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沙巴体育游戏采用百度引擎4(Baidu 0)reenlit the big-screen adaptation of Downton Abbey may be getting a nice bonus for the holiday. Brad Pitt and John Rambo were no match for the Crawley family this weekend, as Downton defied expectations and topped the box office with a cool million. The hit movie also grossed more this weekend than 109 of the Focus’s 133 releases grossed total since the company debuted with Billy Elliot back in 2000.King of the Crop: Downton Abbey Lords It Over the Competition, Sets Sights on 0 MillionJoel MearesThe numbers for Downton Abbey are pretty staggering. Tracking services had it lowballed to - million at first (only to later balloon up to around double that) but it seems its fanbase was loyal enough to show up and pay for something they got free from 2010-15. Focus really pulled something special off here. The studio has certainly put out a number of critically-acclaimed films over the years, including Atonement, Lost in Translation, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – and Downton is no exception, Certified Fresh at 85% on the Tomatometer – but their highest opening weekend until now was Insidious: Chapter 3, which grossed .6 million in 2015.Downton Abbey has already eclipsed that and now has its eye on Focus’s all-time grosser. Worldwide, that title belongs to the Gerard Butler sequel, London Has Fallen, which made over 5 million, but domestically it is the Oscar-winning Brokeback Mountain, grossing million. The only big-screen adaptations to start with over million and not reach that number are the comedies Bruno (.05 million) and The Dukes of Hazzard (.27 million) and if that is possible, could 0 million possibly be on the table too? For perspective, Hustlers opened to a similar .1 million last week and dipped 49% to million for a total of million after 10 days. That puts it roughly a million dollars ahead of the 2016 Magnificent Seven remake, which topped out at .4 million. Will Downton Abbey be frontloaded or do adults finally have a nice PG-rated film they can recommend to their friends?The Top 10 and Beyond: Ad Astra Made A Smart Move, Rambo Takes One Last (?) Go at Box Office Glory(Photo by 20th Century Fox)Industry watchers had one thing right about this week’s box office race: it was a crowded top five. Coming up with a narrow victory for second place was James Gray’s Ad Astra. Originally slated for a May release with nary a first trailer out there yet in April, Fox smartly moved it to a September slot. That likely made them a few more bucks as nearly everything was being swallowed up that month by Avengers: Endgame, though they were probably hoping for an opening in the million region. A .2 million start is in the middle of Pitt’s headliners and while critics are supporting the film (it s Certified Fresh at 83%), audiences may find its introspective approach to sci-fi challenging. We’ll set the first estimate for the film between million and million, which means the international audience will have to chip in to cover the reported  million budget. The film has grossed an additional million outside North America.From one film challenging the notion of the alpha male to one that s the embodiment of it, Rambo: Last Blood in all its 78-minute glory (sans credits) hit theaters as well. (The film runs longer in international markets thanks to an opening prologue cut from American audiences.) If we consider inflation to chart the course of the series: First Blood back in 1982 would have opened to .6 million and go on to gross 5.5 million; things exploded in 1985 when Rambo: First Blood Part II opened with the equivalent of a .1 million first weekend and earned a 8 million final haul; Rambo III in 1988 would have started with .2 million in today’s dollars and finish with 6.4 million. Thirty years later, Rambo would equate to a .6 million start and a .9 million finish. Now in 2019, Last Blood has started with million and is likely to drop off with the same expediency as the fourth entry, which may get the film to between million and million.(Photo by Brooke Palmer/© 2019 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC.)In a strange coincidence – they re both movies about malevolent creatures terrorizing children – It: Chapter Two is right behind last year’s big-screen animated version of The Grinch after 17 days of release. With 9.17 million after a .25 million third weekend, the movie is more on par with Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds and Solo: A Star Wars Story than any of the animated and family films with a similar tally. We are dropping its final estimate slightly from last week down to 0-5 million; the film has grossed over 2 million worldwide to date. In milestones this weekend, Hobbs Shaw crossed the 0 million mark and Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood passed 0 million on the international market, bringing its worldwide total to 4 million.Finally, Amazon keeps trying but has not been able to get Brittany Runs a Marathon into the top 10, where it can get some further headlines. The film finished 12th this weekend in 1,033 theaters, grossing .5 million for a total of million, the studio’s third-highest domestic grosser to date. On the plus side, that is more than Warner Bros.’ The Goldfinch, which fell 71% this weekend and has made just .5 million to date.This Time Last Year: Audiences Chose PG Chills Over Political Thrills(Photo by © Universal Pictures)As The Nun was passing the 0 million mark, Eli Roth’s PG-rated children’s film, The House with a Clock In Its Walls, opened at number 1 with .6 million, while Michael Moore’s documentary about Donald Trump, Fahrenheit 11/9, was roundly ignored and opened in eighth place with just million. That is still better than two of the lowest per-theater-averages of the year that did not even make the top 10: Amazon’s Life Itself, which made just .12 million in 2,609 theaters for a 4 PTA and Neon’s Assassination Nation, which made .05 million in 1,403 theaters for a 8 PTA. The top 10 films grossed a total of .31 million and averaged 63.9% on the Tomatometer; this weekend’s top 10 grossed an estimated 3.91 million, which is good enough for the third-best September weekend ever for the top 10 films. The Tomatometer had a nearly identical average with 63.8%.

