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亚博老虎机网站采用百度引擎8(Baidu 6)egative Man, which, on any other show might be too weird to really work, but here it just adds to the overall bizarre vibe and weird nature of the program. – YeomanFinal Verdicts?(Photo by Bob Mahoney / ©2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment inc. All Rights Reserved)In a most welcome and unexpected surprise, DC Universe s Doom Patrol scores touchdowns right from the get-go. This is the superhero series to watch in 2019. – JosephI still cannot shake that the special effects are not even on par with Legends of Tomorrow but there is enough here that I am interested in following this show to see where it goes. – Alex Maidy, JoBlo s Movie EmporiumThe third original series from the fledgling streaming service is wonderfully bizarre and self-aware, exactly what you d hope for comic book characters once billed as the World s Strangest Heroes.  – Kevin Melrose, CBRThis adaptation from executive producers Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti is just as wonderful and weird as the comic. – Mark A. Perigard, Boston HeraldDoom Patrol launches Friday, February 15 on DC Universe.

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With a Tomatometer score that places it among the worst-received in the past decade and ratings that Variety called a staggering low, the 93rd Academy Awards will go down in history as a failed experiment.Here s what critics had to say.The High Points: It Was DifferentThe fairest thing to say is that Academy Awards are rarely very entertaining to watch, but at least this year they were not very entertaining in an unexpected way. – Nicholas Barber, BBC.comNo one s asking for their money back: The 93rd Oscars were by far the best movie awards show of the past year. Hopefully it s also the last pandemic show we ll ever have to endure. – Lindsey Bahr, Associated PressThe question was, would it be a good sort of different or a bad sort of different? The ceremony turned out to be a bit of both-and yet, on balance, still more entertaining than the average pre-COVID Oscars. – Judy Berman, TIME MagazineLook, I m a sucker for Soderbergh s kooky art projects. This Oscar night looked different from any other, and the parts that worked were exciting enough to suggest a new style for blather-y awards shows. – Darren Franich, Entertainment WeeklyA fascinating exercise in rising to the occasion where necessary, and tripping on its gown when changing things for change s sake. – Caroline Framke, VarietyThe resulting relatively fast-paced and deeply personal ceremony actually might have been something more vital — a true Hollywood reinvigoration. – Dominic Patten, Deadline Hollywood DailyI m not sure we need this kind of lean approach every year, with its glut of words and its odd shortage of clips, but it did seem like the right style for a sobering year that has been ridden with loss, grief, illness, and financial strain. – Matthew Gilbert, Boston GlobeThe Low Points: Oy, That EndingIf the first two hours of The 93rd Oscars started to shakily reinvent the franchise s formula, the final stretch collapsed into confusion and chaos. The tone flailed wildly. – Shirley Li, The AtlanticSoderbergh and his co-producers seemed so terrified of appearing flippant about coronavirus they had apparently instructed guests to bang on about it at every opportunity. – Ed Power, Daily Telegraph (UK)The memorial reel was introduced with a strange recitation of all the bad things that can kill people, including poverty, which seemed to shove the losses of some of the most beloved people to the background behind political issues. As though people wouldn’t die if only we fixed our social problems Bryan Cranston’s giving out an Oscar to a nursing home in a deserted Dolby Theatre (the usual site) really captured the energy level of the night, and the slurred delivery by a suddenly 185-year-old Harrison Ford when he attempted a clunky comedy bit about initial negative reactions to Blade Runner was sad and dispiriting. – Kyle Smith, National ReviewThe Oscars finale was a heartless disaster Instead of having the previous year s Best Actress announce the Best Actor award and vice versa, the Academy broke tradition again and invited Joaquin Phoenix — who famously hates awards shows — to present the final award. Phoenix awkwardly read the lead-in to Best Actor which, in a shocking twist, went to Anthony Hopkins of The Father. Hopkins wasn t even in attendance, so the Oscar night ended abruptly, with the Academy accepting the award on his behalf. The debacle represents more than just the heights of miscalculation. Any way you look at it, the move was horribly unfair to the Best Picture winner. – Jeva Lange, The WeekMost of the innovations fell flat, and the Oscars worst tendencies towards bloat and self-congratulation were only amplified in the new setting. Every Oscar broadcast has its slow parts. This year, it felt like all slow parts. – Dave