the warm-and-fuzzies? This year s batch of critical darlings includes a coming-of-age story, an adaptation of a James Baldwin novel, and a tale of forbidden love, but the runaway sensation that was Crazy Rich Asians topped the class.The order of the rank below reflects the Adjusted Score as of December 31, 2018. Scores might change over time.« Previous Category Next Category »

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Adjusted Score: -1% Critics Consensus: Anchored by the incomparable Patrick Stewart, Picard departs from standard Starfleet protocol with a slower, serialized story, but like all great Star Trek it tackles timely themes with grace and makes for an exciting push further into the final frontier. (Photo by Jonny Cournoyer/©Paramount Pictures)Leading into Memorial Day, many were saying that million for A Quiet Place Part II this weekend would have been a nice pandemic number for sure; but even that would not be nearly what the industry really needed after the health-induced drought theaters had seen since March 2020. However, after the box office made over million this weekend (the best since the .4 million from March 6-8, 2020), with the horror sequel accounting for an estimated million of that (plus another -plus million on Monday), we got our dream Movies Are Back! headlines. Though let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet King of the Crop: A Quiet Place Part II s Epic Weekend Suggests The Corner May Be TurnedJohn Krasinski’s A Quiet Place Part II was the first film to delay itself when the COVID-19 scare began last March. It was a sequel to a film that made over 8 million after opening to .2 million in April 2018: that’s 3.74 times its opening, which is the best multiple for a film opening in April to more than million. For comparison, Godzilla vs. Kong was the follow-up to Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which was anything but a word-of-success after opening to .77 million in May 2019 and only cleared 2.31 times that start. GvK still managed to be the first truly breakout film of the pandemic era, grossing .1 million from Wednesday to Easter Sunday, or March 31 to April 4. That was when the vaccination rate across North America was around 28%-29%; by Memorial Day weekend, we are at double that (with folks who have received at least the first dose), theaters are opening wider, and A Quiet Place Part II is not available on any streaming service and is exclusive to theaters. (GvK was available on HBO Max upon its release). All of this shows why a million holiday weekend opening would not have been too much cause for celebration.Thankfully, as already mentioned, we have very good news to report: million and counting. That may not be record-breaking Memorial Day number (it s the 21st-best Memorial Day opening overall), but this is completely a glass half-full kind of weekend. People are showing up in theaters still socially distancing. We are not at maximum capacity just yet, but it feels like we have turned a corner. In four days, A Quiet Place Part II has grossed more than all but three films during the pandemic (GvK, Tenet, The Croods: A New Age) and it will be passing those latter two by Tuesday. The budget for the film is about three times the original ( million), and with it not being available on streaming at the same time as its theatrical release – and therefore its total numbers not being obscured, as they are for some streaming releases – this is in many ways the first film in a long time that we can declare an honest-to-goodness hit.The Top 10 And Beyond: Cruella Opens Strong, But It s Complicated

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early part of the century with The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones opened an opportunity for fantasy to migrate from the page to the screen. And as the genre s prestige rose thanks to GoT, Pullman came to view television as a better place for his material to reach an audience. In 2015, BBC One commissioned an eight-episode adaptation of the trilogy. Expected to arrive in 2017, little else happened besides writer Jack Thorne (National Treasure) telling the press that the program was still on its way.It suddenly burst to life the following year with Logan’s Dafne Keen signing on to play Lyra, The Danish Girl s Tom Hooper agreeing to direct the first two episodes, and Lin-Manuel Miranda taking on a role later revealed to be aeronaut Lee Scoresby. Soon after, James McAvoy, Clarke Peters, and Ruth Wilson joined the ensemble. After these announcements, HBO signed on as a co-producer and BBC One ordered a second season before the first had even been filmed.According to producer Jane Tranter — who is responsible for bringing Doctor Who back to TV and is now founder of Bad Wolf Production company — that decision was made to prevent Keen and the other child actors from aging out of the characters too quickly. There is a great thing in His Dark Materials of a girl going through puberty and we wanted to be able to pace that story out age-appropriately, she explained to reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in August.  And so, that’s why everyone — HBO and the BBC — went with us for 16 episodes. Wilson plays Mrs. Coulter while McAvoy plays Lord Asriel, two characters whose shared history will no doubt surprise viewers. Peters plays the Master of Jordan College, who also serves as Lyra’s guardian as the story begins. Other cast members include Ruta Gedmintas as Serafina Pekkala, the witch played by Eva Green in the film; Anne-Marie Duff as Ma Costa; Ariyon Bakare as Carlo Boreal; Will Keen as Father MacPhail; Georgina Campbell as Adele Starminster; Lucian Msamati as John Faa; Lewin Lloyd as Lyra’s best friend, Roger Parslow; Tyler Howitt as Billy Costa; Amir Wilson as key character Will Parry; and Andrew Scott as his father, Col. John Parry.  