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(Photo by Rotten Tomatoes)One of Hideo Kojima s most resonant achievements in his 30-year career as a video game designer and director came early. Kojima saved a troubled project at Konami called Metal Gear by reducing the game s combat and emphasizing avoiding detection, pioneering the stealth genre. When it was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System, it sold over a million copies in America.Kojima returned to the series in 1998 with Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation, a groundbreaking hybrid of intense stealth action dressed with stylish cinematic flair that went on to move six million units. He designed and directed four more direct Metal Gear sequels, piecing together a complex and occasionally bizarre tale of nanotechnology, nuclear proliferation, military conspiracies, and, yes, love blooming on the battlefield that has found wide appeal beyond core gamers.That explains the cast Kojima was able to put together for his latest game, Death Stranding. Through motion capture, Norman Reedus stars as as Sam Bridges, a cargo carrier tasked with connecting a post-apocalyptic America back online, outpost by outpost. Reedus is joined by Lea Seydoux, Mads Mikkelsen, Margaret Qualley, Lindsay Wagner, Guillermo del Toro, and Nicolas Winding Refn in an audacious boots-on-the-ground epic, which emphasizes collaboration with other players online over violent shootouts in rebuilding America, featuring Kojima s signature maximalist storytelling.He s always worn his inspirations in the open, and the way they weave into his games is part of their crossover charm and fun. You can get a sense of what movies Kojima watches through playing his games: Blade Runner is all over cyberpunk graphic adventure Snatcher, there s plenty of Escape From New York s DNA in Metal Gear Solid, and Death Stranding even has a major character named Die-Hardman. So when Kojima stopped by for a tour of Rotten Tomatoes HQ on the eve of The Game Awards where Death Stranding won Best Game Direction, Best Score/Music, and Best Performance (Mads Mikkelsen) we had to sneak in a Five Favorite Films. 总体来说,此次《天谕》手游不仅仅在战斗系统上有很好的表现,其休闲玩法更是出色。不管是风景党、颜值党、收集党还是打工人,都能在游戏中获得很好的游戏体验,并且各个休闲环节相辅相成,给玩家增加了不少游戏体验~

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Ah, the holidays. A time for cozy clothes and lots of shows. And with so many great debuts — from family-favorite sequels to refreshing feel good rom-coms — we think this year s slate of new holiday TV and streaming movies are sure to earn a place alongside your favorite holiday classics. So in no particular order, here are our picks for the top 5 best new holiday TV and streaming movies of the year on this week s Binge Guide.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.沙巴体育游戏不难预见LOL手游国服将会成为接下来几年里最具人气的moba手游之一,KS除了签约战队之外也同时在大力挖掘国内的“手游”绝活哥,各位如果有实力可千万不要错过啦,说不定下一个一哥就是你哦!

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(Photo by Sony Pictures Classics)What’s Rotten thing you love?Pedro Almodóvar’s I m So Excited – in Spanish it’s Los Amantes Pasajeros. It s generally considered one of his worst, at least in recent years. But I remember watching it and finding it hilarious and engaging.I don t want to say that the reason is entirely because there s things that get lost in translation, but… There s a lot of phrases there that are just hilarious and I also admire that it s a movie that takes place entirely on a plane… it s over the top and it s raunchy. The things that you love in an Almodóvar, but in a more absurd way.It doesn t always work, and perhaps there s many reasons why people don t find it an artistic accomplishment, but I always have fun quoting lines from it or re-watching it.What do you consider required viewing?I think I m going to say Krzysztof Kieślowski’s The Decalogue, which is this 10-part series of 1-hour films or episodes that were made for Polish television in the late 1980s. Each of them deals in a very abstract way with one of the 10 Commandments…Just the fact that he was able to create 10 stand-alone pieces of cinema that somehow relate to each other in ways that are not obvious and that have this moral ambiguity… All of them are very subdued and written in a way that doesn t have easy answers. It s not black and white.You saw 40 films at Sundance this year. What is your personal record for the most movies you ve watched in a day?I definitely don t recommend it, but at Sundance I saw five films in a row one day this year. To me, that s a test of endurance. But also, for you to watch that many films consecutively at a festival, the stars have to align. The times have to be right – you have to be at the right place, the shuttles have to be on time.What are you most proud of in your career so far?Honestly, that I m still doing it. It s not a flashy, glamorous profession as some may think, especially if you re a freelancer like myself. It s always a constant battle to get work, to get access, to make a living writing.In my particular case, being an immigrant, being a DACA recipient, oftentimes people in my circumstances or from my background don t see themselves in careers like film criticism – which is so far-fetched, so unreachable to work in a field that is often seen to be reserved for a certain type of person with a certain type of education. For me to be here, to have a voice in this industry, I feel like I m very proud that somehow if someone can feel that if I m doing it, they can also be doing it. I feel like that s always a victory.Do you have any advice for critics who are still finding their voice?I think that opening up yourself to watching movies that you assume you re not going to like is a good way to see what your taste is, see what it is that you really react to. What are the things that you find yourself not liking or liking about a certain movie? I feel like that really opens up your cinematic taste buds. It just gives you a wider palette of the things you ve seen.Is there an up-and-coming critic that you want people to check out?Yeah, there is a young Latina critic. Her name is Kristen Huizar. She won the LAFCA Ruth Batchelor Scholarship, which is a scholarship that the Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA) gives to young critics from underrepresented backgrounds. She s in LA and she s an artist and a writer and reviews films and talks about films from a unique perspective as a Latina woman in LA I think she mentions often that she uses public transportation, and doesn t have the LA experience that often gets represented on screen or in the writing.

