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亚博真人AG采用百度引擎9(Baidu 2)Bond, James Bond, is headed back to the big screen for 007’s 25th movie, due for a release right before Thanksgiving in November (exact dates vary depending on where you live). As is befitting a secret agent, there aren’t many details about the film that are public knowledge yet, but here’s what we do know. [Updated March 4]It Finally Has a TitleFor a long time, Bond 25 was known simply as Bond 25. Fans were hoping that the official title might be revealed on April 25 of 2019, during a live-streamed presentation about the film broadcast from the Jamaican villa where Bond author Ian Fleming wrote all the original novels, but that was not the case. Instead, we all had to wait until late August before the official James Bond Twitter account announced that the new entry will be called No Time to Die.The First Trailer is OutThe first trailer for the film dropped on December 4, 2019, and it shows Bond leaping from aqueducts, getting trapped under ice, and withstanding a barrage of gunfire in his bullet-proof, classic Aston Martin DB5. He also faces possible betrayal from Dr. Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) after settling down with her at the end of Spectre, a (friendly?) rivalry with a fellow 00 agent Nomi (Lashana Lynch), and a dangerous new villain — Rami Malek’s scarred, masked Safin.“History isn’t kind to men who play God,” Bond warns Safin in one of the trailer’s best lines, so it seems safe to assume that the latter s evil plan is quite ambitious and very dangerous.It Has an Official SynopsisThere were very few details about the plot before the trailer came out, and while it hints at a globe-trotting story of betrayal and friends and foes — both new and old — the synopsis explains a little bit more.“In No Time To Die, Bond has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. His peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up asking for help. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.”Cary Fukunaga is DirectingCary Fukunaga, known for True Detective Season 1, Beasts of No Nation, and Maniac, will direct No Time to Die. Fukunaga, who said that Daniel Craig is his favorite Bond, signed up to direct in September 2018 after original director Danny Boyle left the picture in August, citing “creative differences.” The switch in directors pushed back the film s release date, as it was initially set to come out in November of this year.“I want to make sure that this run of films, which has been fantastic, has a great next chapter and just keeps upping the ante,” Fukunaga said at the event.In addition, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, Scott Z. Burns, and Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge are writing the script.Daniel Craig is Returning(Photo by Francois Duhamel/Columbia Pictures)It was touch-and-go there for a while, though: Craig told Time Out London back in 2015 that he d rather break this glass and slash my wrists than play the suave spy one more time. But he s back for his fifth outing, havi

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino s ninth film (if you count the Kill Bill movies as one), just earned him his highest opening-weekend box office, so it s safe to say mainstream audiences were primed and ready for another of the maverick director s stylized adventures. Currently sitting Certified Fresh at 84% on the Tomatometer, the rambling tour through the Los Angeles of 1969 ranks just below Django Unchained in Tarantino s filmography, marking only the latest critical hit in a career full of them.But what did average moviegoers think of the movie? Once Upon a Time currently holds an Audience Score of 72%, which ties 2007 s Death Proof as the lowest of any of his films. Is 72% a bad score? Not by any means, but considering Tarantino s reputation as a filmmaker, it indicates a certain level of dissatisfaction not commonly associated with his movies. With that in mind, we decided to take a peek at the user reviews to get a broader sense of how the moviegoing public at large responded to the film and suss out what might have brought that Audience Score down just a touch more than we expected. Check out the user reviews of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and let us know what you thought of the film, and these reviews, in the comments. (Note, some of the reviews have been slightly edited for length and grammar/spelling.)(Photo by Andrew Cooper / © Columbia Pictures)How does this compare to Tarantino s previous work?Not Tarantino s best. Sean W C, 2.5 starsThis is for the hardcore Tarantino fan. Good, but not mind-blowing.. Sean B, 3 starsIt was just OK. The most un-Tarantino movie he s made. Stephen M, 3 starsTarantino never ceases to make a masterpiece time and time again. The cinematics were pleasing, classic, and very on brand  If you are a fan of good visuals, excellent acting, and a compelling storyline with Tarantino s classic touches as the cherry on top, then this is the movie to see.