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亚博投注安全采用百度引擎2(Baidu 4)Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens arrives this weekend, bringing both heaven and hell with it. Based on 1990 novel Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, the Amazon Prime limited series tells the story of agents of God and Satan who want to stop the Apocalypse — simply because it sounds like a terrible idea. Fortunately, it seems like the reluctant Antichrist has similar inclinations.Michael Sheen (The Queen) plays angel Aziraphale, and David Tennant (Broadchurch) is demon Crowley. The two first met when Crowley turned into a snake and slipped past Aziraphale into the Garden of Eden to tempt Eve. Theirs has been a fine bromance ever since.Rotten Tomatoes met up with the stars, Gaiman, director Douglas MacKinnon (Doctor Who), and, representing Terry Pratchett’s estate, executive producer Rob Wilkins, ahead of the series’ London premiere to find out just what makes the Amazon Studios and BBC Studios co-production Good Omens such a delicious binge-watching option.1. A Monty Python NonsensibilityStarting out the gate with the credit sequence, the series pays homage to Monty Python.But while in sketch series Monty Python s Flying Circus, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, Agnus Nutter actually does expect the Spanish Inquisition when her time of judgment arrives.2. The Celestial Bromance at Its Core(Photo by Amazon Studios)Aziraphale and Crowley build their lovingly adversarial relationship one historical clash after another – including, during another nod to Monty Python, when Crowley turns up as the Black Knight. Sketches of Aziraphale and Crowley’s bond strengthening over the ages are pure joy and recommend further adventures of the collegial duo. And Welsh actor Sheen and Scottish actor Tennant spark onscreen in a way that critics have hailed.“Most of the show s charm hinges on the unlikely camaraderie between an Angel and a Demon, played, with considerable gusto, by Michael Sheen and David Tennant,” CNN’s Brian Lowry wrote.New York Magazine’s Keith Phipps wrote, “Good Omens can work only with the right leads, so cheers to bringing in Sheen and Tennant, two actors who know how to make a three-course meal out of understated dialogue and cosmic absurdity.”And, from Allison Shoemaker of RogerEbert.com: “Together, it s like watching two musicians at the top of their game play a duet; they positively sing.”In a press conference before meeting with reporters, Tennant explained the relationship further.“They re not particularly good representatives of their respective head offices. They ve rubbed off on each other, so much, that Crowley s not that mean anymore, and Aziraphale s not that holy,” he said. “So, between them, they ve reached a common ground, and they ve become each other s, sort of, significant other, really They ve only got each other to rely on, and they ve become — although they would deny it until the end of time, quite literally, they re sort of each other s yin and yang … But, it s only when you see what head office is like — for instance, when the angel, Gabriel, appears — that you realize how humanized they ve become by the mortal world, that they really like, quite a lot because it s got wine.”3. The Obscene Wealth of Talent(Photo by Scott Garfitt/BACKGRID)Sheen and Tennant are just the start. The rest of the cast fills out with an enviable assemblage of talent for serialized entertainment:Jon Hamm (Mad Men) as Archangel Gabriel, who leads the angelic hostAnna Maxwell Martin (The Bletchley Circle) as Beelzebub, leader of the forces of HellJosie Lawrence (Enchanted April) as 17th-century witch Agnes Nutter, who produces the only accurate book of prophecies ever writtenAdria Arjona (True Detective) as Anathema Device, a witch and Agnes Nutter’s descendantMiranda Richardson (Harry Potter franchise) as part-time medium and prostitute Madame TracyMichael McKean (This Is Spinal Tap) as Witchfinder Sergeant ShadwellFrances McDormand (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) voices GodBenedict Cumberbatch (The Hobbit film franchise) voices SatanSam Taylor Buck as reluctant Antichrist Adam YoungThe series, a coproduction of Amazon Studios and BBC Studios, is directed by Douglas Mackinnon (Doctor Who) and also features Jack Whitehall, Mireille Enos, Brian Cox, Nick Offerman, Ned Dennehy, Ariyon Bakare, Nina Sosanya, Steve Pemberton, and Mark Gatiss.4. Expertly Drawn Characters(Photo by Amazon Studios)The series’ stars raved about bringing Gaiman and Pratchett’s characters to life.“Nothing is odd about this character; I think she s entirely relatable. Particularly, the channeling of many, many souls, alive and dead, and riding a motorbike, in a cape, with a former member of Spinal Tap. It s just part of the day job, really,” Richardson related in a press conference before breaking off to meet with reporters. “It feels like my element. I love it. Transformation and costume and inhabiting of other, but at the same time, the character is, all the characters are, incredibly humane. I just I love that about this project. That s what comes across, I think.And what will book fans think, especially given changes like Archangel Gabriel’s expanded role?