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AG亚洲登陆采用百度引擎4(Baidu 2)说到《绝地求生PUBG》相比大伙都耳熟能详。这款由蓝洞开发的战术竞技射击游戏自2017年初上线以来便火爆全球,以及此后的手游移植也同样取得了令人惊讶的佳绩。就算快4年过去他的地位也依旧无法动摇。

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(Photo by ©Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection)When Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the fourth film in Steven Spielberg s Indiana Jones series, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008, it was met with rapturous applause – and pretty stellar reviews. While some took issue with the overuse of CGI, and a not-quite-as-sharp-as-its-predecessors script, most critics gave it the Fresh thumbs up. Here, after all, was the first Indiana Jones movie the world had been gifted in almost 30 years, and it tickled the nostalgia bone right into Certified Fresh status.Fans of the franchise, though . well, they weren t exactly whipped up to that level of enthusiasm by Indy 4, which 12 years later is largely considered the worst film in the series and – for some – a major blight on it. (See the Audience Score of 54%). There was that CGI, for starters, and that Russian accent (sorry Cate), and those aliens. While many acknowledge it has its moments – most of those thanks to tipped fedoras and John Williams – the sense has been that this decent action movie was a terrible Indiana Jones movie.Listen Now:  Spotify |  Apple Podcasts  |  Stitcher  |  TuneIn  |  Google Podcasts | Radio Public | Deezer | iHeart | Art19Is that Certified Fresh Tomatometer score of 78%  wrong ? Or is the audience being far too harsh on Indy, Mutt, and Spalko? And what the hell were they thinking with those swinging monkeys? In the third episode of new podcast Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong (A Podcast From Rotten Tomatoes), our hosts Jacqueline Coley and Mark Ellis are joined by critic, pop-culture expert – and most recently, YouTube host – Scott Mantz, to break down Indy 4, diving deep into its pros, cons, and journey from blockbuster smash to That Indiana Jones Movie We Don t Mention In Polite Company.Be sure to check in every Thursday for a new episode of Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong (A Podcast From Rotten Tomatoes). Each week, hosts Jacqueline and Mark and guests go deep and settle the score on some of the most beloved – and despised – movies and TV shows ever made, directly taking on the statement we hear from so many fans: “Rotten Tomatoes is wrong.”Check out episode one:  Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong About  Spider-Man 3Check out episode two: Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong About  Mortal KombatIf you have a suggestion for a movie or show you think we should do an episode on, let us know in the comments, or email us at the hostsJacqueline Coley is an editor at Rotten Tomatoes, with a focus on awards and indie coverage but with a passion for everything, from the MCU to musicals and period pieces. Coley is a regular moderator at conventions and other events, can be seen on Access Hollywood and other shows, and will not stand Constantine slander of any kind. Follow Jacqueline on Twitter: @THATjacqueline.Mark Ellis is a comedian and contributing editor for Rotten Tomatoes. He currently hosts the Rotten Tomatoes series Versus, among others, and can be seen co-hosting the sports entertainment phenomenon Movie Trivia Schmoedown. His favorite Star Wars movie is Jedi (guess which one!), his favorite person is actually a dog (his beloved stepdaughter Mollie), and – thanks to this podcast – he s about to watch Burlesque for the first time in his life. Follow Mark on Twitter: @markellislive.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News. 王者荣耀,腾讯养蛊养出来的moba手游,倾斜了大量的资源,做成了moba手游老大。王者那会还比和平轻松点,没那么大的压力,也就对标一下虚荣之流,网易都没怎么争。

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放眼全球moba类手游市场,交互界面往往是抓住玩家的第一点,简便易操作的界面这逻辑没有问题吧,然后回到英雄联盟手游上,可以说是爆炸多的键位,混乱的界面信息,这样新老玩家如何接受这么一款手游,并且一旦脱离了英雄联盟这个IP,仅仅以一款普通moba手游的视角来看的话,可玩性和其他手游没有什么大的区别,很快就提不起玩的兴趣,如果真的是要中规中矩地玩这么一款手游的话,又脱离了移动端短平快的宗旨,对于没有接触过端游的玩家来说,根本谈不上坚持游玩。AG亚洲登陆1. How soon will Wolverine show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?(Photo by 20th Century Fox)Throughout 2018, people including Feige insisted Marvel could not even begin to cook up ideas for the X-Men or Fantastic Four until the deal for the merger officially closed. There was also some talk about keeping the Fox-controlled Marvel assets separate, but that notion was later dismissed by Disney CEO Bob Iger.“There shouldn’t be two Marvels,” he said back in September.Since we previously assumed a lingering Fox contingent might delay Marvel Studios’ control of the characters, we counted out an X-Men stinger in Avengers: Endgame. Instead, we predicted Logan’s adamantium claws might appear in a 2021 mid-credits stinger scene. Now, we think it is possible — though still highly unlikely — the characters might be referenced in a singular image or a word. (It would have to be something easily shot in the next week or two as the studio could not use any of the characters or iconography until now.)But even if Marvel manages to add a Fantastic Four or X-Men tease to Endgame, that stinger moment is all we will see of the characters for some time. Marvel Studios’ 2020 output inches closer to production even if the company declines to reveal their schedule until after Endgame’s release. At this point, we know The Eternals, Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and sequels for Doctor Strange and Black Panther are in the pipeline. Presumably, three of those projects will fill the 2020 release dates. Of course, the studio has altered its plan before, bumping Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and a proposed Inhumans film to secure a place for Spider-Man: Homecoming. With that in mind, it is possible the first Marvel Studios X-Men or Fantastic Four film could happen in 2021, particularly if Feige ever gets back to Legion’s Noah Hawley about his Doctor Doom script.2. Will Dark Phoenix and New Mutants Still Be Released?While Dark Phoenix will hit theaters this June, the fate of New Mutants is more tenuous. Though still slated for an August 2 release, the film’s planned 2018 reshoots (that would change more than 50 percent of the film and introduce a new character to the story) reportedly never took place and are no longer scheduled to occur.Until the deal closed, Fox had to abide by its original agreement with Marvel Entertainment and release X-Men films at regular intervals. It also had to plan for a future in which it and Disney remained separate entities just in case the deal fell through or was delayed beyond the summer. Around this time last year, both films were pushed back to accommodate reshoots. But considering New Mutants’ additional photography never took place, it is fair to wonder if Fox delayed both films to save on development costs for other X-Men projects Marvel may eventually cancel. There is plenty to suggest this was the case and it may lead to New Mutants losing its theatrical release.3. What Other Marvel Films Did Fox Have In Development?