– Zada, 5 StarsWhat a wild ride. The first two hours are definitely a different take from Tarantino, very different from his usual stuff. But the last 40-or-so minutes are unmistakably Tarantino in full. Kyle, 5 starsI really enjoyed the movie. It was a bit different from Quentin’s other movies, but nonetheless the cast pulled it off. The movie kept me wondering, and then I really got to see what the tale was, and was immediately hooked and impressed. It’s safe to say Tarantino hasn’t lost his touch. I would like to watch it again. Jay A, 5 stars(Photo by Andrew Cooper / © Columbia Pictures)How is the pacing and plot?Terrible movie no plot, no entertainment value, just three hours of pointless dialogue. Wow, I don’t know how people enjoy this crap. Literally nothing happened until the last 20 minutes! Nothing! Do not see this movie!!! Matthew K, 0.5 starsNot his best work. Meandering and pointless. Very disappointing. David S,  2 starsThere really is not any character development or a main driving plot in the film. I would closely relate it to Pulp Fiction, in that it’s more of a series of random but loosely collected clips. A lot of people left the theater asking, “What was the point of this ?” I think the film would be more enjoyable at home when there is time to burn; there’s just too much dead time that could’ve been removed and made this movie ~1.5 hours shorter.  Daves_Ratings,  2 starsA little long. Could have cut out about 1/3 of the movie. Stephen M, 3 starsThis movie, to me, is a triumph. Although devoid of a clear plot/narrative, Tarantino crafts the dialogue and characters in ways which make it fun to watch. And although the second act tends to drag at times, the overall story is a blast to watch, along with incredibly written characters acted perfectly (especially DiCaprio and Pitt). Also, the incredibly entertaining first two hours and 15 minutes lead into what may be my favorite scene in a movie this year. David A, 4.5 starsI love Tarantino s attention to detail, nuance and creativity. The camera tells a story in every scene. If you like fast food more than well-marinated, slow-cooked steak, then this might not appeal to you. CO Critic, 5 stars(Photo by Andrew Cooper / © Columbia Pictures)What about the cast?The stars carried it. Steven B, 2.5 starsI enjoyed the movie, but it wasn t one of Tarantino s best. Great acting. Great camera work. Great sound track. But it didn t have the energy of Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill 1 and 2. Maybe I just expected too much. Gene, 3 starsMovie was enjoyable fun and Leo and Brad were electric together. Gina, 3.5 starsDamn fine filmmaking! I want a Rick Dalton movie, stat! Damien C, 4.5 starsA wonderful, meandering road with superb acting performances by both DiCaprio and Pitt that eventually leads us to one hell of an ending. If you re a Tarantino fan, or a fan of any of these actors, you should love this movie. Mike M, 5 starsDiCaprio Delivers yet Again. One of the best ensemble pieces in years. Brad Pitt was phenomenal and nuanced. Will see again. Siskel No Ebert, 5 stars(Photo by Andrew Cooper / © Columbia Pictures)And the historical context?Do some research before watching. A big overarching plot point in the film (which I didn’t know going in) is centered on a famous cult murder from the 1960-70 period. Daves_Ratings, 2 starsA good story, but it lacks most of the thrill and suspense often found in his films. The difference with this one is that it explores Hollywood as a past and present establishment more than creating specific stories with protagonists who set out to achieve clearly defined goals. Mark, 3.5 starsLoved the 60s eye candy from small, well-curated objects like Aqua Net hairspray and the ode to 60s neon signs  All in all, a wonderful stroll down memory lane (my era) by a director who has a unique personal style. Amy, 3.5 starsRecreation of the era and the story, cast, and characters will make you want to see this one again. Thomas, 5 stars(Photo by @ Columbia Pictures)What about that ending?The last 15 minutes were good. Too drawn out. Barry M, 2 starsI found the movie boring. The end was way too violent and weird. Very weird. Some people walked out early, and some people applauded the ending. It’s just a matter of personal taste, I guess. Donna W, 2.5 starsThe ending was a little disappointing and actually had some humor in it. Gina, 3.5 starsI don t want to spoil anything, but I was not expecting the ending at all. Zada, 5 stars(Photo by Andrew Cooper / © Columbia Pictures)Any final thoughts?I feel misled about this movie; it s Helter Skelter revisited. I do not think that I would have gone to see this movie if I would have known. Ray B, 3 starsThis movie is so much fun! Don t miss it. Tarantino, DiCaprio, and Pitt knock it out of the park. They will both get Oscar nods, well deserved. Can t wait to see it again and again. Warren W, 4.5 starsCheck out all of the user reviews for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week. 如今,梦泪也是KS签约主播了,他透露了LOL手游没能够在国服上线的主要原因,并不是因为TX在故意拖节奏,更何况即使LOL手游上线了,也不会真的影响到王者荣耀,这两款游戏都有各自的优势,并不干涉彼此。之所以一直拖延,主要也是因为两点原因。第一是因为手游的尺度过大,很多都不能够过审,为了能够过审,还需要将尺度规范好了,还有一点是因为国服玩家的数量庞大,有太多的粉丝了,所以国服版本一定要更适合国人,那么就更要打造最好的版本给玩家们。