“I think had we gone into this project without Neil,” Hamm said, “there would have been a different reaction, but because Neil was involved from the get-go and was so involved during the process of making it, it became like a version 2.0. So I think the fan base was jazzed, they were like, Oh my God, we re getting more, we re almost getting a sequel or something, we re getting the extended version, the EP. … We were at New York Comic Con and there were 5,000 people that showed up for a panel discussion. It was bonkers. It was like a rock concert. It didn t hurt that we had Doctor Who on stage. It was still pretty cool and that was when I was like, Oh yeah there are way more people that are just as excited about this as I am. Worldwide, it s been published in 70 languages.”5. A Story With Heart(Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)Good Omens has a lot of heart. That’s baked into the series by Gaiman, the stars attest.“The writing is absolutely promoting humanity,” Richardson said. “You know, it s very affirmative and optimistic, really, isn t it?”“[Neil is] very centered,” she continued. “He knows what he thinks about everything. That doesn t mean he s not open. He is completely open. So you ask him a question, and it s really considered. It s not, You don t need to worry about that. It s this is just what s happened, or I think you should try that, or whatever it is. You know, everything is very considered. It s great.”Lawrence: “He has time for you, which is wonderful.”Richardson: “Like having Daddy on set.”Lawrence: “Yes, it is, or a beautiful angel.”Hamm also noted that Gaiman brings something different to the process of creating a series.“What Neil really brings to everything he does is the capacity for storytelling,” Hamm said, “and that s first and foremost. Also I think some people in the more traditional Hollywood aspect, they re trying to make money. They re making product, whether it s a Marvel movie or what have you franchise, they re not necessarily concerned with storytelling. They re concerned with IP, or what s it going to be on the second weekend or what s the third movie going to be at franchise – Neil just wants to tell a story. That s how he s created this career that s been so wide-ranging, and I think you re going to see a lot more Neil Gaiman stuff get filmed because the stories are so compelling.”6. The Antichrist Has Never Been More EnchantingAntichrist Adam Young has the wide-eyed English-schoolboy charm of classic heroes like Mark Lester’s 1968 Oliver or any number of Nicholas Nicklebys throughout the cinematic age – until, of course, the boy inherits his powers. Aziraphale and Crowley’s attempts to manage the situation are akin to trying to stop a tornado with a butterfly net — a magical butterfly net, but still.7. Evolved Female Characters(Photo by Scott Garfitt/BACKGRID)Though Good Omens’ main characters, Aziraphale and Crowley, are male, we find engaging and richly drawn women among the secondary stars of the series. Anathema spends most of her time chasing a McGuffin, but in the end contributes greatly to the stop-the-Apocalypse cause.“There s a big difference between a tough female character and a strong female character and Anathema s strong, she s very in her essence,” Arjona said. “She s a woman and she s sure of herself and so unsure of what she s doing and messes up, and she s flawed and she doesn t get it right all the time — sometimes she does — and she has this guy that s following her and never falls into romance. She’s like, ‘I gotta do what I gotta do — maybe after babe. I ll catch you later.’ She s doing her own thing and I love that about her, and I wish a lot of other characters would be like that because relatable to me, and I see my friends and the way they deal with their careers and their own life, and it s very similar to Anathema.”Richardson’s Madame Tracy is a very rich character, who, despite her own flaws, endures a level of verbal abuse and emotional sabotage from Shadwell.“Madame Tracy has her own strengths. She, in some ways, feels a bit retro. I mean, her part is retro, and the fact that she s making a living in the way she is, is a bit retro. But at the same time she s providing an incredible help in the community, and she s also very supportive, and she s trying to be a little bit life-enhancing … so there are those feminine traits, things showing. She takes care of Shadwell, and she looks out for people. It s rather lovely, but she s her own woman.”Good Omens sets out to prove a love bond between the prostitute and the Witchfinder, but where she definitely shuts the door on the risk of her infidelity, his name-calling promises to continue.“I know it is a bit questionable,” Richardson said, “but maybe it s, pardon the pun, better the devil you know. I don t know, you know? She s practical.”8. Unique Artistry(Photo by Amazon)The production design, effects, and costuming on the series lend a distinctive voice to the characters’ surroundings. Several of the actors noted that the costumes and unique environments helped them fully inhabit their characters.