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九游会网页版登录入口采用百度引擎4(Baidu 8)不论是端游还是手游的璐璐模型,都有着各自的特点,只不过同一款游戏的另一种形式,很多玩家们都可以接受的。不过这一次的璐璐模型如果放大来看的话,有眼尖的玩家表示竟然有些像永远的神——Uzi。

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This Week s Ketchup brings you seven headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Ant-Man 3, and remakes of The Others and The Night of the Hunter. This WEEK S TOP STORYMARVEL S ANT-MAN BETTER STOCK UP ON SZECHUAN SAUCE (Photo by Marvel Studios)One of the side effects of COVID-19 forcing (most of) the entire MCU schedule to shift back several months (starting with Black Widow moving to November 6, 2020) is that all of those movies are still in the works, so instead of there being four or five films being actively developed, we now have more like seven or eight going on at the same time. One of the furthest out (it doesn t even have a release date yet) is Ant-Man 3, which is looking like it will come at least four years after the 2018 release of Ant-Man and the Wasp (Certified Fresh at 88%). With that in mind, this week Marvel hired its first writer for the project, namely Jeff Loveness, a writer and producer on the popular Rick and Morty animated cable show. There is no indication yet about what Ant-Man 3 might be about, except that Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lily will both return as Ant-Man and the Wasp. Having said that, one could look at the comics and the seeds that previous Marvel movies have planted to guess that the third film could possibly introduce Scott Lang s daughter Cassie as a new teen superhero called Stature. In the comics, Cassie Lang has been an active superhero since 2005, including stints in groups like the Young Avengers, the Mighty Avengers, and the Secret Avengers. And, like many superheroes, she has also died, but this being comic books we re talking about she also eventually got better. In the MCU, Cassandra Lang was last seen in Avengers: Endgame, played by teen actress Emma Fuhrmann.Other Top Headlines1. THE BATMAN DIRECTOR PROMISES IT WON T BE ANOTHER ORIGIN STORY (Photo by Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images)Ever since Robert Pattinson was announced as Bruce Wayne in next year s The Batman (6/25/2021), there was some expectation that we would get yet another version of Batman s origin story. This week, director Matt Reeves clarified the issue by specifically assuring that The Batman will not be another origin tale, although it will be a tale that would still acknowledge his origins, in that it formed who he is. Like this guy, he’s majorly struggling, and this is how he’s trying to rise above that struggle. As for how The Batman has been impacted by the recent production shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reeves also revealed this week that they had actually shot a quarter of the movie. As with most currently stalled productions, there is no confirmed schedule for when Reeves and his cast will be able to get back together in London to continue filming, which means the film s currently scheduled release date of June 25, 2021 could change.2. TAIKA WAITITI TEASES SPACE SHARKS IN THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER(Photo by Jasin Boland/©Marvel)A number of movie stars and directors are currently self-quarantined, as many of us are, but one small glimmer of fun in the midst of all this is that many of them are staging online events like group watches of various films. For example, Taika Waititi and his Thor: Ragnarok star Tessa Thompson staged a live watch of that film on Thursday, and in the process, Waititi dropped a few new details about what we can expect from Thor: Love and Thunder (2/18/2022). Calling the film so over the top, he also suggested that fans look up space sharks (likely a reference to Starsharks ) and shared some of the new film s concept art, including some new armor for Miek.3. LADY GAGA RETURNS TO ACTING IN FASHION EMPIRE EPIC GUCCI(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images)This coming October will mark two years since the release of Lady Gaga s A Star is Born (Certified Fresh at 90%), and this week, her next big film got a little closer to happening. Lady Gaga is attached to star in the true crime drama Gucci about the murder of fashion icon Mauricio Gucci, playing Patrizia Reggiani, Gucci s ex-wife who was convicted of orchestrating his hit after he had an affair (apologies if that that s a spoiler, but it s sort of how this entire story is being addressed in the news). Gucci is one of dozens of projects that Ridley Scott has been attached to in the last decade, but MGM coming aboard this week is being seen as an indication that Gucci will be one of Scott s next projects, possibly right after The Last Duel, which will reunite Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, along with Adam Driver. Indeed, MGM has already given Gucci a release date of November 24, 2021, which has to be seen as rather ambitious, considering all the current delays in film production. That date is just 11 months after December 25, 2020, which is when The Last Duel is currently scheduled (though that could also potentially be pushed back).4. JESSE EISENBERG TO MAKE HIS DIRECTORIAL DEBUT BASED ON AN AUDIBLE ORIGINAL(Photo by Jason Smith/Everett Collection)With the long-in-development sequel Zombieland: Double Tap released last year, and with Warner Bros. unlikely to use his version of Lex Luthor again now that the Henry Cavill version of Man of Steel is likewise pretty much over, Jesse Eisenberg has a lot more time on his hands now. Heck, even the Rio movies are done. And so, as many actors of a certain caliber often do, Eisenberg is preparing to make his feature film directorial debut. That film will be called When You Finish Saving the World, and Eisenberg has recruited Julianne Moore and Finn Wolfhard (Mike from Stranger Things) to star in it. Moore and Wolfhard will play a mother and son in the drama adapted from an upcoming Audible Original recording of the same title. Jesse Eisenberg also voices a role in the Audible production, so he may have a role as well as being the film s director.5. FEDE ALVAREZ TAKES ON ZOMBIE PANDEMIC THRILLER 16 STATES (Photo by Kirsty Griffin/©TriStar Pictures)As the world continues to struggle through an actual pandemic, one has to wonder how movies will tackle the subject. Diseases have frequently been an explanation in film for zombies (28 Days Later, for example, blamed it on a rage virus ), and as of this week, we re already getting a new movie about a zombie pandemic. Chilean director Fede Alvarez, who previously gave us both Don t Breathe (Certified Fresh at 88%) and the 2013 Evil Dead remake (Fresh at 62%), has signed on with Lionsgate (the studio behind both of those films) for 16 States, about a mother who has to make her way back to her family who are stuck in the middle of a massive zombie outbreak. The 16 States screenplay has also been described as having shades of the Will Smith movie, I Am Legend. Marvel Studios released a second full trailer for April’s Avengers: Endgame on Thursday. And now that Captain Marvel is out in theaters, it finally establishes Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) will be part of the roster as they take the fight back to Thanos (Josh Brolin). But as with so much of the Endgame