Lending their voices to the various dæmons are Kit Connor as Pantalaimon; Helen McCrory as Stelmaria; David Suchet as Kaisa; Cristela Alonzo as Hester; and the show s lead puppeteer, Brian Fisher, providing sounds for Mrs. Coutler s otherwise mute — and unnamed — golden monkey dæmon. Joe Tandberg will voice Iorek Byrnison, the polar bear Lyra meets in the North.READ ALSO: Upcoming TV Fantasy Series That Could Be the Next Game of Thrones(Photo by HBO)HBO s plot description closely resembles that of the early Northern Lights chapters. Lyra’s search for a missing friend leads her to learn about Dust and the alternate worlds. It also goes out of its way to mention Will Parry, who will seemingly debut earlier than he does in the novel series. Based on the most recent trailer, Lyra s journey will closely mirror the one described in The Golden Compass. But with its emphasis on Asriel s conflict with the Magisterium, the preview also suggests viewers will become privy to certain motivations and issues far earlier than readers, who spend the entire first novel alongside Lyra and learning about the world(s) with her.Curiously, the controversies that dogged the film production have not returned with the series — or, at least, they have not resurfaced yet. Considering Pullman’s views on the church, it is only a matter of time before old quotes end up back in print and old opponents try to take the television series to task. If that proves to be the case, Tranter has a ready reply: [The series] is not an attack on religion. It is an attack on a particular form of organization. Which could always be true, but it is also easy to imagine HBO wants to court the controversies, which may lure viewers to watch this lavishly-produced rendition of the story. The new trailer even seems to poke at the beehive with its mentions of the Magisterium as a regressive organization.The Release DateThe long-awaited series will debut Monday, Nov. 4 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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9.47.1 6月喜迎蓝月超爆版神途传奇手游这是一款优化十分完美的神途传奇手游,玩家使用任何配置的手机都不会卡顿掉线,游戏中每天晚上还会举行十分热血火爆的攻沙活动。
The 2018 Gotham Independent Film Awards were awarded Monday night in New York. It was a night of big surprises, with Chloe Zhao s The Rider taking home the top prize, besting Yorgos Lanthimos  The Favourite, Paul Schrader’s First Reformed, and Barry Jenkins If Beale Street Could Talk for Best Feature. (Marvel fans should be excited – Zhao has been tapped to direct The Eternals.)Ethan Hawke took home the Best Actor trophy for First Reformed, while Toni Collette took the best actress honor with horror film Hereditary. Capping off a stellar evening for boutique distributor A24, director Bo Burnham and star Elise Fisher were also winners, and Schrader won for best screenplay. The full list of winners are below.Best Feature

Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie (Photo by Courtesy of Lionsgate (Hillary Bronwyn Gayle))Recent screenings of the Fox News sexual harassment feature Bombshell have forced pundits to recalibrate the Oscars race. Charlize Theron s uncanny transformation into Megyn Kelly is now a major contender for Best Actress. And we still have Greta Gerwig’s Little Women to come; first reactions for that film have been heralding the work of Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh. What was once thought to be a light year for female performances – and one in which Renee Zellweger was looking like a lock – is suddenly shaping up to be a powerhouse.And it’s not just in the lead actress category.Supporting performances often prove the hardest to predict because the category can be stacked with leading performances positioned for “supporting” mostly to up their chances of winning (see Alicia Vikander’s win for The Danish Girl). But we’re going to give it a shot.The 2020 race now features three high-profile female-led efforts with Oscar-worthy supporting performances (Bombshell, Hustlers, and Little Women) – this is in addition to impressive works from earlier in the year, like The Farewell. As with our Best Actress predictions, our list of supporting female performances runs deep, with several marquee names and several newcomers in contention. It will be interesting to see who cuts through as critics groups start releasing their honors lists and we move towards the Indie Spirit Awards.If history tells us anything, it is that most of these names won t make it to Oscar night, but we re pretty confident many of them will be right up there in the awards chatter. So read on as we break down our early picks for 2020 Best Supporting Actress contenders.Don t agree with our picks? Have at us in the comments.Laura Dern, Marriage Story (2019) 94%(Photo by Netflix)Newly announced to join original Jurassic Park co-stars Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum in the upcoming Jurassic World sequel, the Big Little Lies star also features prominently in two Oscar-caliber films in the fall: She plays the matriarch in Greta Gerwig s Little Women and a no-nonsense lawyer with a talent for dispensing prescient Yoda-like advice in Noah Baumbach s Marriage Story. Having two bites at the apple usually serves potential nominees well, with voters picking the strongest of the two to nominate. And though she’s being praised for her performance in Little Women, her work with longtime friend and collaborator Baumbach is what’s getting the most buzz. Dern, who s on the Board of Governors for the Academy, is also a very active and well-liked member, so it would be a significant upset for her not to make it to Oscar night.Jennifer Lopez, Hustlers (2019) 87%(Photo by Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection)Most pundits are still not fully sold on Hustlers star Jennifer Lopez’s Oscar chances, but you can place us firmly in the “J-Lo for an Oscar nom” camp. Lopez, who plays the acrobatic stripper-turned-“mini mob boss” Ramona in the flick, is seductive, hilarious, and deadly. Also, she’s showing early that she has no intention of coasting through