“There s an opportunity to sort of portray this guy as the boss that everyone has, that everyone hates, who s constantly smiling and telling you, ‘Great job,’ while also subconsciously saying, ‘You re terrible,’” Hamm related. “And, I ve worked for that guy before, and I ve hated him, and it was kind of fun to play. Just like, ‘Everything you re doing is wrong. Keep going.’ And, I got to wear so much cashmere in this, that it was A: warm, B: soft, C: comfy. But yeah, there was a lot to recommend for being on the heavenly side of thing, from a fabric point of view.”Arjona similarly credited the series’ style choices for aiding her performance: “I just tried on her boots and something happened, and I got really lucky because I didn t have to do much work after I tried on her boots.”9. An Uncompromised Creative Vision(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)With Good Omens, Gaiman sought to fulfill a deathbed wish of his collaborator on the book, Terry Pratchett, and so, dug in his heels.“Being the writer was relatively pleasant and entirely stress-free in that nobody was really waiting for this. I wrote it, I promised Terry I would write it, I wrote it, did the adaptation, divided the book into six, every 50 pages: OK, that s episode one, that s episode two. Fair enough, I ll write a mini movie through time that will kick off episode three. That was all simple and very stress free,” Gaiman said.“The problem is that I d promised Terry Pratchett that I would make a TV show that he would want to watch, and I d learned through my previous outings in television — some of which have been incredibly successful and some of which hadn t — that the measure of which were successful and which weren t were not the quality of the script to begin with; it was what actually wound up on the screen at the end. And I thought, OK, I have to be in a place where I can control that, where I have a director who I can work with who we share a vision with, where I can cast the people who I see in my head, where I m there just making sure that a producer who — producers don t understand scripts. I wish they did, but they don t —”MacKinnon: “Some of them do.”“Some of them do,” Gaiman conceded. “A lot of the time, what a producer will do when they go, ‘OK, we have X amount of money. We have this in the script and here is a sequence that is both expensive and if we lose it, we ll save a day of filming and nobody s going to notice if that scene is gone,’ completely failing to understand that if they pull that scene out, nothing that follows it will actually make any more sense. This is something producers have been doing since the dawn of time.“To make this thing for Terry, what I had to do was be in a place where I could just say no when somebody said, ‘So, we think we re going to lose Shakespeare s Globe.’ I go, ‘Yeah, no we re not.’ Sometimes I would come back with, ‘I ll tell you what. If we need to save that money, we can lose this scene after that you really like but that actually doesn t change anything. It can go.’”It’s the only instance of anyone tied to Good Omens who we’ve spoken to describing Gaiman’s behavior on the production as anything other than “lovely.”10. Heavenly Irreverence(Photo by Amazon Studios)Both Sheen and Tennant aren’t strangers to supernatural beings; Sheen appeared as Head Lycan in Charge Lucian in the Underworld vampires-versus-werewolves film franchise, then as The Twilight Saga vampire Aro. Tennant, meanwhile, not only played the titular extraterrestrial in Doctor Who for three seasons and in specials as the tenth Doctor, whose abilities were anything but earthly, but also turned up as witch and Voldemort loyalist Barty Crouch, Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.The actors appear to take on these heavenly creatures with ease and a sort of glee.“All those characters like vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, they get reinvented — don t they? — by each generation, because they come to represent different things for each generation,” Sheen said. “And also budgets have changed. There s a lot more money to make stuff that can really use those sort of effects quite well. But in terms of Heaven and Hell and angels and demons — the end of time s and apocalypse is a whole other thing, I suppose — we re starting to think about slightly differently. I think the angels and demons thing and Heaven and Hell is always partly about going, well you have these two extremes and real life is about somehow being in the middle somewhere and being in the gray area and that s certainly what, I think, Good Omens is about.”There’s a good chance that Good Omens will ruffle some feathers, but Gaiman isn’t worried.