publicity, it plays coy with the actual plot. For instance: we assume the mission takes them to that garden planet Thanos relaxes on at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. It is a solid guess based on shots in previous trailers and the later part of Marvel Comics’ The Infinity Gauntlet, but we don’t really know that it is part of “whatever it takes” to win the day. Some believe the Avengers will go elsewhere and even elsewhen to undo the Mad Titan s brutal Snap.Nonetheless, the trailer offers a few more clues to the film’s overall shape. Here are five of the things we gleaned from it.Tony Pulls Off One More Surprise(Photo by Marvel Studios)Despite both long-form trailers opening with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) recording a final account to Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), Tony can be spotted in the group shot toward the end – which features the team in Avengers-branded uniforms reported to allow them access to the Quantum Realm. Since that slow-motion group walk, featured in some form during every Endgame trailer (more on this later), takes place at the Avengers HQ, this means Tony makes it back to Earth before the final act of the film. We’re going to assume the Benatar (the Guardians of the Galaxy s ship) makes its way to Earth in that scene from the “Big Game Ad” in which Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), and James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) look up at something mysterious. At the time, we thought Carol might be assisting the ship in landing, but eagle-eyed fans online noticed a mysterious gap in the composition between Rhodey and Bruce which could be Carol erased from the ad to conceal her presence in the film. With that in mind, we’re guessing either Thor (Chris Hemsworth) found them or Tony really did pull off one more surprise.Of course, there’s always the possibility the message will be delivered to Pepper after the Avengers complete their endgame. But we really don’t want to think about that yet.The Past Matters(Photo by Marvel Studios)The trailer opens with a very pointed reminder that Tony built the first Iron Man suit from scraps in a cave. It moves on to remind the audience of early moments from Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor. Rumors suggest time travel will help the Avengers defeat Thanos, so these shots may support that plot thread. Alternatively, the trailer could be setting up a big sacrifice as the three original Avengers with solo movies face down their endgame. It is no secret that Downey, Hemsworth, and Evans plan to walk away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the film makes its worldwide debut, but will their time within the studio s overarching story really end with their characters boldly dying to save the universe? That’s kind of epic, but we want more Thor after Thor: Ragnarok reset his tone.Scott’s Escape From The Quantum Realm May Be Ill-Timed(Photo by Marvel Studios)One thing we still don’t know about the film is just how much time has passed since the final moments of Infinity War and Endgame. According to some reports, it could be years. We’ve always subscribed to the thought that Endgame takes place a year later – more or less in real time with our world. There’s a nice extra-cinematic symmetry to that. But no matter how long the interval, it is clear Scott Lang’s (Paul Rudd) escape from the Quantum Realm will see him facing down the grim new reality without the Pym clan to explain it. Y know, since they all turned to ash in the Snap. The one featured shot of him in the new trailer sees him reacting to missing posters in the wake of the Snap; which means he will no doubt determine his family s survival before making his way to Avengers HQ. Some believe his ability to access the Quantum Realm will offer the Avengers a time travel portal, but in this scene, it is clear Scott has no ability to muck with time and must endure the pain of the Snap.But considering our next topic, Scott may join the Avengers sooner rather than later.Black Widow’s Going Back To Red(Photo by Marvel Studios)With all all the talk about time travel and the gap between the two films, it’s time to talk about Natasha Romanoff’s hair. That might seem silly, but the new trailer features Nat with a variety of styles, lengths and colors. And if anything marks the progression of time within the film, it is the return of the classic Black Widow look.But tracking that progression is not easy within the context of the second trailer. Going from Black Widow’s last appearance in it – when Thor meets Carol – her hair is short and blond as seen in Infinity War. In her first appearance in the trailer, in which she reconnects with Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) it seems to be longer, but still blond. Then, when Cap invokes the “not us” phrase from the Big Game ad, it’s clear she’s letting the blond grow out. When we see her again, suited up aboard a ship we presume is the Benatar, there are only a few streaks of blond remaining in her braided hair. During the hero walk, her hair is also predominate red, but we also see her with blond hair in the firing range sequence from the earlier trailers. Although, it does appear to be the length from the Clint Barton scene. Clearly, the film covers more time than we anticipated. Perhaps it covers the entire gap year and possibly more. It may also track the changes to the timeline should time travel come into play.Going back to Scott for a second, we noticed Nat’s hair is short in the Scott Lang stinger from the first trailer. If we assume her hair will be longer and red by the time the Avengers are ready for Thanos, Scott’s Quantum Realm exile following the Ant-Man and the Wasp stinger scene may not be that long at all. Perhaps his apparent mastery of the Quantum Realm will be a key part of the plan.Marvel went out of its way to hide Nat’s changing hairstyles until this trailer – we even suspect her key moment with Cap toward the end of the first trailer was altered to maintain her Infinity War hairstyle so giving it away now is rather telling.The Hero Walk Evolved(Photo by Marvel Studios)Also, while double-checking Black Widow’s appearances in the previous trailer and the Big Game ad, we noticed the hero walk featured in the new trailer and the TV ad actually appears in the first trailer as a completely empty Avengers HQ hangar bay. The addition of people across the first trailer, the Big Game Ad, and the second trailer feels as purposeful as revealing Nat’s hair color in the new trailer.The empty shot also occurs once more in this new preview. But in lieu of cutting to the profile shot of the group in the Big Game Ad, we see close-ups of the assembled Avengers in their coordinated uniforms. Cap leads the charge with Tony, Scott, Nebula (Karen Gillan), and Nat closely behind. Clint can also be seen alongside Rhodey; whose War Marchine armor has been painted to match the white-grey-red Avengers color scheme. In the Big Game version, the silhouettes include Cap, Scott, Nat (with the shorter hairstyle), Rocket (Bradley Cooper), Clint, Rhodey, and one completely mysterious shadow we’re going to assume is either Carol or Thor. Even though this scene keeps getting altered with each trailer, we’re going to assume this is nearly the full complement of heroes heading out into space to fight Thanos.