the season. (And yes, we include her recent walk down the Versace runway wearing a reimagining of her iconic green dress and her highly anticipated Super Bowl performance as part of an overall “campaign.”) Looking forward, perhaps the former In Living Color Fly Girl’s biggest obstacle is getting everyone to recognize how exceptional she is in the role. We don’t need convincing. Enjoying her best reviews since Steven Soderbergh’s Out of Sight, Lopez switches from charismatic mom-like figure to lethal crime boss with no more effort than she’d take to slide on a new pair of pumps. So yeah,  it’s time Jenny from the Block got her due.Annette Bening, The Report (2019) 82%(Photo by Amazon Studios)There are several films on the fall slate that deal with political themes, and it’s yet to be seen how that will play with Academy voters. Among them are Richard Jewell, Queen Slim, Bombshell, Jojo Rabbit, and The Report. The voters do sometimes embrace the political – Alejandro Iñárritu’s The Revenant looked unbeatable at the 2016 Oscars but was nevertheless defeated by the quiet newspaper procedural Spotlight – and Supporting Actress contender Annette Bening will be hoping they do so this year for her transformative portrayal of Senator Dianne Feinstein in the Amazon feature about the 9/11 torture report.Shuzhen Zhao, The Farewell (2019) 97%(Photo by A24)Before last year’s Oscar campaign, a film like The Farewell, its lead actress Awkwafina, and the script/direction from newcomer Lulu Wang would have been hopeful but unlikely to vie for a golden statuette. Then Roma proved anything is possible, particularly in what the film signaled for actresses Marina de Tavira and Yalitza Aparicio, who were both nominated for Oscars. This is why we’re confident in the chances of the hilarious and heartfelt performance by Shuzhen Zhao as The Farewell’s Nai Nai, the elderly matriarch who is kept unaware of her own terminal illness to spare her unwanted pain. The film is based on an actual lie from the life of director Lulu Wang – the family gathers in China to say goodbye to Nai Nai under the guise of a family wedding – and Zhao is astonishingly good at its center, delivering cutting one-liners and intimate life lessons. Zhao also comes with the kind of Cinderella story voters love: this is her first on-screen performance.Nicole Kidman Margot Robbie, Bombshell (2019) 68%(Photo by Lionsgate)Early word on this Fox News sexual harassment drama is nothing but raves for lead actress Charlize Theron and supporting stars Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman. Robbie was already a contender for her work as Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, but those who have seen Bombshell say this is the performance more likely to get her nominated. The I, Tonya actress’s portrayal of a young, impressionable Fox News staffer who s harassed by founder Roger Ailes is the stuff that Oscar highlight reels are made of. As Gretchen Carlson, the first woman to raise concerns at the network and who eventually filed suit for harassment and wrongful termination, Nicole Kidman is equally noteworthy. Both are a serious threat for nomination.Also in contention: Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey)Jennifer Hudson (Cats)Thomasin McKenzie (Jojo Rabbit)Octavia Spencer (Luce)Da Vine Joy Randolph (Dolemite is My Name)Florence Pugh (Little Women)Meryl Streep (Little Women)
(Photo by Daniel Power / Focus Features)Actress Robin Wright makes her feature directing debut this February with Land, the moving and extraordinarily scenic story of a woman who goes off grid to disconnect from society and reconnect with nature and herself after a tragedy almost breaks her. Testing herself against the elements, isolation, and at one point a very curious (and hungry) bear, she once again finds herself at a breaking point – until a stranger, played by Oscar-nominee Demián Bichir, stumbles into her life and the two begin to put the pieces back together.Talking to Rotten Tomatoes shortly after the film debuted at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, Wright – who directed 10 episodes of House of Cards during her time on the show – says she drew inspiration from a number of the directors she s worked with across her career, an enviable roster of big names and auteurs that ranges from Zack Snyder to Anthony Minghella. In fact, over the years she would write down the things she liked about their directing style for safe keeping – beautiful gifts that you re given from other directors, she says.Critics have so far lauded Wright s assuredness behind the camera and a typically commanding performance in front of it, and noted that the film – shot largely on 8,000-foot Moose Mountain in Calgary, where the crew was whipped around by rapidly changing, dramatic conditions – is a visual treat. As she prepares to share Land with the world, Wright talked with us about why this was the right project to kick start her feature directing career, discovering the talent and friendship of Bichir, and the possibility of an all-Amazon, all-Themyscira-set Wonder Woman movie. (Spoiler: She s into it.)Joel Meares for Rotten Tomatoes: I read that you ve had a lot of projects come across your desk over the years as potential first features for you to direct. What was it about Land and this story that spoke to you and made you say, This is the one I want to do”?Robin Wright: It fell into my lap about two-and-a-half, three years ago, when we were all experiencing random shootings that were happening almost biweekly. And I was just thinking about the amount of loss and grief and tragedy that was going on in our world. Then to have this last year that we ve all been suffering, enduring This movie just resonated with me because, yes, it s about a woman s journey through her grief, this unfathomable event that happens to her life and changes her life forever, and she goes to live off the grid, but in the end, it’s just a beautiful stranger, human kindness, that allows human resilience in Edee and a renewed sense of hope and faith. So, you get to the end of this film and it was just so uplifting to me. I felt like that was a message we needed out there right now: That we can get through and we do need the help of others. We do need human connection.