(Photo by Mary Evans/Twentieth Century Fox / Marvel Comics/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection)Under the spirit of “business as usual” in the event the deal fell through, Fox planned to expand its output of Marvel-based films to three projects per year. The plan included more X-Men sequels while branching out with lesser known characters.One project centering on fan-favorite mutant Kitty Pryde was announced and would see Deadpool director Tim Miller returning to the X-fold. Said to be based on Uncanny X-Men #143, the film would focus on Kitty’s struggle against a N’Garai demon while spending a lonely Christmas night in the X-Mansion. Comic-book writer Brian Michael Bendis was said to be adapting the issue into a feature script for Miller. Neither has commented on the project’s prospects.Though little has been said since word first broke about the project, James Franco was set to star in a film focusing on X-Factor favorite Jamie Madrox, a.k.a. The Multiple Man. Franco’s real-life troubles may have sent this one to the back-burner, but considering X-Men characters must now compete with Shang-Chi and The Eternals for one of Marvel Studios’ coveted release dates, expect any solo X-Men outings to be a late 2020s development. Channing Tatum’s long-delayed Gambit film is also more than likely kaput.As we mentioned above, Noah Hawley signed on to develop a feature film for the greatest of Marvel villains, Doctor Doom. Recently, the Legion FX series executive producer revealed Feige asked about the draft he completed some time ago. Unfortunately, Hawley has not heard from the Marvel Studios boss since. But since we all want Doom to face off against the heroes, we hope this one works out.Finally, X-Force, the Deadpool 2 spin-off, was expected to begin shooting in late 2018 under the direction of Bad Times at the El Royale’s Drew Goddard. With cast members like Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz, and Ryan Reynolds reprising their Deadpool 2 roles, it seemed set to become the last Fox-produced X-Men film. Sadly, Goddard refused to comment on the project following news of the acquisition’s imminent closure. And with X-Force co-creator Rob Liefeld openly discussing the film’s demise on Twitter, we’re going to assume this one is also toast.4. What About Deadpool 3?Feels like the first day of ‘Pool. Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) March 19, 2019As Reynolds once joked, they may skip the third film entirely and go straight to Deadpool 4 or 5. The actor, who co-wrote the sequel with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, also said the narrative weight of taking everything away from the character in order to build him up again will only lead to diminishing returns. In light of that, he offered the possibility of playing Deadpool as a supporting character in films like X-Force. Reese and Wernick, meanwhile, have said they’d love to team Deadpool up with Spider-Man — a pairing so popular it had its own comic book.It is possible Reynolds was just cushioning himself should Marvel Studios choose not to continue with his vision of Deadpool — it is a PG-13 production house, after all — but it may also be a savvy ploy to negotiate with the company for a sweet multi-picture contract in which Deadpool shows up, does something wacky, and disappears again. It is certainly possible to tone down some of Wade Wilson’s antics for the MCU, which is what the Christmas release of a PG-13 Deadpool 2 called Once Upon a Deadpool proved.Meanwhile, Iger once told investors it is possible to carve out an R-rated niche for Marvel to allow for more D

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Even if Peter Jackson honored the original and stuck to some old-school techniques, there s no doubt King Kong takes full advantage of every advancement in filmmaking, especially visual effects. The moment the film arrives at Skull Island, Jackson shifts gears and fully brings King Kong into horror movie territory. Sure, some of the computer-generated dinosaurs haven t aged particularly well, but the scene when the ship s crew falls into an insect pit — a concept Merian Cooper abandoned because it scared test audiences back in the 30s — is utterly terrifying, especially when Lumpy (played by a human Andy Serkis, who also provided the motion capture performance for Kong himself) is devoured by an army of leeches.The wildlife of the island not only looks great and is utilized effectively to convey a sense of wonder and horror, but the actual location looks like nothing audiences had seen to that point (except maybe in the Lord of the Rings trilogy). Skull Island feels like a place that belongs in our world, but was lost to time. The giant walls that surround the island, the temple-like architecture, and the towering mountains that loom above miles-long pits filled with giant insects lend the location a real sense of geography, capturing the mystery and adventure Carl Denham is constantly boasting about.It Plays with Your ExpectationsHow do you capture the shock and awe of seeing Kong climb up the Empire State Building when everyone on Earth has either witnessed the moment themselves or seen countless parodies and homages to it for over 70 years after the original film was released? You do it by showing it from a different point of view. Just as he extends the wait before we finally meet Kong, Jackson reframes the film s most famous set piece as a melancholy tragedy. Rather than watch the action from the perspective of the heroic airplane pilots who attempt to rescue Ann, we watch the incident unfold from Kong and Ann s perspective, as Jackson slowly builds up the human threat to Kong before revealing the planes as if they were the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. King Kong doesn t invite the audience to be awed by the prowess of the pilots or the spectacle of a 25-foot gorilla. Instead, this scene continues long enough to make you feel the sense of dread and imminent doom descending upon the titular king. The death of Kong was sad even in the original film, but it was Peter Jackson s King Kong that finally recognized the huge tragedy of the scene and its emotional weight, and it works because it knows you are already familiar with it.It s Secretly About Filmmaking(Photo by (c)Universal courtesy Everett Collection)Though King Kong is full of imagery and references to Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and plays on the ideas of savagery and civilization, the film can easily be read as an exploration of the magic of filmmaking.Indeed, if the original film was all about mankind s obsession with trying to tame and control nature, Jackson s remake is about how a filmmaker shares that same false sense of control. Carl Denham spends the first act trying to sell the idea for his movie as a public service because he s capturing the last piece of mystery left in the world. His journey to getting the film made is arduous and long — not unlike Jackson s own journey with the film, which he had to partially finance after it became far longer and more expensive than anticipated. But Denham s misplaced sense of duty results in the death of most of his crew, which he tries to downplay as a noble sacrifice he ll honor by dedicating the finished production to them. This version of Denham is a far more complex antagonist than in previous versions of the film, one that mistakes his obsession with control with artistic integrity and a sense of duty towards an audience that needs escapism.It Features an Incredible Performance from Andy Serkis

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2.67.8 6月喜迎murderous doll. But we did pick up several details that even the trailers have yet to reveal.Here’s what we learned.These Aren t Your 1980s Karen and AndyJust as in the original, the story revolves around a single mother and son, Karen and Andy Barclay. Here, they’re played by Aubrey Plaza and Gabriel Bateman, respectively, and Andy’s about double the age of the original character, at 12 now. With age, Andy’s character deepens from a 6-year-old naïf to a sweet but moody pre-teen who loves his mom, even if she doesn’t understand him at all.Karen is also a little less chaste in this version. In the original, she was a widow, but, here, it’s assumed dad just never stuck around. As the producers said, Karen being a single mom was the subtext in the old film, but “it’s the text of the new film.” Karen fills her time with bad boyfriend Shane, who, like most bad boyfriends in moviedom, is not long for this world. There’s a potential for a little romance, however, with Detective Mike, played by Brian Tyree Henry.Detective Mike is a kind of moral center of the story and lives in an old building with Karen and Andy. When Karen can’t deal, she escapes to the dingy basement and smokes, which is where Mike can find her. We saw one such scene being filmed at Riverview, where Plaza and Henry improvised a tender moment shared between their two characters. Klevberg certainly seemed to be an actor’s director, allowing emotion to drive the scene, quite a bit different from the original.