(Photo by Marvel Studios)Of course, that leaves a few questions. For one, Bruce is notably absent from every version of the hero walk. Where is he? He could always be the mysterious shadow behind Rhodey. It is also possible Bruce’s arc needs to be obscured for reasons we will discover next month. Perhaps the heroes missing from the most recent version of the slo-mo walk are part of a frontal assault with a heavy-hitter team like Thor, Carol, and the Hulk, this is a possibility while the others go back in time to set up the tools necessary to undo the Snap.We also wonder why the team lacks for Wakandan representation. That nation definitely needs to repay Thanos for his “kindness,” and at least one capable Wakandan fighter survived the Snap. There’s still the question of Shuri’s (Letita Wright) survival following the Snap. She’s seen among the missing in a blink-and-you’ll-miss it moment from the first trailer. But considering all the alterations we discovered by just examining Black Widow’s hair, it is possible her very brief inclusion in the first trailer is there to obscure her Endgame situation; whether it be ascending to the throne or replacing Tony as the team’s tech wiz. And even if she did end up turning to dust, we hope the Avengers will extend an invitation to Okoye (Danai Gurira) to join them in the final conflict. Her face is on the new poster, after all.Avengers: Endgame opens everywhere on April 26.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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u had?Arkin: The show doesn’t specifically, but I had two great, great acting teachers who I revered. I learned an enormous amount in different directions from both of them. The first guy, who had himself studied with Stanislavski, was named Benjamin Zemach. I studied with him out here in Los Angeles. The second guy was my professor at Bennington. His name was Larry Arrick.(Photo by Netflix)RT: Had you and Michael encountered each other through business circles over the years?Arkin: No, we had never met until about a month before we signed on for the show. I felt if you’re going to be working with somebody for five years it’d be a good idea to sit next to them for half an hour and find out if you happen to like each other, so we had a lunch and it was fine and I signed on. It feels enormously comfortable, flexible, and playful.RT: Was the chemistry immediate from that lunch?Arkin: Yeah, it seemed to be. A little bit tentative for an hour or two, and then slowly loosened up, and it continued to loosen up as the series went on. I feel incredibly trusted by him, and I trust him tremendously.RT: Did you and Michael ever discuss his remake of The In-Laws?Arkin: [Laughs] We have mercifully kept off that subject.RT: Well, I’m glad that question made you laugh. Your character has an emotional breakdown at the dry cleaners in episode three. Was it difficult to perform? How did you get there?Arkin: Oh my God, it was a nightmare, that day. I knew what was coming, and I just had to rev myself and use every ounce of acting training I had to get myself into that place. That and also the speech I gave at the funeral was similar — wrenchingly painful days on what is supposed to be a comedic show. I’m not criticizing it. It goes in a lot of directions, which is one of my favorite things about it. I just hope it doesn’t go in those specific directions very often.RT: In Dumbo you’re playing a brand new character. Tell us about J. Griffin Remington.Arkin: I’m trying to buy the circus. I’m a magnate. I’m interested in this new act and kind of a plutocrat, trying to run everything.RT: Were you able to see any of the Dumbo footage?Arkin: Not a frame. Not a frame, not a photograph.RT: Was that a new experience with visual effects?Arkin: Looking at things that aren’t there? Yeah, pretty much. I haven’t done a lot in the way of fantasy, but It was just looking at an elephant that wasn’t there rather than a person or a car going by.The Kominsky Method premieres Friday, November 16 on Netflix.

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With the success of series like The Terror, The Haunting of Hill House, and American Horror Story, television has never been a better medium for creators interested in telling spooky stories on a regular basis. The latest entry into the genre is Creepshow, a TV anthology version of the Stephen King/George A. Romero horror film that debuts today on genre-focused streaming service Shudder.Spearheaded by The Walking Dead boss Greg Nicotero, the series pays tribute to its roots by telling frightening stories of many ilks (gory, suspenseful, silly, unsettling). The first episode features the installments “Gray Matter,” based on the King story of the same name about an alcoholic whose booze of choice might affect him in more nefarious ways, and “The House of the Head,” about a girl who discovers a killer severed head in her dollhouse.Earlier this year, Rotten Tomatoes visited the series’ Atlanta set, where we walked through blood-soaked sets, saw creatures being made, and saw a werewolf decapitate a Nazi. Here are six things we learned about the show while we were there.1. It’s in good hands with superfan Greg Nicotero(Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)The Walking Dead boss is a lifelong horror fan who got his start working on special effects makeup with Romero and Creepshow’s effects mastermind Tom Savini on Romero s Day of the Dead.With this Creepshow reboot, “I want to embrace the spirit of the original movie,” Nicotero said from his windowless office in an Atlanta production facility. “I’m not rebooting anything. It’s not like, ‘Oh we’re going to upgrade it and retell it.’ It’s really like you’re picking up another issue of Creepshow, and these are the stories.”The stories include works from King, one from King’s son, Joe Hill, plus more adaptations of existing stories and a few original tales. Nicotero was so dedicated to the project that he began working on it during The Walking Dead, taking just a week off before flying back to Atlanta to begin pre-production on Creepshow.2. The series was filmed in an uber-short time frame(Photo by Shudder)Each of the six episodes contains two stories, and each story has just three and a half days to film.“You can’t stop filming for 12 hours. You can’t eat, you can’t go to the bathroom, and you’ve just got to keep filming and go crazy,” Nicotero said in a short break while filming the final two installments.On one stage, special effects experts prepared a dummy for its impending decapitation — the fake blood spurting everywhere meant they had just one take (or risk spending hours cleaning up the blood only to set it all up again. On the other, the production team used a forklift to place a massive monster they created on the set of the story they’d begin filming the next day.Originally, Nicotero wanted to film even more stories, but with a packed production schedule spanning from the beginning of January through the end of March, it wasn’t enough time to fully realize that many tales.“I was pretty greedy at first. I was like, ‘We should do three stories per episode, and each story should be like 17 minutes,’ and then we got into production and I was like, ‘What the f was I thinking? We should do two, ” he admitted.3. For practical effects, Nicotero brought in the experts.(Photo by Shudder)Special effects guru Savini worked closely with Romero on many of his films, including the original Creepshow. So it was only natural Nicotero would hire him to helm a story of his own (Joe Hill’s “By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain”).“It’s 98 percent practical effects — all the creature work, all the makeup, the werewolves, the puppets,” Nicotero said.Evidence of that mandate is strewn about the production spaces that once held Gabrielle Union’s BET drama Being Mary Jane — cardboard boxes loaded with fake animal carcasses are piled next to busts of various creatures. (And sets from s

