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365体育下注采用百度引擎3(Baidu 9)To really appeal to viewers unfamiliar with the deep canon of The Dark Crystal, as well as die-hard fans, the creators went out of their way to pay intricate attention to the design of each character and every piece of scenery. That means employing hundreds, or even thousands of workers, Leterrier explained, to make wigs, to punch holes for hair into the creatures, and more. It s an important part of the process that Netflix will celebrate, releasing a documentary going behind-the-scenes of Age of Resistance, that’ll appear as the season’s 11th episode. For a show that Henson describes as “a maker spectacular,” this announcement is a no-brainer. The amount of craft that goes into the making of the puppets, and the guys who operate them, we just arrive [on set] and it s sort of there, Egerton said of his responsibility as an actor on the series. The work that everyone else has done kind of feeds your performance, really. We really are just the top layer of a very tall cake. (Photo by Netflix)Hamill, who voices the iconic Skeksis known as the Scientist, couldn t stop raving about being a part of the series. What I loved was how daring and dark it was as opposed to the other projects associated with the Muppets. It s really come into its own. The script for Age of Resistance is very, very good. I don t care about the trappings of the salary or whatever, but you look for projects that are a challenge and stuff you d like to see, and it definitely falls into that category. Hamill will surely be a big draw for the show — his enthusiasm for the show is really quite contagious. But as gross and visceral as the Skeksis can get, Age of

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而《剑侠世界3》就是一款十分注重多人玩法的武侠手游,游戏中的家族玩法能够让拥有相同兴趣的玩家互相结识,然后一同参与各种家族活动。比如三才首领就是可以让家族成员一同挑战BOSS的活动,还有以家族为单位的爬塔玩法白虎堂以及需要合同保护镖车的天下运镖等等。 as confirmed at the December 2020 The Walt Disney Company investors day that Jude Law would play Captain Hook and Yara Shahidi will play Tinker Bell. Pete s Dragon s David Lowery will direct.The film will air on Disney+.Robin Hood Live-Action MovieDirector: Carlos López EstradaStarring: TBDAnother classic animated Disney film to get the live-action/CGI treatment is 1973 s animated musical Robin Hood. In April 2020, Disney announced that Lopez Estrada would be directing a new adaptation of this movie with Lady and the Tramp s Kari Granlund writing the script. The film will air on Disney+.© Walt Disney PicturesHerculesDirector: TBDStarring: TBDIn April 2020, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Avengers: Endgame s Joe and Anthony Russo would be producing a live-action remake of the 1997 Disney animated hit, Hercules. While there is no directing or casting news yet, it was reported then that Dave Callaham – who also wrote Marvel s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – would write the script.© Walt Disney PicturesAladdin Sequel and Spin-OffDirector: TBDStarring: TBDThe 2019 live-action version of Aladdin found some box office treasure even if it wasn t exactly a critical hit (it has a 57% Tomatometer score). So, naturally, there are reports of two other Disney properties set in this world.In December 2019, The Hollywood Reporter noted that plans were in the works for a spin-off film centered on Billy Magnussen s scene-stealing Prince Anders that would air on Disney+. This angered some fans, who took issue with Disney which has long struggled with inclusion and diversity in its films giving a whole movie to a minor white character from one of its few IPs set around a person of color. A few months later, Variety reported that Disney was also planning a live-action sequel to Aladdin. The hope was to bring back Will Smith, who played the wish-granting genie in the 2019 film, as well as some other stars.All Night LongDirector: TBDCast: TBDVariety reported in June 2020 that Disney was developing a jukebox musical film based on the music of Lionel Richie a la the successful Mamma Mia! stage and screen productions that rely on ABBA music. No director and cast have been named, but the story reports that Crazy Rich Asians screenwriter Pete Chiarelli is penning the script.KnightsDirector: TBDCast: TBDNews broke in 2019 that Disney was working with Operation Finale writer Matt Orton on Knights, a live-action film set in the Middle Ages and about a young girl. Back then, it was reported that the film would have a theatrical release.Cyrano The MoorDirector: TBDCast: David OyelowoAs evident by this project s name, Deadline reported in 2017 that this project is some kind of musical mash up of two classic stories — Cyrano de Bergerac and Othello — and will be set in the Bristol region of England during the 19th century with Oyelowo set to star and Moonlight screenwriter Tarell Alvin McCraney penning the script. While there hasn t been a ton of press about the film since then, Oyelowo did tell Screen Daiy in 2019 that “we are in the trenches with it right now. That interview also states that Shrek The Musical s Jeanine Tesori is doing the music.MarleyDirector: Bill CondonCast: TBDBill Condon, who directed the live-action Beauty and the Beast, is reportedly re-teaming with Disney on another live-action musical adaptation of a classic story. This film will be a take on A Christmas Carol that is told through the eyes of Jacob Marley, Ebenezer Scrooge s deceased business partner who haunts him that fateful night. But a word of caution: The Hollywood Reporter broke this news in 2019 and wrote then that the project had not been greenlit.(Photo by Buena Vista courtesy Everett Collection)Hocus Pocus 2Director: Anne FletcherCast: Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy NajimyIn March 2020, Variety reported that Hairspray director Adam Shankman was attached to direct this sequel while others reported in April 2021 that Anne Fletcher has taken over directing duties. Disney confirmed in May 2021 that the original film s stars, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy, would be returning for this movie and that the plot will follow three young women [who] accidentally bring the Sanderson Sisters back to modern day Salem and must figure out how to stop the child-hungry witches from wreaking a new kind of havoc on the world. It will air in 2022 on Disney+.Three Men and a Baby RemakeDirector: Mo MarableCast: Zac EfronDisney confirmed during the December 2020 Walt Disney Company investors day that High School Musical alum Zac Efron would be one of the stars of this remake of the 1980s classic and that it is scheduled to be released in 2022 on Disney+. Deadline reported in 2021 that Mo Marable would direct.Cheaper By the Dozen RemakeDirector: Gail LernerCast: Gabrielle Union, Zach BraffDisney confirmed during the December 2020 Walt Disney Company investors day that Black-ish creator Kenya Barris was penning the script for this film and that Gabrielle Union would star. It s reported that Zach Braff will play opposite her and Gail Lerner is directing. It is described as a story about a blended family of 12, navigating a hectic home life and their family business. The Lion King PrequelDirector: Barry JenkinsCast: TBDDisney also announced during the December 2020 Walt Disney Company investors day that it was working with Moonlight s Barry Jenkins to develop a prequel story to The Lion King. Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams and Nicholas Britell arehandling music.Ice Age: Adventures of Buck WildDirector: TBDCast: Simon PeggSimon Pegg returns as the swashbuckling weasel in this 20th Century Studios film franchise. It will air in early 2022 on Disney+.Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises AgainDirector: TBDCast: TBDHistory is getting animated – or at least the next installment of the Night at the Museum film franchise will be. Shawn Levy, who directed the first three films, is producing this version. It will air in 2021 on Disney+.DisenchantedDirector: Adam ShankmanCast: Amy AdamsThe Variety article that announces Shankman s ties to Hocus Pocus 2 also states that Shankman was in pre-production on Disenchanted – a sequel to 2007 s Enchanted – when that news broke. It was confirmed during the December 2020 The Walt Disney Company investors day that Amy Adams would be reprising her starring role from the first film.Production on the sequel started in May 2021 with a planned release date of 2022 on Disney+. James Marsden, Patrick Dempsey and Idina Menzel will also be reprising their roles while Maya Rudolph and newcomer Gabriella Baldacchino join the cast.CraterDirector: Kyle Patrick AlvarezStarring: Mckenna Grace, Isaiah Russell-BaileyDeadline reported in 2021 that Alvarez, who is known for directing the second season of Amazon Prime Video s Homecoming, was directing this coming-of-age story set on the moon. According to the article, it follows a boy growing up on a lunar mining colony [who] takes a trip to explore a mysterious crater, along with his four best friends, prior to being permanently relocated to another planet. The film will air on Disney+.Hollywood StargirlDirector: Julia HartStarring: Grace VanderWaalThe Hollywood Reporter broke the news in 2021 that Disney+ was getting the band back together for a follow-up to its 2020 musical, Stargirl. Although the original film was based on the Jerry Spinelli book about a small-town boy whose normal life is turned upside down when he meets an unusual girl named Stargirl, THR reports that the sequel is an original script and follows the titular character s journey into a bigger world of music, dreams and possibility. New cast members include Uma Thurman.Once On This IslandDirector: Wanuri KahiuStarring: TBDAfter its successful launch of Hamilton, Disney+ is reportedly looking for more musical adaptations of stage productions. In 2020, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that playwright Jocelyn Bioh is writing and Wanuri Kahiu would be directing this 1990 musical about that feature gods betting on love and death and an island girl trying to rise above her station. The article also notes that, while Hamilton was a filmed production of a staged play, this musical would be told in a more traditional sense.SneakerellaDirector: Elizabeth Allen RosenbaumStarring: Chosen Jacobs, Lexi UnderwoodA modern twist on the Cinderella story, this Disney+ film follows a budding sneaker designer who falls in love with the daughter of a basketball star. His best friend and a Fairy Godmother help me realize his dreams.TronDirector: Garth DavisStarring: Jared LetoDeadLine reported in 2020 that Davis who was previously known for smaller films like 2018’s Mary Magdalene 2016 s Lion would be helming the latest in this sci-fi film series. Jared Leto would star.Inspector GadgetDirector: TBDStarring: TBDGo-go Gadget reboot! The Hollywood Reporter wrote in 2019 that Disney was planning a live-action film based on the popular animated series about a bionic, if clumsy and not really all that good at his job, inspector and his brilliant niece Penny. Saturday Night Live s Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell were writing. The duo are also writing the Disney+ update to Home Alone.BambiDirector: TBDStarring: TBDGrab the tissues. Variety reported in 2020 that Disney was planning a remake to its tear-jerking animated classic, Bambi. The same kind of CGI technology that Disney used for remakes of The Lion King and The Jungle Book would be used for this movie about an orphaned deer and his forest friends.PredatorDirector: Dan TrachtenbergStarring: TBDIn 2020, it was announced that 10 Cloverfield Lane s Dan Trachtenberg would be directing the fifth installment in the Predator film series for 20th Century Studios. Jack Ryan s Patrick Aison was penning the script, the details of which are under wraps.Revenge of the NerdsDirector: TBDStarring: Keith Lucas, Kenny LucasBring back the pocket protectors! Seth Macfarlane is producing a new version of the 80s classic about a college rivalry between jocks and nerds for 20th Century Studios. Comedians/twin brothers Keith and Kenny Lucas are starring in this film, which they are also co-writing with The Twilight Zone s Alex Rubens. However, as Variety noted when it broke the story, the original version hasn t aged well and this will a contemporary reimagining will pontificate about today’s nerd culture and what even constitutes a geek in the 21st century. ClueDirector: James BobinStarring: Ryan ReynoldsMuch like the original 1985 Tim Curry movie, this project could have a lot of endings. Variety reported in 2020 that The Muppets James Bobin was in talks to direct a remake of this classic comedy about murder suspects trapped in a house for 20th Century Studios. Ryan Reynolds was set to star with Deadpool s Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick writing the script. However, it was also reported in 2021, that sister TV network Fox was working on an animated series based on the board game that inspired the first movie. Could two Clues be better than one?Next Goal WinsDirector: Taika WaititiStarring: Michael Fassbender, Elisabeth MossBased on the 2014 documentary, this Searchlight Pictures sports comedy follows a Dutch-American football coach who is tasked with reviving the American Samoa national football team. Let the comparisons to Apple TV+ s Ted Lasso begin.The Banshees Of InisheerDirector: Martin McDonaghStarring: Colin Farrell, Brendan GleesonDeadline reported in 2020 that McDonagh was re-teaming with his In Bruges stars Farrell and Gleeson for a film adaptation of his play for Searchlight Pictures. Set in a remote Irish isle, it follows two life-long friends who find their relationship at an crossroads.Flamin’ HotDirector: Eva LongoriaStarring: Dennis Haysbert, Tony ShalhoubSpicy! Eva Longoria is directing the Fox Searchlight biopic about Richard Montanez, the businessman who is said to have risen from humble beginnings to build an empire out of the popular snack food Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.Going ElectricDirector: James MangoldStarring: Timothée ChalametThe ballad of Timothée Chalamet? The actor will star as a young Bob Dylan in this biopic directed by James Mangold for Searchlight Pictures. According to Deadline, which broke the news in 2020 that Mangold would be directing Chalamet, the film would cover the period when [Dylan] was poised to become folk music’s most seminal figure. [But] when Dylan instead embraced rock ‘n’ roll and traded his acoustic guitar for an amp and an electric guitar, it created a huge outcry. The MenuDirector: Mark MylodStarring: TBDSuccession director Mark Mylod is digging into this Adam McKay-produced Searchlight film. According to Variety, which broke the news, the film is a darkly comedic psychological thriller set in the world of eccentric culinary culture, centering on a young couple who visit an exclusive restaurant on a remote island where an acclaimed chef has prepared a lavish tasting menu. PerfectDirector: Olivia WildeStarring: Thomasin McKenzieBooksmart director Olivia Wilde is making this Searchlight biopic about Olympic gymnast Kerri Strug. Ronnie Sandahl wrote the script. Deadline reported in 2021 that Thomasin McKenzie would star.Persuasion Director: Mahalia BeloStarring: Sarah SnookSuccession star Sarah Snook is leading the cast of director Mahalia Belo s adaptation of the Jane Austen novel for Searchlight. The story, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is about Anne Elliot who, many years after refusing the proposal of young naval officer Frederick Wentworth, finds herself navigating the waters of English society when Wentworth returns from war a wealthy and decorated captain. The cast also includes Yesterday s Joel Fry.Consume Director: David GelbStarring: TBDJiro Dreams of Sushi director Gelb has a taste for another film. This thriller, which counts Stranger Things Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen as producers with Fox Searchlight, is reportedly about a group of thought leaders who are invited to an enigmatic billionaire’s Icelandic retreat for what they think is the trip of a lifetime. Little do they know that they are not guests, but the unwitting test subjects of a nefarious experiment. Johnson Family Celebration Director: TBDStarring: TBDIn was announced in 2019 that Fox Searchlight was planning a sequel to Cedric the Entertainer s 2004 comedy, Johnson Family Vacation. Plot details and further casting have not been announced.Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood Director: Luca GuadagninoStarring: TBDDeadline reported in 2020 that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were writing a Fox Searchlight script based on Matt Tyrnauer s LGBTGQ+ documentary about and Scotty Bowers history with some of Hollywood s biggest stars. Casting has not been announced.SolitaryDirector: TBDStarring: Mahershala AliDeadline reported in 2019 that Fox Searchlight had acquired the rights to Albert Woodfox s memoir about the 43 years he spent in solitary confinement. The article also says that Oscar winner Ali would be an executive producer of the film with an intention to star.