“One of the things that I made a call writing literally page one, which was, I thought, Well, it could be Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and they re not going to be white. So, in the first five minutes, you re going to have to deal with the voice of God and she s a woman and she s Frances McDormand, and you re going to have to deal with a non-white Adam and Eve. That s your first five minutes. You can stop watching now. If you were upset or offended, great excuse to stop watching now. You will probably be much more offended by things later on like an 11-year-old Antichrist who is actually a good kid … But look, that was there for you: You had a five-minute warning — [Good Omens] actually starts with the word ‘warning.’”Good Omens debuts on Friday, May 31 on Amazon Prime.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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英雄联盟手游推出之后,得到了众多玩家们的喜爱。但是也有很多端游的老玩家们纷纷给官方留言,希望端游和手游数据互通,这样之前购买的皮肤就可以在手游使用了。但是官方并没有给出肯定的回复。尽管如此,英雄联盟手游皮肤的售卖并没有受到很大的影响。让人忍俊不禁的是,即便是端游的老玩家,也逐渐喜欢上手游的皮肤,并且开始吐槽端游的皮肤。更有玩家们感慨手游的每一款皮肤都是大手笔大制作。那么今天小编就来带大家详细看看手游和端游皮肤的差别到底在哪里。 现在神武4手游私服游戏内人物翅膀的挥动都十分精细,技能特效也变得非常的酷炫华丽,让人赏心悦目,另外游戏还创新了超多的有趣玩法如飞行试炼,御扇科举,爱宠进化论等,以小游戏的表现形式丰富了游戏的体验,大大提升了游戏的可玩性,完美移植的师门、抓鬼、科举等耳熟能详的活动玩法,人脸识别个性染色展示秀出自我,组队、帮派、结婚、结拜等超强的娱乐交友玩法,轻松的语音系统让你边玩边聊,游戏交友两不误。

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3.88.3 2月喜迎从2019等到2021,从秋分等到寒露,从中秋等到国庆结束,历经三轮内测外加无数次跳票的《英雄联盟手游》国服在凌晨突然宣布,今天上午10点正式开启不限号不删档测试。官方那句说了好久的「随时随地,英雄联盟」,也终于成为了国内玩家的现实。

contenders than ever before.Here’s what else the Tomatometer data revealed about the past, present, and (hopefully) future of February movies.We’re Living in a Golden Age for February Releases(Photo by Universal Pictures)The past two Februarys haven’t just given us a few good movies; they’ve produced some of their respective years’ biggest hits, like Get Out (2017, 98%) and Black Panther (2018, 97%), both Certified Fresh Golden Tomato Awards winners. Those two are the films that got us thinking about the Februar-enaissance in the first place, but it doesn’t stop there. Besides Get Out, 2017 saw a record six Certified Fresh releases – I Am Not Your Negro (98%), The Lego Batman Movie (90%), John Wick: Chapter 2 (89%), Kedi (98%), and A United Kingdom (84%), in addition to Jordan Peele s thriller. That’s more than either March or April had that year.Februray Tomatometer Averages are Higher than Ever in the 2010s(Photo by 20th Century Fox)Boasting an average Tomatometer score of 52% (so far), this past decade has produced some of the best February releases of all time, and it’s not even close. The 2010s saw more than a 10-point jump from the 2000s (41%) and higher average scores than either the 1990s (45%) or 1980s (46%). Or, to look at it another way, we’ve gotten exactly as many Certified Fresh movies in the past nine years as we did in the 1990s and 2000s combined. (That’d be 38 total, with 24 of those coming in the last five.)The streak first started in 2010, which – despite not having any major hits – still got high marks, thanks to the fact that half of its releases were considered Fresh. But it was 2016 that was the decade’s best year to date, with an average Tomatometer score of 60% and Certified Fresh movies like Deadpool (84%), Hail, Caesar! (86%), The Witch (91%), Eddie the Eagle (81%), and Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next (78%) leading the way.There Have Always Been Good Movies in February You Just Have to Look For Them(Photo by Sony Pictures Classics)Even though the 2000s were lean times for February releases, you still have to go all the way back to 2003 to find a time when the month got shut out on our annual list of the year’s Top 100 movies. That’s 15 years and counting. In fact, at least one February release has landed in the Top 50 every year since 2008, and in the Top 20 since 2014.In recent years, art house sleepers and international hits like Academy Award-winner A Fantastic Woman (93%), The Lunchbox (96%), and ‘71 (95%), as well as documentaries like The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (95%), have helped give audiences plenty of Certified Fresh options, so long as you’re willing to look beyond the month’s higher-profile wide releases.February’s Got the Oscars – And a Few Oscar-Worthy Movies, TooBack in 2004, the Academy Awards telecast officially moved from March to late February. That said, just because the month now boasts Hollywood’s most prestigious awards ceremony doesn’t mean it’s been a boon for its releases’ Oscar hopes. That’s mostly because it’s a lot easier to launch a successful awards season campaign in early December than to sustain one for an entire year. But that stigma is starting to change, thanks to recent February Best Picture nominees like Get Out and Black Panther (which won three of the seven Oscars it was nominated for this year). Going back further, in 1992, The Silence of the Lambs (Certified Fresh at 96%) became only the third movie in Oscar history to sweep the Big Five (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay) despite – you guessed it – coming out the previous February.Some of Your All-Time Favorites Are February Releases(Photo by Universal Pictures courtesy Everett Collection)OK, so, yes, you can go ahead and blame February for clunkers like Norbit (9%) and The Roommate (4%). But it’s also given us a few movies that we’re willing to bet might be in your personal top ten. We already name-checked beloved hits like Office