(Photo by Daniel Power / Focus Features)The film looked like it would have been challenging to shoot, just the physicality of it, the locations, the weather. What was it like shooting on Moose Mountain, up there in Calgary?Wright: It was incredible and difficult because the unpredictable weather patterns there, they re wicked. We were prepared by the Calgary film crew [who told us] you have no idea what it can become, and we experienced all of that. We had 29 days to shoot the movie, and we didn t think we were ever going to get snow because we were shooting from part of September through part of October. And we got four seasons in 29 days. It was pure luck because they had never experienced having four feet of snow at the end of September.That luck obviously worked for the film because you ve got this beautiful and varying imagery – and plenty of snow. But I was watching the moment where Edee breaks down on the floor and says, This isn t working, and I wondered, with the wild conditions and the short shoot, if you had any “this isn t working” moments as a director?Wright: No, but I think I was probably sometimes going to an emotion as an actor that s going, This isn t working. This take isn t working! I think I was using that one instead.(Photo by Daniel Power / Focus Features)So you never wanted to hit the floor and scream, Damn, this weather! Wright: No, gosh, no, no. Really we thanked the weather gods because while they were dangerous sometimes, the winds – we d have to shut down for a portion of the day and everybody had to get off that part of the mountain because the winds were too strong – those kinds of things were definitely things you prepared for. And then you had to be prepared to potentially lose a scene that you wanted in the movie because you just didn t have time to shoot it because the weather took you elsewhere.In House of Cards and here you directed yourself, and oftentimes in this film you re the only person in the scene. What are the challenges of directing yourself when the focus is so squarely on you?Wright: It s a job we do. What it entails, being in front of the camera and behind the camera, is that you don t have to describe [what needs to happen], you don t have to express verbally, “This is what I want to achieve in a scene, or If you could do this take in this way.” You already have it in your head. I already knew who this character was. We d been developing the script for over a year and talking about the character and the dynamic between Edee and Miguel – what that should be. So, you re already immersed in it. You don t really have to talk about it so much. You just do it.(Photo by David Giesbrecht / ©Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection)You’ve worked with some incredible directors over the years – Patty Jenkins, Rob Reiner, Anthony Minghella, David Fincher… Were there any that have stood out when drawing inspiration for your own directing projects?Wright: Multiple, I would say. You find that little nugget that you love that that director did – I love this style, the way that director shot that scene. And I would just take notes over the course of my years as an actor. And I saved those notes: I really loved this, that Anthony Minghella did; I loved what David Fincher did with Season 1 of House of Cards… You just kind of compile all those things and then you find your own style. But yes, for sure, they re beautiful gifts that you re given from other directors, just watching their originality.Your primary co-star in this film is Demián Bichir, and it s a beautiful performance and a lovely dynamic and great chemistry between the two of you. How did you land on Demián for the role of Miguel?Wright: I had never heard of him. And when this role called for a Hispanic man, you re given a couple of people on a list, and I watched him in A Better Life and I was blown away, and you could just see his soul on screen. I loved how much played in his eyes when he wasn t speaking and I knew Miguel needed to be that: very frugal with his words, very straightforward, only spoke when it s necessary. Then I saw Demián in The Hateful Eight and I thought he was hysterically funny. And I was like, This is perfect. Because we knew Miguel was going to be funny. This character needed to be funny. Demián walked into my house to have our first meeting and we instantly connected, just like we do in the movie.(Photo by Daniel Power / Focus Features)That is our relationship. It was like we d known each other our whole lives. We didn t really talk about the movie very much or the roles together. It’s this relationship between two people from two completely different cultures, completely different environments, and they have this incredible bond and connection, and they don t have to talk about it or have the classic monologue in a movie about, “Well, what s your life? What was your life like?” It s just, they re in the present. They re in there together. And he is the saint that rescues this woman on her journey and gives her life again.You mentioned the humor and I was wondering, was Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” written into the script, or was that a choice you and Demián made? It was a lovely touch.Wright: Erin [Dignam], the other writer, who s one of my dearest and oldest friends, she put that in the stage directions. She was just like, You just start singing a well-known 80s song. So, when we re on the movie, you are given two choices: this is how much money we have, and these are the two songs you can choose from. And that one, just metaphorically, it was perfect. “Welcome to your life.” Yep, welcome.