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SUPER MARIO BROS.1993 s Super Mario Bros. movie is either a curious cultural touchstone or a complete disaster. Or both. Regardless of your feelings toward Dennis Hopper s beyond-bizarre portrayal of baddie Bowser though, you  probably wouldn t be opposed to a reboot. In January 2018, Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment announced they were collaborating on a feature-length animated film based on the portly plumber and his Mushroom Kingdom friends and foes. In November 2018, Chris Meledandri told Variety the movie is in priority development for a possible 2022 release, and that Nintendo s Shigeru Miyamoto is fully involved: We are keeping him front and center in the creation of this film. FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY SThis bizarre horror series, which pits players against evil audio-animatronic animals in a Chuck E. Cheese-like establishment, holds the potential to be one of the better game-based films in the pipeline, not only because the prospect of a robotic bear going on a murderous rampage sounds awesome, but because veteran Hollywood visionary Chris Columbus has been tapped to shepherd production. However, in November 2018, creator Scott Cawthon posted on Steam that he had tossed out his own script and is starting from scratch.RAINBOW SIX(Photo by Matt Kennedy /© Marvel / © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)A Rainbow Six movie is definitely in the works, but it might not be what fans of the Ubisoft tactical multiplayer shooter expect. The Paramount project is positioned more as an adaptation of the Tom Clancy books — on which the game franchise is loosely based — than the game itself. In September 2018, Michael B. Jordan joined as John Clark, who s appeared in previous Clancy films the Sum of All Fears and Clear and Present Danger. A prequel, dubbed Without Remorse, will come before the Rainbow Six movie to establish Clark as the protagonist.MEGA MANThe Blue Bomber recently made a big splash with Mega Man 11 – the series best game in years – and he s looking to continue that streak at the box office. The live-action Mega Man movie, from Capcom and 2oth Century Fox, will be written and directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman and, according to Capcom s announcement in October 2018, will appeal to both seasoned fans of the game franchise as well as those who just appreciate a good action-cranking popcorn flick.CALL OF DUTYThe Activision arm responsible for tackling such projects has made no secret of the fact they intend to turn the enormously popular first-person shooter franchise into a “cinematic universe, not unlike Marvel s or Star Wars . While there s no solid timeline for the project, the studio intends to kick off its ambitious, universe-expanding plans with a first installment directed by Sicario: Day of the Soldado helmer Stefano Sollima.QUESTIONABLEWe haven t heard from these announced movies and shows in more than a year.UPDATED: DUKE NUKEMWhile a John Cena-starring Duke Nukem movie had been strongly rumored in early 2018, its seems the adaptation of the over-the-top shooter may be headed back to the drawing board. Original studio Paramount is no longer involved with the potential project, but Assassin’s Creed producer Jean-Julien Baronnet has reportedly teamed with Gearbox Software to bring the cigar-chomping badass to the big screen.UPDATED: RESIDENT EVILConstantin Films Resident Evil reboot, which follows the six film Milla Jovovich series, is one step closer to shuffling into theaters. Johannes Roberts, breakout director of 47 Meters Down, is taking a stab at the .2 billion-earning franchise as the reboot s writer and director.UPDATED: GEARS OF WARRumors and speculation have swirled around a potential Gears of War movie for years, but it looks like the project finally has its writer in scribe F. Scott Frazier (xXx: Return of Xander Cage.) The game s head honcho Rod Fergusson has also stated the Universal pic won t be based on any previous Gears games, but will take place outside of the established narrative. No word on how this might affect Dave Bautista s chanes of playing series protagonist Marcus Fenix.UPDATED: GOD OF WARWith the formation of PlayStation Productions — a new arm of the studio focused on adapting the company s games to series and movies — things are looking up for a God of War film. Given that the Uncharted film now has a release date, and Sony s God of War game reboot was a huge success, Kratos coming to the silver screen no longer sounds like such a stretch.UPDATED: DEVIL MAY CRYThere s been no update on the long-rumored Devil May Cry movie, buy the adaptation may be headed to the small screen. In November 2018 Castlevania executive producer Adi Shankar revealed he would be developing a new show based on Capcom s demon-slaying series. While he shared little else, Shankar added that he d personally acquired the rights to the property. Whether or not this means the series would join Castlevania on Netflix remains to be seen.DRAGON S LAIRWe were ready to declare this project dead considering how much difficulty creator Don Bluth has had in getting movies off the ground this century (after Titan A.E. buried Fox Animation Studios), let alone something involving his fantasy laserdisc arcade game from the 80s. But if a successful, 0k-raising Indiegogo campaign had anything to show us, it s that Dragon s Lair still has fans today. And that includes the creators of Stranger Things, who opened Season 2 with Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin deeply invested in the game at the arcade. The Indiegogo funds will go towards a Dragon s Lair prequel movie before