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24 Predictions For 2019 (According To The Movies) In Blade Runner, The Running Man, and Michael Bay we trust. by Alex Vo | December 31, 2018 | Comments

This week s Ketchup brings you another 10 headlines from the world of film development news (the stories about what movies Hollywood is working on for you next), covering such titles as Halloween Kills, the next Spider-Man, and the Treasure Island remake.This WEEK S TOP STORYJORDAN PEELE SIGNS AMBITIOUS NEW DEAL WITH UNIVERSAL PICTURES(Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)Universal Pictures served as the distributor for both Jordan Peele s 2017 breakout psychological thriller Get Out (Certified Fresh at 98%) and this year s slasher film Us (Certified Fresh at 93%). This week, Universal solidified their relationship with Peele with a five-year deal with his Monkeypaw Productions that ensures they will release all of his films. This new deal includes two features that Peele himself will write and direct within those five years, but no details have been revealed about either. In addition to this new deal with Universal Pictures, Jordan Peele is also still producing The Twilight Zone for CBS, the upcoming series Lovecraft Country, and next summer s remake of Candyman (6/12/2020).Other Top Headlines1. THIS WEEK IN TOM HOLLAND: SPIDER-MAN 3 AND UNCHARTED FIND DIRECTORS(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)Last week s biggest news was all about the new deal between Disney and Sony for Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige to remain involved in future Spider-Man movies starring Tom Holland. That news, however, also broke on Friday afternoon, and the story continued to develop over the weekend after last week s Ketchup column ran. In the seven days since, that movie, and another Tom Holland project, both received updates. Jon Watts, who directed both Spider-Man: Homecoming (Certified Fresh at 92%) and this year s Spider-Man: Far from Home (Certified Fresh at 90%) is now in talks with Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures to return for a third installment (7/16/2021). It s not yet known which villain will appear in the next Spider-Man, but the final scenes of Far from Home suggest it could be a J. Jonah Jameson-related threat, like the Scorpion or the Spider-Slayer robots. In related news, it was also revealed that Tom Holland himself played an integral behind-the-scenes role in making the new deal possible. In addition to the third Spider-Man scheduled for the summer of 2021 (7/16/2021), Holland also remains attached to star in Sony s video game adaptation Uncharted (12/18/2020). That project has gone through a few directors now, but this week, we learned Travis Knight (Bumblebee, Kubo and the Two Strings) is now in talks to take it on.2. THE ORIGINAL HALLOWEEN NURSE RETURNING FOR 2020 S HALLOWEEN KILLS (Photo by Universal courtesy Everett Collection)Last year s soft reboot of Halloween (Certified Fresh at 79%) went a long way to disregard most of the sequels and establish itself as a direct follow-up to the original film, including the return of Jamie Lee Curtis but without the details established in later films. As the next two planned movies get closer to being filmed back to back (Halloween Kills on 10/16/2020 and Halloween Ends on 10/15/2021), the casting news has focused on the returns of other characters from the first movie, including the casting of Anthony Michael Hall as the adult Tommy Doyle, who was the kid Laurie Strode was originally babysitting. We can also now report that Nancy Stephens, who played Nurse Marion Chambers in the first Halloween, will also return for Halloween Kills. Nurse Marion had a crucial role in the original Halloween, as it was her car that Michael Myers stole as part of his escape from the Smith s Grove Sanitarium. (She also had a key role in Halloween 2, but these new films act like that movie never happened.)3. DISNEY ANIMATION DEVELOPING FOUR NEW PROJECTS AS PART OF NEW INITIATIVE (Photo by Walt Disney Studios)The next movie from Disney Animation Studios is going to be this December s sequel, Frozen II, but it appears that the studio s future will be mostly original stories for at least the next few years. (Having said that, the only confirmed title past Frozen II is next year s Raya and the Last Dragon, scheduled for 11/25/2020.) This week, Disney confirmed that they are now developing not one but four new animation projects as part of the studio s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The four directors now working on these untitled Disney Animation projects are Carlos Lopez Estrada (Blindspotting, Certified Fresh at 94%); Suzi Yoonessi (Unlovable, Fresh at 81%); Josie Trinidad (credited as a story writer on Zootopia); and Marc Smith (a longtime animator who worked on movies like Big Hero 6 and Zootopia). No premises have been revealed about these four projects, including whether any of them might be adapted from existing classic stories.4. CLINT EASTWOOD S RICHARD JEWELL TO BE RELEASED JUST SIX MONTHS AFTER FILMING STARTED (Photo by Keith Bernstein/Warner Bros.)Clint Eastwood is one of those directors who can get movies produced very quickly. This week s news, however, is one of the most surprising examples of his expediency. After a long development phase (which included a time when Jonah Hill might have starred, before his recent weight loss), Eastwood started filming Richard Jewell, about the 1996 bombing at the Atlanta Olympic Games, in June of this year. The start date was June 14, 2019, which is one day shy of six months before the December 13, 2019 release date that Warner Bros announced for the film this week. Paul Walter Hauser, who was arguably the breakout star of I, Tonya, will star as Richard Jewell when it s released, up against Jumanji: The Next Level and the remake of Black Christmas (which was also produced really quickly this year). Warner Bros. also released the first trailer for the film this week, which will be attached in many theaters to Joker.5.  