Space and Bill Ted and the Oscar-winning Silence of the Lambs, but there’s so much more: fan favorite comedies like Billy Madison, Old School, and Super Troopers; adrenaline-pumping martial arts movies like Rumble in the Bronx, Bloodsport, and  Ong Bak; and how’s this for a blast from the past? You know all your favorite ‘80s movies – classics like The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Hairspray, and Footloose? They all debuted in February, too. (Also a February release: the 1999 Brendan Fraser vehicle Blast from the Past. Just saying.)Surprise! It’s Not a Great Month for Romance(Photo by Ron Batzdorff/New Line Cinema courtesy Everett Collection)You’d think February would be a boom time for movie romance, what with Valentine’s Day helping to get audiences in the mood. But critics were just not that into He’s Just Not That Into You (40%), or the Fifty Shades trilogy, or McConaughey/Hudson rom-coms like Fool’s Gold (11%) and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (42%), or Nicholas Sparks’ Safe Haven (13%) and Dear John (29%). If you’re looking to celebrate with a highly-rated February holiday movie, skip Garry Marshall’s Valentine’s Day (18%) and opt for 1993’s Groundhog Day (96%), a movie you can easily watch again and again. And again.Sequels Haven’t Fared Much Better(Photo by Philippe Antonello/Paramount Pictures)Aside from The LEGO Movie, which saw its sequel open to strong reviews earlier this month, February historically hasn’t been a great time for would-be franchises. Typically, when a February release performs well enough to merit a sequel, the next movie in the series gets moved to a more prime placement on the release calendar (see: Deadpool, Wayne’s World, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Goon, Kingsman: The Secret Service). And if a series premieres during a more desirable month, but its next installment gets pushed to February? That might as well be the kiss of death.The month is a veritable wasteland of lesser sequels, from Zoolander 2 (22%) and Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (14%) to My Girl 2 (27%), and A Good Day to Die Hard (15%), among others. The lone exception that disproves the rule is John Wick: Chapter 2 – after successfully beating the February sequel curse with a Certified Fresh Tomatometer score of 89%, Chapter 3 will be coming out this May. (Also, if we’ve learned anything from those movies, it’s never to bet against John Wick.)February’s Comic Book Movies Have Gotten Much, Much Better(Photo by Marvel Studios)Looking over the numbers, one big reason stands out for why Tomatometer scores got so much better in the 2010s than they were in the 2000s: namely, the comic book movies got better. Even though we tend to think of superhero movies as prime summer blockbuster fare, the month of February has seen its fair share of crusading crimefighters over the years. But while proto-Marvel movies like Daredevil (44%) and Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider franchise dragged down their years’ respective averages, critically-acclaimed hits like Black Panther and Deadpool (and the superhero-inspired Chronicle  Certified Fresh at 85%) seriously boosted theirs.2001 Was One of the Worst Februarys on Record – And 1993 Was One of the Best(Photo by Universal Pictures)With an average Tomatometer score of only 32%, February 2001 was one of the worst months to be a movie fan, with lackluster fare like Saving Silverman (18%), 3000 Miles to Graceland (14%), and Sweet November (15%). The following February wasn’t much better either. Thanks to the Certified Fresh Monsoon Wedding (95%), 2002 had a slightly higher Tomatometer average at 36%, but overall quality was down, with less than 15% of the monthly offerings earning a Fresh rating. Still, 1990 had it even worse – with a whopping three movies (Madhouse, Loose Cannons, and Heart Condition) all earning zeros on the Tomatometer.On the flipside, 2017 had a trio of films all land scores of 98% or higher (Get Out, I Am Not Your Negro, and Kedi), boosting its average score to 57%. But 1993 was even better, earning top marks with a 66% Tomatometer average, thanks to an impressive run of above-average options (Strictly Ballroom  95%, Like Water for Chocolate  91%, Army of Darkness  72%, and Robert Rodriguez’s breakout debut El Mariachi  93%) alongside very few Rotten ones.And the Title of “Mr. February” Goes To…(Photo by Myles Aronowitz/Universal courtesy Everett Collection)No surprises here, if you’ve been paying attention to the release calendar lately: it’s Liam Neeson. Thanks to films like Non-Stop and Unknown and this month’s Cold Pursuit, “Movies Where Liam Neeson Beats Everyone Up” might as well be its own February-specific genre. The acclaimed actor-turned-action hero has been showing up in February thrillers ever since 1992’s Under Suspicion, giving him a record-tying six February movies for an average Tomatometer score of 51%. Other February fixtures include Adam Sandler (47% over five films) and Nic Cage (24% over six films).Love or loathed something this February – or in Februarys past? Let us know in the comments.