(Photo by Focus Features)There s a moment in this film that I think will resonate with a lot of people. It s a very small moment, near the beginning, when Edee throws a phone in the trash. Have you ever done that or had a moment where you just want to throw your phone in the trash?Wright: Oh, I ve done it before. I ve thrown it out the window on a freeway.Really?Wright: Just angry at the phone not working. Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? Nope! Throw the phone out!But you’ve never done it to disconnect in the way Edee does?Wright: I’ve never disconnected like that. I don t know if I could do it for that long, but we kind of got a sense of that kind of disconnection when we were shooting the movie. One of the producers and I, Allyn Stewart, decided to sleep in our trailers at base camp on the top of the mountain, behind the cabin. So we didn t go back to the city every night. We were in nature. We barbecued outside our trailers every night, and we had a bear whisperer in his trailer down the way, protecting us from bears. Like, Okay, it s time to get in your trailers, girls, because I m going to lock you in. (Because they can open doors.) And so we kind of lived in the nature while we shot. And our DP slept in Edee s trailer so he could capture all of those beautiful vista shots and all that weather – he just would grab his camera and shoot.Is there a vista in the world or a particular natural place that inspires you? Somewhere that has had a real impact on you in your life?Wright: There are so many beautiful places. But you say, Are you a mountain person? Are you a water person? I m definitely more inclined to the ocean; I need it. I go through withdrawals if I can t be near an ocean frequently, because it s medicine. It s got healing properties. And that is also a message in this movie, that nature is a character in this movie and how brutal it can be and how you do have to respect it. You have to understand and respect how to live with it before it accepts you.A little bit slightly off topic, but a lot of people watched the opening sequence of Wonder Woman 1984 this winter and it has a lot of people thinking: We want a movie about you and the Amazons. We want Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright, and we want a full movie set in this place with these characters. (Obviously, it would have to be in the past.) But is that something that you would be interested in exploring – a movie set completely in Themyscira?Wright: Oh, I would jump at that in a second if that was ever to come to fruition. That was so much fun, making those movies.Amazing! Wright: That s a great idea – the whole youth of Diana. You should propose that. Let s make an Amazon movie!Land is in theaters February 12, 2021. Thumbnail image: Clay Enos / © Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection, Daniel Power / Focus Features
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Tom Hardy is the latest actor to portray notorious gangster Al Capone, and from the sound of it, nobody else ever needs to portray him again. Writer-director Josh Trank’s Capone is dividing critics, but everyone agrees that Hardy’s performance is out of this world, for better or worse. The movie itself sounds pretty crazy, too, as it depicts the criminal’s final year, when he was suffering from dementia. Right now, we can all use something out of the ordinary in our entertainment, and with Hardy shooting for the moon in the lead, Capone sounds like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Who isn’t enticed by that?Here’s what critics are saying about Capone:How crazy is Capone?It’s nuts, it’s a mess and it’s pretty damn entertaining if you don’t mind characters pooping the bed and getting stabbed in the neck.  Steve Pond, The WrapIs Capone a fascinatingly idiosyncratic twilight-of-the-mobster drama? Or is it a Saturday Night Live sketch with pretensions? It may be a bit of both.  Owen Gleiberman, VarietyTidal waves, CGI alligators, characters who cut their own eyeballs out of their skulls – when was the last time you saw a movie about mobsters that had any of this stuff?  Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmIt’s not pleasing, but it’s too weird to be boring… You sit there and wonder how bizarre this movie is going to get and, scene by scene, you find out.  Mick LaSalle, San Francisco ChronicleWhat begins as a gonzo lark quickly becomes exhausting.  Richard Lawson, Vanity FairIs it worth seeing as a fun diversion?As nutty as Capone gets as a karmic fever dream for its violent subject, it’s also really watchable in a break-your-brain sort of way. Brian Truitt, USA TodayAll hell breaks loose… and viewers have to make up their minds: Are you going to run from this whacked-out twilight of the gods, or give in to it? Steve Pond, The WrapThis hollow if perversely watchable exercise in self-annihilation builds to a violent finale that finally makes good on the biopic’s sordid potential. David Ehrlich, IndieWireStarved as we are for big, exciting diversion right now, I won’t blame you if you decide to give Hardy that attention. Maybe you’ll see something worthy in the raving crypt keeper. Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair(Photo by Vertical Entertainment)Is Tom Hardy the biggest reason to see the movie?The borderline self-parodying Method madness of Tom Hardy s performance does kind of demand to be seen. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterHardy’s psychotic portrayal is compelling and worth the price of admission. Travis Hopson, Punch Drunk CriticsThe combination of Hardy’s performance and the energy Trank and his crew bring to these fever-dream sequences make the whole project worth it. Aaron Neuwirth, We Live EntertainmentHow is his performance?Hardy, all guttural growls and tics, seems to be vying for the prize of Most Acting. Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment WeeklyHardy’s performance is undoubtedly so unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Brian Truitt, USA TodayA career-best performance, which is never anything short of fascinating. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comHardy gets to go as big as he possibly can… He shuffles, he stumbles, he mumbles, he drools. Buried under make-up, there are shots here where he doesn’t even look human. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmHardy’s on a roll with bonkers performances… if he cannot figure out a way to dial into the frequency of his directors, people will stop seeing a master performer at work. Marshall Shaffer, The PlaylistYes, Hardy chews the scenery… his over-the-top destructive nature comes across as cartoonish because we’re unable to contrast that malice with moments of calm, collective authority. Jared Mobarak, The Film Stage(Photo by Vertical Entertainment)Who does he remind you of?Hardy once again combines the fearless commitment of early Marlon Brando with the utter unintelligibility of much older Marlon Brando. David Ehrlich, IndieWireTom Hardy playing dying Al Capone is as if Nick Nolte were playing the First vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Richard Lawson, Vanity FairHardy s Fonse more than anything recalls Al Pacino s crazed mugging as the Capone-inspired Alphonse Big Boy Caprice in Dick Tracy. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterWhat s this about him pooping himself?Hardy turns his cast into unwilling straight men for his routine, such as during a tense interview with FBI agents that ends with Capone loudly farting and defecating himself. Marshall Shaffer, The PlaylistCapone routinely soils himself, chomps on cigars and later carrots, accuses loved ones and employees of being assassins, shoots an alligator. Richard Lawson, Vanity FairHey, you haven’t seen Al Capone until you’ve seen him chomping on a carrot and wielding a machine gun while wearing a droopy diaper. Steve Pond, The WrapYou tell me if you want to see a movie featuring not one, not two, but three separate scenes in which the increasingly feeble Capone loses control of his bladder and/or his bowels. Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-TimesNot only is he incontinent – yes, there are multiple, uncomfortably lengthy scenes where Al Capone sh s himself in this movie, folks – he’s also prone to hallucinations. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmThis movie is not going to win points for its handling of the indignities of dementia. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterIs this a comedy?Of course, it’s funny. Intentionally? How could it not be? Mick LaSalle, San Francisco ChronicleThere is a grotesque humor… Trank’s macabre humor never feels like mockery. Hope Madden, Columbus Underground(Photo by Vertical Entertainment)Are there any other great performances?Linda Cardellini flexes more in the role of Capone’s wife Mae than she has in her many other turns as put-upon spouse. She’s a great sparring partner for Hardy. Hope Madden, Columbus UndergroundLinda Cardellini is excellent as Capone’s devoted wife, and Matt Dillon (always underrated) has a solid role as one of Al’s old cronies. Of course, McLachlan is fun to watch as well. Chris Bumbray, JoBlo s Movie EmporiumHow does it compare to, say, The Irishman?Think Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman taken to the extreme. Travis Hopson, Punch Drunk CriticsImagine the last 10 minutes of The Irishman but as a 100-minute film. Chris Bumbray, JoBlo s Movie EmporiumYou could think of Capone as The Irishman as reimagined by David Lynch. Steve Pond, The WrapWhile Scorsese utilizes Frank Sheeran hanging on the brink of death to explore morality and mortality in the gangster genre, what Trank has to say about a similar era in a dying man’s life is more nightmarish fever-dream clouded by paranoia and dread. Marshall Shaffer, The PlaylistThe last half hour of The Irishman crossed with the doddering-legend parts of Citizen Kane, all mixed in with Hardy’s apparent desire to play the creature in Frankenstein. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyAre there other comparisons?This is primarily a head movie that unfolds in the sepulchral chambers of Capone s addled skull with a heavy load of woozy Lynchian weirdness and a dash of Kubrick s The Shining. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterImagine a Ken Russell artist biopic, not one about Liszt or Mahler but about a befuddled blob. Mick LaSalle, San Francisco ChronicleA Twilight Zone riff on the This is Your Life template wherein the subject is transported through a Jacob’s Ladder-esque hole towards oblivion. Jared Mobarak, The Film StageCapone begins to feel like a riff on A Christmas Carol, with Scarface standing in for old Scrooge. But there’s no redemption here. Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm(Photo by Vertical Entertainment)Is it going to get any Oscar love?It would be a sign of a truly, truly broken year if this hideous indulgence of a film gained any of that kind of traction. Richard Lawson, Vanity FairIt may not be Oscar worthy, but it’s an odd duck that’s kind of a perfect change of pace flick during these strange times. Joey Magidson, Hollywood NewsIs it a good comeback for Josh Trank?An undeniable return to form which should put him back on the radar in a big way. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comCapone isn’t a knockout comeback, but it’s an undeniably striking and bold endeavor that transcends genre constraints and conventional molds. Jared Mobarak, The Film StageTrank attempts to do a David Cronenberg or David Lynch style movie, a move that’s a major reset for his career. Chris Bumbray, JoBlo s Movie EmporiumPut it this way… If his next movie is like Fantastic Four, I don’t want to see it. But if his next movie is as purely nuts as Capone, I’m there. Mick LaSalle, San Francisco ChronicleCapone will be released on VOD on Tuesday, May 12.