(Photo by Warner Bros/Everett Collection)All Batman Movies RankedA Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, ol Boogaloo Bats. There is a Batman for all seasons. But whatever you call him, he s known far and wide as a comic book hero who s managed to keep relevant in entertainment for decades, re-invented time and time again to answer a nation s distress Bat-signal all. It was camp colors and biff bang pow for the 1960s (the Batman TV show). The 80s found a taste for blockbuster art deco madness (Tim Burton s Batman). The 90s got the best of it (Mask of the Phantasm) and the worst (Batman Robin). The world of the 2000s demanded realism and it got Christopher Nolan s The Dark Knight trilogy. These days he s playing nice with the Justice League, while awaiting transformation as Robert Pattinson slips on the cowl for 2021 s The Batman.Holy review aggregates! Now we ve gathered all the theatrical Batman movies in one list (including the one night stand of The Killing Joke), ranked by Tomatometer! See the state of the of Gotham City justice in 2020! (And see all things Batsy on film and television with our Batman franchise page.)
It’s been 15 years since we saw Syd Burnett (Gabrielle Union) taking names and stealing scenes from her brother Marcus (Martin Lawrence) and then-boyfriend Mike (Will Smith) in Bad Boys II. Back then, Syd was working for the federal government and toppling cartels in Miami.Now, Syd moves to Los Angeles (and television) on L.A.’s Finest, a follow-up of sorts that shares her new adventures as an L.A. cop alongside her equally badass partner, Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba). Together, Syd and Nancy — not named for the infamous punk duo, they promise — encounter action-packed crime scenarios at work and in their personal lives. They might not trust each other with all their dirty secrets at first, but no matter what, Syd and Nancy always have each other’s backs.“It felt really modern to tell this story of this friendship and this partnership of two women in a modern time, in a modern world,” Alba said during Rotten Tomatoes  visit to the show s Los Angeles-area set in February. “You don t have to call out that we re women all the time. We re just people in the world that you want to hang out with.”L.A.’s Finest premieres May 13. It’s the first original series for cable provider Charter Communications/Spectrum, and thus it’s a guinea pig of sorts for the service. The Spectrum Original series will be available on demand for customers of the cable service only, but Union isn’t worried about people missing her show.“I love a challenge,” she said. The proof is in the pudding.”From Clean-Cut Procedural to Rough-and-Real Drama(Photo by Nicole Wilder/Spectrum Originals)On paper, L.A.’s Finest might sound like a procedural: Two cops fighting crime in Los Angeles. But with Michael Bay’s 90s action flick Bad Boys as its source material — and support from Jerry Bruckheimer Television — L.A.’s Finest feels more like an action-thriller series than a clean-cut cop drama.According to its producers, though, L.A.’s Finest wasn’t always so gritty and real. The shift from procedural crime show to action-packed drama happened when L.A.’s Finest moved from NBC to Spectrum, after the team had already finished shooting the pilot.Producer Anton Cropper (Suits, Black-ish) said, in some ways, the series straddles the differences between network and cable narratives: “We always talk about the difference between network and cable, and we wanted it to have that cable feel. We wanted this to feel cinematic,  Cropper said. Especially in today s age, everyone has 80-inch TVs. We wanted this to feel like a 13-episode movie. For the L.A. s Finest team, the cable vibe wasn t just about a visual look that combined TV and cinematic techniques. It also meant focusing on characters’ relationships and emotional lives rather than just the nitty gritty of their jobs as detectives.“It s different for a show like ours to tackle more of the personal relationships and less of a procedural,” Alba said. “You really get to go on that journey with us.”Alba and Union agreed that there were some real, concrete differences when the series was aiming for network distribution. Their wardrobes were more limited, their characters felt more archetypical, and Syd’s sexuality was, well, straight.“In the NBC version,” Union said, “there is no woman in my bed But in the Spectrum/Charter version, she s back!”Originally, Nancy was more “uptight” with a “perfect life,” and Syd was “the rebellious one,” Alba revealed.“It was always sort of keeping us inside of these boundaries and these roles, she said. In real life people, are a lot more fluid… and so that s how we want to see women on this show.”The Series Is Action Packed(Photo by Sony Pictures Television/Spectrum Originals, Photographer: Erica Parise)Right off the bat, L.A.’s Finest throws its audience into the heart of Los Angeles — a.k.a. right into traffic. In the first episode, Syd and Nancy are seen engaging in the most typical Los Angeles behavior possible: arguing over traffic, the GPS, and local routes of navigation. Sure, the series features on-location scenes everywhere from Santa Monica to Koreatown, but its representation of life in Los Angeles isn’t necessarily the most realistic one. Specifically, Syd’s apartment and Nancy’s house are way outside the typical budgets for L.A. law enforcement. But Union says the show is self-aware about the luxury these ladies live in. In fact, Union said that’s part of the point.“[Syd has] clearly played loose and fast with the rules, she said. She hasn’t been an L.A. detective for that long, so what exactly was she doing for the D.E.A.?”In other words, what has Syd done to afford this room with a view? What has she done to hide, or otherwise evade, potential demons from her past?L.A.’s Finest has Alba and Union driving all over the city chasing perps and evading figures from their respective pasts. While the two do some of their own hand-to-hand combat, they do have stunt doubles that face most of the action for them. But the driving? It s often really Alba behind the wheel, Union says.“I’m like, where’s the stunt driver?” she laughed. “And they’re like, Jessica has opted to do it! ”In Alba s defense, it s fun, though, the actress said.Yeah — “for her,” Union joked. “It’s one big anxiety attack for me.”Opening Up the Bad Boys Universe(Photo by Sony Pictures Television/Spectrum Originals / Photographer: Nicole Wilder)Even though L.A. s Finest is focused on Syd s life now, her partnership with Alba s Nancy, and how these women s past lead them to such turbulent and complex presents, Union is also open to including other Bad Boys characters in the mix. The Bad Boys universe exists so we can have these Avengers-type moments where can all sort of be together, that would be amazing, Union said. The door is always open for them. In fact, the new Spectrum series has already expanded the Bad Boys family by introducing Syd s estranged father (played by Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson) into the mix. We had to figure out what would cause an estrangement to the degree where you d never met Ernie s character in the Bad Boys universe — you d never really heard of Marcus having parents, Union said. We had to come up with a mythology that really explained his absence and their relationship. (Photo by Spectrum Originals)From the get-go, it was Union leading the charge on reintroducing Syd s story and incorporating Nancy in the series.