PIPPI LONGSTOCKING TO BE REBOOTED BY PADDINGTON PRODUCERS (Photo by ©G.G. Communications courtesy Everett Collection)Although Swedish author Astrid Lindgren s original Pippi Longstocking books were originally published from 1945 to 1948, the super strong female children s book character has had a decades-long legacy that has included multiple movies and TV shows. Having said that, the mainstream influence of Pippi Longstocking in the USA has been relatively thin for decades, and hasn t been updated for over 20 years. That appears likely to change relatively soon with the news this week that a new Pippi Longstocking movie is now being developed by the producers of Paddington (Certified Fresh at 97%) and its even better-received sequel (Certified Fresh at 100%).6. WONDER STORY TO BE CONTINUED WITH WORLD WAR II PREQUEL WHITE BIRD (Photo by Dale Robinette /© Lionsgate)Children s author R.J. Palacio had something of a runaway hit with her 2012 novel Wonder, which was then adapted in 2017 as a well-received live action movie (Certified Fresh at 85%) starring Jacob Tremblay and Julia Roberts. This week, Lionsgate picked up the feature film rights to Palacio s upcoming graphic novel called White Bird: A Wonder Story. That book will tell the World War II story of a young Jewish girl in Nazi-occupied France who would go on to become the grandmother of Julian, the central character of Wonder. It is not yet known if White Bird will be adapted as live action (like Wonder) or in animation in the style of the graphic novel.7. TREASURE ISLAND TO BE REBOOTED BY HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON DIRECTOR (Photo by Buena Vista Pictures courtesy Everett Collection)It was just last week that we learned that the Micronauts adaptation (6/4/2021) will be directed by Dean DeBlois, who spent most of the last ten years working on the various How to Train Your Dragon animated movies. Now that the How to Train Your Dragon franchise is finished, DeBlois agents are apparently working double-time to find him new projects, because there s another one this week. Universal Pictures and Mandeville Films (Beauty and the Beast, Warm Bodies) are now developing a new adaptation of the classic pirate novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, which was most famously adapted as a live-action Walt Disney film in 1950 (Fresh at 100%). Dean DeBlois is reportedly attached to direct the new film, which is being adapted by screenwriter Evan Spiliotopolous (co-writer of Beauty and the Beast and The Huntsman: Winter s War). With Micronauts already scheduled for 2021, Treasure Island will probably be released no sooner than 2022.8. SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK DIRECTOR SET FOR DRACULA SPINOFF  (Photo by Columbia Pictures)For trivia fans, the Demeter has long been a little gem to keep in one s back pocket, as it is the name of the deserted ship on which Count Dracula sails to England from Transylvania in Bram Stoker s original 1897 novel. Fans of movie development news might also recognize that ship s name as part of Last Voyage of the Demeter, a long-in-development (since 2001) horror film about the on-board massacre as Dracula and his vampire cohorts killed the ship s sailors on their way to England. Basically, Last Voyage of the Demeter attempts to fill in one of the story beats that Bram Stoker left as an untold spooky side-story. We can now report that Norwegian director André Øvredal (Trollhunter, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark) is now in talks to direct The Last Voyage of the Demeter. At one point, Viggo Mortensen was attached to star in the film as the Demeter s captain, but it s not yet known if he is still attached nearly 10 years later.9. BORAT CO-WRITER WORKING ON HOME ALONE REBOOT FOR DISNEY+(Photo by 20th Century Fox)The growth and popularity of streaming services continue to pose an interesting challenge for how they re reported on (are they movies, are they TV, or are they something completely unrelated?), but when the streaming feature is intriguing enough, we still report on them here from time to time. Netflix is obviously the big player in this realm, but the Disney+ streaming app (which launches next month) is also looming out there with some very promising projects. In August, Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioned several potential Disney+ feature films, and this week, one of those was confirmed to be moving forward in development. Borat co-writer Dan Mazer is now working on adapting the original Home Alone (starring Macaulay Culkin) as a new children s feature film for the Disney+ streaming app. The reboot is expected to be a twist on the original premise, as the young boy will now be the thief who has stolen something from a married couple (and apparently, no adult thieves are involved this time around). It s not yet known who Disney will cast as the married couple.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
Movie theaters are reopening in New York City — some of them anyway. And to 25% capacity. Vaccination levels are exceeding estimations from January and now we have been told that vaccines will be available for every American by the end of May. Normalcy is seemingly coming and people can sense it, especially those at the movie studios who continue to make schedule moves. The waters are being tested. After the numbers posted by Tom Jerry last week does the performance of Raya and the Last Dragon tell us anything more? Well, yes. And no.King of the Crop: Raya s .6 Million Opening Might Be A Sign Of Hope – And Not Quite As Soft As It Seems(Photo by ©Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture)Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon is yet another test of the theatrical/streaming model. Back in September the studio tried Mulan on for size with its Premier Access pricing on Disney+. The result was not nearly as lucrative as they had hoped and it surely has been a factor in the way they have weathered the storm with the release of Black Widow, still scheduled for May 7 in theaters.Mulan only played overseas in theaters and the response to the film was mixed in general (it s Certified Fresh on the Tomatometer but has a Rotten Audience Score of 49%). So we did not have quite the same measuring stick of a day-and-date release with streaming on top of theatrical. That changed with the Warner Bros./HBO MAX deal and began with Wonder Woman 1984 over Christmas weekend. That film opened to .7 million over the holiday with COVID spikes still raging and an option to sit at home comfortably with a HBO MAX subscription for the cost of less than a single ticket price in some markets. That film went on to gross million to date (with another 7 million internationally) and is the third-highest grossing film U.S. theaters have had since last March.(Photo by Warner Bros.)The same studio’s delayed Tenet grossed .9 million and The Croods: A New Age has grossed over .6 million and most of that actually came after it hit VOD on its 24th day of release. It grossed .02 million in theaters up to that point. Flash-forward to last weekend – the first non-holiday weekend since March 13-15, 2020, to post an overall gross of over million, and just the third overall, when Tom Jerry opened to .1 million. That was the second-best opening of that timespan to Wonder Woman 1984’s .7 million. (Tenet’s .2 million also included previews from Tuesday and Wednesday of earlier that week.) That means despite the availability of the HBO MAX option, folks still opted to give those films the best openings of the pandemic era. This brings us to the latest family offering from Disney.Disney – and, frankly, the whole industry – would have loved to have seen a million opening for Raya and the Last Dragon. Even just a few million above Tom Jerry would have sufficed – something to show that, as vaccinations increase and major markets begin to open again, the numbers are headed in the right direction. An .6 million start is not what anyone had hoped. After all, a premium price tag at home is double what a month’s subscription to HBO MAX costs and Tom Jerry opened around 70% higher just a week earlier. (Par for the course, Disney has not released any figures on Raya’s streaming performance.) Sure, Tom Jerry is an established property over the new world-building of Raya, which also opened in 400 fewer theaters, partially thanks to Disney unable to come to terms with bookings at Cinemark, but can it still be spun as a positive?