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亚博永久官网采用百度引擎4(Baidu 7)King of the Crop: Glass Has Third-Best Holiday Weekend, But May Have A Ceiling(Photo by @ Universal Pictures)With an estimated take of million over the four-day MLK holiday, Glass just missed besting the .6 million that Ride Along made on the same weekend back in 2014. (American Sniper is still the highest grosser over this weekend with 7.2 million in 2015.) How does the Glass opening compare to the director s other hits? Shyamalan’s Signs opened to .1 million in 2002; The Village opened with .7 million two years later. The audience response to that film – a final gross just 2.25 times its opening – appeared to be the beginning of the decline for the filmmaker once dubbed “the next Spielberg.” Total grosses continued to fall with Lady in the Water (.2 million) and The Happening (.5 million). Big-budget bombs like The Last Airbender and After Earth came next, and it looked like it might be over the man friends call Night. Enter Blumhouse Productions.Working with smaller budgets seemed to give Shyamalan new life. After The Visit was a moderate hit, he had one of the biggest financial successes of his career with Split, which made almost 0 million globally and cost just  million to make. Given anticipation for Glass, it felt certain it would beat Split s Friday-to-Sunday opening back in 2017, and it did, but only by 5,025 with Sunday totals boosted by the holiday. By all accounts Glass should become just the sixth true January opener ever to reach 0 million (the other 14 films to earn over 0 million from a January launch either began limited runs in December or were a special edition of Star Wars.) The film may still be able to pull a three-week run atop the box office, but those weekend-winning numbers could be in the low teens by then – and poor reviews won t help (the movie is at 36% on the Tomatometer). If Miss Bala somehow manages to beat it on February 1, it may be a sign that fans are starting to turn on the filmmaker again. If The Kid Who Would Be King can somehow get over million, it could be taken down this coming weekend.Fresh Surprise: Dragon Ball Has a Super Six Days(Photo by @ FUNimation/ courtesy Everett Collection)FUNimation is one of the premier distributors of anime on the home entertainment market, but it has had some notable theatrical releases over the past four years, like Shin Godzilla (85%) and Your Name (97%), which have caught the attention of critics as well. This week they can celebrate their biggest box office success to date: Dragon Ball Super: Broly opened on Wednesday with .04 million in just 1,440 theaters (including 180 IMAX venues). No only is that more than Unbreakable made on its opening Wednesday before Thanksgiving (.8 million), but only three films since 2000 have begun their run in 1,400-1,500 theaters and grossed over million. And they did it in a weekend. They were Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman (.9 million), Breach (.5 million), and Nurse Betty (.14 million). Broly added .7 million over the three-day weekend and an estimated .4 million over the holiday for a total of .9 million. FUNimation’s highest-grossing film before this weekend was Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F which made just over million total in 2015.The Rest of the Top 10 and Beyond: More Milestones Crossed for Aquaman and Bohemian Rhapsody(Photo by @ Warner Bros. Pictures)Last week’s no. 1 film, The Upside, is turning into a real story for STX Films. With just a 26% drop this weekend, plus nothing on the hook besides its advertising and whatever was spent to pry it away from Harvey Weinstein, the film is headed towards being their second biggest success after Bad Moms.Aquaman passed the 0 million mark domestically this weekend but, more importantly, is now the 27th all-time earner worldwide and is poised to be the highest-grossing film based on a DC property ever when it passes The Dark Knight Rises. Over on the Marvel side, Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse has also crossed the 0 million line worldwide. It has also leapfrogged Mary Poppins Returns in domestic dollars, which also just crossed the global 0 million threshold. Bumblebee is besting both of them on that front with over 3 million, which is still 7 million less than Transformers: The Last Knight (though it still has a shot to beat that film’s domestic total).Finally, this week Bohemian Rhapsody will be passing two huge and unexpected milestones: The movie reached 0 million here at home this weekend and later this week it will hit 0 million worldwide. That makes it the seventh highest-grossing film of 2018 behind four comic book films and two sequels. An extraordinary accomplishment ahead of likely Oscar nominations this Tuesday.This Time Last Year: Battle of the Brawn(Photo by David James /© Warner Bros. Pictures )It was all about the machismo last year as military actioner 12 Strong narrowly defeated cops-and-robbers film Den of Thieves .8 million to .2 million among the weekend s newcomers. Neither number was strong enough to beat Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle which held onto the no. 1 spot for a third straight week as it crossed the 0 million mark. On the same weekend, Star Wars: The Last Jedi was passing 0 million, Coco got over 0 million, and Pitch Perfect 3 reached 0 million. The young-adult drama, Forever My Girl, barely made the top 10 with .2 million. The top 10 films last year grossed 4.1 million and averaged 61.7% on the Tomatometer. This year’s top 10 grossed an estimated 9.7 million from Friday-to-Sunday and averaged 66.7%.On the Vine: The Kid Who Would Be King Not Likely to Take the Throne(Photo by Kerry Brown / © 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.)Attack the Block director Joe Cornish returns to theaters for the first time in eight years with The Kid Who Would Be King, a new riff on the Arthurian legend that is currently at a healthy 87% on the Tomatometer. Locke director Steven Knight returns after six years with the mysterious noir, Serenity, with Interstellar co-stars Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. Neither are expected to challenge Glass during its second weekend.The Full Top 10: January 18-21Glass (2019) 36% – million ( million total)The Upside (2017) 43% – .35 (.66 million total)Aquaman (2018) 65% – .57 million (6.58 million total)Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2018) 82% – .49 million (.49 million total)Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) 97% – .75 million (0.75 million total)A Dog's Way Home (2019) 59% – .64 million (.8 million total)Escape Room (2019) 51% – .75 million (.18 million total)Mary Poppins Returns (2018) 80% – .74 (0.22 million total)Bumblebee (2018) 90% – .83 million (7.11 million total)On the Basis of Sex (2018) 72% – .65 million (.56 million total)

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我觉得相比于之前LOL手游在海外的暴死,这次《宝可梦大集结》的开服成绩依靠其强劲的IP,本身作为moba游戏完成度已然不错,只要工作室不在游戏运营上作死,在偏娱乐向的玩法上增加丰富的玩法内容,稳定玩家的基数,还是可以长久在海外畅销的。大家对此有什么看法,也欢迎评论出来。 The latest episode of Couch Tomatoes will be available November 20. Ever since the announcement of Jon Favreau s Disney+ series The Mandalorian, Star Wars fans have been champing at the bit for tough, gritty, and action-packed space western – and when the series debuted this month, it certainly delivered that. But it also delivered something completely unexpected: Cuteness overload and one of the most intriguing odd couples to ever hit streaming or TV.Stop reading right about now if you haven t seen the first two episodes of The Mandolorian. That big dose of the unexpected arrived at the end of episode 1, and continued into episode 2, with the revelation that the Mandalorian s (Pedro Pascal) mysterious target was a little green infant creature that appears to be the same species as Yoda. Baby Yoda, as the Internet has dubbed him, has not only charmed the world since he showed up, but kicked off some serious theorizing about the creature s origins and what it could mean for the future of the Star Wars franchise.Our guide to the Best Shows on Disney+In this special edition of Couch Tomatoes, host Naz Perez is joined by Star Wars expert Ken Napzok, Collider s Perri Nemiroff and Fandango s Nikki Novak to talk everything The Mandalorian. Is Baby Yoda a new character, Yoda himself, or some sort of clone? Could that actually be Boba under the Mando s armor? Does live-action Star Wars work even better on the small screen? And could this new series tie into The Rise of Skywalker?With each episode of Couch Tomatoes, we dig into a major series or event and provide Fresh picks of great shows to help you cut through the clutter and only binge the best.The Mandalorian is available on Disney+. Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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Love spectacle? Love splosions? Love slow-mo? Then you probably love the output of directors Zack Snyder and Michael Bay. But which blockbuster director’s output is the most lovable? That’s what we’re asking in our fieriest episode of Vs. ever. Host Mark Ellis pits the two directors against each across five rounds: Box office performance; Tomatometer and Audience Scores; Iconic Character; Memorable Moments; and a special wildcard category. Will it be the man who gave us jacked-up Spartans, hyped-up zombies, and a very torqued-up Bruce Wayne? Or will the maestro behind Transformers, Bad Boys, and Armageddon get the W? Watch to find out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.亚博永久官网相信不少玩家都听过或者试玩过《天谕》手游,这款东方幻想主题的MMORPG游戏,拥有超高自由度以及开放世界的玩法,满足了不少玩家的幻想和梦想。3011游戏带来手游《天谕》的游戏介绍,希望广大玩家可以玩得畅快。

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3.87.8 9月喜迎近期,LOL手游官方给玩家们讲解了关于国服上线的问题,因为本地化的系统还没能够完善,所以上线还需要一段时间。而眼看新赛季就要来了,在全新的赛季中,段位也进行了更改,像是此前王者段位降低到了钻石4,大师降低到了钻石3等等。虽然国服还没有上线,但部分玩家在外服玩游戏之后,对LOL手游,国内的手游王者荣耀,还有LOL端游进行了一系列的对比。
The year was 1999. The summer movie season was about to kick off with one of the most anticipated films of all time. This would be the year that would see the return of the greatest franchise in cinema histo

llion (.7 million total)Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse– .3 million (3.6 million total)The Mule – .7 million (.7 million total)Vice – .7 million (.6 million total)Holmes Watson – .3 million (.7 million total)Second Act  .2 million (.7 million total)Ralph Breaks the Internet – .5 million (5.7 million total)The Grinch – .1 million (3.2 million total)
David Fincher’s first movie since 2014’s Gone Girl is a throwback to Old Hollywood, even recapturing some of the look and sound of films from the 1940s. Mank is also a passion project, a biopic scripted by his father, Jack Fincher, and focused on screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz and the creation of Citizen Kane.According to the first reviews, the movie won’t exactly go down in history as famously as the Orson Welles classic it’s about, but with great performances by Gary Oldman as the titular protagonist and Amanda Seyfried, plus its unique retro aesthetic, it’s sure to be very popular with Netflix subscribers and awards organizations alike.Here’s what critics are saying about Mank:How does it compare to David Fincher s other films?It’s one of David Fincher’s finest works.  Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendOne of his most personal – and most beautiful… it would be tempting to say this is his Citizen Kane.  James Mottram, South China Morning PostHis best movie since The Social Network and one of his most audacious filmmaking experiments since Benjamin Button.  Eric Kohn, IndieWireThe film is pure Fincher — technical and artistic mastery, combined with a script that is perhaps too cerebral or self-referential for many viewers.  J. Don Birnam, Splash ReportMank is, markedly, the least-enjoyable film he’s ever directed.  Nick Newman, The Film StageWill fans of classic movies like it?Mank is a tale of Old Hollywood that’s more steeped in Old Hollywood than just about any movie you’ve seen, and the effect is to lend it a dizzying time-machine splendor. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyThe most gorgeous piece of cinema you ll see anywhere…meant to match the look and feel of its era, as if it s eight decades ago and you just bought a ticket. Peter Travers, ABC NewsThis is a film that transports you back in time. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmCatnip for devotees of Turner Classic Movies… Mank [is] necessary, if not entirely fulfilling, viewing for film lovers. Alonso Duralde, The Wrap(Photo by Netflix)Will it have broad appeal?Mank’s premise and subject matter would seem to appeal only to a cinephile or fan of a bygone era, but there also lies powerful themes of addiction, genius, collaboration, betrayal, and painful political home-truths. Lewis Knight, Daily MirrorThere’s a way that it’s almost more inside baseball than it needed to be. And that could limit its appeal. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyIt will not be everyone’s cup of tea… a film about people sitting around talking, discussing scripts, or even intrigue, is not superficially appealing. J. Don Birnam, Splash ReportDo you need to see Citizen Kane first?While seeing Citizen Kane before Mank isn’t mandatory, you’ll have a greater appreciation for Fincher’s craft and technique when you can clearly see how he’s echoing the style of Welles’ seminal picture. Matt Goldberg, ColliderThere is some pleasure in spotting the winks and legends and shout-outs, but… you have to give the unfamiliar viewer reasons to care. By the end of Mank, even I wasn’t sure any of this mattered all that much. Jason Bailey, The PlaylistBut does it honor that film s legacy?It only enhances one’s appreciation of the genius 1941 movie at the center of its plot. Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendThose looking for a movie about the development of Citizen Kane will likely be disappointed and would be better suited watching the 1999 TV movie RKO 281. Matt Goldberg, Collider[It] never fully nails how the dream of Kane came to be. Owen Gleiberman, Variety(Photo by Netflix)How is Gary Oldman s central performance?One of the greatest performances of his career – which is a statement that should be taken with extreme weight. Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendA performance every bit as immersive as his Oscar-winning Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. James Mottram, South China Morning PostAs is usually the case with the actor, he grabs hold of the role and shakes the life out of it. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmOldman is giving one of his more engaging performances in recent memory. Alonso Duralde, The WrapSomebody younger should have portrayed the Oscar-winning screenwriter.  This isn’t to take anything away from Oldman’s performance, but to each their own. Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesWhat about Amanda Seyfried?Amanda Seyfried is a wonderful scene-stealer. Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendIt’s the best thing she’s done in her career. James Mottram, South China Morning PostAmanda Seyfried, as Marion Davies, is by far the most human presence, the closest to a lifeblood. Nick Newman, The Film StageHer awards-worthy performance is likely to score her a well earned Oscar nomination. Erik Anderson, AwardsWatchHer awards-worthy performance is likely to score her a well earned Oscar nomination. Lewis Knight, Daily MirrorRyan FujitaniHow is the late Jack Fincher s screenplay?Jack Fincher’s script is brilliant, both in structure and detail. Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendThe script is punchy and not afraid to lean into melodrama, and Fincher is clearly having fun bringing his father’s words to life. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmFincher’s script is wildly uneven, however, but when it hits, it really hits. Jason Bailey, The PlaylistWhat the script never quite cracks is the machinery of the creative process. Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment WeeklyPerhaps it’s inevitable that a screenplay about the screenwriter of Citizen Kane could never live up to its subject’s greatest work. Anna Menta, DeciderHow does the film look?It’s possible to go into a kind of trance at just how beautiful this film looks. Peter Bradshaw, GuardianThe style opens the doors to all varieties of callbacks to the specific and memorable aesthetics of Citizen Kane, instantly making you fall back into the time period. Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendYour eyes may see the black and white color as too crisp and intelligible to fully believe this is an 80-year-old movie, but Fincher and his team come deliriously close. J. Don Birnam, Splash ReportThe commitment to immersing us into a 1930s/1940s mood is impressive but I wish cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt had adopted the classic Academy ratio of the time as well. Erik Anderson, AwardsWatchWhy does [Fincher] shoot digitally, on the Red Monstro Monochrome, rather than 35mm, giving the picture an unmistakable (and sometimes unfortunate) digital sheen? Jason Bailey, The Playlist(Photo by Gisele Schmidt/Netflix)And how does it sound?The audio here is not what you’re used to hearing from a Netflix movie… it sounds like the type of audio you’d hear were you watching Mank in some grand movie palace. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmTrent Reznor and Atticus Ross imbue their score with that same level of commitment to the period that’s unlike anything they’ve ever done. Erik Anderson, AwardsWatchAtticus Ross and Trent Reznor also deliver a seamlessly blended and moody score befitting the origin story of Welles’s directorial masterpiece. Lewis Knight, Daily MirrorBenny Goldman could have written the score, which nattily punctuates the beats on the type of dialogue Mankiewicz was famous for. Fionnuala Halligan, Screen InternationalIs there enough here to care about?Mank left me oddly cold despite its magnificent craftsmanship  The emotional punch never lands, and so while Mank has no problem earning the viewer’s respect, it struggles to find our adoration. Matt Goldberg, ColliderFor all its crisp and glitz its relevant post-capitalist concerns and lament for the theatrical experience Mank is without emotion. Robert Daniels, IGNA movie that mostly unfolds at a distance — esthetically ravishing but emotionally remote. David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter(Photo by Netflix)Will Mank still rank high on end-of-year lists?It’s one of the year’s best films. Erik Anderson, AwardsWatchOne of the very best movies of the year. Peter Travers, ABC NewsUnquestionably one of the best of 2020. Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendWithout a doubt one, of the year’s very best. Lindsey Bahr, Associated PressIt’s Netflix’s richest production to date. Hannah Woodhead, Little White LiesMank‘s bad parts don’t outweigh its copious good parts, but it’s not quite the grand slam cinephiles were hoping for. Anna Menta, DeciderMank is still a treat; for those looking for more, we always have Citizen Kane to fall back on, after all. Fionnuala Halligan, Screen InternationalMank opens in limited release theaters on November 13, 2020, then heads to Netflix on December 4, 2020.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
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Watch: Judd Apatow on the making of The 40-Year-Old Virgin above.In 2019, Rotten Tomatoes turns 21, and to mark the occasion we’re celebrating the 21 Most Memorable Moments from the movies over the last 21 years. In this special video series, we speak to the actors and filmmakers who made those moments happen, revealing behind-the-scenes details of how they came to be and diving deep into why they’ve stuck with us for so long. Once we’ve announced all 21, it will be up to you, the fans, to vote for which is the most memorable moment of all. In this episode of our ‘21 Most Memorable Moments’ series, director and co-writer Judd Apatow takes us behind the scenes of the infamous (and real-life!) chest-waxing scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin.VOTE FOR THIS MOMENT IN OUR 21 MOST MEMORABLE MOVIE MOMENTS POLLTHE MOVIE: The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) 85%It’s hard to believe that Judd Apatow’s The 40-Year-Old Virgin is just 14 years old – it feels like we’ve been living in the Apatow comedy era for so much longer than that. Back then, Steve Carell – whose series The Office had just debuted and had yet to take on cult status – was not quite a household name, and Apatow himself hadn’t become his own brand of comedy. (Say “Apatow production” today and moviegoers know exactly the kind of smart, sweet, and raunchy ride they re in for – and who’s likely to be appearing in it.) In a sense, Virgin, Apatow’s feature directing debut, recalibrated comedy for the new millennium, bringing an edge to the rom-com formula, introducing us to a new kind of hero in Andy (Carell), and ushering in the faces who would come to dominate comedy for the next decade and a half (Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, and Mindy Kaling all appear in parts big and small). It all got started on the set of another seminal comedy, Anchorman, which Apatow was producing and Carell was co-starring in “I think that the pitch he had was, ‘You know how when you touch 经典的传奇手游,超多玩家在线,全新的版本,带来更多的活动。玩家可以挑战副本、野外PK、参与攻沙等多种玩法。登陆就送大礼包。更高的等级限制,更多酷炫技能,任你自由施放。这里继承端游的经典玩法,玩家在这里可以体验到一个全新的全新游戏,还有不一样的战斗玩法,创新的游戏冒险,高价回收武器,不氪金也可以拥有想要的极品武器!

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