(Photo by Walt Disney Pictures)Cruella 2Director: Craig GillespieStarring: Emma StoneSoon after the 2021 release of Disney s villain origin story, Cruella, news broke that a sequel was in early development. Variety reported at the time that director Craig Gillespie and screenwriter Tony McNamara were expected to return. A couple months later, Deadline confirmed that Emma Stone had a deal to be in the second film.(Photo by Walt Disney Pictures)Live-Action Snow White MovieDirector: Marc WebbStarring: Rachel ZeglerAfter falling asleep for several years, the live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves has risen with West Side Story s Rachel Zegler set to lead. Variety reported in 2021 that Marc Webb will direct and that production on the still-untitled film would begin in 2022.(Photo by 20th Century Fox Films)Deadpool 3Director: TBDStarring: Ryan ReynoldsCue the creative ad campaigns and Hugh Jackman insults. Ryan Reynolds sardonic super hero is back for another installment. The Great North and Bob s Burgers Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin are writing the script for the third movie, according to Deadline. The article also stated that David Leitch, who directed the second film, would likely not return for this movie due to scheduling conflicts. No word on if Celine Dion would appear.Keeper of the Lost CitiesDirector: Ben AffleckStarring: TBDDeadline reported in 2021 that Oscar winner Affleck would direct this cinematic adaptation of Shannon Messenger s best-selling book series. He s also working with Kate Gritmon to adapt the script about a telepathic girl [who] must figure out why she is the key to her brand-new world before the wrong person finds the answer first. Muppet ManDirector: TBDStarring: TBDSomeday we ll find it this movie about Jim Henson, which has been in the works for some time. Deadline reported in 2021 that playwright and screenwriter Michael Mitnick was rewriting the script by Aaron and Jordan Kandell and that the film about the Muppets creator was in development.(Photo by 20th Century Fox Films)The Simpsons Movie 2Director: TBDStarring: TBDComic Book Guy and other Simpsons characters who care about details would like you to know that the long-awaited second Simpsons movie is a standalone film and not a sequel. At least, that was the word from series producer Al Jean when he was asked about it in 2020.Planet of the Apes 4Director: Wes BallStarring: TBDDirector Ball told Discussing Film in 2020 that he d already been in pre-production on the film and working with writer Josh Friedman when the coronavirus pandemic shut down Hollywood and the rest of the world. He also said in that interview that we have a take. We have a way of staying in the universe that was created before us, but we’re also opening ourselves up in being able to do some really cool new stuff. Better Nate Than EverDirector: TBDStarring: Lisa KudrowTim Federle is adapting the musical comedy based on his own book about a 13-year-old who runs to New York to try to make it on Broadway after he s not cast in a school play. Deadline reported in 2021 that Kudrow will play Nate s aunt Heidi, who turns his adventure upside-down, and it turns out they may need each other to make their dreams come true. The film will air on Disney+.No ExitDirector: Damien PowerStarring: TBDDeadline reported in 2019 that Killing Ground s Power was directing this thriller. Not to be confused with the Jean-Paul Sartre play, this film is based on the Taylor Adams novel about strangers stranded at a rest stop during a snow storm. One of them discovers a kidnapped girl and the characters must find the kidnapper and plan their escape.RosalineDirector: Karen MaineStarring: Kaitlyn DeverThis dark comedy is based on the other woman in the story of Romeo and Juliet the ex Romeo is still pining after when he sets eyes on Juliet. Based on the novel When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle, this modern take on the story will star Booksmart s Dever and comes from a script by (500) Days of Summer s Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber.The PrincessDirector: TBDStarring: Joey KingDeadline reported in 2020 that The Act s King is starring in the film and that the script, which is by Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton, is being kept under wraps but that it is described as Rapunzel meets The Raid. Master and CommanderDirector: TBDStarring: TBDDeadline reported in 2021 that 20th Century was charting a course for another Master and Commander movie with Patrick Ness writing the script. The first film, which starred Russell Crowe and was directed by Peter Weir, was set during the Napoleonic Wars and was a best picture Oscar nominee. A cast and director have not been announced for this film.Poor ThingsDirector: Yorgos LanthimosStarring: Jerrod Carmichael, Emma StoneBased on the Alasdair Grey novel, Variety describes the plot as a Victorian-set drama with a Frankenstein twist in which Stone plays a young woman named Belle Baxter who is brought back to life by an eccentric and brilliant scientist. The Favourite s Tony McNamara wrote the script.Not OkayDirector: Quinn ShephardStarring: Zoey DeutchAccording to Deadline, Deutch plays a young woman desperate for attention who desperate for friends and fame, fakes a trip to Paris to up her social media presence. When a terrifying incident takes place in the real world and becomes part of her imaginary trip, her white lie becomes a moral quandary that offers her all the attention she’s wanted. Chevalier de Saint-GeorgesDirector: Stephen WilliamsStarring: TBDVariety reports that Atlanta and Fargo writer Stefani Robinson is penning the biopic about the man known as the Black Mozart a.k.a. a musical prodigy born in the 1700s French Caribbean who was the child of an African slave and a French plantation owner and who rose to fame as both a violinist and composer but also a champion fencer (among other moments of notoriety).See How They Run (Searchlight Pictures)Director: Tom GeorgeStarring: Saoirse Ronan, Sam RockwellA whodunnit set in the 1950s London theater scene about what happens when members of a production start dying. Rockwell plays a world-weary inspector assigned to the case with Ronan playing his ambitious gumshoe sidekick. The all-star cast also includes David Oyelowo, Adrien Brody, Ruth Wilson, and Harris Dickinson.Empire of Light (Searchlight Pictures)Director: Sam MendesStarring: Olivia ColmanMendes is directing and writing the film, which Variety says is described as a love story set in and around a beautiful old cinema on the South Coast of England in the 1980s. Fire Island (Searchlight Pictures)Director: Andrew AhnStarring: Bowen Yang, Joel Kim BoosterVariety reports that the romantic comedy is a modern spin on Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice and will center on two best friends embarking on a weeklong vacation to Fire Island — the historic gay escape off the southern shore of Long Island — with the help of cheap rosé and a cadre of eclectic friends. Booster also wrote the script.Greek FreakDirector: TBDStarring: Uche AgadaAgada will portray NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo in this biopic that is being developed for Disney+, according to a 2021 Variety report. Other cast members include Yetide Badaki and Dayo Okeniyi, who will portray Antetokounmpo s parents.SpookedDirector: Peter FoottStarring: TBDNews came in 2020 that Irish filmmaker Foott was developing a Disney+ supernatural comedy that The Hollywood Reporter says involves a Halloween night gone awry as trick or treaters are transformed into whatever costume they are wearing. The Return of the RocketeerDirector: TBDStarring: David OyelowoAfter some false starts, a live-action remake of the 1991 film The Rocketeer is in the works with David Oyelowo on board as an executive producer and a potential lead. Deadline reports that Ed Ricourt is writing the project, which will focus on a retired Tuskegee airman who takes up the Rocketeer mantle. Jungle Cruise 2Director: Jaume Collet-SerraStarring: Dwayne Johnson, Emily BluntAfter the success of 2021 s Jungle Cruise, it shouldn t be much of a surprise that plans were quickly in the works for a sequel film. Deadline reported in 2021 that original stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt were set to return for the second film and that director Jaume Collet-Serra and writer Michael Green were also returning.Free Guy 2Director: TBDStarring: Ryan ReynoldsStar Reynolds Tweeted soon after Free Guy s summer 2021 premiere that Disney would be interested in doing a second film. What that film would look like and whether Shawn Levy would return as director are still TBD especially since Disney itself hasn t officially made any comment on the matter.More