Dirk the Daring meets Princess Daphne, and that s all the news there s been since last year, outside of Bluth s interview with SyFy in November 2017. Moviemaking is a long and arduous task and we re not entitled to status updates if there s nothing to report, but we re keeping this at Questionable status for now, since Bluth s dreams have a habit of being undercut by economic reality. If Dragon s Lair were to fall apart, not only would it suck for the charitable hopefuls who filled the online coffers, but also those 40-year-olds today who called Hawkins, Indiana home.CONTRAKonami announced they were teaming up with Chinese corp Starlight Media for a movie and TV show for their flagship run n gun series, even whipping up a logo teaser to demonstrate that this business was serious. But with Chinese money in movie production drying up or becoming more volatile (the Fan Bingbing disappearance has spooked the industry), this project is up in the air like so many spread gun powerups passing in the night.BORDERLANDS(Photo by 2K Games)Fans have been clamoring for a trip to the cel-shaded, planet of pyschos Pandora, and occasional talks and rumors have obliged in stringing hopes along. Has it all just been claptrap? Gearbox Software CEO/carnival barker Randy Pitchford gave a general update during E3 2017. Per ScreenRant s transcription of the interview: We’ve been developing scripts and the strategy that we’re on right now is, that it’s obviously all in the Borderlands universe, but rather than retell the stories that were in the game, we’ll create new stories so the films will have their own film canon. HALF-LIFEGabe Newell hosted a Reddit AMA in early 2017, and answered a question about a Half-Life and Portal movie with a to-the-point Yep. They re coming. Cool. Months afterward, ex-Valve scribe Marc Laidlaw released a thinly coded synopsis of what would ve been Half-Life: Episode 3, all but confirming the game will never be made. This has only soured the perception on how this franchise has been handled since Valve moved away from traditional game development, and with details so vague and far-between, this questionable project is close to being marked dead.PORTALThe question Newell fielded from his AMA also pertained to Portal, so he s claiming an adaptation is concurrently in the works.SPLINTER CELL(Photo by Sony Pictures)There hasn t been a Splinter Cell game in almost six years, but why let such a cool franchise name go to waste? Case in point: Tom Hardy has long been attached to play Sam Fisher, through various attempts of the getting the film off the ground. With the last update in January 2017, when Hardy was given a new script to read, and nothing since, one can imagine a Splinter Cell movie has been stealthily killed.THIEFSquare Enix is reportedly working on a fifth Thief game. That s a surprise already, but then there s the extra news that a movie is being worked on in conjunction with the game. With no news in the year and a half since, this one maybe have been absconded with off into the night.These projects are either officially dead, or we haven t gotten any updates in over two years. But considering these are all based on a medium built around 1-ups and extra lives, the door s open for future resurrection.BIOSHOCK I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose development hell! Despite its protracted public development, the Bioshock movie was apparently just eight weeks away from shooting. Gee, with the start date that close, there must ve been mountains of production material and sets ready to go, right? If you look at director Gore Verbinski s follow-up movie after Bioshock fell apart, A Cure For Wellness, you ll get some distinctly Rapturian vibes.ASSASSIN S CREED 2A video game movie starring Michael Fassbender, directed by the guy who made the Certified Fresh Macbeth? And with Marion Cottilard? What could go wrong? Apparently, lots, according to Fassbender himself. And when your main star publicly drubs the movie, that puts a damper on any sequel talk going forward. Oh, and also the fact that Assassin s Creed bombed with critics and audiences everywhere.FALLOUTBethesda s Todd Howard told The Wrap that there s no Fallout movie because nothing quite clicked, which meant nothing was ever announced in the first place. Any memories you have of a Fallout movie being in the works were radioactive fever dreams.THE LAST OF USIn 2016, Sam Raimi revealed why a Last of Us movie imploded: Sony and TLoU co-director/writer Neil Druckmann have differing opinions on what said movie should look like. (It s easy to speculate that one party would want to use Joel and Ellie, and the other wouldn t.) Turns out, Druckmann doesn t even want a movie to happen anyways.MASS EFFECT(Photo by Electronic Arts)An action-oriented space opera with moral quandaries seems like it would ve been a great fit for a movie, especially one bankrolled by a company with as deep pockets as EA. But alas, Mass Effect fans, no stranger to ignoble endings, may be waiting an eternity to see the battle against the Reapers on-screen, as no movie was ever formally announced. While developer BioWare promises that the series isn t quite dead yet, the aftermath of the disastrous ME: Andromeda reverberates still.WATCH DOGSThere s been no news on adapting the techno-thriller since 