365体育网址 The One and Only Ivan (2020) 71% Description: An adaptation of the award-winning book about one very special gorilla, Disney’s The One and Only Ivan is an unforgettable tale about the beauty of friendship, the power of visualization and the significance of the place one calls home. Ivan is a 400-pound silverback gorilla who shares a communal habitat in a suburban shopping mall with Stella the elephant, Bob the dog, and various other animals. He has few memories of the jungle where he was captured, but when a baby elephant named Ruby arrives, it touches something deep within him. Ruby is recently separated from her family in the wild, which causes him to question his life, where he comes from and where he ultimately wants to be. The heartwarming adventure, which comes to the screen in an impressive hybrid of live-action and CGI, is based on Katherine Applegate’s bestselling book, which won numerous awards upon its publication in 2013, including the Newbery Medal.Premiere Date: Aug. 14, 2020

火影忍者手游是来自魔方工作室群的一款格斗游戏,虽然我一直都是主要写这款游戏的文章或者是做相关的视频,但其实我也有关注过他们的其他手游,这其中就包括一人之下手游和王牌战士。很可惜,这两款手游也就在上线后的几个月内有过较高的热度和一定的盈利数据,在接下来的一段时间内都非常低迷。而且根据之前王牌战士的策划透露,这款游戏后续还会有第二部,第一部暂时也不会关服,主要是给一些热爱这款游戏的玩家保留着。 (Photo by Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures)The immediate good news on Godzilla vs. Kong is that it has easily become the highest-grossing film since the pandemic began last March, passing Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. That much was inevitable after grossing over million in its first five days of release. The next milestone it hopes to reach – other than surpassing Godzilla, King of the Monsters’ worldwide gross of 6 million (it currently stands at 7 million) is that of the once-fabled 0 million domestic plateau. The baby steps to the milestone after that will come much quicker for the next blockbuster, but does this film at this time have a real shot? So, let’s examine.Holding a film now to the standards of the great normal is not ideal, but we can try to make it correlate as best we can to current times. Godzilla vs. Kong dropped 58 percent in its second weekend. The higher the start, the higher the drop in these times. Wonder Woman 1984 dropped 67.1 percent in December after a .7 million start. More theaters plus vaccinations puts GvK with a 92.8 percent increase in its three-day weekend and a drop 9.1 percent better. That is fair progress. Now in the history of March releases that had grossed between million– million in their first 12 days, only two of the nine (2017’s Power Rangers and 10,000 B.C.) failed to reach 0 million, except even those films grossed .2 million and .7 million in their second weekend (and were the only two of the lot to not gross at least million). Godzilla vs. Kong grossed .3 million. With theaters still at limited capacity.Now, GvK has a slight edge on those films gross-wise to date with million estimated through Sunday. And currently we are seeing much smaller drops in third weekends amongst the pandemic films. Raya and the Last Dragon dropped just 10.2 percent and The Little Things fell only 2.6 percent. Even Chaos Walking fell just 14.5 percent. One thing they all have in common is the ability to last in a mar



365体育网址 If there were any doubts remaining that Westworld got a reboot with its third season, the HBO sci-fi series smothered them with its Sunday finale, potentially losing a main character and almost all of the checks on the human extermination that is seen as inevitable in countless fictions about artificial intelligence.Spoiler alert: The following reveals plot details for the finale of season 3 of Westworld. Stop here if you haven t watched the episode.(Photo by HBO)Maeve’s (Thandie Newton) exercise of free will in choosing chaos and her adoption of Caleb (Aaron Paul), who was orphaned by Dolores’ (Evan Rachel Wood) apparent deletion, stands as the last best hope for humanity. The Charlotte Hale–bot (Tessa Thompson) figures on the other side of the equation. Driven by a nihilistic streak, holding the reins of Host regeneration, and bent on revenge, Charlotte commanded — surely it wasn’t an original thought — the Man in Black Host (Ed Harris) to eliminate his human counterpart William in the post-credits scene, which also gave us a glimpse of the Host horde Charlotte is constructing. You too will be assimilated.For all of its reinvention, Westworld’s season 3 is Certified Fresh at 79%, with its first six episodes averaging 82%. The season fell victim to the Game of Thrones curse, however, with its final two episodes earning Rotten scores, and the finale, “Crisis Theory,” garnering the lowest episode score of the entire series.