“It really did start with Gabrielle,  L.A. s Finest co-executive producers and writer Brandon Margolis (pictured above left). Margolis said that he and his writing partner and fellow showrunner, Brandon Sonnier (above right), met with Union to pitch a Syd-centric TV series, and everything grew from there.“It was a real blessing to have these two strong women who can do the action, but equally hit the comedy timing and those comedy beats and moments, which are a real hallmark of the Bad Boys universe,” Sonnier said during our set visit in February.Sonnier expressed a real appreciation of Alba and Union s chemistry, too.“They right off the bat had a trust and a camaraderie, he said. They came in as equals and it immediately showed up on the screen.”(Later in February, Sonnier and Margolis were involved in an on-set accident that resulted in Sonnier s leg being partially amputated, but is still working, according to an interview Charter Content Chief Katherine Pope gave to this month: He was at our final mix and in editing we treasure him. )(Photo by Sony Pictures Television/Spectrum Originals, Photographer: Erica Parise)The duo s on-screen chemistry is a translation of their real-life naughty sense of humor, as Union explained it.Alba described the show s creative working environment: “During the pilot we did a lot of ad-libbing and we would just riff off each other.”More than inside jokes, though, the two are committed to fostering a behind-the-scenes space that accommodates their lives as mothers, too.“I needed somebody that was gonna be on board with a new way of filming, a new way of doing this Hollywood thing,” Union said. And when Alba decorated her trailer as a nursery to prepare for her new baby, Union knew she’d picked the right partner.To hear their fellow producers and costars tell it, everyone benefits from that parent-safe and accommodating environment. Ryan McPartlin, who plays Nancy’s husband, Ryan, has also brought his kids — 9- and 12-year-old boys — to set.“God forbid, it s probably gonna make them want to become actors,” McPartlin joked.Partners in Crime — On-Screen and Off(Photo by Sony Pictures Television/Spectrum Originals, Photographer: Ron Batzdorff)In addition to starring in the series, Alba and Union are also executive producers.It was Union who recruited Alba to be her partner on- and off-screen. Union knew she wanted a “boss, badass woman” to be her co-star — someone who would be confident in the middle of action scenes and voicing her opinion behind the scenes, too.“There s not too many women that run a billion-dollar company, have established iconic characters, who can kick ass, who has the same work ethic I do, who s not afraid to speak her mind,” Union said. “There s only one Jessica Alba. So that s why I started calling and begging… Sending tequila.”L.A’s Finest premieres Monday, May 13 on Spectrum on Demand.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

(Photo by HBO)“The Long Night” will go down in television history as the Game of Thrones episode that made “Arya Stark” a verb.Episode 3 of season 8 started slow on Sunday night, opening as if from the backstage of a play, with all of the players grabbing their props and – “Places everyone!” – moving to their marks. It is called a theater of war, after all. The curtain raised on the first highlight of the night:1. Setting the Scene: The Frontlines(Photo by HBO)Taking their position as wight-fodder in this fight: the Unsullied led by Grey Worm, the Dothraki (including the tall one, Qhono, played by Staz Nair, in case you ever wondered), Podrick Payne, Brienne of Tarth, Jaime Lannister, Tormund Giantsbane, Ser Beric Dondarrion, The Hound, Gendry, Edd Tollett, Samwell Tarly, Ghost! (hereafter with an exclamation point), Ser Jorah Mormont.Meanwhile, Jon and Daenerys survey the scene from the distance with dragons Drogon and Rhaegal. Sansa, Arya, and Ser Davos are on the ramparts when a lone rider appears.2. Red Woman on a White Field(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)Melisandre rides in out of nowhere and says, all casual, to Ser Jorah: “Do you speak their tongue? Tell them to lift their swords.”Speaking a spell/prayer in High Valyrian and grasping Quono’s arakh, she sets the Dothraki swords – all of them! – on fire. If only Ser Jorah had Heartsbane out at the time.She rides on, drops the mic in front of Grey Worm, and says: “Valar morghulis.” Grey Worm: “Valar dohaeris.” Enough said.The fact that Melisandre shows up isn’t as disturbing as what she says to Ser Davos: That he needn’t bother executing her, because she’d be dead before dawn.An aside: Watching the Dothraki flaming swords get extinguished in the dark is devastating with the final flames frantically slashing as they sputter. And that Ser Jorah and Ghost went with them is, in that moment, heartbreaking. Jorah and a few Dothraki horses and men return, but not Ghost.3. He Who Chose Edd in the Office Death-Watch Pool Wins(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)Edd Tollet is the first named character to die on screen – maybe. It’s so dark, that I can’t tell wight from warrior. So many were slaughtered before Daenerys and Jon showed up with Drogon and Rhaegal and set fire to the field, we may have missed one.Brienne saves Jaime, Jaime saves Brienne, Edd saves Sam. Podrick, Gendry, The Hound – all slashing at a tsunami of undead.4. She-Bear in Charge(Photo by HBO)“Open the gate,” Lyanna Mormont screams as the live fighters retreat into Winterfell. Can’t help but think that Jorah was absolutely right: This is no place for Lyanna, the future of her house. Listen to your elders, girl. She later takes down the wight Giant with dragonglass to the eyeball when he attempts to snack on her, but dies in the process. If you were hoping she would be only mostly dead, you’d be disappointed later in the episode.5. You Had One Job, Daenerys(Photo by HBO)Sure, the Unsullied in perfect formation even in the midst of madness was an impressive sight to see, but they also look an awful lot like future wights for all their heroism. They back up against spikes in the trenches that are supposed to be set aflame. Daenerys doesn’t see the signal, flaming arrows from the ramparts keep going out before they can catch, and the wights keep taking out the runners with torches.Melisandre saves everyone’s asses (for the time being) by lighting the trench with her spell/prayer.6. The Night King Arrives(Photo by Helen Sloan/