Best-Reviewed Movies 2020: Released to StreamingWith the faucet turned off on theatrical releasing for a large portion of 2020, movie lovers turned to streaming — and the major streamers delivered. In fact, streamers like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, and more stepped up so majorly in 2020 that they’ve been dominating awards nominations lists from the Golden Globes to the SAGS. According to the critics, the best of the lot was Prime’s One Night In Miami, Regina King’s directorial debut about a fictional after-hours hang-out between Sam Cooke, Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali, and Malcolm X. The varied top 10 includes Netflix’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, starring Chadwick Boseman and Viola Davis, and His House, Remi Weekes’ terrifying directorial debut; Hulu’s time-loop rom-com Palm Springs; Hamilton and Soul, both on Disney+; and more.The order of the rank below reflects the Adjusted Score as of February 28, 2021. Scores might change over time.« Previous Category Next Category »
Best-Reviewed Musicals/Music Movies 2018Hollywood may not produce as many traditional musicals as it once did, but that doesn t mean films largely driven by music aren t still being made, especially when you consider this year s best-reviewed films in the category. Bradley Cooper s acclaimed remake of A Star Is Born had folks talking awards from the moment it premiered, and it leads the pack here.The order of the rank below reflects the Adjusted Score as of December 31, 2018. Scores might change over time.« Previous Category Next Category »
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Ghcxuf urth highest-grossing film of the year, and it certainly has its eye on third place. Second, however, could take a bit of work. Last weekend with an opening that rose above 0 million, the fourth Toy Story was ahead of the third film in the franchise by about million. At the end of this weekend, it is still ahead of Toy Story 3’s pace by about million even if it trails weekend two of part three .3 million to .9 million. Toy Story 3 had a run that did not see a drop of 50 percent until its 13th weekend. Part four dropped 52 percent this weekend, but also had farther to fall. The 2010 chapter fell 46.2 percent and 49 percent in its second and third weekends. Meanwhile, Toy Story 4 sits at 6 million domestic and 6 million worldwide; the sixth-highest total of 2019 to date. Of the 14 films to gross between 0-250 million after 10 days, only three of them (The Hunger Games, Spider-Man, and Toy Story 3) broke the 0 million domestic mark, but Toy Story 4 remains on track.Fresh Surprise: Yesterday Poised To Be One of Danny Boyle’s Highest Grossers(Photo by Universal Pictures)It may sound surprising to some, but Yesterday actually represents the best opening of director Danny Boyle’s career. Then again, it is only the fourth film in his career — on that has included Transpotting, 127 Hours, and Slumdog Millionaire — to open wide its first weekend. The last film of his to do that was 28 Days Later back in 2003, and it earned million. The Beach in 2000 was his previous high with .2 million, even if it remains his lowest scored film on the Tomatometer at 20% and just one of two Rotten films (including A Life Less Ordinary) in his filmography. With a 59% rating currently, Yesterday teeters on the edge of Fresh, but Universal is very likely more interested in the film s million start. (The studio partnered with Boyle on 2015’s Steve Jobs, which opened strong in four theaters but ultimately grossed just .7 million total.) Boyle’s Oscar-winning Slumdog is his crowning box office achievement with over 1 million, but it is also just one of three of his films to gross over million. Yesterday will be the fourth. Will the million–budgeted film have enough word-of-mouth to pass The Beach’s million?Top 10 and Beyond: Latest Annabelle Film Lags the First Two(Photo by New Line Cinema)Annabelle Comes Home opened this past Wednesday to .18 million. As of Sunday, it is estimated to have made .2 million, which is relatively low all things considered. Of the previous Wednesday openers that began with million or more, 47 Ronin (.61 million), Rocky Balboa (.85), The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (.36), and Magic Mike XXL (.89) were the