Untitled Marvel, Live-Action Disney, Animated, and Pixar Films Also On the WayThat isn t all. As per usual, there are a number of movies that are shrouded in mystery – some of which come to us from the next phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and from Pixar. Here is the full list of those.Untitled Searchlight FilmRelease Date: April 8, 2022Untitled Searchlight Film Release Date: June 10, 2022Untitled Searchlight FilmRelease Date: August 12, 2022Untitled 20th Century Film Release Date: September 23, 2022Untitled Marvel FilmRelease Date: October 7, 2022Untitled 20th Century Film Release Date: October 21, 2022Untitled Disney Animation FilmRelease Date: November 23, 2022Untitled 20th Century Film Release Date: December 23, 2022Untitled Disney Live-Action FilmRelease Date: March 10, 2023Untitled Marvel Film Release Date: May 5, 2023Untitled Pixar Animation FilmRelease Date: June 16, 2023Untitled Disney Live-Action FilmRelease Date: July 14, 2023Untitled Marvel FilmRelease Date: July 28, 2023Untitled Disney Live-ActionRelease Date: August 11, 2023Untitled 20th Century Film Release Date: September 15, 2023Untitled Disney Live-Action Film Release Date: October 6, 2023Untitled 20th Century Film Release Date: October 20, 2023Untitled Marvel FilmRelease Date: November 3, 2023Untitled 20th Century Film Release Date: November 10, 2023Untitled Disney Animation Film Release Date: November 22, 2023Untitled Disney Live-Action Film Release Date: March 22, 2024Untitled Marvel FilmRelease Date: May 24, 2024Untitled Pixar Animation FilmRelease Date: June 14, 2024Untitled Disney Live-Action Film Release Date: July 5, 2024Untitled Marvel Film Release Date: July 26, 2024Untitled Marvel Film Release Date: November 8, 2024Untitled Star Wars FilmRelease Date: December 19, 2025Untitled Star Wars FilmRelease Date: December 17, 2027Check out the most anticipated movies of 2021 and the most anticipated movies of 2022.Thumbnail image: ©Buena Vista Pictures, ©Marvel Studios, ©Paramount PicturesOn an Apple device? 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With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker touted as the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga, it has more to do than typical trilogy-wrapping films like The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The Matrix Revolutions, or, indeed, Return of the Jedi. It is designed to be the culmination of a nine-part saga told across 40+ years and has a lot to accomplish in less than 180 minutes. Even LOTR author J.R.R. Tolkien would sweat at this writing prompt.Nonetheless, there are questions the film definitely needs to answer, even if only in a glib way, before the curtain falls on the Skywalkers and their role in galactic affairs. The following are the 10 questions we think the The Rise of Skywalker must answer.Who Are Rey’s Parents?(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)We’ll be honest, we really like the idea that Rey (Daisy Ridley) comes from nowhere. The Star Wars galaxy gets a little too small sometimes and you need an outlier to shake things up. That was the solution seemingly given to us by Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and it is perfectly satisfactory. Unless, of course, you consider the way Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams set up the issue of her parents in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It requires some sort of resolution, even if it s just an independent confirmation that her parents were, in fact, dirt farmers who sold her to Unkar Plutt (Simon Pegg) for beer money.Did Palpatine Will Anakin Into Existence?(Photo by TM and ©copyright Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved courtesy Everett Collection)In one of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith’s best scenes, Sheev Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) suggests to the audience that he learned a way to force the midichlorians to create life. By implication, he is Anakin Skywalker’s (Hayden Christensen) father. Well, from a certain point of view, anyway. Was he really that skilled in Sith powers? Or was it all a happy accident he used to his advantage? Considering Anakin was central to his scheme, greater clarity about his birth may be in the offing. Granted, answering this question means confronting the existence of midichlorians, something a lot of Star Wars fans would rather avoid.Who are Finn’s Kin?(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Perhaps more interesting than Rey’s parents is the lost heritage of former First Order stormtrooper FN-2187 (John Boyega), A.K.A. Finn. Press-ganged into service as a child, there is a lot of unacknowledged terror in Finn’s past, but there’s also a lost world he might call home and a family he has never known. Considering The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi saw him running from things, maybe The Rise of Skywalker will offer him the chance to run toward something – the kin the First Order stole from him. And like our preferred answer for Rey s ancestry, we d like Finn to derive from a world and bloodline heretofore unseen.Was This Palpatine’s Plan All Along?As Emperor, Palpatine reached his zenith with the completion of the first Death Star, even if that apex of power was short lived. But even into his arrival in the Endor system during Return of the Jedi, he believed everything was proceeding as he had foreseen. We’re disinclined to believe his powers of prognostication were that absolute. For one thing: would he really allow himself to appear defeated for 30 years and allow a New Republic to establish itself? One imagines he will have the chance to explain his long absence in The Rise of Skywalker, and the true shape of his plan is something he might finally reveal.Will Leia Survive?(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Because of Carrie Fisher’s untimely death in 2016, this question is more of a minefield than it would otherwise be. Had she lived, Episode IX was to be her movie, much the same way The Force Awakens was Han s (Harrison Ford) film and The Last Jedi was about Luke (Mark Hamill). And in that paradigm, we would expect her to sacrifice herself for the good of the next generation like her brother and her child’s father. But now, it’s all different. There are pros and cons to both killing Leia off and letting her survive into the last iris-out. Hopefully, it will be satisfying either way.Can The Republic Ever Be Restored?(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)This is one of the bigger-level questions Star Wars movies may not be equipped to answer. The sequels showed us a Republic so corrupt that Palpatine could use a meaningless trade dispute to slip into power. The sequel trilogy has revealed a New Republic so tolerant of wannabe Imperials that it led to the Republic s destruction. Both were wiped away by more aggressive forces. Can the Resistance prove to be better at restoring government than the Rebel Alliance? This may be a question for tie-in novels after the film’s release, but it has to give us some inkling Poe (Oscar Isaac), Rose (Kelly Marie Tran), and the others can do better.What The Poodoo Was The Real Prophecy?(Photo by TM and ©copyright Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved courtesy Everett Collection)In our recent rewatch of the prequels, we were struck by how ill-defined the prophecy really is. When it is confronted directly, we’re only told a chosen one will emerge to bring balance to the Force but the actual wording of this prophecy is nowhere to be found in the films. Now, there is something poetic about the Jedi failing to see it as a warning, but it is never framed as such in Episodes I-III. Was it a textual hand grenade left in the Jedi library by an older Sith Lord, or was it something Palpatine himself planted? He was fond of using the truth as a weapon and skilled at obscuring his presence from the Jedi.Who Was Snoke?(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)The two halves of his corpse may still be rotting aboard his broken and abandoned Star Destroyer, but Snoke’s (Andy Serkis) identity finally matters now that Palpatine is back in the picture. Was he the last surviving Inquisitor? A cover identity for the disembodied Palpatine? Or just a hapless Force-sensitive seduced by the Dark Side? Like some of the other questions we need answered, this one just needs a brief word from Darth Sidious about his role in the formation of the First Order, but even in that brevity, he needs to slot into place.Are The Jedi Worth Saving?