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4.82.9 2月喜迎OK —Winnick: But I will tell you this: It was definitely my highlight of working on it. I asked Michael Hirst, I want three things out of my directorial debut: Give me a big event. Give me something epic and amazing. You will see that is actually in the trailers right now. So there is a big event. I wanted character-driven material that I can push the actors, my fellow costars, to new levels that the audience hasn t seen them do before. And I m happy to say that I definitely put Alexander Ludwig through the ringer. And even Marco and Jordan — Hvitserk and Ubbe. The third thing is just coming from a martial art background and doing my own stunts and being passionate about the fight choreography, I asked him for a big fight, a big epic battle, and you will see that as well.(Photo by Jonathan Hession and History)Now that you re facing the the tail end of your series, what will you miss most about your time on the show?Winnick: I don t miss getting into the costume hair and makeup, because that was always a process. We tried to get it down at the end. That wig was a challenge because we were shooting in high definition and you only get X amount of space to glue it on. Or even the prosthetics with the latex around the eyes — I have very sensitive skin, so the process was definitely a process.What I won t miss: The coffee in Ireland s not the best. I ll tell you that. They made instant coffee. Our craft table was pretty always kind of scarce, but it kept us lean. But yeah, the instant coffee I m not a huge fan of.What s coming up next for you? Winnick: I ve had a really busy year. Really excited to say that I ve done three projects, three different independent movies. There s an incredible script called Flag Day, written by Jez Butterworth (who just won the Tony for Ferryman), and Sean Penn directed and starred in. I play his wife, and our daughter is played by his real daughter, Dylan Penn. We ve got Regina King in this, you ve got Miles Teller, we have Josh Brolin. It was really an amazing experience on set to work with Sean, and especially becoming now a director myself — I just did a show on Netflix; I directed, Wu Assassins — but it s nice just to see him [work]. He s so accomplished and brilliant as a director and knows what it takes to get the performance out of you, but also aesthetically knows what is pleasing and what he wants. I wanted to really see him work and spend time with him on set and create something that hopefully people will realize how special it is, because I have a place in my heart for that as well. And to go through like three decades, we went through 60s, 70s, and 80s, and to have that physical change of — there s prosthetics, there s hair changes — It was a very interesting movie, and I m really passionate about that one. Great experience.I did a movie with Liam Neeson I just finished called Minuteman. I ve been a fan of his since back in the day, obviously, Taken and Schindler s List. He s also from Ireland. I played his daughter. That s coming out. And did a movie this summer also with Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart, more of a conspiracy theory, written and directed by a female director, April Mullen, so it s nice to be able to support a female storyteller.(Photo by Jonathan Hession and History)Speaking of women in power, Lagertha has been such a huge influence on women because she s such a strong character. She s one of the most powerful women on television. How do you feel about portraying a character like that? What are some of the responses you ve gotten about being her from women?Winnick: I am still blown away when I meet fans that are diehard fans, and such loyal fans of Lagertha, just because it s — not just women and girls, it s men too that really look up to her, respect her, like her. So it s nice that it s reached both genders. But more importantly, it s also around the world. I ve been lucky enough to travel for the last few years. I was in India, I was in Brazil, I ve been in Argentina, Canada, and all over Europe, really, and all around in different cultures people from all around the world, not only recognize her and me, I guess, but they also really feel the same way, and then really feel that there s a part of them in Lagertha, or they look up to her, and that s been remarkable to see.Even in India, you can go to different villages and people, they live on their Netflix. And Philippines, people don t even have running water, but they all have cell phones and they watch Vikings on their cellphones. It was just amazing just to see how it can inspire people everywhere.It s a little strange when you see somebody, when they have your face tattooed on their bodies. That s a little surreal because I feel kind of uncomfortable with it just because it s like, Hey, you re stuck with me for life. No, but on one hand you can t ask for a bigger compliment than to have such loyal fans.On the flip side it s also made it hard to find projects that I m also as inspired, and work with writers that can write such a complex, strong, yet vulnerable character. It s been a challenge. I ve read a lot of scripts that I m not wanting to sign on to because I feel that the characters aren t — or the woman character is underwritten or their voice isn t as multi-dimensional as I would want it to be. And I think we still have a long way to go, and hopefully we encourage more female writers, female directors, and female producers to be able to tell those stories. Have the men do the same as well.(Photo by Bernard Walsh and History)Are you saying that Michael Hirst has ruined you for life?Winnick: I m just going to have be in a Michael Hirst movie for the rest of my life. How about that? Not really. Yeah. He set the bar really high, and I wouldn t want it any other way. Especially in TV when you re signing up for multiple months, if not years, of your life, you want to make sure there s a character you can really sink your teeth into and be inspired.I learned a lot from Lagertha. I really, truly did. And the truth of the matter is, if I was 100-percent honest with you, I ve yet to really say goodbye. I actually have a hard time watching it. I haven t been able to watch the episodes in this season. I prepared, obviously, as a director to watch certain ones, but as a whole, it s just so close to my heart still. And now that everybody knows that this season s finished, I think maybe next year I ll finally get a chance to sit down and binge-watch all of them, but it s still too fresh for me. It feels like you re saying goodbye to a big part of yourself and life. It s hard to say. You go through a mourning process a little bit because, as you know, the show ended.The fans are there mourning with you, but, you know, Valhalla. Winnick: To end on an up note, this season s been amazing. It s going to be surprising. It s definitely going to be a bunch of shockers, and the fans will not be disappointed. They re going to be ecstatic when they see this season.Vikings returns for its final season on Wednesday, December 4 at 9/8C on History.