Nemetz, TV LineNo film clips. No songs. No host. No fun. The words show don t tell never occurred to Soderbergh and his crew. It was like if the Grammys didn t have any music. – Rob Sheffield, Rolling StoneThis is how I know for sure that the 2021 Oscars was a prestige-TV show and not a movie: because it was mostly enjoyable until the terrible finale that ruined the whole thing. – Jen Chaney, New York Magazine/VultureThe Affair Overall: It Was Not the Celebration of Movies We NeededThe Oscars this year of all years should have been a great big global commercial for motion pictures and the need for them in our lives. I brought my movie love. I don t feel like the 93rd Annual Academy Awards quite returned it. – Pete Hammond, Deadline Hollywood DailyOverall it all felt similar to previous Oscar shows, and often flat, especially without the masses (there were 170 at the ceremony compared to the usual several thousand in Dolby Theatre), loud applause and rattling of borrowed jewellery. – Jeremy Kay, Screen InternationalMay have felt like an earnest celebration of the people who make movies, but, thanks to some bad decisions, wound up being both a boring TV show and a lackluster argument for heading back out to movie theaters. – Kristi Turnquist, OregonianI could see what the producers were going for. Maybe I even respect what the producers were going for. But they didn t beat the house. Not this time. – Dan Fienberg, Hollywood ReporterIn a bid for elegance, the broadcast courted sluggishness. – Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles TimesIt s tough to remember Oscars ceremonies from one year to the next, but the 2021 Academy Awards telecast may stand the test of time for all the wrong reasons. It was bad. Really bad. – Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewThis strange time has a way of taxing our short term memory, and once this awards season is a dot in our rearview mirror perhaps we ll simply look at this Oscars as an adventurous effort that in the end, couldn t wriggle free from clichéd habits. – Melanie McFarland, Salon.comThe changes, however necessary, were a reminder of how the rituals of the Oscars, no matter how lame and formulaic, are a crucial part of its appeal — the mixture of performative glamour with the klutzy, mortifying atmosphere of a high school dance. – Mike Hale, New York TimesA breezy three-hour event is hard to pull off, and it s even harder to make entertaining. Besides a bit of hard-earned magic, Oscars telecasts rely on tension, spectacle, and surprises. Stripping out the first two and relying on the third is a risky bet. – Ben Travers, indieWire 皓月王者,在游戏中,一切装备全靠爆,所有的玩家上线就能够免费获得终极套装奖励一份。在皓月王者手游平台上,专为玩家展现非常经典的单职业传奇玩法,致力于让玩家轻松爱上这款热血传奇游戏。游戏内所有的资源都是能够自由交易,免费兑换。

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Best-Reviewed Comedies 2019In a year in which a number of the best comedies were genre blends – comedy-slash-dramas The Farewell and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, comedy-slash-horror Once Cut of the Dead – it was a pure and unmitigated laugh-fest that took out top place for the critics. Olivia Wilde’s directing debut, working from a sharp script from Emily Halpern, Sarah Haskins, Susanna Fogel, and Katie Silberman, made a huge splash at South By Southwest, with critics praising leads Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever for their work in a kind of nerdy Superbad meets Lady Bird.The order of the rank below reflects the Adjusted Score as of December 31, 2019. Scores might change over time.« Previous Category Next Category »亚博老虎机网站这款游戏本身上没什么好说的,毕竟玩过的都很了解,不玩的也就不准备加入LOL的游戏当中,毕竟不是人人都喜欢玩MOBA类游戏。所以我们就说一说LOL手游的小情况吧。

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King of the Crop: Ralph Breaks The Internet, the Bank, and a Non-Frozen RecordDebbie DayFor the fourth straight Thanksgiving holiday, Disney led the way. In 2012, Wreck-It Ralph kicked off the holiday movie season in November with a million opening. It went on to gross over 9 million (a 3.86 multiple) domestic and over 1 million worldwide. The sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet, grossed .6 million over the weekend (the third best Thanksgiving weekend not counting Frozen) and .4 million since Wednesday (a five-day Thanksgiving weekend record not counting Frozen).The .3 million Ralph grossed on Thanksgiving is the highest ever for a film that had not played in a single theater yet. (Frozen made million.) That beat Moana’s .9 million and Coco’s .9 million, the two films not named Frozen that were the previous champions for the five-day turkey weekend with and .9 million. (Frozen made .5 million over the holiday when it expanded to 3,742 theaters from one.) The 86% Fresh animated film also made another .5 million overseas, and should have no problem becoming just the eighth Thanksgiving weekend opener to reach 0 million. Can it become the first film not named Frozen to reach the 0 million mark?Fresh Surprise: Creed II Crushes a Franchise