(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)This is another philosophical question the movie may not have the bandwidth to address, but considering the scenes of Rey training in the Jedi arts featured in trailers and commercials, we have to ask if the Jedi are worth saving. True, The Last Jedi ultimately makes a case for their restoration, but it was the rigidity of their philosophy that led the galaxy to Sith rule. Players of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games will recognize this question, as it lurks at the heart of its narrative, but it also seems to matter here, as Rey holds the future of Force-wielding in the Galaxy. Like the others in the Resistance, can she do better?Outside of the film, there are big financial reasons for the Jedi to be restored past the Skywalker Saga at least a few people have not made their own saber at Star Wars: Galaxy s Edge but the soul of the order is as important to the overall saga as Anakin s soul. And for that reason, Rey must make a definitive choice.When Will We See Episode X?(Photo by TM and ©copyright Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved courtesy Everett Collection)Long, long ago, Star Wars creator George Lucas let slip an initial plan for the series to be 12 parts. At the time, it was envisioned as more of a James Bond-style serial with fewer overarching plots. When the ongoing plot became important, he revised this number to nine (and then to six during the prequel era). We fully expect this original plan to be Lucasfilm’s excuse when Episodes X-XII inevitably happen.  But how long will we have to wait? It’s a question The Rise of Skywalker can actually answer if it gives the audiences an authentic and complete ending.And the chances of that happening are about as good as Palpatine meeting his true, final fate.Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker opens on December 20.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.365体育下注而且在英雄联盟手游版中,拳头工作室还承诺会推出手游独占的英雄角色,而且承诺不会使用国产骗氪捞钱的手段进行抽卡,这真的是值得所有喜爱英雄联盟这款游戏的每一位玩家的喜报了。归根结底,英雄联盟手游和王者荣耀到底哪一款手游体验感会更好呢?同样是两款MOBA竞技类游戏,玩的开心固然重要,但是在玩得开心的同时,也要注意身体健康理性享受游戏。

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(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images/Wizards of the Coast)Netflix has announced that an animated Magic: The Gathering series is in the works, executive produced by Joe and Anthony Russo, hot off their MCU crescendo with Avengers: Endgame. At the same time, Magic, the card game, resolved a decades-long story in May with an all-hands-on-deck epic battle, drawing parallels to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And that s not where the overlap between these two franchises ends. But first we ll get into what exactly Magic: The Gathering is, and why creative guidance from the Russo brothers is a match made in mana heaven.So What s Magic: The Gathering?(Photo by Netflix)Magic: The Gathering is the original trading card game, released in 1993. Players assume the role of powerful wizards called planeswalkers, and eliminate opponents. This is achieved by drawing mana from natural resources and converting that energy into casting spells, creating creatures who do your bidding, and even summoning other planeswalkers. All of these are represented as individual Magic cards. Players create their own deck of cards, draw one card a time into their hand, and take turns performing actions in a dynamic mix of poker bluffs and RPG tabletop.Magic is released in sets typically every three months, each introducing hundreds of newly designed cards into the ecosystem. Sets can teleport players to new fantastic worlds: Magic takes place in a multiverse of disconnected planes you as a planeswalker have the ability to travel to these different realities. And sets can begin a new story, or continue a previous one. Some cards depict the set s lore and plot directly, often with a regular cast of planeswalkers and characters who drive Magic s overarching story, along with tie-in novels and short stories.Why The Russos Brothers Are A Great Magic Match(Photo by Wizards of the Coast) If we can t protect the earth, you can be damn sure we ll gatewatch it. OK, so that line only worked w

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Following the recent success of his recut of Justice League, the rebound of Zack Snyder continues with Army of the Dead, a Las Vegas-set zombie movie crossed with a heist film that hits theaters on Friday, May 14, and then Netflix one week later. It’s also a return to a specific kind of feature that kickstarted his directorial career, calling to mind his 2004 debut with the Dawn of the Dead remake. The first reviews of Army of the Dead lean positive with appreciation for the usual Snyder visual flair and dependable zombie carnage, even if the story isn’t tight enough.Here’s what critics are saying about Army of the Dead:Is Zack Snyder in full comeback mode?The film is a triumph for a director whose career has been mired by polarizing opinions… If this is what Snyder looks like without studio control, please, sir, may we have some more?  Charlie Ridgeley, ComicBook.comIt’s refreshing to see Snyder reignite his first love with this romp of a genre mash-up that lets Snyder loose with his most gleeful indulgences, almost as much as his worst excesses.  John Nugent, Empire MagazineNever have the Snyderisms come so relentlessly, and never have they felt more welcome.  Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine/VultureIt’s the best I’ve seen from Snyder since Watchmen.  Aaron Neuwirth, We Live EntertainmentWhat if you re not typically a Snyder fan?Will Army of the Dead change the minds of Snyder critics? Probably not. But for Snyder fans and anybody in the mood for bloodthirsty zombie action, the movie hits the jackpot. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpySnyder’s army of fans will devour it whole; others might find it by turns bland and flavorsome, and will certainly experience some bloating. Jamie Graham, Total FilmThe whole thing is a blast that hooked even this Snyder skeptic. David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter(Photo by Netflix)How does it compare to Dawn of the Dead?[It’s not] on par with his unassailable, killer remake Dawn of the Dead, but it’s entertaining enough. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionIt feels like Snyder is doing exactly what he wants, and that early 2004 promise comes right back into focus. John Nugent, Empire MagazineDawn of the Dead had real stakes, honest performances… Such camaraderie, sense of discovery and community is missing in his latest return to zombie cinema. Nate Adams, The Only CriticWill it please zombie movie fans?It s easily the most exciting zombie film in years. Charlie Ridgeley, ComicBook.comIt’s the best video game movie zombie movie I’ve ever seen. Kate Sánchez, But Why Tho? A Geek CommunityThere’s enough gore, mayhem, and decay in Army of the Dead to make for a satisfying zombie-movie experience. Alonso Duralde, The WrapSnyder’s myth-making skills feel sharply honed and fresh. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterWe get a zombie king, and a zombie queen. There’s a zombie tiger. A zombie horse. Even a zombie baby. These details should seem fresh, but they get lost in all of the mayhem. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmThere is something weirdly and oppressively uninspired in this CGI world, a continuous two-and-a-half hour splurge of generic zombie content which itself feels a bit zombie-ish. Peter Bradshaw, GuardianArmy of the Dead is by no means a must-watch zombie or heist movie, and folks uninterested in this film would be fine to skip it. Molly Freeman, Screen Rant(Photo by Clay Enos/Netflix)How s the visual spectacle?The movie always looks terrific with Snyder acting as the cinematographer too, so you can t question that you re getting the full Snyder experience. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpySnyder is best known for his stunning visuals and his technical mastery is on full display in Army of the Dead. The fact that he shot the film himself in addition to directing is beyond impressive. Charlie Ridgeley, ComicBook.comVisually, the set pieces are fantastic to look at, and there are individual moments of splendor but nothing which stood out. Dewey Singleton, AwardsWatchSnyder stages long stretches of Army of the Dead like a video game, with our characters moving down hallways and wordlessly blowing away zombies. These are technically action scenes, but there’s no grace; no style. Not even a blunt realness. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmJulie Berghoff’s production design deserves its own star billing. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterHow is the ensemble cast?[Dave Bautista] proves a catchy leading brute with a Doc-Savage-as-teddy-bear quality he doesn’t overplay. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyMatthias Schweighöfer steals the show as German safe cracker Ludwig Dieter. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyOmari Hardwick and Matthias Schweighöfer [are] the clear-cut standouts. Their chemistry is off the charts and they bring the biggest laughs, as well as the heaviest emotional punches. Charlie Ridgeley, ComicBook.comThe only real standouts are [Tig] Notaro’s chopper pilot and Schweighöfer’s hapless safecracker. Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm[Tig] Notoro is the biggest standout of the cast insofar as she s the only one having fun with the material. Molly Freeman, Screen RantIs the portrayal of women problematic?The film s portrayal and desecration of women s bodies in particular is incredibly frustrating… Even in their destruction, women exist solely to serve men. Molly Freeman, Screen RantThere are times when Army of the Dead feels mean-spirited. It s not helped that most of these moments involve the female characters, where the male characters get the larger share of Heroic Sacrifice moments. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyHow is the writing?Stop and think too hard and Army of the Dead risks falling apart, but Snyder keeps a pace in which logic often feels like a lost cause. Eric Kohn, IndieWireThough Snyder, Hatten and Harold attempt to complicate the plot of the movie by including various twists, most of them are trite variations on old standbys. Molly Freeman, Screen RantThe overly-convoluted plot tends to be its own worst enemy at times, leading to a perceptible imbalance. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionSeveral subplots and red herrings exist to inflate an already elongated runtime, when all I wanted was Ocean s 11 with zombies. Nate Adams, The Only CriticWhat about the pacing and runtime?Almost breezy, even at a characteristically extended 2 1/2 hours…This is a long movie, but it doesn’t feel long. It moves. A.A. Dowd, AV ClubAfter the bloated excess of Snyder’s extended Justice League cut, Army feels lean and brisk. Alonso Duralde, The WrapAfter his four-hour Justice League cut, two-and-a-half hours might seem relatively thrifty, but there are pacing issues. John Nugent, Empire MagazineIt’s all very exhausting, and at 148 minutes, Army of the Dead more than overstays its welcome. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmIt s overlong and labored in places, but worth a bite for the money-shot set-pieces. Jamie Graham, Total Film(Photo by Clay Enos/Netflix)Is there the typical zombie movie social commentary?The contemporary social context is hammered home… The concept of borders alone now takes on weighted significance in the film’s world. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterIf you are aiming to make a statement then mere glancing in the direction of social injustice isn’t going to cut it. Hannah Strong, Little White LiesSnyder’s zombies might think and run to shake things up, but they aren’t placeholders for anything other than the scary-fun of watching their mangled corpses wreak gory havoc. Eric Kohn, IndieWireThat the film doesn’t belabor or over-stress its political conscience is vintage Romero, in the best sense. A.A. Dowd, AV ClubIs this just a fun time at the movies?Snyder has fashioned for us delicious, pure camp. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionArmy Of The Dead is best when Snyder leans into the fun, and allows himself moments of pure silliness. John Nugent, Empire MagazineArmy of the Dead is a wild ride of a film… a good time at the movies. Aaron Neuwirth, We Live EntertainmentArmy of the Dead — which, let me reiterate, is a Vegas heist flick set during a zombie apocalypse — should be a lot more fun than it is. Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine/Vulture(Photo by Clay Enos/Netflix)How does the film s surprising sweetness play?[Especially] audacious is the unexpected infusion of heart. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionWhen he aims for more emotional territory we start to feel the weight of that running time. John Nugent, Empire MagazineTonally, the film is all over the place. At different points, Army of the Dead is all heart while others it is pessimistic and bleak. Dewey Singleton, AwardsWatchWill this leave us wanting more?Army of the Dead is too long while still leaving much unexplained – animated series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas and prequel movie Army of Thieves will take care of that. Jamie Graham, Total FilmIt represents a wider problem with modern blockbuster filmmaking – to fully understand one film you have to watch a litany of adjacent films and TV crossovers. Hannah Strong, Little White LiesWhether or not Army of the Dead spawns an actual sequel, somehow it’s just not that exciting of a prospect. You kind of already know where it’s going to go, what notes it’s going to hit. K. Austin Collins, Rolling StoneArmy of the Dead releases in select theaters on May 14, 2021 and streams on Netflix on May 21, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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7.11.1 7月喜迎说起来也巧,负责《英雄联盟手游》移植的工作室,正是玩家们熟知的光子工作室,和研发了《王者荣耀》的天美工作室同为腾讯旗下的大工作室群,也是目前竞争最为激烈两个游戏工作室。

(Click to enlarge.)After six intense rounds of voting, we can officially crown Loki as the Ultimate Marvel Villain! The Trickster God who attempted to take over Earth, faked his own death to return to Asgard and rule under false pretenses, and came this close to betraying Thor on Sakaar has won the hearts of fans everywhere with that wink-and-a-smile charisma and not one but two separate redemptive arcs.Were we surprised? A little, yes. Thanos is, after all, the Big Bad of the Infinity Saga, and considering what happened between him an Loki in Avengers: Infinity War, well Let s just say we leave it up to each individual voter to determine how to make their picks in these showdowns, but if it were a true contest of power, we all saw how the championship round here actually went down. At the very least, the final tally was a close one, with Loki taking the victory by a margin of just 52% to 48% of the vote.Thanks once again to everyone who participated in this showdown, whether you took it very seriously or had a bit of fun with it. We welcome fans of all stripes here, and that s what makes these fun in the first place. With that, we ll see you all at the next big showdown!Round 1 Results | Round 2 Results | Round 3 Results | Round 4 Results | Round 5 ResultsFinal RoundRound 1 Results | Round 2 Results | Round 3 Results | Round 4 Results | Round 5 ResultsOn an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
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ts from first kiss to first meal to first time meeting family and friends. As the couples live together for the first time, they must decide if they want to continue their romantic relationships leading to engagements and possibly marriage, or walk away forever.”She once competed on the Martha Stewart version of The Apprentice, and now Real Housewives and Shark Tank alum Bethenny Frankel is inviting aspiring business moguls to compete to land a job within her Skinnygirl empire. The Big Shot with Bethenny will air on HBO Max, and find contestants “tested to see how far they can push their creativity and determination to rise to the top,” which means a job on the Skinnygirl executive team. The series will be produced by Mark Burnett, Frankel’s B Real Productions, and MGM Television.The New York Post is teaming with Investigation Discovery to launch Torn From the Headlines: New York Post Reports, which will take viewers “behind the headlines into some of the city’s darkest and most inconceivable crimes of all time.” One episode will revolve around the kidnapping of New York tuxedo maker Harvey Weinstein … nope, it’s a different Harvey Weinstein. The series premieres on March 16.Netflix has acquired the global rights to the film The Life Ahead, an adaptation of the novel The Life Before Us by Romain Gary. The movie stars Sophia Loren as a Holocaust survivor who runs a daycare business, and who takes in a 12-year-old street kid who robbed her.ABC has given a pilot order to Adopted, a comedy from Jimmy Kimmel. Based on a true story, the series revolves around a Green Beret who returns to Texas from active duty and introduces his family to a 12-year-old Russian boy he has adopted. Kimmel will executive produce the series, and write it with a pair of U.S. Army veterans, Green Beret Shawn Vance and combat medic Daril Fannin. (THR)