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Image)GOOOAALLL!!! Apple TV+ s feel-good comedy Ted Lasso received the 2021 Primetime Emmy Award for best comedy series. In total, between Sunday s broadcast and last week s Creative Arts Emmy Awards, the Jason Sudeikis-led series about a mustachioed fish-out-of-water British football coach received 11 trophies including one for its leading man, plus supporting acting trophies for actor Brett Goldstein and actress Hannah Waddingham.That 11-trophy haul was something matched by limited series The Queen s Gambit and drama The Crown, which dominated the night in their respective categories.See what critics are saying about the 73rd Emmy AwardsCheck out the best looks from the Emmys 2021 red carpetSee the full list of winners from the 2021 Emmy AwardsDespite adhering to quarantine regulations by keeping the event to an intimate gathering in Los Angeles as well as a watch party in London (where it was 1am when the broadcast started), the Cedric the Entertainer-hosted CBS program managed to hand out 28 awards including the annual Governors Award, which this year went to actress-director and dance extraordinaire, Debbie Allen. That things went so smoothly – if at times rather dully – might actually have been the biggest surprise of them all, as most of the winners were as routine as a morning drop-off of biscuits from an overly optimistic Kansan. But there were some big bold takeaways from the night, not all of them the kind you wanna sing about 1. The Brits Rule the Night(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)It wasn t just Ted Lasso that won big at the Emmys. As mentioned, the TV Academy also raised a few pints to Netflix s monarchy drama, The Crown. The series won best drama, creator Peter Morgan won the Emmy for writing for a drama series and Jessica Hobbs took home the Emmy for best directing for a drama series. The series actors Olivia Colman, Josh O Connor, Tobias Menzies, and Gillian Anderson (who was technically born in Chicago, but is married to Morgan and spent a chunk of her childhood in London, so we ll let it slide) also received honors.Other British winners included Mare of Easttown s Kate Winslet, who received the Emmy for lead actress in a limited or anthology series or movie and I May Destroy You s Michaela Coel, who received the Emmy for writing for a limited or anthology series or movie. Ewan McGregor, who is Scottish, also won the lead actor in a limited series or movie Emmy for his work in Netflix s Halston.How did the Brits celebrate? In style. Check out the Ted Lasso team performing the Roy Kent cheer below The whole Ted Lasso cast crew did the Roy Kent cheer backstage and it was pretty special #Emmys pic.twitter.com/2HNJsTuc5d Kevin Polowy (@djkevlar) September 20, 20212. Michaela Coel Implores Creators to Write the Tale That Scares You One of the biggest surprises of the night wasn t that Coel won for writing the HBO limited series I May Destroy You, but that she didn t win more awards for her work on the powerful piece about rape, assault, and survival. (The 2020 miniseries is Certified Fresh with a 98% Tomatometer). She was also nominated for directing and starring in the project, which was also nominated for best limited series or anthology.Coel s remarks upon accepting her Emmy will also not soon be forgotten. During the concise and poignant 33-odd second acceptance Coel told her fellow creatives to write the tale the scares you; that makes you feel uncertain; that is uncomfortable. I dare you. Other winners with memorable Emmy acceptance speeches included Mare of Easttown s Julianne Nicholson, who reached out to all the ladies in Philadelphia and Kabul, Hacks star Jean Smart, who thanked her late husband, and Governors Award winner Allen, who spoke to the women in Texas and Afghanistan as well as the next generation who are just beginning to fight for equality.3. Lack of Diversity Among the Winners. Again.(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)After last year s Emmy Awards saw major gains for performers of color, in particular Black performers, this year s ceremony was a step back in that department. Although RuPaul made history, becoming the person of color with the most Emmy wins, there were very few people of color who would eventually be on the winner s stage. This was frustrating to many viewers, as many performers of color were nominated this year, including Billy Porter, Mj Rodriguez, Uzo Aduba, the cast of A Black Lady Sketch Show, and the late Michael K. Williams, among many others.On the brighter side, several of the Emmys bits did recognize Black talent. One featured host Cedric and three different actresses who have played his wives on sitcoms. (The Neighborhood s Tichina Arnold, The Soul Man s Niecy Nash, and The Steve Harvey Show s Terri J. Vaughn).4. Touching Tributes to Friends We ve Lost, Including Michael K. Williams and Norm Macdonald(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic)While the traditional In Memoriam segment was as tear-jerking as always, several people on stage also took the time to remember their friends. Both Last Week Tonight s John Oliver and Saturday Night Live s Lorne Michaels referenced comedian Norm Macdonald, who died last week, in their acceptance speeches. And Kerry Washington made a point of mentioning the work of Michael K. Williams when presenting the supporting actor in a drama category, in which he was nominated for his work in HBO s Lovecraft Country. The reaction on her face when her friend lost that category was palpable.5. Schitt s Creek Cast Shows Why We Still Can t Get Enough of Them(Photo by Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images)It s been a year since the cast of Netflix s Schitt s Creek swept the Emmys and kept us laughing all the way through that ceremony. So that s why the stars banter before presenting the award for best writing for a comedy series felt so warm. Was there actually a teleprompter issue? Was star Eugene Levy actually giving notes to the Emmy Awards writers? Does it even matter? Sometimes it s not worth asking why we re given good things.6. Conan O Brien Photobombs His Way Into Our HeartsWhen you re 6 4 with a shock of red hair and a recognizable laugh, it s hard to blend into a crowd. Especially if you re Conan O Brien. The talk-show host made his presence known at the 2021 Emmy Awards, even though he did not actually receive an Emmy. He made sure to crash any opportunity he could get, be it improvising remarks to TV Academy CEO and chairman Frank Scherma or joining Stephen Colbert and his producers on stage when they accepted the award for best variety special (live) for Stephen Colbert s Election Night 2020.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection. Thumbnail: A24 / Courtesy Everett Collection; Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection.)The Best Asian-American Movies of All TimeBetween Crazy Rich Asians, The Farewell, and Always Be My Maybe in recent years, there s been a surge in Asian-American representation on screens of all sizes. These films are milestones in what has been a long, continuous journey to be seen and heard in theaters and at home, and we celebrate those contemporary hits and everything else that has come before them with the 65 Best Asian-American Movies.To be Asian-American means a personal identity spread across a coalition of different countries. Under this umbrella is a wide range of Pacific Ocean cultures and histories, countries whose people have also found a new life in the United States. The movies in our guide reflect their experiences, from Korean (Columbus, Minari), Chinese (Saving Face), Singaporean (Shirkers), Japanese (To Be Takei), Filipino (The Debut), Vietnamese (Green Dragon), and more. South Asian-American films included are The Big Sick, The Namesake, and Meet the Patels. We selected movies where the Asian-American experience drives character and story, or had a significant impact on Asian-American audiences due to its casting, the filmmakers behind it, and for breaking representational ground (Searching, To All The Boys I ve Loved Before). The Asian-American experience is sometimes about traveling to a foreign home country, explored in movies like Always Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Go Back to China, and Cavite. And sometimes the experience is about coming to America and becoming citizens, as in Journey From the Fall or Tigertail. These stories start overseas, but are also set and shot in America, so we included those.The historical landmark films are here, including Chan Is Missing, The Joy Luck Club, and Better Luck Tomorrow. All except for Flower Drum Song: This 1961 musical was the first major Hollywood production to have an Asian-American cast, but it s also Rotten on the Tomatometer. We included only Fresh movies, with at least 10 reviews, before ranking them using our ranking formula, takes into factor the movie s year of release and its number of reviews.With all that said, we present the Best Asian-American Movies of all time!