Record(Photo by MGM, Warner Bros. Pictures)After the surprise financial (9.7 million) and critical success (95% Tomatometer score) of 2015’s Creed with a 33-year build-up from Rocky IV (0.5 million with inflation), and Creed II now delivers the highest live-action film opening over the Thanksgiving weekend. .2 million over the weekend and .8 million for the five-day. The latest in the Rocky franchise beat Enchanted’s .4 million and million, respectively, back in 2007. Creed did .6 million and .1 million. The sequel, which has an 82% Tomatometer score, has a long way to go to best Mrs. Doubtfire’s 9.1 million, but it certainly has a shot to join the top five list that currently includes Three Men and a Baby (7.7 million), 1996’s 101 Dalmatians (6.1 million), Rocky IV (7.8 million), and Enchanted (7.0 million).Rotten Returns: Robin Hood Sinks to the Bottom of the ChartsDebbie DayIn opposite news, Lionsgate’s latest attempt at a franchise flailed domestically. The million to 0 million budgeted Robin Hood made just .1 million in its first five days. The only Thanksgiving openers since 1990 to open between million to million over that period and surpass million are Martin Scorsese’s Hugo (.5 million) and Casino (.5 million). Lionsgate is clearly hoping this international hero will help bridge that gap overseas. Ridley Scott’s 2010 43%-rated version with Russell Crowe added 6.4 million international dollars to its 5 million domestic total, while 2018’s version has made .7 million so far. But in terms of films in 2018 that American audiences ignored, it’s down there with Pacific Rim Uprising (.4 million less domestic total than production budget), The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (-69 million less), Skyscraper (.2 million less), and Early Man (.7 million less). The film’s 12% Tomatometer score also makes it one of the worst reviewed films ever to be released over Thanksgiving ahead of just End of Days (11%), Out Cold (8%), Deck the Halls (6%), and both Old Dogs and Christmas with the Kranks at 5%.Top 10 and Beyond: Grinch and Queen Film Cruise, While The Favourite Joins Elite Company(Photo by Universal Pictures)Last week’s No. 1, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald dropped to third place, but dropped even further behind its predecessor; Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them was up to 6 million in its tenth day, while Crimes is at just 6.3 million. The first Twilight film had 9.7 million on day 10 and finished with 2.7 million. While it is likely to join Robin Hood in the red on budget vs. domestic totals, its worldwide tally is over 9 million.We are upping last week’s estimate on The Grinch from 0 million–240 million to 0 million to 0 million after a million five-day haul. That’s the third-best Thanksgiving holiday total for a film in its third weekend behind Skyfall (.5 million) and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (.7 million), which were at 0.1 million and 0.1 million after 17 days. The Grinch is at 0.4 million. Meanwhile the parallels between Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star Is Born are striking. The biopic of Queen’s Freddie Mercury is up to 2 million on its 24th day of release after a .8 million weekend. (It dipped just 13.6% despite losing 883 theaters.) Lady Gaga was at 8.6 million in the same period, though it grossed slightly more with million. The scale may be sliding in the other direction, but Bradley Cooper’s Oscar frontrunner is now up to 1 million (3 million worldwide) and with a lack of releases over the next two weeks could manage to cross the 0 million threshold. That Bohemian Rhapsody comes anywhere close to that is a victory nobody expected.Green Book (81%) jumped up to 1,063 theaters this weekend, though Universal certainly was hoping for a better per-theater-average of ,120 for a .4 million weekend. The film’s performance may shift the studio’s focus back to First Man as a more viable awards contender despite its disappointing box office. By the same token, Jason Reitman’s The Front Runner (58%) is anything but when it comes to awards right now. Despite an expansion into 870 theaters in its third week, the film earned just an additional 0,000 for a grand total of .06 million. It looks like the political film will be the lowest grossing wide release of Hugh Jackman’s career, replacing Deception (.59 million), which may have been released in a full 2,000 theaters, but even Woody Allen’s Scoop grossed million, and it never surpassed 541 theaters.In solid limited release news, Yorgos Lanthimos’s The Favourite (95%) opened to a robust 0,000 in just four theaters. Not only is that better than The Lobster (0,252) and The Killing of a Sacred Deer (5,120), but that is the seventh best per-theater-average for a film launching in just four venues behind The Grand Budapest Hotel (1,166), American Sniper (3,456), Moonrise Kingdom (2,996). Steve Jobs (1,522), The Imitation Game 9,352), The Revenant (4,560), and Birdman (4,397). That pushes even Best Picture Oscar winner Moonlight (2,075) out of that Top Ten list, eight of which went on to become Best Picture nominees. Its 5,000 average became the best of the 2018 beating Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade (,949). Netflix is currently not reporting the numbers for Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma, whose advance theatrical release before its streaming premiere next month have been selling out.This Time Last Year: Coco Led and Justice League’s End Was Beginning(Photo by Disney/Pixar)Pixar’s Coco led the way with .8 million, besting the second week of DC’s Justice League, which grossed million over the holiday weekend. Remarkably, though the superhero film made just over million for the five-day holiday, it grossed just an additional .1 million total going forward. Award contenders Call Me By Your Name and Darkest Hour each opened in four theaters and grossed 2,932 and 5,006, respectively, for the best per-theater-averages. The latter went on to gross over million and win Gary Oldman the Oscar for Best Actor. The Top 10 films grossed 8.4 million from Friday to Sunday and scored 60.6% on the Tomatometer. This year’s films made 2.7 million over the three-day and averaged 68.2%On the Vine: New Releases Begin a Virtual Two-Week Vacation(Photo by Screen Gems)Screen Gems’ The Possession of Hannah Grace is the only new wide release we are getting for the next two weeks and even this one may not reach 2,000 theaters. It is also not being screened for press, so draw your own conclusions. Perhaps you can find where Orion (yes, Orion) is opening the zombie musical Anna and the Apocalypse, which is currently 92% Fresh on the Tomatometer.The Full Top 10: November 21-25Ralph Breaks the Internet .6 million (3-day) / .5 million (5-day) (.4 million total)Creed II .2 million (3-day) / .8 million (5-day) (.8 million total)The Grinch – .2 million (3-day) / .0 million (5-day) (0.4 million total)Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – .6 million (3-day) / .9 million (5-day) (7.1 million total)Bohemian Rhapsody – .8 million (3-day) / .3 million (5-day) (2.0 million total)Instant Family – .5 million (3-day) / .4 million (5-day) (.7 million total)Robin Hood .1 million (3-day) / .1 million (5-day) (.2 million total)Widows – .9 million (3-day) / .5 million (5-day) (.5 million total)Green Book .4 million (3-day) / .4 million (5-day) (.8 million total)A Star Is Born – .0 million (3-day) / .0 million (5-day) (1.0 million total)

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4.59.1 6月喜迎如今,LOLM横空出世,带着端游的人气和机制进入到手游市场,与MOBA手游一哥王者荣耀进行贴身肉搏,这个局面相信也是一众核心玩家所期待看到的。先把游戏品质、玩家群体、主打方向等放在一边不谈,仅仅从良性竞争的角度分析,LOLM的出现也是对MOBA类手游市场的重大利好。鲶鱼效应对于一家独大的手游市场来说,是众多玩家所喜闻乐见的。至于LOLM能否挑战王者的一哥地位,还要看正式上市后游戏的实际品质和玩家的参与。

(Photo by Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection)All Leonardo DiCaprio Movies RankedLike Paul Rudd or Jennifer Aniston who would follow, Leonardo DiCaprio got his start in the business befitting all future megastars: Starring in a godawful horror movie. 1991 s Critters 3 was DiCaprio s rite of passage, followed by a bit part in Poison Ivy the next year and that about ended his association with the genre. By 1993, DiCaprio was applying his striking cherubic looks to dramatic features like This Boy s Life and breakthrough What s Eating Gilbert Grape, in which he shared the screen with already-established heartthrob Johnny Depp. Romeo + Juliet made Bill Shakespeare palatable for the mid- 90s teenybopper set, which set the stage for world-storming Titanic, which won all the awards, made all the money, and fashioned DiCaprio as a legend in his own time.Not to rest on his laurels like on a haphazard dresser floating in the ocean, DiCaprio spent the immediate post-Titanic years seeking only to work with the best directors on edgy material, even as they were in their creative doldrums: Woody Allen with Celebrity, and Danny Boyle with The Beach. The viscerally negative reaction to Beach was enough to get DiCaprio to seemingly pull a disappearing act for what seemed like ages in the pre-Internet world. In reality, not even three years had passed when he re-appeared in Gangs of New York, igniting a rich De Niro-esque relationship with Martin Scorsese that would pay dividends with The Aviator, The Departed, Shutter Island, and The Wolf of Wall Street.Beyond his conservation efforts (resulting in documentaries like Ice on Fire and Before the Flood), which have kept him from acting, DiCaprio maintains his brand and allure by making each screen performance a major event, going years between narrative films and working only with the biggest-name directors out there: Clint Eastwood (J. Edgar), Christopher Nolan (Inception), Alejandro González Iñárritu (Best Actor and Best Picture-winning The Revenant), and, most recently, Quentin Tarantino (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood).Read on to see Leonardo DiCaprio s best movies (and his worst) by Tomatometer!