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(Photo by Sony Pictures Classics)What’s Rotten thing you love?Pedro Almodóvar’s I m So Excited – in Spanish it’s Los Amantes Pasajeros. It s generally considered one of his worst, at least in recent years. But I remember watching it and finding it hilarious and engaging.I don t want to say that the reason is entirely because there s things that get lost in translation, but… There s a lot of phrases there that are just hilarious and I also admire that it s a movie that takes place entirely on a plane… it s over the top and it s raunchy. The things that you love in an Almodóvar, but in a more absurd way.It doesn t always work, and perhaps there s many reasons why people don t find it an artistic accomplishment, but I always have fun quoting lines from it or re-watching it.What do you consider required viewing?I think I m going to say Krzysztof Kieślowski’s The Decalogue, which is this 10-part series of 1-hour films or episodes that were made for Polish television in the late 1980s. Each of them deals in a very abstract way with one of the 10 Commandments…Just the fact that he was able to create 10 stand-alone pieces of cinema that somehow relate to each other in ways that are not obvious and that have this moral ambiguity… All of them are very subdued and written in a way that doesn t have easy answers. It s not black and white.You saw 40 films at Sundance this year. What is your personal record for the most movies you ve watched in a day?I definitely don t recommend it, but at Sundance I saw five films in a row one day this year. To me, that s a test of endurance. But also, for you to watch that many films consecutively at a festival, the stars have to align. The times have to be right – you have to be at the right place, the shuttles have to be on time.What are you most proud of in your career so far?Honestly, that I m still doing it. It s not a flashy, glamorous profession as some may think, especially if you re a freelancer like myself. It s always a constant battle to get work, to get access, to make a living writing.In my particular case, being an immigrant, being a DACA recipient, oftentimes people in my circumstances or from my background don t see themselves in careers like film criticism – which is so far-fetched, so unreachable to work in a field that is often seen to be reserved for a certain type of person with a certain type of education. For me to be here, to have a voice in this industry, I feel like I m very proud that somehow if someone can feel that if I m doing it, they can also be doing it. I feel like that s always a victory.Do you have any advice for critics who are still finding their voice?I think that opening up yourself to watching movies that you assume you re not going to like is a good way to see what your taste is, see what it is that you really react to. What are the things that you find yourself not liking or liking about a certain movie? I feel like that really opens up your cinematic taste buds. It just gives you a wider palette of the things you ve seen.Is there an up-and-coming critic that you want people to check out?Yeah, there is a young Latina critic. Her name is Kristen Huizar. She won the LAFCA Ruth Batchelor Scholarship, which is a scholarship that the Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA) gives to young critics from underrepresented backgrounds. She s in LA and she s an artist and a writer and reviews films and talks about films from a unique perspective as a Latina woman in LA I think she mentions often that she uses public transportation, and doesn t have the LA experience that often gets represented on screen or in the writing.


AG亚洲登陆 首先,阴阳师的画风是非常精美好看的,游戏中各类人物的故事也相对丰满,动画效果、立体而吸引人。游戏中各种新奇的玩法层出不穷。新式神,新御魂,新皮肤,新插画,新联动,各种玩法都让这款手游变得非常的精彩。

(Photo by Showtime, HBO, MTV, Syfy)15 Werewolf TV Shows, Ranked by TomatometerWhile there are plenty of TV series about easy-to-film supernatural creatures like witches and vampires, it s much harder to make a fantastical lupine transformation happen on a TV budget and shooting schedule. But there are still plenty of series dedicated to werewolves, some with their names in the title — Teen Wolf, for one — and some with other creatures in their names — Buffy the Vampire Slayer (don t forget that Oz was a werewolf).Then again, special effects in television have improved dramatically over the past 20 years (and gotten much cheaper to produce), which means the transitions seen in recent series like The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and yes, Teen Wolf, look pretty darn impressive compared to the decades before. Still, The Munsters had a werewolf in its cast of spooky creatures — though, like the hybrids on The Originals, he was half vampire too.Rotten Tomatoes has compiled a list of the best and worst werewolf-related television shows. While the series don t have to solely focus on werewolves to be included, the do have to include significant werewolf characters or storylines (hence the inclusion of so many vampire shows). The series are ranked by Tomatometer score, and shows without series-level scores were omitted — sorry, Bitten!Don t see your top dog here? Tell us about it in the comments. 王城英雄是款最新的传奇手游平台,王城英雄为你勾勒出新的传奇世界,不仅经久不衰的经典玩法在这里再现,还有很多的原创玩法在这里等你体验,真人玩家在线自由竞技,玩法超多让你玩的开心,每天24小时与你相逢,超高爆率轻松拿神装。


on)36 Essential Kids Halloween MoviesLooking for a scary movie to watch with the kids and family? Or a horror movie that won t necessarily send you scrambling beneath the covers, with a 6,000 watt night light plugged in? Then you ve come to the right ghoulish place with our guide to some of the best children s movies for Halloween!There s something for everyone, from the very young (It s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Coco) to the well, still young, but we bet they think they re so grown-up (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, The Addams Family). We ve got animated funhouses (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, Monster House), 80s fantasies and creepfests (The Dark Crystal, Return to Oz, The Monster Squad), and 90s classics present and accounted for (The Witches, Hocus Pocus, Casper).But what s a little mayhem for the young mind without some Steven Spielberg productions like Poltergeist and Gremlins? Or the maestro of palatable twisted dreams: Tim Burton, who s represented by Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands.Meanwhile, modern-day fare like Goosebumps and The Addams Family will keep the torch burning well into the years. Whatever scary family movies you re looking for, the ones you need are in our guide to the essential kids Halloween movies!