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Ghcxuf 4. ROBERT DE NIRO AND SHIA LABEOUF TEAMING UP AFTER EXILE (Photo by Jason Mendez, Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)2019 is turning out to be a relatively big year for both Shia LaBeouf and (especially) Robert De Niro. Shia LaBeouf is currently in theaters with the indie critical hit The Peanut Butter Falcon (Certified Fresh at 97%) and also has Honey Boy (currently Fresh at 100%) coming out in November. Robert De Niro was a frequent Saturday Night Live guest star in the recent 2018-2019 season, and this fall he has both Joker (10/4/2019) and Netflix s ambitious The Irishman. Much like the aforementioned peanut butter, we re about to find out if LaBeouf and De Niro are two great things that are even better together, because both actors are now attached to star in the redemption drama After Exile. LaBeouf will star in the drama based on a true story as a recently released convict who teams up with his alcoholic (and fellow ex-con) father (De Niro) in an attempt to save his younger brother from following their steps into crime.5. AWKWAFINA SETTING OFF ON THE LAST ADVENTURE OF CONSTANCE VERITY(Photo by Dee Cercone/Everett Collection)Rapper-turned-actress Awkwafina is in the midst of such a prolific streak right now (she s right up there with Tiffany Haddish as far as pop culture ubiquity) that it might be easy to forget that her breakout role in Ocean s 8 was only a little more than a year ago (6/8/2018). In addition to the critically acclaimed The Farewell earlier this year and this week s The Angry Birds Movie 2, her upcoming slate includes Jumanji: The Next Level (12/13/2019), The SpongeBob Movie: It s a Wonderful Sponge (5/22/2020), director Tate Taylor s Breaking News in Yuba County, the Netflix musical The Prom, Marvel s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2/12/2021), and Disney s The Little Mermaid remake. That s six movies, four of which are part of major franchises, and this week, we have word of upcoming Awkwafina movie #7. Awkwafina has signed with Legendary Pictures to star in their adaptation of the fantasy novel The Last Adventure of Constance Verity about a young woman who s been saving the world from supernatural threats from the moment she was born, but now just wants to have a normal everyday life.6. KEVIN HART TO STAR IN SUPERHERO COMEDY NIGHT WOLF(Photo by Warner Bros.)A sort of funny thing happened with superhero movies in the era before Iron Man kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008. Years before they became as ubiquitous as they are today, the genre saw a number of spoofs or satires, including Blankman (1994), Mystery Men (1999), Sky High (2005), My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006), and Superhero Movie (2008, but before Iron Man). Perhaps the time is ripe for these sort of superhero comedies to make a comeback? That perhaps is the thought behind the news this week that Kevin Hart will produce and star in a STX superhero comedy called Night Wolf from two of the screenwriters of this year s Pokémon Detective Pikachu (Fresh at 68%). Hart will star as a fiancee who meets his future father-in-law (yet to be cast) who he soon discovers is secretly the famous superhero called (The) Night Wolf.7. RUSSELL BRAND JOINS AGATHA CHRISTIE REMAKE DEATH ON THE NILE(Photo by Ed Araquel/©TWC-Dimension/courtesy Everett Collection)There have been several failed (or faltering) attempts at replicating Marvel s shared universe concept, but someone who might have actually figured out a winning formula is director Kenneth Branagh, who in 2017 gave us a new remake of Agatha Christie s Murder on the Orient Express (Fresh at 60%), which earned over 2 million worldwide. Now that Disney owns the 20th Century Fox film properties, they are still moving forward with Branagh s second planned film, which will be a remake of 1978 s Death on the Nile (Fresh at 75%). Branagh will again direct and also star as Detective Hercule Poirot, along with an ensemble cast including Annette Bening, Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, and Letitia Wright (Shuri from Black Panther). The latest actor to enter talks for a role in Death on the Nile is Russell Brand, but there s no indication which role he will take on. Disney and Fox have scheduled Death on the Nile for release on October 9, 2020, which puts it a week after Venom 2 and the week before another remake, The Witches.8. DAVE BAUTISTA S TOUR OF LAW ENFORCEMENT CONTINUES WITH THE D.E.A. IN TRAPHOUSE (Photo by JA/Everett Collection)For a while this year, we had a possible situation in which Dave Bautista (AKA Marvel s Drax) almost starred in two odd couple movies with a lot of similar themes, until My Spy was moved to January 10, 2020 to avoid direct competition with Stuber. Bautista will play a C.I.A. operative in My Spy, and he played an L.A.P.D. detective in Stuber, but that still leaves several other agencies he hasn t yet represented on film. We ll soon be able to cross the D.E.A. off of his to do checklist, though, because he is now attached to produce and star in an action thriller called Traphouse. Bautista will play an undercover D.E.A. agent who engages with his partner in a game of cat and mouse with an audacious, and surprising group of thieves — their own rebellious teenagers, who have begun robbing from a dangerous cartel, using their parents’ tactics and top-secret intel to do it. 9. HARRY STYLES TURNS DOWN THE LITTLE MERMAID REMAKE(Photo by Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection)Even though the majority of movie casting stories use language like in talks, those negotiations so frequently result in the actor actually being hired that many have gotten used to ignoring the use of such language. It does, however, occasionally happen that a star indeed drops out of talks after initially being in talks. Last month, just two weeks after Halle Bailey was announced as the new Ariel in The Little Mermaid, it was reported that One Direction star Harry Styles was in talks to co-star as her human romantic interest, Prince Eric. Walt Disney Pictures will now have to continue looking for their male lead, however, because Styles ultimately turned down the offered role (with no reason given). Negotiations continue with Awkwafina (as Scuttle), Javier Bardem (as King Triton), Jacob Tremblay (as Flounder), and Melissa McCarthy as the evil part-octopus witch Ursula. We re considering this the Rotten Idea of the Week because of the way Harry Styles fans have taken the news.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week. 😈😈


365体育下注 继承了端游的优良血统,《使命召唤》手游保留了枪匠系统,仅一个瞄准镜就有十八种之多,还有各种各样狂拽酷炫的枪械皮肤,玩家可以随心所欲地打造仅属于自己的爱枪,成为战场上最靓的崽。

(Photo by United Artists/courtesy Everett Collection)All Child s Play and Chucky Movies, Ranked By Tomatometer Hi, I m Chucky! Wanna play? Audiences were game to tango with the possessed, murder-bent action doll in 1988 s Child s Play, and so the slasher golden age got in one last big stab before the decade closed. Even critics, who had largely turned their nose up at the genre, were relatively on board, praising Child s Play s novel villain, creepy puppetry work, and the compact, efficient plotting and kills.Brad Dourif returned as Chucky for two direct sequels (and all subsequent films until the 2019 reboot) to menace Andy, kid hero of the original, into his teenage years, as writer/creator Don Mancini deepened the Chucky mythos in unexpected, bizzare fashion. This allowed the franchise to pivot into meta black comedy territory with Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky, whose highlights include Jennifer Tilly (as herself) giving birth to the Chuckster s twins.Mancini, who was also occupying the director s seat by this point, revived the series nine years later with 2013 s Curse of Chucky, reverting back to straight slasher horror. Critics approved of the new earnest approach, compelling characters, and its narrative ties back to the original film. 2017 s Cult of Chucky continued to defy the laws of diminishing horror sequel returns with its most outsized story yet, generating the best reviews of the 20-year-old franchise.Meanwhile, Mark Hamill was tapped to voice the doll-face killer in 2019 s Child s Play, which dug up a new chilling storyline attuned to today s technological world. Whichever timeline you re here for (and who says Chucky and Buddi can t meet up at one point?), we re ranking all Child s Play and Chucky movies by Tomatometer! This month, Netflix and Dreamworks are releasing