What We Saw in the Season 2 Premiere of The Mandalorian Sometime after the firefight on Navarro, Djarin made his way to a tough planet of gamblers and things that go bump in the night. His quarry: Gor Koresh (John Leguizamo), a dealer who may have information on other Mandalorian culverts. As Djarin subsequently explains, he is hoping other Mandos will have information on the Jedi — a legendary order of space wizards capable of the same physics-bending feats as The Child. But as the culverts all operate independently of one another, he needs to build a new communication network between them.Koresh is more interested in Djarin s shiny Beskar armor, but after a brief skirmish, he reveals the one place he s seen another Mandalorian: Tatooine.Heading back to the desert planet, Djarin meets up again with Mos Eisley landing bay operator Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris) and makes for Mos Pelgo, a tiny mining town most believe was wiped out by raiders after the Empire abandoned the planet.Arriving in town, though, Djarin discovers it is alive and guarded by Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant), a Tatooine native who, by chance, bought a set of familiar Mando armor. Well, familiar to viewers anyway. From Djarin s perspective, it s armor Vanth has no right to wear as he does not follow The Way of Mandalore. After an initial disagreement, they strike a deal: Djarin will help Vanth kill a Krayt Dragon terrorizing the region and Vanth will hand over the armor.(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)Their path leads to a Tusken settlement, where Djarin manages to negotiate a truce between the Sand People and Mos Pelgo. Everyone will help with Krayt Dragon and the Tuskens will never raid the town again — provided the humans never break the peace, of course.This being the Star Wars galaxy, the plan does not go smoothly, but Djarin manages to kill the Krayt Dragon from the inside and all agreements are honored. Sadly, the Mandalorian is no closer to his goal, but at least he has reclaimed some missing Mando armor.In the distance, an apparently alive Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) sees Djarin riding back to Mos Eisley.Season 2 Mandalorian Premiere Resolves Some Rumors (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)In the time since The Mandalorian concluded its first season, many rumors about casting — and classic Star Wars characters appearing in the series — captured the imagination of fans across the internet. And though one would expect most of these would go unanswered for some time, the first episode of season 2 resolved a couple almost immediately.Olyphant s name first emerged as Vanth back in May. The character is pulled from the Star Wars: Aftermath novel trilogy by Chuck Wending. As in the books, he is a human on Tatooine who acquired Boba Fett s armor to bring justice to a backwater settlement, though his telling of the story differs from the books. As a performer, Olyphant brings even more of a Western edge to the character. From Vanth s preference for red to his U.S. Marshal mustache, he feels both a part of the Star Wars universe and our own. Also, it should be said, there s something nice about seeing a man of his word in the Star Wars galaxy. Djarin tends to deal with scum and villainy, so Vanth cheerfully handing the armor over felt unusual and hopeful.Indeed, seeing Djarin broker a peace between humans and Tuskens also felt uncharacteristically hopeful for his corner of the galaxy. Perhaps this will be a running theme this season.(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic; 20th Century Fox)But the big rumor resolved in the episode is the last-second appearance of Morrison as Boba Fett. At least, we think he is Boba Fett. Since his father Jango (also Morrison) volunteered to be the source of the Old Republic s eventual Clone Army, it is possible this character is another clone trooper. We doubt it s Captain Rex, the beloved Star Wars: The Clone Wars character voiced by Dee Bradley Baker — he d never shave that magnificent beard off.Assuming that wanderer in the Dune Sea is Boba Fett, it leaves us with a lot of questions: how did he escape the Great Pit of Carkoon? Why did he allow Vanth to use his armor for the last few years? And, perhaps the most provocative question, will Djarin accept him as a Mandalorian?As it happens, there is some question about his status as a Mando — an inheritance from some of the earliest rumors about Boba Fett in the 1980s Star Wars novels and comics — even though his father was adopted into the tribe at an early age and went on to lead the True Mandalorian faction sometime before the Clone Wars. Also, the armor itself is not Beskar, but instead made of Durasteel. While Djarin gave no indication he recognized the armor, it is possible the legend of the Fetts passed through the culverts. Then again, it is also possible some of that history