AG亚洲登陆 (Photo by Jessica Miglio/Netflix © 2021)Talking to Fear Street trilogy director Leigh Janiak, you get the feeling that if she were to find herself in a Scream movie she d probably survive a call from Ghostface. Not necessarily because she could out-fight or outrun him (though, having simultaneously directed three interconnected slasher flicks set in different time periods and released them all at the same time to Certified Fresh critical acclaim, we re not questioning her stamina!). But because she knows so much about horror movies. Whatever trick questions a masked killer could throw at Janiak in some menacing late-night quiz-before-you-die call, we re pretty sure Janiak would emerge with straight A s and zero punctures.Janiak s incredible knowledge of, and reverence for, the genre is evident all over her ambitious horror triptych, now available on Netflix: Fear Street Part One: 1994, Fear Street Part Two: 1978, and Fear Street Part Three: 1666. Drawn from the books of R.L. Stine, the three films tell the story of a rag-tag group of friends from Shadyside – the wrong side of the tracks according to the uppity citizens of the more manicured Sunnyvale – who are trying to get to the bottom of a centuries-old mystery that has been unleashing a new mass murderer upon their town with each generation. The trilogy s three parts all have their own slasher flavor, with 1994 playing as a Scream-like mid- 90s horror-comedy, 1978 aping the campfire carnage of Friday the 13th and Sleepaway Camp, and 1666 echoing Robert Eggers  The Witch – with a heavy dollop of The Crucible stirred into the cauldron.For horror fans, there are references and Easter eggs galore, from the use of Scream composer Marco Beltrami to co-write the music to the shock kills that will give in-the-know slasher aficionados a giddy rush of deja vu.(Photo by Jessica Miglio/Netflix © 2021)The director s knowledge and passion for horror is even more apparent when you speak with her, as Rotten Tomatoes recently did, in the wake of Fear Street s success – and buzz building about a possible new set of films. (She describes meeting Beltrami as the biggest fangirl moment of her life.) Janiak says part of the challenge in directing the films was to balance all that geeky enthusiasm for the genre with telling a story that feels fresh and current, something that goes beyond impersonation and homage. The key to doing that, she says, was in where she put the focus. Unlike the giants of the slasher genre from decades past, which centered their stories largely on upper- and middle-class kids – straight white kids at that – Fear Street s central characters seem to emerge from the sidelines of those movies, diverse in background and orientation, and happy to f k with slasherdom s moral order. That was the reason that I felt like we could explore making Fear Street, said Janiak, whose Certified Fresh Honeymoon marked her as a genre talent to watch when it was released in 2014. When I started to have these early conversations with the producers, that was the central question, which is, We have a huge, amazing tradition of great slasher movies for decades and decades, so what are we going to bring that s going to justify making the movie? How do we say that this makes sense? For me, that lay in this opportunity to shine a light on these characters that are not usually in the spotlight. With the Fear Street films charting on Netflix, and horror fans waiting for news of sequels and spin-offs, Janiak went deep with us on how she created a horror phenomenon, from constructing an epic homage to Scream s iconic opening scene and writing an overall love letter to her favorite films to giving a new generation its own memorable kills. (Yes, we talked about the bread slicer at length.) Plus, she talks the power of balancing buoyancy and brutality in crafting a slasher, the current energy behind the genre, and what s next for her – which, yes, could very well involve a return to the Fear Street universe.Spoiler warning: The below interview contains spoilers for all three Fear Street movies. Joel Meares for Rotten Tomatoes: I want to start with your connection to the Fear Street books. Growing up in the ’90s, I really loved the Fear Street books, and Christopher Pike as well, that edgy teen horror genre. What was it that appealed to you about the Fear Street books?Leigh Janiak: I was also a teenager like you in the ’90s. I don t know exactly what it was about the Fear Street books, and the Christopher Pike books, but I think that there was just something appealing about reading these things which described the world that I lived in, but way crazier. Do you know what I mean? Way more violent. But I think there s something about that, for sure, and the teenage-girl experience. You re living in this already semi-unsafe world, where you re taught to walk home at night with your keys between your fingers, and things like that. There s something about reading about this world, which is super dangerous and insane, but manageable. There s that ability to dip into this crazy world – I loved it and it felt really edgy. It felt subversive. It felt like I was maybe reading something that I shouldn t be reading.Rotten Tomatoes: I think you really carry that spirit into these films. But also I was watching, thinking, Who is the age bracket for this? You balance this hard “R” gore with this lighter fun tone that s super exciting. How did you think about pitching it in that way, and striking that balance between going too hard and keeping it still light and fun?Janiak: I felt like, because they were primarily slasher movies, we had to be living in that R-rated world. We had to be violent, and we had to be bloody, and we had to have all of the kills. But I also did want to stay true to the spirit of the books, which always had this element of fun. I felt like, even when things get dark or get violent in the books, there s still this buoyancy. It s fun, I don t know how else to describe it. That, to me, was always the line. Obviously, in movie three, we dip into a different tonal place by design, but for movie one and movie two, it was always watching that line of staying true to what the slasher genre would be – if we were in the ’90s, we’re paying homage to those mid-’90s slashers – and then stepping into this different world. Just walking that line between fun, and then keeping the subversive quality also, of the memory of what those books were, if that makes sense, which I think helped live in that R-rated world, too.