the third season of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, an animated spin-off of the popular Jurassic Park franchise that focuses on a group of kids trying to survive in Isla Nublar. And in April, the fourth season of Fast Furious Spy Racers premiered on Netflix — another show that took a huge live-action franchise and made it more accessible for younger audiences.This is not unlike a trend in the ’80s and ’90s that saw all kinds of live-action franchises turned into kid-friendly cartoons, no matter how not-for-kids the movies were. Everything from RoboCop to Godzilla were turned into a toy-churning machine that entertained, and baffled, kids on Saturday mornings. To celebrate the release of the new season of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, grab your favorite cereal because we re looking at the weirdest animated spin-offs of blockbuster franchises originally aimed at adults.Godzilla: The Series (1998-2000)Why the Original Isn t for Kids: Though no Godzilla movie has been rated R, the films still feature a story about a giant monster rampaging through the city and sensationalize the horrors of nuclear power. The much-maligned 1998 film unleashed a giant monster (which basically treated Godzilla like a dinosaur) on the Big Apple and caused all kinds of chaos. This year’s Godzilla vs. Kong scored better on the Tomatometer but is still rated PG-13.What the Cartoon Changed: For many ’90s kids, this was their definitive Godzilla story. It helped that the cartoon actually had its titular monster go up against other amazing monsters, from mutated animals to mythological beings like Quetzalcoatl and the Loch Ness monster. Though not really a violent show, there was a lot of cool monster action, creature designs, and even homages to horror films like The Thing.Rambo: The Force of Freedom (1986)Why the Original Isn t for Kids: An R-rated franchise about a Vietnam war veteran suffering from PTSD who kills, maims, and otherwise obliterates dozens of people wherever he goes, Rambo is a franchise that doesn t really scream Saturday morning cartoon. And yet, a 65-episode show graced our screens in the ’80s.What the Cartoon Changed: Well, to the surprise of no one, Rambo: The Force of Freedom ( The Animated Series ) severely toned down the violence from the original movies. Rather than being dropped into a war zone or sieging a small town while struggling with his PTSD, this Rambo leads a team of heroes from around the world to fight an evil organization called S.A.V.A.G.E. This is basically G.I. Joe but with more muscular men. Rambo never mentions the Vietnam war, nor does he ever kill anyone, but he certainly does take the time to teach kids about morality, doing the right thing, and even the environment. He even dressed up as Santa Claus at one point!Police Academy: The Animated Series (1988-1989)Why the Original Isn t for Kids: Though later films would tone down enough to get even a PG rating, the franchise started life as an R-rated comedy with everything from foul language, to nudity. The franchise is known for its low-brow humor, sexual innuendo, and physical comedy. Still, that didn t stop it from becoming a cartoon made by Warner Bros. that lasted two seasons and 65 episodes.What the Cartoon Changed: Taking place between the fourth and fifth films in the franchise, the cartoon focuses on the cast getting into trouble, some slapstick comedy ensues, and the mismatched group of cops learning to be a team and solve crimes ends up saving the day. Some episodes start featuring a recurring villain in the form of a crime boss nicknamed Kingpin, whose stature and intelligence really resembles that of the Marvel villain of the same name.Beetlejuice (1989-1991)Why the Original Isn t for Kids: Out of the films in this list, Beetlejuice is the only one rated PG, but that doesn t mean it was kid-friendly. After all, there is a lot of talk about suicide, and the eponymous Beetlejuice is a depraved and devious poltergeist who tries to force a teenage girl to marry him.What the Cartoon Changed: The ABC animated show brings back Tim Burton to executive produce, and only loosely adapts the movie into a long-form series. The scares and gore are gone, as is the sexual innuendo. Instead, the show turns Beetlejuice into a lovable goofball who goes on journeys with his friend Lydia across the Neitherworld. Beetlejuice usually tries to scam the residents of this afterlife realm, and the duo goes on adventures with monsters, ghouls, and other creatures. The show was praised for its mix of traditional 2D animation along with CGI, and it won an Emmy for best animated show.RoboCop (1988)Why the Original Isn t for Kids: Alongside Rambo, this is arguably the weirdest film to have been adapted into a kids cartoon, but like most Paul Verhoeven films, RoboCop got severely misinterpreted and turned into a franchise that glorified what the first film criticized (as we ll see later). A film that barely avoided an X rating because the titular character constantly blows heads and genitals off feels very much unsuited for a Saturday morning cartoon, but that didn t stop Marvel from producing one anyway.What the Cartoon Changed: Rather than a scathing indictment of capitalism and militarization of the police, RoboCop is also turned into a superhero who fights everything from polluters to a KKK-like gang. At one point, RoboCop even plays a part in Middle East peace processes. Of course, the character doesn t kill anyone, with his deadly weapons turned into non-lethal lasers that later are added to the main live-action franchise.Conan the Adventurer (1992-1993)Why the Original Isn t for Kids: In case it hasn t been clear so far, most of these cartoons were adapted from popular live-action movies that had a lot of merchandising potential, they just needed a way to market directly to kids, even if they could not watch the original film. Even if a kid was not allowed to watch Conan the Barbarian crush his enemies, see them driven before him, and hear the lamentation of the women, they might still want a muscular Arnold Schwarzenegger action figure that brandishes Conan s cool sword.What the Cartoon Changed: Rather than a child slave, Conan is — you guessed it — kind of a superhero now. Like in the film, he s on a quest for vengeance against a villain, but this time he embarks on the journey with more naïveté and sensibility than the film suggested. He does not rip a vulture s throat out with his teeth, he s more like He-Man, honorable and with a strong sense of morality. Despite this, the cartoon stayed strangely accurate to the original works of author Robert E. Howard.Toxic Crusaders (1991)Why the Original Isn t for Kids: The Toxic Avenger is an early attempt at a superhero comedy. The story of a man who is dumped into a vat of toxic waste and becomes a hideously disfigured monster with superpowers, the film is hyper violent, full of sexual references, and incredibly gory.What the Cartoon Changed: Toxic Crusaders takes a cue from other environmentally conscious cartoons of the time like Captain Planet and Swamp Thing and focuses squarely on the toxic waste part of the Toxic Avenger. Now part of a superhero team, the Crusaders combat pollution and a lot of aliens.Little Shop (1991)Why the Original Isn t for Kids: Whether you enjoy the original Roger Corman film or the Frank Oz–directed musical from the 80s, Little Shop of Horrors has something for everyone — except children. The film versions are full of sexual innuendo as well as a ton of darkly comedic murders, which the musical takes a step further by having the man-eating plants conquer the entire world and eat everyone.What the Cartoon Changed: The early ’90s saw a lot of films turned into short-lived animated shows, especially those with environmentalist messages. Little Shop takes Audrey II and turns the man-eating plant into the prankster and hip rapper, Junior, who gets into all sorts of whimsical trouble with its friend, the de-aged Seymour. The plant can still hypnotize, but rather than hypnotize people, Junior can control other plants to aid in mischief. There are still a lot of musical numbers, but they are paired with moral lessons.Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles (1999-2000)Why the Original Isn t for Kids: Though not as hyper-violent as RoboCop, this is another franchise Paul Verhoeven touched that got its political aspect diluted with the years. The original Starship Troopers film was a poignant sci-fi satire about fascism and military-led nationalism. There is a ton of graphic violence involving soldie

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