only ones this century to not have million by Sunday. Annabelle Comes Home is the next-lowest after that with The First Purge coming in at .28 million. The first Annabelle made .11 million in its first five days. Annabelle: Creation made .15 million. They both opened on Fridays. Those other three films grossed million to million domestic. The million production has already grossed over million globally, so it is going to be just fine.Eight of the top 10 films this week are either sequels or remakes. John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum is approaching 0 million worldwide. It is also Keanu Reeves’ third highest–grossing live-action film after the first two Matrix films. Illuminations’ The Secret Life of Pets 2 has not picked up any international steam yet and is only at 8 million worldwide. Its path is similar to that of this summer’s Pokemon Detective Pikachu and is headed for somewhere between 1 million and 4 million — or, less than 0 million domestically below the first film. Men in Black International is doing better internationally, but much more poorly here. It is only at 9 million worldwide and still needs another 1 million to break even. The remake of Child’s Play cost 0 million less than MIBI, but is not exactly setting the box office on fire either after dropping 70 percent in its second weekend and stands at million.Far more successful is Paramount’s Rocketman. The million production has made over million domestic and 1 million worldwide — 0 million may be off the table now but it remains on track to exceed million. Disney’s Aladdin has crossed 0 million domestically, and its 4 million globally puts it in 63rd place all-time. It needs another million to break into the top 50.Lastly, we have the Avengers: Endgame record watch. Returning to theaters this weekend with new footage not seen in its first nine weeks, the Marvel title made another .9 million. At .76 billion worldwide, it is now million shy of Avatar’s all-time record.This Time Last Year: Dinos Superheroes Emerge Victorious(Photo by Universal Pictures)Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom had no challengers and won the box office for a second straight weekend with .9 million. Incredibles 2 also had nothing to threaten its second-place finish with .4 million, bringing its total to over 0 million. The best the week could offer was the sequel, Sicario: Day of the Soldado, which opened in third with million. Also opening was the basketball comedy, Uncle Drew, which finished fourth with .2 million. The lackluster numbers below that title opened the door for Hindi film Sanju to finish in eighth place with .72 million. The Top 10 totaled 7.20 million and averaged 63% on the Tomatometer. This year’s Top 10 grossed an estimated 5.14 million and averaged 69%.On the Vine: Spider-Man Hopes for Avengers Bump, While Midsommar Chases Critical Acclaim(Photo by Sony Pictures)The next chapter of the MCU arrives when Tom Holland returns as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Will this film receive the same kind of box office bump that got Iron Man 3 over 0 million as the first one out of the gate after the success of the 2012 Avengers film? It currently has a 91% on the Tomatometer. (Spider-Man: Homecoming has a 92%, opened at 7 million, and went on to make 0 million worldwide.)Then Ari Aster returns with a new horror epic after the praise of last year’s debut, Hereditary, one of the 10 best-reviewed horror films of the decade. Based on the 85% that Midsommar has received so far, Aster (like Jordan Peele) has a shot to own two films on that list.The Full Top 10: June 28-30Toy Story 4 (2019) 97% – .93 million (6.92 million total)Annabelle Comes Home (2019) 65% – .37 million (.20 million total)Yesterday (2019) 63% – million ( million total)Aladdin (2019) 57% – .34 million (5.86 million total)The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019) 60% – .09 million (1.20 million total)Men in Black: International (2019) 23% – .55 million (.00 million total)Avengers: Endgame (2019) 94% – .53 million (1.31 million total)Child's Play (2019) 64% – .27 million (.40 million total)Rocketman (2019) 89% – .87 million (.17 million total)John Wick: Chapter 3 -- Parabellum (2019) 89% – .17 million (1.31 million total) 😈😈


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