has been lost. There s also the problem of The Way. Boba, even if he is not an adherent, has taken off his helmet, and Djarin would be unlikely to give the armor back to him. We doubt this will sit well with Boba.Or, who knows, maybe narrowly avoiding 1,000 years of pain and suffering in the belly of a Sarlaac changed his view of the universe.Star Wars Deep Pulls and Cameos That Appear in The Mandalorian’s Season 2 Premiere(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)As series creator and episode director Jon Favreau is not shy about his Star Wars fandom, the episode is littered with callbacks to the first season, the Star Wars films, and various parts of the lore.Our favorite may be the unlikely return of R5-D4. At least, we re fairly sure the R5 unit Motto refers to as unreliable is the very same droid with a bad motivator from the original Star Wars film. The carbon scouring on the rear of  its dome indicates the time it fried itself in front of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and C-3PO (Anthony Daniels). R5-D4 also made a cameo in the first season s Tatooine episode at the now droid-run Mos Eisley cantina.Motto (pictured above) is also a nice callback to the first season. She is such an unexpected, workaday part of the galaxy that her viewpoint on events will always be welcome — see how her worry about The Child feels as lived in as her deprecation of the pit droids.(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)And speaking of the pit droids, we can t help but think Vanth s speeder bike contains the remains of Anakin Skywalker s (Jake Lloyd) podracer. It looks like one of the engines, anyway, and considering how quickly things are forgotten on Tatooine, it is possible the racer was sold for parts only a handful of years after Qui-Gon Jinn sold it to fund repairs on Queen Amidala s (Natalie Portman) ship — events all seen in Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace.The Krayt Dragon is also a interesting pull. Its scream was imitated by Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness) in Star Wars to scare off the Tuskens, and one of its skeletons can be seen just after 3PO and R2-D2 arrive on the planet. Both moments are honored in the episode, but beyond that is the exploration of the Tuskens relationship to the creature. They fear the beast, but are also happy to harvest its innards should the opportunity arise. Also, anyone who played Knights of the Old Republic will get a shiver of déjà vu during the dragon hunt and the subsequent discovery of the pearl inside the carcass.The Mandalorian Season 2 Premiere Leaves Some Questions Unanswered (Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)Although the episode was quite satisfying, it left us with a few unanswered questions. It wouldn t be Star Wars without some dangling plot points, after all.Is Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) alive? She was seemingly rescued at the last moment by someone wearing spurs in last season s Tatooine episode. The common belief was either Boba Fett or Vanth found her. But she was completely absent from the Mos Pelgo adventure. It is still possible she died and the spur-wearing wander just looted her corpse, but it is also equally possible she was just off camera while Boba watched Djarin speed away.How Much Time Has Passed Since Last Season? Considering Djarin bought a new hoverpram for The Child and he seems comfortable with his jetpack, some time has passed since his encounter with Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), but it would be nice to know if it s been weeks or months since that time. And, unlike most infants, The Child will not appreciably grow for awhile, so he cannot be our calendar.Where Are The Imps? Although Djarin and his friends routed the Imps on Navarro, its safe to assume Gideon has some sort of backup. Are they tracking the Razor Crest? If not, why not?The Mandalorian streams on Disney+ with new episodes launching on Fridays.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
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American Crime Story goes behind the blue dress in its third season, Peacock orders a Field of Dreams series from Michael Schur, Netflix releases a first look at Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki as Charles and Diana in The Crown, top trailers include Foundation and Scenes from a Marriage, and more of the biggest news in TV and streaming this week.TOP STORYMonica Lewinsky Has Her Say in Impeachment: American Crime Story Telling of the Clinton ScandalFor months after her affair with President Bill Clinton became public knowledge, Monica Lewinsky’s life unraveled. Things weren’t going so well for Clinton, either, but Lewinsky had been painted by #TeamClinton as a stalker, as someone obsessed with Clinton. And as part of her agreement with White House investigator Ken Starr, Lewinsky wasn’t even allowed to publicly defend herself.Lewinsky has since, of course, told her story, even writing a book, Monica’s Story, in 1999, but there’s nothing like seeing your story unfold week after week on a TV screen. With FX’s Impeachment: American Crime Story, viewers will have the chance to understand how the real Lewinsky was not the same woman who was the subject of constant hateful, body-shaming media coverage (often from female writers) and cruel jokes, her life forever altered.In FX’s Television Critics Association panel for the series, executive producer and writer Sarah Burgess talked about how Lewinsky, a consultant on the project, hoped she would be portrayed, and what Burgess herself felt was most important to impart about Lewinsky.