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Ghcxuf NBCUniversal s Saturday lineup at the winter Television Critics Association press tour came with lots of exciting news for critics: The Chucky TV series is happening on Syfy! A new show for Dwayne Johnson on NBC! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are back as Golden Globes hosts!It also came with some frustrations, as NBC Entertainment chairman Paul Telegdy was also met with questions regarding former America s Got Talent co-host Gabrielle Union s complains of workplace toxicity, as well as Saturday Night Live s sudden firing of new hire Shane Gillis before the start of the sketch show s new season. (Rotten Tomatoes, like television channels NBC and Syfy, is also a division of NBCUniversal).Below, we ve gathered some intel TOP STORYMAKING NEW SHOWS FEELS LIKE CHILD S PLAY(Photo by Charles Sykes/NBCUniversal)While much of the day was focused on broadcast network NBC, there was still news coming from the cable networks under the NBCUniversal umbrella. One big one is that Syfy has given a straight-to-series order for Chucky, a television show about the cherubic homicidal doll from the Child s Play movies.According to the press release, the plot follows what happens after a vintage Chucky doll turns up at a suburban yard sale, causing an idyllic American town is thrown into chaos as a series of horrifying murders begin to expose the town’s hypocrisies and secrets. Plus, it promises the arrival of enemies — and allies — from Chucky’s past [who threaten] to expose the truth behind the killings, as well as the demon doll s untold origins as a seemingly ordinary child who somehow became this notorious monster. Don Mancini, who wrote the 1988 film Child s Play, created and will show-run this series. He s also directing the first episode. He is executive producing along with David Kirschner, who produced that film, Nick Antosca and Harley Peyton.A premiere date has yet to be announced.THE GLOBES LEADING LADIES(Photo by Charles Sykes/NBCUniversal)Ricky Gervais promised that the 2020 Golden Globes ceremony would be his last as host, and it looks like he and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association have made good on that; NBC announced on Saturday that close friends and network regulars, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, would return as co-hosts of the annual awards show.Poehler announced the news herself at TCA, appearing on stage at the beginning of the press day in place of NBC Entertainment executive vice president of communications Chip Sullivan. She also shared that NBC has renewed Making It, the feel-good crafting show hosted by herself and Nick Offerman, for a third season. NBC is also working with Fey and her 30 Rock showrunner Robert Carlock on an untitled comedy that stars Ted Danson as mayor of Los Angeles and also includes Holly Hunter and Bobby Moynihan.THE ROCK S NOSTALGIC NEW SHOW(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)Before he was a charismatic Tweeter, former wrestler, star of HBO s Ballers, and the world s highest paid actor June 2018–June 2019 (according to Forbes), Dwayne The Rock Johnson was a scrappy kid causing trouble. Johnson and Fresh Off the Boat’s Nahnatchka Khan will explore his trajectory for our entertainment in new series, The Young Rock. The sitcom, which Telegdy announced Saturday, has a straight-to-series order. While no premiere date has been announced, Johnson recorded a cellphone video for TCA that included him talking passionately about his roots and also promising that he would be featured in each episode.AGT, SNL AND NBC S BEHIND-THE-SCENES DRAMA(Photo by Trae Patton/NBC)Actress Gabrielle Union announced she d be leaving her post as co-host of America s Got Talent in December, citing a toxic work environment and causing NBC to launch an investigation into working conditions on the set of the popular reality competition show. Telegdy told journalists that this investigation is still on-going but he said that we will put new practices into place, if necessary. Telegdy was also asked if new vetting policies were put in place after sketch show Saturday Night Live hired and then eventually fired Shane Gillis. The comedian lost his job after journalist Seth Simons and others brought to light his history of saying racist comments on his podcast.The executive said that, while he does think SNL boss Lorne Michaels acted quickly, the incident was a learning moment for a lot of people. Still, he added that “vetting people is very triggering for people who live in a world of free speech and comedy that it is an enormously fine line and a gray area.”The latest NBC controversies follow other behind-the-scenes drama in recent years, including the ousting of Today show host Matt Lauer due to allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior, and NBC News  refusal to air Ronan Farrow s reporting on Harvey Weinstein that went on to win a Pulitzer Prize and helped spawn the #MeToo movement.PEACOCK ON THE HORIZON(Photo by NBCUniversal)The news that reboots and other iterations of classic shows like Saved by the Bell and Punky Brewster are being developed for upcoming streaming service Peacock instead of NBC has raised eyebrows — and irked quite a few who don t want to deal with another streamer. Telegdy said this was a studio decision, but would I do Saved By the Bell again? Hell yeah! Telegdy also said his programming will appear on Peacock, saying of course we’ve been working in partnership with them, because it’s called Peacock for a reason. JIMMY FALLON S NEW SHOW, NEW AMSTERDAM RENEWAL NEWS, AND MORE(Photo by Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)In the meantime, NBC does have plenty of new and returning shows for you to watch. Telegdy announced Saturday that Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon will also host the network s new series That s My Jam. Based on musical segments from Fallon s late-night show, the comedy variety series will allow celebrities to compete with each other through song and dance. It will premiere during the Tokyo Olympics.NBC renewed New Amsterdam for three seasons, keeping the medical drama on the air at least through the 2022-23 television season, and renewed its successful holiday special event series Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways, from executive producer Ellen DeGeneres, for a new season.The network also ordered 10-part global event series The New World from BBC Studios Natural History Unit, which is set to air in 2024. The series will scale across North America, Central America, and South America to explore the vast landscapes, remote wilderness and mysterious creatures of the region.Syfy announced that it is developing limited series The League of Pan, which picks up where Peter Pan left off and follows a group of misfit youths who refuse to grow up. Dominion s Brian McCauley Johnson is writing.THIS IS US WANTING MORE (Photo by Ron Batzdorff/NBC)NBC s press day also included a panel for its tear-jerker family drama This Is Us, where creator Dan Fogelman and the stars provided some teasers.Co-star Sterling K. Brown said the mid-season premiere, which airs January 14, will continue to delve into his character Randall s mental health and how he takes care of himself — what’s right and what’s wrong about how he takes care of himself and how he could potentially do a better job of that.” Fogelman added that it will also kick off what those involved with the show call trilogy episodes, meaning that it will connect with subsequent episodes that will deal with Randall s twin siblings, sister Kate (Chrissy Metz) and brother Kevin (Justin Hartley).As for internet fan theories that the show in its entirety exists in the mind of one of the characters, similar to the reveal at the end of St. Elsewhere, or that it s actually being told How I Met Your Mother–style with one character retelling the journey to others? I don’t think we’re going to pull the wool out of what the narrative thread of the story is, Fogelman said. 😈😈