2016. And considering Watch Dogs 2 sold up to 80% less than the original, safe to say this one s been put to sleep.SPY HUNTERNo number of covers of the Spy Hunter/Peter Gunn theme can keep this high-octane espionage property alive. The last news was from November 2015, when Dwayne Johnson was associated with it. With Jumanji and Rampage, we think he may have gotten his video game rocks off by now.DEUS EX(Photo by Square Enix)There hasn t been any news about a Deus Ex movie since 2012, a year after comeback game Human Revolution came out. But surely the latest sequel, Mankind Divided, must ve stirred up the augment s nest? Not so fast: Mankind apparently didn t sell too well, and nobody at Eidos or Square Enix is working on a new game. Considering Adam Jensen s story was left incomplete at the end of Mankind Divided, they ought to focus on wrapping that up before dropping a Deus movie.DANTE S INFERNODante s Inferno was an obscure game (especially by publisher EA s standards), yet for some reason, a few people in Hollywood were insistent on turning it into a movie. After no updates were released since 2013, three years after the game came out, potential director Fede Alvarez broke his silence to announce there were still no updates. With 2020 on the horizon, could another non-announcement be in the works?ASTEROIDSSpaceships. Mass destruction. Explosions galore. Asteroids sounds like it would ve been a match made in vector heaven with director Roland Emmerich, who, at the time, hadn t directed a disaster epic in years. Alas, he passed on the project in 2015. Just as well: He directed Independence Day: Resurgence instead, and where would cinema be today without that?GRAN TURISMOWe re not sure what shape a Gran Turismo movie would take (even Fast Furious had to throw in international espionage and nuclear subs to keep things interesting), but if the prospect of one has been keeping you up all these years, bad news: The last time anyone s written about a GT movie was in 2015, and that was to float the idea that the whole concept had been sent to the salvage dump.ANNOUNCEDMovie and game studios are often eager to make fanfare announcements either prematurely or to drum up public interest, and then the project s never heard from again. These movies and shows could be worse than dead: They may never have been alive in the first place.UPDATED: JUST CAUSEConstantin Films apparently has big plans for Square Enix s open-world action series. On top of acquiring Just Cause s film rights, the studio has brought on John Wick creator Derek Kolstad to pen the script. The first movie in what the studio hopes to spin into a franchise will begin filming in 2020.ALTERED BEAST(Photo by Sega)Announced by Sega in 2016. Likely to have been welcomed to its doom as there have been no developments since.CENTIPEDEOld game properties usually get announced in chunks, as the movie rights are sold to studios in package deals. This was the case for Atari when they announced both a Centipede and a Missile Command movie at the same time.MISSILE COMMANDThe Cold War may be over, but America s got a whole lot of problems with other countries, so maybe a Missile Command movie is still incoming after its 2016 announcement. But don t hold your breath.FIREWATCHFirewatch was the most popular walking simulator of 2016 thanks to combining mystery, romance, and thriller tropes into an attractive package. Developer Campo Santo said in 2016 that a movie was in the works. And they ve since been acquired by Valve, so maybe things will move at a quicker pace. (Stop laughing!)FRUIT NINJAAs smartphones inserted themselves into everyone s pockets and purses, Fruit Ninja was one of those big viral games that highlighted our new world of mobile inanity. So it s no surprise that a movie was announced in 2016. It s also no surprise there s been no news since.METRO(Photo by 4A Games)Despite its very cinematic presentation, it took a while for the post-apocalyptic franchise to get its movie announcement. Fast forward to 2019, when latest game sequel Metro Exodus will be released in February, with no new updates on the movie. Fortunately, Metro is based on a book series, so the series may have a long shelf-life even after the games conclude.RABBIDSThe video game equivalent of Minions, the Rabbids, were announced to be getting their own movie in 2015. Three Robot Chicken writers were attached at the time.RENT-A-HEROAnnounced by Sega in 2016, with Hot Tub Time Machine s Steve Pink attached, based on the very obscure character. In fact, none of this hero s two games ever made it to the States, and the only way American gamers could ve encountered him was as a secret character in Sega Saturn s Fighters Megamix.SHINOBIAnnounced in 2016, based on Sega s long-running (but now dormant) ninja platformer.STREETS OF RAGEAnnounced in 2016. Sega s beat em up has a seriously dedicated fanbase, especially for one that hasn t had a new entry in 25 years. The wait (and all the fan games) paid off when SoR4 was announced for a 2019 release.TETRISThe Tetris Company was all too eager to announce the pieces were coming together for a movie, alongside an million influx of Chinese cash. But that was more than two years ago, and with the volatile market for money from the Middle Kingdom, the movie may have vanished like a well-placed L-block.