“There is just no experience comparable to that,” Burgess said. “I always felt it important and very clear that we would work with her and speak to her … about every script page … it feels like in 1998 our culture sort of created a second Monica Lewinsky that doesn t bear any relationship to the real person.(Photo by Tina Thorpe (images 1 and 7)/Kurt Iswarienko (all others)/FX)“So, I think for me and for Monica, the understanding that a real human arrived in Washington and went through these experiences, understanding the pressures that she was under, the surreal experience she was in, in this affair with the President, and then everything that she went through as the story came out … I mean, really, I m still shocked when I’m on LexisNexis the way our culture responded to things, like a very vulnerable Barbara Walters interview, the talk about hostility, the sort of dismissiveness, the assumption that she wasn t smart. All of that was always very important to me to bring forward, and I think to Monica as well.”Added Beanie Feldstein, who portrays Lewinsky in Impeachment, “I knew that every word that I was saying was approved and had been to Monica first … she would give all her feedback and notes. And by the time it got to me, I was sure that everything in there was something that she felt comfortable with, she felt was real to her life and felt represented her.”Impeachment: American Crime Story premieres on September 7 and also stars Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp, Annaleigh Ashford as Paula Jones, Clive Owen as Bill Clinton, and Edie Falco as Hillary Clinton.In other TCA highlights from the week:In a Discovery+ session, Legally Blonde star Selma Blair talked about her new documentary, Introducing, Selma Blair, which won the Special Jury Award for Exceptional Intimacy in Storytelling in the Documentary Feature Competition at South by Southwest in March. The incredibly moving doc unfolds Blair’s experience living with and adapting to the changes in her life while she’s dealing with multiple sclerosis. And she revealed during the TCA session that her MS is currently in remission, after a stem cell transplant she underwent last year. “It took about a year after [the transplant] for the inflammation and lesions to really go down, so I was reluctant to talk about it because I felt this need to be more healed,” Blair said. “I don’t have any new lesions forming … There’s still maintenance, treatment and glitches, and wonderful things. Cognitively, I’m very changed, and that’s been the harder part.”Introducing, Selma Blair will have a limited release in theaters on October 15, and will begin streaming on Discovery+ on Oct. 21.First Look at Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki in The CrownHere they are, the first look at the new Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki, in season 5 of The Crown on Netflix.Our new Prince Charles (Dominic West) and Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki). pic.twitter.com/2QIMOhY1dE The Crown (@TheCrownNetflix) August 17, 2021NEW TRAILERS: Unrest Plagues the Galactic Empire in Epic Series Adaptation of Isaac Asimov s Seminal Foundation Novels Sci-fi drama Foundation, produced by David S. Goyer, adapts Isaac Asimov’s series of novels — the inspiration for Star Wars and other sci-fi works — about the thousand-year-long saga of a band of exiles, who find that the only way they can save their Galactic Empire from destruction is to go against it. Stars Jared Harris, Lee Pace, and Leah Harvey. Premieres September 24 on Apple TV+.More trailers and teasers released this week:• Scenes from a Marriage is the HBO limited series remake of Ingmar Bergman’s classic 1973 Swedish miniseries about, you guessed it, a troubled marriage, this time between Jonathan (Oscar Isaac) and Mira (Jessica Chastain). The series also stars Tovah Feldshuh and Corey Stoll and is executive produced and directed by Hagai Levi (The Affair). Premieres Sept. 12. (HBO)• Frogger is the game show for everyone who ever wished they could be the little froggy inside the videogame. Real life Frogger means getting soaked, but not, thankfully, squashed. Hosted by Damon Wayans Jr. and Kyle Brandt. Premieres Sept. 