沙巴体育游戏 (Photo by Merrick Morton/HBO)Fans of Perry Mason the character may find themselves confused by the first few episodes of Perry Mason, the new HBO limited series. The gritty new show is less a “reboot,” or even a “re-imagining,” than a total overhaul of the character created by author Erle Stanley Gardner and immortalized on the small screen by Raymond Burr in the 1950s-60s TV series and later TV films. The famously sharp criminal defense lawyer isn’t even a lawyer as the HBO series opens in L.A. in 1931; instead, played by Emmy winner Matthew Rhys, he is a private investigator more comfortable sneaking into Hollywood starlets’ homes to snap scandalous photographs than he is in a courtroom.HBO’s Mason will eventually suit up and stand before the jury as the series progresses, but even then, this Mason is a different beast. Where the lawyer of the novels and beloved TV show was a mostly blank slate, Rhys’s Mason is a WWI veteran struggling with a crisis of faith, a battle to hold onto his family’s farm, and a drinking problem. (The series is set during the tail-end of Prohibition, but no one is adhering to the laws of the day.) Rhys, who joined the project after co-executive producer Robert Downey Jr. pulled out of the lead role, says it’s these “cracks” in the character that drew him in. “Life serves up plenty of cracks,” Rhys told Rotten Tomatoes, “and that’s where my interest certainly lies.”While the new series may not look much like a traditional Perry Mason series, it does bear the signatures of a traditional HBO prestige drama. It is a single serialized story, lavishly produced, and packed with scene-stealing performances from some big names: Rhys is already earning acclaim as the brooding P.I.-cum-lawyer; John Lithgow shines as his boss and mentor; and Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany plays evangelical preacher – and potential heretic – Sister Alice, whose church becomes increasingly entwined with the series’ central case of a mother being tried for the kidnapping and murder of her baby boy.Gotham standout Chris Chalk is on hand too as a reimagined Paul Drake, a P.I. in the novels, here a Black beat cop torn between his loyalty to a corrupt institution that both employs and spurns him, and Mason’s pursuit of true justice. Chalk’s character and plotline, navigating racism both explicit and systemic – almost 100 years ago – feels disarmingly relevant as the series premieres to a nation protesting police brutality against Black Americans.Ahead of the series’ first episode, Rhys spoke with Rotten Tomatoes about the connection between Perry Mason and the moment we’re in, why “HBO-ifying” the famous lawyer was the best approach for a modern reboot, and whether he would ever return to the role that won him an Emmy, Russian spy Phillip Jennings on FX s The Americans.Joel Meares for Rotten Tomatoes: I was reading an interview you gave the New York Times where you had said that your first reaction to hearing that they were rebooting Perry Mason was: Oh God, why? Can you talk a little bit about that reaction, and tell us what it was that changed your mind?Matthew Rhys: Yeah, it s a relatively simple answer in that I got this message from my agent saying, I want to talk to you about a remake of Perry Mason. And then I thought, God, why do you want to remake Perry Mason? [I was] thinking it would just be some generic, weekly, case-solved, man-in-a-good-suit… not much depth was my imagining of it. You know what I mean? All great justice, or a servant of justice, et cetera. Then when he got back to me, he said, Actually HBO want to make it,” and I went Oh, it s not going to be a remake, because HBO will HBO-ify it. Then when I went and met with team Downey [Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr., wife-and-husband co-executive producers], the producers on it and the writers, it was very apparent very quickly that this wasn t a remake, but a re-imagining, and a redefining of who I think we believe Perry Mason is.(Photo by HBO)Mason’s been such a blank canvas in so many other iterations. Here, as you say, he’s been “HBO-ified”: he s divorced, he s drinking, he s having a crisis of faith, he was in the Great War. Why the decision to fill in the blanks? And why did the team feel modern audiences would be drawn to this version of Perry Mason?Rhys: When I met with the writers, they said, Look, our hope is that we’ve loaded this guy s bases and that he s cracked. You know, that s what they were interested in portraying and that s certainly part of the large attraction for me – seeing someone with some very real universal issues that you can relate to. Like I said, I wasn t interested in the great servant of justice. I liked how fallible he was, how kind of gray his life is. It s not that it s depressing, but it s certainly not black and white. He lives in the cracks.All of the elements they heaped upon him, I think there s a foundation, so they come from some very real places. Certainly, his time as a veteran and through the war has informed enormously who he is when we find him. His family, both his own immediate family and his generational family problems, on top of everything else, there were just a number of things I could relate to, or I could see that would be interesting to watch and certainly play.We don’t get the Mason that I think some audiences might be expecting – the clever, inspirational trial attorney – until later in the series. And there is one sequence which really stands out, when you really give us old-school Perry Mason with a big courtroom reveal, but it s kind of a bait-and-switch. Was that fun to play? To have a moment where you could be the heroic lawyer, even if it wasn t necessarily truly happening in the narrative? Rhys: Yes, I loved how the whole project was approached. We had to be careful because we were working with Erle Stanley Gardner s estate. It wasn t just carte blanche, you couldn t be willy-nilly and say, We want to give you this, this, and this. Things have to be okayed, and they were as game for it as everyone else, which was refreshing. But yeah, there was a sense of mischief in that you knew there s a certain generation of people probably tuning in hoping to see one thing and going, Oh, well, I wasn t expecting that. And there was an element, possibly, a smug element of the inside joke going, Everyone might be expecting this, but we re not going to do it. There was fun to that as well.(Photo by Merrick Morton/HBO)It s impossible to talk about this show without talking about the time that it s premiering in – this is a show in which police violence, corruption, and racism is front and center. Was Ferguson and the Black Lives Matter movement alive in the conversation as you guys were developing this series, working out the plot and who the characters would be?Rhys: Not as specific as you ve outlined and certainly not as specific as what we re seeing at the moment. They re age-old issues that they were interested in showing. There s a number of reasons. I know Robert Downey Jr was interested in – and certainly with Paul Drake (Chris Chalk) – creating these outsiders who were kind of unified by that element. Los Angeles was always going to play a very interesting character in this piece. And at that time, there was this incredible thing happening where Black policemen were deployed to police their Black neighborhoods, but with White jurisdictions or White suspects, they didn t have the same equality as their White counterparts. So, it was this incredibly interesting, if incredibly fraught, time. Certainly nothing new, but sadly something that is still relevant in this day and age. That was something they did want to bring to the forefront.Pivoting a little bit, I wanted to talk about Sister Alice (Tatiana Maslany) and Perry s relationship with her. But first of all, I just want to know how exhausted Tatiana was after delivering her incredibly lively sermons? I watched her thinking, Holy s t, I hope she only had to do one take. Rhys: I don t know how she did that physically. The funeral scene was like two days – she did that sermon to 400 extras and she did not drop in any way in intention, clarity, focus, energy. It was like a feat of endurance to do that for two 14-hour days straight. I don t know how she did it. It s a testament to her.