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8.42.0 6月喜迎With HBO s Game of Thrones finally complete, the network is searching for a successor to its crown jewel. The first major contender is an HBO and BBC coproduction, the adaptation of author Philip Pullman s epic fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials. Set at the crossroads of fantasy and science fiction, it has going for it both the network s proven pedigree, as well as a fanbase as loyal as A Song of Ice and Fire s. But will that be enough to succeed GoT’s place in the TV viewer’s consciousness? Let’s look at what we know about the show, which premieres November 4, to try to find out.The Books(Photo by HBO)Beginning with 1995’ Northern Lights, published in the U.S. as The Golden Compass,  Pullman devised a world of parallel universes, witches, soul-animals, and talking polar bears. The story centers on Lyra Belacqua, a 12-year-old living in Oxford, England. But the Oxford of her carefree days contains elements not seen in our world — namely Pantalaimon, a manifestation of her inner-self known as a “dæmon.” When Lyra warns her uncle, Lord Asriel, about an attempt on his life, she learns about a mysterious substance known as Dust and the parallel worlds her uncle has spied through the Northern Lights. This knowledge is deemed heresy by the Magisterium, a version of the Holy Church that has a high position of authority in this world..As Lyra begins to look into the disappearance of her best friend, she is soon adopted by Mrs. Coulter, a woman involved in a Church-sanctioned child abduction program. Fleeing from Coulter, she joins a caravan of nomads. Along the way she meets Iorek Byrnison, the talking bear you might dimly recall from The Golden Compass film, and learns some surprising truths about her family history.She also learns more about Dust, which leads to a shocking betrayal and her decision to step into alternate worlds — including our own.The themes are pretty heady, with Dust emerging as the possible source of all human sin. Pullman, a self-described “Church of England atheist, takes Catholicism to task for many of its tenets and, in His Dark Materials, openly declares Original Sin as one of the hallmark strengths of the human race. Naturally, controversy followed him as his thoughts do constitute a sort of heresy. Subsequently, Pullman would become more nuanced in his stance, suggesting powerful institutions — and not the underlying philosophies — lead to societal ills.Nonetheless, the first novel earned several literary awards in the U.K. and was named on many U.S. top choice lists upon its publication.The subsequent novels in the series, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass, continue Lyra’s journey as she is joined by Will Parry, a 12-year-old boy from our reality who ends up in possession of the Subtle Knife. The two learn more about the nature of sin as they face an Eden-level temptation. Pullman continued to write short stories in this frame. He also began a new trilogy of novels, collectively known as The Book of Dust, starting with 2017’s La Belle Sauvage and continuing with October 2019 s The Secret Commonwealth.The FilmThe success of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was met with rival studios attempting to set up their own LOTR-style success. Curiously, LOTR s home studio, New Line Cinema, believed His Dark Materials would lead to a repeat of its earlier creative and financial gains. New Line bought the rights to the trilogy in 2002, leading to the 2007 film The Golden Compass, starring Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman, Sam Elliot, Eva Green, and Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra. Chris Weitz, signing on as writer and director, chose to soften the novels’ criticisms about organized religion, leading to the displeasure of fans and Weitz’s decision to ultimately walk away from the project. Reflecting on his choice, he told Newsweek that he d realized the fan ire, technical challenges of making a blockbuster picture, and the studio s seemingly inevitable disappointment when the film was not a LOTR-sized success made the project something of a poison pill. He would soon return after his replacement, Leap Year s Anand Tucker, walked away citing the old “creative differences.”The film takes certain liberties with the source – including changes to Lyra’s journey and the deletion of the book’s ending – which Pullman publicly supported at the time. Eventually, both he and Weitz admitted the changes were made to give the film a more upbeat ending and increase the chances of a second film. It also made the mistake of many, many fantasy films before it and since: an opening narration robbing the audience of its chance to discover Pullman’s world organically.As a consequence, New Line’s hoped for film trilogy never emerged and many forgot the film ever happened.The SeriesAs in the