(Photo by Warner Bros.)Another way to look at it is simply within the numbers produced by a similar theater output. Tom Jerry opened in 2,475 theaters with a ,701 per-theater-average. Here are the best openings for films opening between 2,400-2,500 theaters from 2010-2020: Into the Woods (.05 million), Tyler Perry s A Madea Family Funeral (.06), All Eyez On Me (.43), Heaven is For Real (.50), Legion (.50), Death at a Funeral (.21), The Crazies (.06), Den of Thieves (.20), Tom Jerry (.11), Nobody s Fool (.74).Not bad considering Tom Jerry opened with theaters operating at minimal capacity and none opened in New York City. The animated/live-action hybrid grossed another .6 million this weekend. That’s a 53% drop from its opening. The WB/HBO MAX hybrid releases, Wonder Woman 1984 and The Little Things dropped 67.1% and 55.3%, respectively, in their second weekends, so those numbers are headed in the right direction for WB. Tom Jerry’s total stands at .9 million, just behind The New Mutants’ .8 million gross – the fourth-highest during the pandemic.Now let’s look at Raya and the Last Dragon, which opened in 2,045 theaters with an estimated ,205 per-theater-average, and the films from 2010-2020 that also opened between 2,000-2,100 theaters: Think Like a Man (.63 million), The Best Man Holiday (.10), Tyler Perry s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (.64), Tyler Perry s Acrimony (.17), Jumping the Broom (.21), Super Troopers 2 (.18), Harriet (.67), Annihilation (.07), The Hundred-Foot Journey (.97), Cloud Atlas (.61), Baggage Claim  (.03), The Witch (.80), Raya and the Last Dragon (.6), The Switch (.43), Black and Blue (.37), Wanderlust (.52).It s a little bit further down the list, but again, theaters are mostly working with 25% capacity on the nearly one-year anniversary of the worst pandemic in 100 years. Raya and the Last Dragon is only the fifth film to open in over 1,000 theaters during this time to post a per-theater-average over ,000. In normal times that would be a disaster. Now, it’s a hopeful sign that we have had that happen two weeks in a row. That’s where we are. In a week-by-week game now seeking the signs that normalcy is coming and each week shall be judged accordingly.Lesser Returns: Chaos Walking and Boogie Fail to Pull People From Their Homes(Photo by © Lionsgate)Family films and wannabe blockbusters are the only films garnering moviegoer’s interest enough right now to get them to leave the house. Chaos Walking may have once believed itself to be the latter, but it was not to be. In a glass-half-full way of thinking, .8 million is the fourth best opening of 2021 behind Tom Jerry, Raya and the Last Dragon, and The Little Things (.7 million), but that s with a 0 million price tag and no streaming profits to think of yet. The basketball drama, Boogie, had the sixth best opening of the year behind those four films and Liam Neeson’s The Marksman (.1 million), starting with just .2 million.On these Dates In Box Office History (Photo by @ Universal)March 5: Two years ago, How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World grossed .6 million on this day to cross the 0 million mark on its 12th day of release. A big record was broken in 2010 when Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland posted the highest Friday opening ever in the month of March with a .8 million start. That bested the three-year record of Zack Snyder’s 300, which opened to .1 million. Alice lost the record two years later to The Hunger Games and currently ranks fifth behind that, Batman v Superman, 2017’s Beauty and the Beast, and Captain Marvel.March 6: The only major milestone crossed on this day also occurred in 2010 when The Blind Side grossed 6,218 on day 107 of its release to cross the 0 million line. Sandra Bullock had won the Oscar for her performance just one week earlier.March 7: In 2017, The Lego Batman Movie made 0,416 to pass 0 million at the box office on its 26th day. It was also the day that Alice In Wonderland became the first film ever in March to gross over 0 million in its opening weekend. Its 6.1 million remains the fifth best opening ever in this month.What Should Have Been: A Different Tom Holland Sci-F Epic And More PranksRaya and the Last Dragon was originally supposed to open over the Thanksgiving holiday last year on November 25. Originally, we were supposed to get the fourth entry in the Jackass film series and a different Tom Holland science-fiction epic in Uncharted. Jackass 4 is now slated to arrive on September 3 and the video game adaptation is now charted for February 11, 2022.Full List of Box Office Results: March 5-7, 2021
Janelle Monáe Says Antebellum Is the Horror Movie We Need Right Now The filmmakers and cast also talk about their favorite horror films and honoring the seriousness of their story. by RT Staff | September 16, 2020 | Comments
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The Black Hole (1979) 38% (Photo by © Buena Vista courtesy Everett Collection)The Black Hole is one of the forgotten sci-fi films that came in the wake of the original Star Wars, only this was more of a disaster and horror film with a Dante’s Inferno vibe than a traditional Disney film – and it was the studio s first movie released with a PG rating. It features then-cutting-edge special effects, a star-studded cast (including Robert Forster and Anthony Perkins), and a dark story that isn’t common in Disney movies anymore. David Cornelius wrote for eFilmCritic that it ranks among the very best films to come from the post-Star Wars sci-fi boom. The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969) 50%(Photo by Walt Disney Productions)Long before he played iconic action heroes in the 1980s, young Kurt Russel was the star of a bizarre series of movies for Disney. These movies followed his character, affable college student Dexter Riley, in a series of ridiculous adventures. The first of them was The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, in which Dexter accidentally becomes a human computer after being electrocuted. What does he do with this power? Well, help his quiz team reach the nationals while he unwittingly helps bust a gambling ring, of course! It’s a funny comedy carried by Russell’s innate charisma, which was enough to make him return for two sequels that saw Dexter fall victim to further freak accidents.FUZZBUCKET (1986)(Photo by Samuel Goldwyn Company)Remember when kids movies were the stuff of nightmares? Fuzzbucket remembers. Fuzzbucket is clearly a blatant attempt to capitalize on the success of E.T. and ALF, only without the cutesy friendship of the Spielberg movie or the weird sarcasm of the puppet-powered sitcom. Visually, Fuzzbucket is something of an abomination, but he still becomes best