(Photo by Merrick Morton/HBO)When people watch the first couple of episodes, they may start to think, Who is this person? What is the connection? Because there are kind of parallel plots happening. Without giving the plot away, how would you describe their emotional and experiential connection? What’s drawing these two characters to circle each other?Rhys: I think they recognize in each other a number of things. They re kind of caught in their own set of circumstances, looking out. They ve had a number of impositions placed upon them, constraints in a way. And, ultimately, they re very free-thinking, strong-willed people. Mason s stance on religion – possibly brought about from his own family upbringing but definitely because of the war – where he s kind of lost his religion, he views any kind of structured religion with great suspicion. So he is very wary of her. He very plainly says to her, God left me in France. And thus begins, like you said, the circling, this cat-and-mouse where he s kind of going, I think I ve got your card lady. And she s kind of going, Oh if only you knew the half of it.  They re just very intrigued with each other, which I think is great. That is very often skirted, we had a very few scenes together. So that always keeps you dangling.One of the other great relationships Perry has is with John Lithgow s E.B. Jonathan, his boss and mentor. Had you worked with John before? Were you a fan?Rhys: No, no, never worked with him. Huge fan, though, even from Footloose. I remember thinking, When was it I first saw John Lithgow? And I m like, Oh my god, Footloose. And he s like an icon now. You realize why [he s an icon] when he comes on set, because he s such a pro, in a Herculean scale. He comes on, he s got all these ideas, he’s so prepared. He s the real deal. I was awestruck when I saw him. It took me a moment to go, Oh my god. I m talking, sharing a screen with John Lithgow. It was a great moment.(Photo by Merrick Morton/HBO)You kind of get to impersonate him later in the series. Did you workshop that with him? Has he seen it?Rhys: I don t think he s seen it – I hope he hasn t seen it. And I was worried because I came to love the man dearly and the last thing you want to do is create any kind of offense. So that worried me a bit. I watched so many YouTubes of him and went, Oh god, I hope this doesn t offend.” But we ll see You’ve said you didn’t go back to read the source material or watch the original series starring Raymond Burr. Why did you approach it that way?Rhys: I ve done some book adaptations in the past and what I always do, I read the book and then I tend to bring things from the book into the script that script doesn t necessarily hold up, warrant, or justify. So this time I was like I m going to leave the books alone. I m going to stick purely to the script.” So that s the Bible, that s the linear point. So that there s no other influence.And I know with my own self, if I was to start watching any Raymond Burr, whether I was aware of it or not, I would have unconsciously or subconsciously probably started imitating or stealing or mimicking or bringing something. Then if you found out, that would be embarrassing. So I didn t want any influences. I just wanted to kind of build him boots-up on my own.(Photo by Patrick Harbron/FX/Everett Collection)Finally, Rotten Tomatoes users are huge fans of The Americans. Is Phillip Jennings a character you would ever revisit either in a film or some other adaptation that continued his story?Rhys: Oh my God, I would revisit Phillip in a heartbeat. One of the simple facts is there s so much foundation work gone in now. Whenever you picked him up, it would be just be so incredibly interesting. Whether you see them in Russia, whether you see them come back to try and find Henry, there s so much that you could mine from how it was left. I would do it in a heartbeat.Is there a storyline you d be most interested in pursuing, or a period that you d be most interested in going to for Phillip?Rhys: Yes. One of the things I thought was just heartbreaking, and Joe Weisberg the creator said something interesting [about this], is that there has to be a cost to what they ve done. As much as we created antiheroes, there has to be a cost to what they ve done. And the greatest cost is abandoning, leaving their children, which as a kind of new father, I just found incomprehensible. So I think as we joined Phillip, what he would want is to see his children again. And the coming down of the Berlin Wall, I wonder if that would be a kind of good kickstarter for him to try and find Paige and Henry again. And then have a shootout with Stan or something.OK, but no more U2 or you ll break me again. That was too much.Rhys: I know, I can t listen to that song the same any more.Perry Mason airs Sundays on HBO from June 21, 2020.

这次的《数码宝贝:新世纪》手游由万代南梦宫上海联合奇侠互娱共同开发、腾讯代理发行,这也是中国大陆地区首款以原创剧情为主,同时包含原作动画剧情的卡牌+RPG手机游戏。 (Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel Studios)Critics and fans alike are loving Avengers: Endgame. The movie is Certified Fresh at 95% and made a cool .2 billion at the global box office in its first weekend. It could very well turn out to be the biggest movie ever – and one of the most beloved. The key to its success? Critics say it s all about giving the MCU s loyal fans what they want. Eric Eisenberg of Cinema Blend was typical in his assessment, calling Endgame,  A wonderful gift to all those who have spent the last decade-plus emotionally engaging with the lives and adventures of these characters.” It s stacked with f k yeah moments and delights, the best of which make callbacks to early films in the franchise.And one of those movies is more important than any other.So, hear us out: Endgame owes much of its success to that under-sung hero of the MCU, Avengers: Age of Ultron. While one of the least popular entries in the MCU, and the lowest-rated Avengers flick on the Tomatometer at 75% (which is still not bad!), Ultron deserves credit as the foundation on which the entire second half of the MCU was built. And we re about to make a spoiler-filled case as to why, breaking down the story beats and relationships that Ultron established and that Endgame would use to such great effect – so be warned if you ve not seen Endgame, Ultron, or both.Major spoilers for Avengers: Endgame follow. Hulk Taking Control of Both Sides? It Started With Ultron.(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel Studios)Around the time of Age of Ultron, there was still hope at Marvel that they would be able to make a deal for the Hulk and start a string of Hulk-only movies. Universal still owned the rights to the character for all standalone films, but behind the scenes, there were talks. When it became clear that a deal was not going to be forthcoming, Marvel spread the planned events for a standalone Hulk film throughout Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor: Ragnarok, and the Infinity War two-parter. That’s right, the seeds of the fantastic Hipster Hulk payoff in Endgame were first sewn in Ultron. Think back to the Hulk/Banner in Ultron; he’s held back from the team at times to make sure he doesn’t do too much damage. Then, after a wave of the finger from Scarlet Witch, he wreaks havoc. Throughout Ultron, Banner is always questioning whether the team needs a ‘code green.’ He knows the Hulk s a powerful weapon, but he s terrified that he s not in control. By Endgame, we ve finally seen the complete character arc from this struggle in Ultron, to the Hulk completely taking over in Thor: Ragnarok, to Banner s inability to summon the green guy in Avengers: Infinity War, to the eventual blend of the Hulk s might and Bruce s mind in the new movie. (The latest incarnation is a play on a storyline that first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #377, in which Banner finally has control of both the monster and his mind – adding hipster glasses with a huge cardigan is just a lovely bonus.)The Start of a Beautiful and Pivotal Relationship: Wanda and Vision, a.k.a. WandaVision.