The problem they face, and the one we face on an hourly basis, is the very concept of fairness. But as Karli eludes to in her eulogy to Donya Madani and expressly says to Sam a few minutes later, a part of the fairness she seeks is the peace and prosperity she found in the years of the Blip. Fairness is an equitable share of resources and an unprecedented freedom of movement. It is also means the chance to build things as communities united in a humanist philosophy instead of the old distinctions of race, country, and religion.Sam supports these ideals in theory, but as he missed the Blip years, he cannot really understand what it was like. Like Bucky s limited empathy with Ayo about King T Chaka s death, Sam s understanding of the Blip world falters no matter how many times he tells Karli he gets it. Admittedly, it sounds like a paradise to us, but it comes at an unacceptable cost. And as we now know Karli is willing to commit to the grim calculus, it makes their conversation all the sadder. Then there s that moment when Sam almost gets through to her before Walker bursts in. Now, the only way forward is blood for Karli and Walker.Power Broker Watch: Episode 4 Edition(Photo by Marvel Studios)We presume Sam will try to keep the peace, but like Karli, he will be fighting a war on two fronts. For Karli, that second battle will be with the Power Broker, who will be none too thrilled to learn the remaining serum vials are gone. We still don t know who the Power Broker is, however. Like last week, Sharon is still a possibility. Her free movement through Madripoor, access to satellites, and high-tech command station certainly suggest a level of clout and resources far beyond the picture she gave to Sam last week. It is possible she works for S.H.I.E.L.D. or S.W.O.R.D.; in fact, as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was meant to stream before WandaVision, Sharon s shadiness may have been meant to lead into the agency s first appearance. Or maybe she really did break bad and fund a new Super Soldier program. A showdown between her and Karli would be unexpected.It is also possible the Power Broker will be the special episode 5 cameo showrunner Malcolm Spellman alluded to in recent days. But after all the digital ink we spilled with WandaVision s supposed cameo, we re unwilling to put a lot of thought into this possibility. If it turns out to be Victor Von Doom or Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell), we ll be pleasantly surprised.The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres new episodes on Fridays on Disney+.

(Photo by © A24)Do any of the other actors stand out?“Barry Keoghan is the standout among the supporting players, playing a young battlefield-roaming stranger with sinister intentions.” Eric Eisenberg, Cinema Blend“Alicia Vikander shows her range with a surprise dual role whose explanations are kept in the dark, stealing scenes during the film s most surreal section.” Emma Stefansky, ThrillistHow does the movie look?“The film never stops dazzling the viewer with mythic imagery.” A.A. Dowd, AV Club“You could pause The Green Knight at any moment and discover an image worth praising.” Robert Daniels, Polygon“From the opening frame to its final shot, The Green Knight is a visual masterpiece…each set piece that Gawain treks through has its own distinctive flair in color, lighting, and mood.” Rendy Jones, Rendy Reviews“There’s intent to the gloomier colors, just as there’s a beauty in it…Lowery brings a breathtaking artistry to the film, every frame fit to hang in a museum.” Hoai-Tran Bui, Slashfilm“Lowery and cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo unspool the most stunningly gorgeous film since the Oscar-winning Blade Runner 2049.”- Brandon Katz, Observer“Cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo certainly makes a strong case here for Oscar contention.” Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the Movies
If you have a suggestion for a movie or show you think we should do an episode on, let us know in the comments, or email us at rtiswrong@rottentomatoes.com.Meet the hostsJacqueline Coley is an editor at Rotten Tomatoes, with a focus on awards and indie coverage but with a passion for everything, from the MCU to musicals and period pieces. Coley is a regular moderator at conventions and other events, can be seen on Access Hollywood and other shows, and will not stand Constantine slander of any kind. Follow Jacqueline on Twitter: @THATjacqueline.Mark Ellis is a comedian and contributing editor for Rotten Tomatoes. He currently hosts the Rotten Tomatoes series Versus, among others, and can be seen co-hosting the sports entertainment phenomenon Movie Trivia Schmoedown. His favorite Star Wars movie is Jedi (guess which one!), his favorite person is actually a dog (his beloved stepdaughter Mollie), and – thanks to this podcast – he s about to watch Burlesque for the first time in his life. Follow Mark on Twitter: @markellislive.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