“Though the third season often succumbed to mission drift, the show did at least follow through on the likelihood that the cost of freedom would be oblivion. But the payoffs elsewhere were close to nonexistent,” Scott Tobias wrote for the New York Times.But Entertainment Weekly’s James Hibbard sees a silver lining: “Westworld season 3 ended in a rather Westworld-ian way: By hitting its narrative control-alt-delete keys all at the same time for a potential re-re-reboot of the story for next season.”The question now is what that re-re-reboot might entail. Here are five things we think fans need to see in the recently announced season 4.1. The Return of Dolores(Photo by HBO)A person could argue that the song of Dolores has ended with her data wipe, but there are so many ways in which the character could return. Evan Rachel Wood drove the past two seasons exquisitely as the Hostess with the most-est. Maybe this is just personal preference, but the idea that you can’t keep a good woman down holds a lot of appeal. She could be patched together from the pieces of her memory that she stashed in other Hosts. Or, given the data redundancies required in corporate life even now, it seems too simplistic to think that the Dolores on the slab under Rehoboam with her memories being systematically deleted represented the very last version of her consciousness. Surely, she was backed up to the Cloud.2. What Bernard Lowe Discovered in the Sublime(Photo by HBO)What does robot bliss look like? In season 2, we saw it as a human ideal: a bucolic dreamscape of rolling green vistas. In the post-credits scene, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) returned to the human reality covered in dust, and season 4 will tell us if that was a time-jump and those layers of dirt represented years having passed or a nearer future in which the destruction of the first human exterminations has begun. Before Bernard went under, Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) — no doubt now moldy in the bathtub — asked him what he hoped to find in the Sublime. An answer, Bernard replied, to what comes after the end of the world. But does he mean in the physical world or in the Sublime?3. Maeve and Caleb: Is There a Place for Them? (Photo by HBO)Are Maeve and Caleb now BFFs? Or has she simply committed herself to his well-being? At the end of the finale, Maeve was shining her maternal light on him hard. Are you ready, darling? she purred. He was skeptical: For what? She: This is the new world, and in this world, you can be whoever the f you want. Skyscrapers burned in the background. This story is just beginning. Maeve embraced Dolores plan in the end — or, at least, didn t stand in the way of it — and protected Caleb by turning on Rehoboam-puppet Serac (Vincent Cassel). The question is: To what end? If Maeve drank Dolores Kool-Aid, will she promote Caleb as the leader of the future s human resistance? Does she even know what Hale-bot has in the works? Season 4 no doubt will feature Maeve wrestling with the human cause and her own interests.4. Charlotte Heading Up Skynet(Photo by John P. Johnson/HBO)Crispy Charlotte told Dolores Prime that, no, she s not mad; she s just hell-bent on securing the Hosts place on Earth. Now that she s replaced white-straightjacket human William with Man in Black Host William, she has a ruthless robot general to marshal her robot army. Or not. One thing is for certain: Charlotte (Dolores-lite) will be responsible for the mass casualty events promised by Rehoboam s predictions: at 1–3 years, 6–10 years, and 12–16 years, with a population collapse at 23 years and the end of human civilization in 50–125 years. Do fans want to see what that 50–125 year period will look like? Will Delos Inc. be renamed Skynet ?5. Artificial Intelligence Becoming Aware of Its Own Emotional Intelligence(Photo by HBO)During a finale fight with Maeve, Dolores revealed that she was the first of their kind who worked — that, like Adam and Eve, the others were made from her metaphorical rib bone. Perhaps that is why Dolores is so ahead of the curve, forging a path over the course of the series from puppet, unaware of the strings controlling her, to vigilante, seeking violent retribution for the crimes against her, to martyr, sacrificing herself for the (possible) good of the many. Westworld viewers need to see Charlotte and her thugs struggle toward the last part of that existential crisis as the war for self-determination between humans and robots rages.What do you think Westworld has in store in season 4? Do you think Dolores is permanently erased? Tell us in the comments what you would like to see happen.

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