(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel Studios)The WandaVision relationship, as well as their powers, would become crucial to the MCU and especially to the Infinity Saga. It is also central to two of the saga s biggest moments: it s Vision s death in Infinity War that breaks our hearts, and it s Wanda s moment of revenge and power in Endgame that gives us such great feels. And that all started with Ultron. From her first encounter with Vision in Age of Ultron, Wanda is drawn to his mind; even when we still didn t know if he was good or evil, her first words about him were, “I can read him… his mind. Ultron introduces Wanda and her brother to his creation in the final stages of completion and even before his birth, Vision s mind called out to her. Talk about a meet-cute.When we finally learn Thanos master plan to gather all the Infinity Stones, we realize quickly that Vision will be in danger. The Mind Stone is the origin of his powers – it s literally fused to his head using whatever tech stuff Shuri was talking about in Infinity War. That connection sets up what might be the Infinity Saga s ultimate and most painful sacrifice: Killing Vision in Infinity War as a last-ditch effort to thwart Thanos turns out to be a pointless and heartbreaking effort – with a twist of the Infinity Gauntlet, it is all undone. We watched them fall in love, beginning in Ultron, and witnessed their tragic end in Infinity War. When she appears in Endgame, summoning her powers in fury, it s a completely satisfying bookend to everything Ultron began.Who is worthy? THE PERFECT SETUP FOR CAP S BIG HAMMER MOMENT.In one of the best scenes in Age of Ultron, the Avengers pal around with a few drinks at an afterparty. What is played as an entertaining comedic break, with the various members trying to lift Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, actually sets up one of the biggest moments of Endgame. Iron Man, War Machine, Hawkeye, and – comically – Bruce Banner all try to lift the hammer and prove themselves worthy. None are successful, but for one brief moment, Captain America tugs at Mjölnir, and it quivers. The movement wipes a confident smirk off Thor’s face and signals that maybe Steve Rogers could one day wield the hammer. So it’s no surprise in the finale of Endgame to see who is lifting Mjölnir. Thor even exclaims, “I knew it!” (It s actually another direct pull from the comics: Captain America is one of the few worthy enough to wield the hammer forged in the heart of a dying star – we re still getting goosebumps just thinking about it.)Clint Barton, Hawkeye, and the farm.According to Ultron director Joss Whedon, there were several creative differences between him and Marvel Studios during the filming of Age of Ultron, none more contentious than the debate over the trip to the farm to meet Clint’s family. Marvel brass were apparently not into giving Hawkeye a familial backstory – having seen Endgame, we re thankful they lost on that one. The broken, singularly focused, vigilante Ronin that Hawkeye becomes in Endgame doesn t have the same resonance if we haven t spent time with his family. (And what about that opening scene?!) The device of the farm is also used to further establish the closeness between Natasha and Hawkeye, as in Ultron we learn that she is the only one with prior knowledge of the farm and his family life. These quiet moments raise the emotional stakes of the fight we see between Clint and Natasha in Endgame, as they do battle over who will sacrifice themselves for the Soul Stone. Without the Ultron setup, those stakes would not be so high.Tony vs. Cap: A Civil War begins.Civil War may have been the first battle between the Avengers, but some early, quiet shots were fired in Ultron. The argument on the farm during which Steve scolds Tony for creating, and especially for not telling him about, Ultron, is one many will point back to as the start of their fracturing. Then there is the physical fight between Captain America and Iron Man that happens later in Ultron, while Tony tries to finish his Vision . Steve and Tony come to blows about it just before Thor harnesses lighting to finally birth Vision. The Russo brothers told us in our extended interview that the Avengers failed in Avengers: Infinity War because they were divided, and the cracks of that fatal divide first began to appear in Ultron. Even direct quotes from Age of Ultron reappear in Endgame with Tony repeating his warning, “We’ll lose – adding Steve’s reply of “We’ll lose together” is of little solace. That broken version of Tony, ripping his core from his chest, was perhaps even harder to watch than his heroic end.Tony, always trying to get ahead of things.(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel Studios)It starts and stops with Tony. The whole plot of Ultron comes from one driving force: Tony’s fear of the next thing from space trying to annihilate the earth. That up there, he quips, pointing to the sky and referencing the alien invasion of New York. That s the endgame. And it was, in every sense of the word. Thanos does come to destroy the earth, and that threat is what the Avengers were created to stop. Tony, in creating Ultron, was trying to win a war before it started; during the wood cutting argument, Steve astutely reminds him, “Every time someone tries to win a war before it starts, people die.” Before the events of Ultron, Tony created Veronica just in case they ever lost control of The Hulk (or a lullaby didn’t work). The Hulkbuster back-up plan kind of worked. That drive to plan ahead, to be prepared, may have been a fatal flaw with Ultron, but it also allowed Tony to outsmart Thanos in Endgame. The glove Tony installs on his suit to steal the infinity stones is just that type of planning. He was reluctant to join the second fight and the visions of defeat he saw in Ultron still haunt him, but he was, in the end, able to use that fear to defeat their most formidable foe. It s a complete bookend to the character and his essential motivation.(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel Studios)And there are so many smaller Ultron setups:Ragnarok: Heimdall first teases Ragnarok and the fact they will lose in Thor’s vision before he later heads to a cave to get more answers. Thor sees the Infinity Stones and the gauntlet for the first time. More breadcrumbs to our final battle.Avengers Assemble: The “Avengers Assemble” line that Captain America calls out in the final battle was first teased in Ultron. A near synonymous tag line for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, it is a line comic book fans have been waiting to hear. We cut to credits before Cap could call it out in Ultron, but we finally get it in Endgame.Wakanda: In a quick scene with Ulysses Klaw, we first hear reference what would turn out to be the key destination in the highest-grossing superhero movie ever – before Endgame. Vibranium, Andy Serkis with a Wakandan tattoo, and the rest is history.(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel Studios)Captain America Back With Carter: We’d have to guess it’s not a coincidence that Wanda’s visions sent Captain America back to Agent Carter and the 1940s. Throughout the series, his greatest regret is not being able to share a life with her, thus making his ending as an old man who stole time to get a life all the sweeter. Fine, I ll do it myself : We meet a winking and silent Thanos in The Avengers, and we first spy the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor’s Scarlet Witch vision. But it s not until Ultron s mid-credits stinger that we see our big baddie in full armor – voiced by Josh Brolin – snatching the gauntlet and saying, “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel Studios)The Avengers Facility: A small but noteworthy moment. The Avengers get a new home. The Avengers compound is basecamp going forward.

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