9. (Peacock)• Highway to Heaven is a reboot movie of the 1984-89 NBC drama that starred Michael Landon as an angel sent to Earth to help people. In the remake, Jill Scott plays angel Angela, who is hired by junior high school principal Bruce (Barry Watson) as a guidance counselor, which immediately puts her in the perfect play to spot some people who can use her help. Premieres Nov. 6. (Lifetime)• Blood Brothers: Malcolm X Muhammad Ali is the Kenya Barris–produced documentary, based on the book Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X by authors Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith. Premieres Sept. 9. (Netflix)• Pen15’s animated special finds Anna and Maya on vacay, but time away from home doesn’t mean leaving their worries behind. Stars Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle. Premieres Aug. 27. (Hulu)• BMF is the 50 Cent–produced, real-life drama about the crime organization operated by Detroit brothers Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory. Stars Russell Hornsby Jr. and Demetrius Flenory Jr. (playing his father). Premieres Sept. 26. (Starz)• NYC Epicenters: 9/11 → 2021½ is a documentary, from Spike Lee, documenting his beloved New York City across the last 20 years, from 9/11 to the COVID pandemic. Premieres Aug. 22. (HBO)• Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal Greed is a documentary that’s sure hinting there’s something far darker in Bob Ross’s life than the happy little trees he taught us all how to paint. Could it be? Premieres Aug. 25 (Netflix)• 61st Street is a courtroom drama starring Courtney B. Vance as a public defender caught in the prosecution of deadly drug bust that threatens to unravel the Chicago police department’s code of silence. Created by Peter Moffat (The Night Of and Your Honor) and executive produced by Michael B. Jordan. Coming soon (AMC)• Nuclear Family is a documentary from filmmaker Ry Russo-Young, who chronicles her own family, growing up with two lesbian moms in the 1970s-80s, until a lawsuit shook up their happy lives. Premieres Sept. 26 (HBO)For all the latest TV and streaming trailers subscribe to the Rotten Tomatoes TV YouTube channel.CASTING: Sterling K. Brown and Randall Park Starring in Buddy Comedy at Amazon(Photo by Nick Agro/ABC via Getty Images; Michael Tran/Getty Images)Sterling K. Brown and Randall Park will co-star in an untitled action comedy at Amazon, written by Wu-Tang: An American Saga creator Alex Tse. Both actors will also produce the movie, which THR compares to 48 Hrs., and describes as about two childhood best friends, now on opposite sides of the law, who have to go on the run together until they can clear their names and thwart some international baddies. (THR)Hank Azaria will co-star with Kyle Chandler, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Kerry Bishé on the first season of Showtime’s Super Pumped, the anthology series that will focus on the backstory of Uber. Azaria will play Apple CEO Tim Cook, Gordon-Levitt is playing Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick, Chandler is playing Texas venture capitalist Bill Gurley, and Bishé will play one of Uber’s first employees. (Variety)The O.C. alum Peter Gallagher is joining the 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Alan Hamilton, who meets Meredith the season opener, but knew her mother a long time ago. Kate Burton, as Ellis Grey, will also appear in the new season, which premieres Sept. 30.The Americans star Noah Emmerich will star in AMC’s Dark Winds, a Western psychological thriller from creator Graham Roland and executive producers Robert Redford and George R.R. Martin in which Emmerich will play an FBI agent trying to boost his dying career by solving a robbery, but only if he can secure the assistance of a Navajo Trial Police lieutenant played by Longmire’s Zahn McClarnon. The six-episode drama is based on author Tony Hillerman’s Leaphorn Chee book series. (Deadline)We Own This City, the upcoming Baltimore police limited series from The Deuce creators David Simon and George Pelecanos, has added Treat Williams, Gabrielle Carteris, Dominick Lombardozzi, and Dagmara Domińczyk. (Deadline)Academy Award–winner Tim Robbins (Mystic River) has signed on for Wool, the Apple TV+ drama from Justified creator Graham Yost. Based on author Hugh Howey’s book of the same name, the series is set in an apocalyptic future where a community lives in a silo hundreds of feet underground and follow a system of rules they think is meant to keep them safe. Robbins will play the silo’s tech guy, opposite Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible 7), who plays an engineer for the silo. (THR)Big Sky star and out trans non-binary performer Jesse James Keitel has joined the cast of Peacock’s Queer as Folk reboot, playing a party girl trying to get more serious about life and grow up. (Variety)Emine

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