friends with a young boy named Michael. The twist? He can turn invisible, so for most of the movie, the characters think Michael is talking to an imaginary friend. Fuzzbucket is a bizarre, yet funny, and at times even heartfelt movie that will still haunt your nightmares.Gus (1976)  Back in the 1970s, Disney was all about Don Knotts playing oddball characters in comedies, but no movie of his had a premise as off kilter as Gus. Before the endless Air Bud movies put a golden retriever at the center of every sport imaginable, this film made a mule the best football player around, even taking his team to the Super Bowl. With an inspiring message and a cast that manages to play the whole thing straight, this is a Disney movie you have to see to believe. Writing for Common Sense Media, Randy White declared that “kids will get a kick out of this mule tale.”Halloweentown (1998) 80% (Photo by © Disney Channel courtesy Everett Collection)Before Harry Potter sent readers to a school of witchcraft and wizardry, a Disney Channel movie sent us to Halloweentown, a surreal fantasy that introduced many kids to the wonders of horror and practical monster effects. The story follows a 13-year-old girl who discovers she comes from a family of witches, and who has to fight an evil that threatens to destroy the titular town, where all sorts of monsters live in harmony. Variety critic Laura Fries wrote, “What separates this original pic from the usual Halloween fare is that it captures the spirit of a holiday designed for kids. It s sweet and fun, but too much could definitely give you a stomach ache.” The movie not only has a great kid-friendly horror atmosphere, but it also stars the late, great Debbie Reynolds as an inspirational witch, and there are three sequels all on Disney+ to boot.The Luck of the Irish (2001)  (Photo by © Hal Roach Studios courtesy Everett Collection)The Disney Channel was full of genre movies with crazy concepts. One of the best one is about a junior high basketball star named Kyle who happens to be extremely lucky in life. When he tries to look into where his family comes from for Heritage Day, he discovers that he has roots in Ireland, and also that he is slowly turning into a leprechaun because someone stole his lucky gold coin. What comes next is a wacky, funny, and heartwarming story of the importance of diversity and how history shapes who we are.Bride of Boogedy (1987) 20% (Photo by Disney+)A novelty salesman moves his family to a town called Lucifer Falls (red flag, anyone?) and discovers that their new home is haunted. This made-for-TV movie was a rare horror film made by Disney that served as a gateway horror for many kids, and featured one of the ugliest and scariest ghosts ever to appear in a family-friendly film. Come for the horror, stay for Mimi Kennedy’s fantastic performance as the mother who tries to invite a ghost in for coffee. As critic Rachel Wagner of Rachel’s Reviews said, “I think you ll have a really good time with your family watching Mr. Boogedy.”Phantom of the Megaplex (2000)  (Photo by Disney Channel Productions)What if Phantom of the Opera was remade for kids and set in a movie theater? The Phantom of the Megaplex, another Disney Channel original movie, has something for everyone. Horror fans will enjoy the nods to the classic Universal movies, kids will laugh at the jokes and the zany characters, movie and TV fans will appreciate the addition of Mickey Rooney to the cast, and movie theater employees new and old will instantly connect to the real horrors that the protagonists go through. Cinema Crazed’s Felix Vasquex Jr. wrote that it s “an unusual but entertaining DCOM that really does have its heart in the right place.”The Shaggy D.A. (1976) 50% Made 17 years after the original The Shaggy Dog, this sequel features a lawyer who suddenly transforms into a dog while on the campaign trail for District Attorney. Honestly, its tagline “The only candidate with a law degree and a pedigree” should be enough to pique your interest, but the ridiculous dog costume and Dean Jones’s over the top performance are likely to seal the deal. 7 Pictures’ Kevin Carr wrote, “It s a goofy story, and it s far from a brilliant movie, but The Shaggy D.A. is a fun romp for a family to watch.”That Darn Cat! (1965) 94% Have you ever tried catching bank robbers with nothing but a Siamese cat as your lead? Welcome to That Darn Cat!, which follows the misadventures of two FBI agents tasked with following the only witness to a hostage situation – a cat – to try and locate the thieves hideout. Come for the ridiculous premise, stay for one fantastic four-legged actor and a Sherman Brothers-written title song. Time Out critic Trevor Johnston wrote, “The two legged cast play second string to the marvellous moggie.”The Thirteenth Year (1999)  (Photo by Disney Enterprises, Inc.)After Splash got nominated for an Oscar and The Little Mermaid jumpstarted the Disney animated renaissance, Disney decided to continue its mermaid tradition, only cheaper and made for TV. The result was The Thirteenth Year, the story of a teenage boy who was abandoned by his birth mother – a mermaid – and was raised by human parents. When he hits puberty, he grows gills and becomes a great swimmer, but he also somehow inherits the ability to climb walls and control electricity. The Thirteenth Year is a charming coming-of-age story that also gets very close to being a Spider-Man movie.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.


九游会网页版登录入口 无论是手游时代的剑侠情缘、还是剑侠世界,以至于最被玩家看好的剑网3指尖江湖,都是高开低走的局面。甚至几款手游上市,根本没有掀起一点浪花。

This week s Ketchup brings you another 10 headlines from the world of film development news (the stories about what movies Hollywood is working on for you next), covering titles like Black Adam, The Little Mermaid, Rin Tin Tin, and Uncharted.This WEEK S TOP STORYNICOLAS CAGE TO PLAY NICOLAS CAGE IN MOVIE ABOUT NICOLAS CAGE (Photo by NurPhoto/Getty Images)Just a couple of weeks ago, Ocbtober 29 marked the 20th anniversary of the release of Being John Malkovich (Certified Fresh at 93%), a movie that was meta before that word was even in common parlance. Given how well it was received, it s a little surprising more films like it (Jean-Claude Van Damme s JCVD, for example) haven t been made, but we may finally get the mother of all meta films in the near future. After a surprisingly active auction, Lionsgate has won the rights to a meta drama called The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, about a famous Hollywood actor named Nicolas Cage. Lionsgate is now in talks with a famous Hollywood actor named Nicolas Cage to take on the role, who is described as being the star of Face/Off, Con Air, Mandy, Color Out of Space, and the upcoming Lionsgate meta drama The Unberable Weight of Massive Talent. Specifically, Cage will play a version of himself who is trying to get a role in Quentin Tarantino s next film and who also occasionally talks to an egotistical 1990s version of himself who rides him for making too many crappy movies and for not being a star anymore. It is not yet known if Quentin Tarantino will cast Nicolas Cage in his next movie. Nicolas Cage will also reprise his caveman role in The Croods 2 (12/23/2020), and might return as the voice of Spider-Man Noir in Spider-Verse 2 (4/8/2022).Other Top Headlines1. BOOGIE NIGHTS DIRECTOR RETURNING TO 