(Photo by © Netflix) Rotten Tomatoes: Speaking of mid-’90s slashers, you kick off with this great homage to the opening of Scream with Maya Hawke getting murdered in the mall. First, just how many times you ve watched the opening scene of Scream?! Also, you re taking on a beast among slasher fans, to pay homage to that scene and try to be as scary: What was your approach to creating that opening?Janiak: That one, for sure, it was all about orienting the audience and saying, Okay, we re going to live in this world, the tonal world, of the ’90s slasher. Scream, obviously, is, in my opinion, the greatest example of this. And to answer your question, I can t even count the amount of times that I ve seen that movie, let alone the opening sequence of it. It s just so brilliant. I’m getting off topic, but every time I watch it, it s that thing when you feel, Oh, f k. That s so good it stresses me out.” The script, and the way it s shot, and the scares, and the fun. Anyway, obviously I love that movie. So, when we were shooting, I wanted to very much be sending that love letter, and immediately orienting the audience into, Okay, this is it. This is creepy, this is scary. But again, there s the funny quality of Heather (Hawke) getting scared by the mask when she s in the gag joke store, all of those things.The moment that was the most important to me of the whole sequence is when she takes off Skull Mask s mask, and reveals that it s Ryan, the guy that she was talking to, because I think that, to me, was the moment of just telegraphing to the audience: Okay, we re living in this place where we re going to be very much paying homage to those ’90s classics, but all bets are off as far as what your expectations are. Usually, you d be waiting to see who s behind the mask for the entire movie, and that s not what this is. That was the goal of that opening sequence.(Photo by Netflix © 2021)Rotten Tomatoes: It was so effective. I was giddy. I ve seen Scream a million times. It s my favorite movie, so when I saw this opening, I was like, Oh, s t. I m in this trilogy now. I want to ask you about striking the balance between homage and not going too far with that, because there were scenes in the school corridor where I was getting flashbacks; I got a sense of deja vu in the bathroom. How did you strike that balance between honoring the source material, placing Easter eggs for people, but also making it its own thing and not just a series of references?Janiak: I think that you hit the nail on the head, because it was this weird thing of, Okay, how do we give the audience a good dose of nostalgia? – like you said, pay homage, send a love letter,” all of those things – but not have it dip into parody or just mimicry. For me, that laid in making our characters and our story this unique thing so that tonally we would be in this world that we understood – we’d be revisiting sequences, set pieces, things like that, that we ve seen in these movies – but the point of view of our characters and the journey that they re on is different. And this goes into the representation in the Fear Street movies that we tried to create, of showing people who just weren t as represented, if at all, in the movies of ’90s, ’80s, or ’70s. That, to me, was our emotional heart and our narrative was the thing that was new. Then, that let us live in that world in-between, I hope.Rotten Tomatoes: Yeah, it s very interesting. During the pandemic, I ve gone back – I ve seen these movies a million times – but I re-watched the Scream movies, the I Know What You Did Last Summer movies, the Urban Legends – even Valentine. And you notice these are really un-diverse films. It s quite shocking to go back to it in a 2021 context. So I wanted to talk about the idea of putting people who are on the periphery of those movies, if they’re even ever seen in those movies, at the center of yours. It s much more diverse, but it s also the folks who break the horror rules, so to speak, who are the heroes and the survivors in the Fear Street movies.Janiak: That was the reason that I felt like we could explore making Fear Street. When I started to have these early conversations with the producers, that was the central question, which is, We have a huge, amazing tradition of great slasher movies for decades and decades, so what are we going to bring that s going to justify making the movie? How do we say that this makes sense? For me, that lay in this opportunity to shine a light on these characters that are not usually in the spotlight.(Photo by © Netflix)The cool thing about having the Fear Street books was it allowed us to create this mythology, which builds who these characters are at their core, into the central narrative, the central constructs of the entire story, which is that division between Shadyside and Sunnyvale, the haves and the have-nots. The idea that Solomon was this white man who felt entitled to this other world and he used these two girls, who didn t fit in the box that society wanted them to be in back then, as scapegoats. By being able to tell the entire story of Shadyside s trauma, these characters that have felt the systemic oppression brought via these killers for century after century, that made the franchise seem exciting and new for me as a filmmaker.Rotten Tomatoes: I mentioned the “rules” before. Obviously, they were enunciated very explicitly by Randy in Scream – no sex, no drugs etc – but they ve been built up for decades and decades, with characters traditionally punished for violating them. You have these characters break them, but there s never any judgment or morality brought into the equation from the filmmaker s eye. I think about the scene in 1666, where the kids are in the woods and they re taking the berries and tripping, and it s this really beautiful, modern, non-judgmental approach to that experience. And I love later when the character says something like, We were just in the woods having some applejack – this is pretty normal, guys. Was that an intentional thing as well, to reframe the morality of these films?Janiak: Absolutely. I m glad that you talked about that, because that was also one of the things that we felt would be said to be new about these movies. Our characters are outsiders, yes, but they re also doing the thing that they re not supposed to be doing that normally we would pass judgment on. To be able to show this teenage spirit, that in whatever century we happen to find these characters in: Kids are kids, teens are teens. These are just kids, specifically within the world of Shadyside, who are trying to live. They re just trying to live their life, and they ve got all these other things just pushing down on them. We obviously, hopefully, are coming back. I need to show how they can beat those things and come out on top. It was certainly a decision to not pass judgment on these moments and to reframe the entire point of view of the audience on these scenarios that we ve seen in other movies traditionally.