1970s SAN FERNANDO VALLEY (Photo by Laurie Sparham /© Focus Features)Back in 1997, New Line Cinema released Boogie Nights (Certified Fresh at 93%), the second film from writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson, who went on to work on such movies as Magnolia (Certified Fresh at 83%), Punch-Drunk Love (Certified Fresh at 80%), There Will Be Blood (Certified Fresh at 91%), and last year s Phantom Thread (Certified Fresh at 91%). Put another way, P.T. Anderson s films have only ever scored a Tomatometer below 83% once (73% for Inherent Vice). For his next film, Anderson appears to be returning to his roots with a project that bears similiarities to both Boogie Nights and Magnolia. Described as an ensemble piece, the untitled project will reportedly be set in the San Fernando Valley in the 1970s and focus on a high school student who is also a successful child actor. Filming is expected to start in February, so we should start hearing casting announcements soon.2. MOON KNIGHT, MS. MARVEL, AND SHE-HULK ALL HEADING TO MARVEL MOVIES AFTER DISNEY+(Photo by Disney XD/Getty Images)The new Disney+ app launched this week, but we won t see the first Marvel Studios series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, until late next year. Like that series, the first batch of Marvel shows on Disney+ are mostly going to feature MCU characters who first appeared in the movies (WandaVision, Loki, Hawkeye), but the next batch announced after those shows are for three characters that will make their debuts on Disney+: Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk. This week, Kevin Feige confirmed that all three of those characters will go on to appear in Marvel Studios movies after first making their debuts in their Disney+ shows. Feige didn t specify which movies they ll appear in, but Ms. Marvel seems likely to co-star in the inevitable Captain Marvel sequel. As for where the other two might show up, She-Hulk was a long-time member of the Fantastic Four in the comics (as well as the female-centric A-Force), and Moon Knight has been a member of both West Coast Avengers and Secret Avengers (if either of those teams are likely to ever get their own movies). You can read more about the Disney+ shows for Moon Knight here and She-Hulk here.3. DWAYNE JOHNSON S SHAZAM SPINOFF BLACK ADAM SCHEDULED FOR 2021 (Photo by Ron Phillips/©Warner Bros. Pictures)Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is such a looming presence on next month s schedule that pretty much no other major franchise entry is daring to take it on (the closest we ll get is Jumani: The Next Level). Likewise, Disney has already claimed December of 2022 for their next mystery Star Wars movie, but that leaves December in both 2020 and 2021 relatively wide open. Disney s own entry for December, 2021 is James Cameron s Avatar 2 (12/17/2021), but that film s juggernaut potential is definitely not a sure thing. Warner Bros. ended up raking in over .14 billion from their December 2018 release Aquaman, so they ve scheduled another DC Comics movie for December, 2021. That movie is Black Adam, the long-in-development anti-hero project starring Dwayne Johnson, who has been in talks to play the character since 2007. Black Adam is now scheduled for December 22, 2021, up against Sherlock Holmes 3, the Wicked movie, and an untitled Disney movie (possibly one of their live-action remakes). The news also came along with our first Black Adam poster, which is basically costume concept art. Paramount Pictures also made a big announcement for December, 2021 this week, as they have come aboard Babylon, the next film from director Damien Chazelle (La La Land, Whiplash), a 1920s-set Hollywood thriller starring Brad Pitt and Emma Stone. Paramount is scheduling Babylon for an awards season-friendly platform release starting on Christmas Day, 2021 before opening wide two weeks later on January 7, 2022.4. RELATIVE UNKNOWN LANDS PRINCE ERIC ROLE IN THE LITTLE MERMAID REMAKE (Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)Walt Disney Pictures first choice to play Prince Eric in their upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid was pop star Harry Styles of One Direction. Unfortunately, Harry Styles ultimately turned down the role, and it s been two months now since Disney had to find a new Eric. Surprisingly, the studio has decided to go with a relatively unknown young actor named Jonah Hauer-King, whose biggest movie to date was this year s doggie sequel A Dog s Way Home. With the last of the remake s major roles finally cast, director Rob Marshall (Chicago, Mary Poppins Returns) is expected to start filming in early 2020, possibly aiming for a release date in late 2021 or sometime in 2022. Jonah Hauer-King s co-stars in The Little Mermaid will include Awkwafina (Scuttle), Javier Bardem (King Triton), Daveed Diggs (Sebastian), Melissa McCarthy (Ursula), Jacob Tremblay (Flounder), and Halle Bailey as Ariel, The Little Mermaid herself. (Photo by Quibi)The Best Quibi Shows to Stream NowUpdated as of October 1, 2020New mobile-only streaming service Quibi launched in April with an all-star lineup to rival any other player in the streaming wars: Sophie Turner, Lena Waithe, Liam Hemsworth, Chrissy Teigen, Chance the Rapper, and LeBron James are all in new Quibi shows, with more big names on the way (Steven Spielberg and Zac Efron among them). But did the new service from Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman bring an A-game to match all those A-listers?Critics have now weighed in on Quibi s current offering of shows and movies in chapters, and as would be expected, Tomatometers are running the gamut from the super Fresh (hilarious slice of variety Gayme Show) to the middling (Turner s big-budget thriller Survive) to the very Rotten (treacly Thanks A Million, executive-produced by Jennifer Lopez). Some of the big-name bets are definitely paying off – the horror critics are really digging the Sam Raimi–produced epic anthology series 50 Shades of Fright, and James documentary series, I Promise, is currently Fresh at 100%. Others, not so much: Migos rapper Offset s Skrrt is currently stuck in the green end of the Tomatometer.As well as grappling with the content in the new programming, critics across the board are adjusting to Quibi s novel approach to streaming: No show or episode available on Quibi runs more than 10 minutes — thus the Quick Bites — and each can be watched in two formats, vertical and horizontal, with each giving you a different perspective on the action.So far, critics have mostly focused on two of Quibi s programming streams: Its prestige movies in chapters, which include Survive and The Most Dangerous Game, starring Hemsworth, as well as its unscripted originals, which include Teigen s Chrissy s Court and Gayme Show. None of Quibi s news and lifestyle Daily Essentials shows — which include The Rotten Tomatoes Watch List — have received Tomatometer scores as yet.We ll be updating as new shows are released and more scores become available, so stay tuned to this page to keep on top of the best shows Quibi has to offer. As the list grows, we will narrow it down to only the very best, but for now here are all the Quibi shows we have Tomatometer scores for, ranked from Rottenest to Freshest.

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