(Photo by © Netflix)Rotten Tomatoes: I want to talk kills, because there are some amazing kills in this trilogy. I was reading an interview with the team that s making Scream 2022, and they were talking about how some of the best kills in horror movies are the ones you can identify with a single word or a single idea – it s the “garage door kill” or something like that. I think about this trilogy and I m immediately, like, Bread slicer! What was your approach to creating some really memorable and iconic kills. Did you have a frame of reference or an approach?Janiak: Part of the fun of the slasher genre, to me, is finding ways that people can get killed or destroyed that you would never imagine, just like the garage in Scream. It s so brilliant. We were always looking for places that we could do something like that. Specifically, like I say, in the ’90s, one of the things that I loved about the world was that we could take suburbia, we could take the familiar places of suburbia, like the grocery store, the hospital, school, all of them, and destroy it, and then twist it. When we would go into the locations, we d always be thinking of ways that we could deconstruct that and cause more chaos – to make the familiar basically become unfamiliar and become horrific.I think that was the idea of the bakery, which we had, obviously, before we ever scouted. It was this idea of, Oh, a bakery: What a beautiful, wonderful place. There are cakes, there s all these really appealing things How can we make this horrific? I just remember the earliest image for that idea was just frosting mixed with blood. When that had come into my mind, everything went backwards from there.The bread slicer kill – I don t know how it could not be anyone s favorite. Julia Rehwald, who played Kate, just crushed it. Her pain and her fear, everything about her performance in that, it s just so visceral. It s not usually like that. When you re filming a horror movie, it s always challenging because there s just a million people around, and there are lights and all of the things, and the mood is not necessarily there, but her performance in that moment was just so intense that we were all kind of like, S t. (Photo by © Netflix)Rotten Tomatoes: It s an All Bets Are Off moment, because I think everyone thought something was going to stop that bread slicer. When nothing did, I was like, Oh, s t. Okay. That s what this movie is.  Janiak: That was a hard moment, too, but I think ultimately we decided that even though we re in the third act of that first movie, we re just in the first act of the trilogy, and it felt like we needed While I wanted the movie to always be fun, I also wanted it to be real stakes and real pain and real emotion; these were characters we cared about and not just a body count for the sake of a body count. It was hard killing her and Simon because I love them so much, but ultimately it felt like that needed to be part of a motivation for Deena and Josh and Sam pushing forward.Rotten Tomatoes: One of the biggest geek-out moments for ’90s horror fans is that you had Scream composer Marco Beltrami come on and do the score. Was that a geek-out moment for you, too, and what discussions did you have about the music you wanted for the movie?Janiak: Oh my gosh. First of all, I think that Marco s brilliant, and I think that his scores for the original Scream, and the subsequent ones as well, reinvented what horror music could sound like – because it s so light and bombastic. You have these big orchestral movements happening, and there s chaos underneath always. It often lives in a major key. It s just very current, and it s also written and choreographed to movement in a scene in a way that, at least in the past 20 years, horror music doesn t do. It tends to be more tonal, sitting there in the background, almost wallpaper-y. He was just the opposite of that.Marco was the only composer that I thought about for this, and really was like, Oh, all of my eggs are in this basket. He must do this. I remember I went to his studio up in Malibu, and it s up on this hill, and it s really a trek for me from Los Feliz, from the east side of LA. I ve never had such a fan-girl moment with anyone.(Photo by Jessica Miglio/Netflix © 2021)He understood exactly what we wanted from the ’90s, that we were obviously going to be taking inspiration from what he invented. Then, there was the ’70s, Jerry Goldsmith and the original Omen score and those sounds from the late ’70s, were what was going to influence our 1978 score. (Goldsmith was one of Marco s mentors; Marco actually did some of the music for The Omen reboot that they did in 2006, so that made sense.) Then, obviously, we talked about a score that would be a little more ritualistic, a little more tonal, with more percussion for 1666, and I think he was just very excited about the whole project as an experiment of everything. I think also we were all like, Oh my God, this is so much music, but it was incredible. We recorded at Abbey Road in London and it was just an unbelievable experience. I feel so lucky that we were able to have him.Rotten Tomatoes: I read something Tweeted the other day by Michael Kennedy, who wrote Freaky and the upcoming Time Cut, where he said we were having a real slasher moment. You’ve just put out these three great movies, we ve got a Candyman movie coming out, a Halloween movie, a Scream movie, Freaky just came out… even A24 is making a slasher! Do you feel some energy behind the genre right now? And in the same way we think about the ’90s as this very meta slasher renaissance, are there any defining qualities yet to the current slasher moment?Janiak: I hope that we re in a moment. I hope that we re in this renaissance with slashers, because I love them so much. I think the thing, for me, is that I love where horror has evolved to in the past 15 years or whatever, but it s been dark. It s been really intense in a psychological or emotional way. I think that one of the great things, again, about the slasher genre is that it allows you to have a little bit of “joy” is a really weird word to describe for people that are so being brutally murdered, but I think there is joy, there is buoyancy through slashers. There s fun.(Photo by © Netflix)It feels like You finish the movie and you don t want to go and blow your head off, which I think is a crazy thing to say, but also there s just something that captures that popcorn moment, being in the theater and just having that fun on a Friday night. I think people are hungry for that. I don t know, but that s what I think is the tonal thing about those slasher movies that hopefully will flourish in the next few years as we get the Candyman movie and Scream and all of the things.Rotten Tomatoes: Speaking of more slasher films, what is next for you? And given what we saw in the mid-credits scene for Fear Street Part Three: 1666, would you ever return to this world of Fear Street? Janiak: Absolutely, I would certainly return to the world. I don t know when, but I definitely would. I think that the Fear Street universe is so full, and I think that we ve done a good job of setting the table, and I think that there s a lot of room for additional trilogies and standalone movies. There s a lot of things that make me excited about it, so absolutely. It is a lot of work to do a trilogy all at once, but, for me, it was a very positive experience. I think that s because I had an amazing cast and crew around me. We were all excited, and the work was extremely difficult, but also it was fun to go to work, so that was lovely. Right now, I m about to start shooting The Staircase, a couple episodes of that, with HBO.Rotten Tomatoes: Do you have an idea for more movies in the Fear Street universe?Janiak: That s something that I won t talk about… but, yeah.The Fear Street trilogy is now streaming on Netflix.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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