(Photo by New Line courtesy Everett Collection)On November 7, 2003, Buddy the Elf passed through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops, and then walked through the Lincoln Tunnel and right into our hearts.Written by David Berenbaum and directed by Jon Favreau, Elf was the holiday hit of the year, taking in more than 0 million worldwide, and earning equal praise from critics (it s Certified Fresh at 84%) and audiences (it sports a 74% Audience Score).Since then, Elf has become a holiday TV stalwart, spawned a hit Broadway musical and a stop-motion animated special, and turned into one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time.Even now, at 15 years old (old enough to doubt the existence of Santa), Elf is still full of Christmas cheer. So, why has this film earned a place on the Nice List for life?It Turned Jon Favreau into a Director and May Have Kickstarted the MCU(Photo by New Line courtesy Everett Collection)Prior to Elf, Jon Favreau was recognizable actor, but a relative unknown as a director. Granted, true Favreau-heads (Favr-ites?) might look to his 2001 independent film Made (Fresh at 71%) as Favreau’s directorial coming out party, but he was better known as one of the money men from Swingers and Monica’s millionaire boyfriend from Friends. But that all changed when he stepped behind the camera for Elf.With his innovative and charming direction, Elf would go on to make nearly seven times its budget, and Favreau would go on to direct Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Jungle Book, and the upcoming The Lion King.But, if Favreau hadn’t taken on Elf (or if it hadn’t been quite a critical and commercial success), would he have been trusted to direct Iron Man? And if he hadn t directed Iron Man, would the movie still have had the same vibrancy that made it such a hit? And would it then even spawn a sequel and set the stage for Captain America, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the rest of the blockbuster behemoth that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe?Thankfully, Jon Favreau is so money, and Elf made sure we all knew it.It Made Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel into Stars(Photo by New Line Cinema)In 2003, Will Ferrell had already notched his name in TV lore with an impressive run on Saturday Night Live and stolen scenes in classic grown-up comedies like Old School, Austin Powers, and Zoolander, but it wasn’t known if the rambunctious man-child actor could carry a movie as a leading man, let alone a family film. Until, that is, everyone saw Elf.The risk to cast Ferrell paid off, and launched him from recent SNL departee to Hollywood’s next great comedy star. In the following years, Ferrell continued to rack up hits with both adult-oriented comedies like Anchorman, Step Brothers, and The Other Guys and family-friendly fare, including Kicking Screaming, The Lego Movie, and Daddy’s Home.Elf also marked a coming-out party for Ferrell’s co-star Zooey Deschanel. After small yet memorable parts in Almost Famous and The New Guy, Deschanel was dangerously close to being known better as that girl than as Zooey Deschanel. But playing the role of reluctant mall elf and Buddy’s reticent love interest, Jovie, Deschanel delivered a star-making performance, showcasing the charm, singing talent, and adorkable-ness that would make her into a darling of the indie film world and a staple of the sitcom one.It Excels in Physical HumorWill Ferrell has always been a larger-than-life performer, but Elf took that quality and ran with it.As the only human in the North Pole (and a 6 3 one at that), Buddy the Elf stands out amongst the diminutive elves of Santa’s workshop, but Ferrell needed some movie magic to truly look like a fish out of water.Thanks to forced perspective, which manipulated the set to make the other actors appear smaller, Ferrell managed to tower over his elfin counterparts without having to resort to CGI or green screens. Favreau called this process painstaking, but the end result looks seamless and allowed the actors to appear as normal as possible.It s Super Quotable, All Year RoundWho can forget He s an angry elf, You stink. You smell like beef and cheese! You don t smell like Santa, or The best way to spread Christmas cheer is
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Ghcxuf (Photo by ©Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection)Shakespeare gave us to be or not to be, Puzo and Coppola gave us an offer we couldn t refuse, and the three writers of Venom – yes, three people are credited for this screenplay – gave us rolling down the street like a turd in the wind. Your thoughts on that now-iconic, symbiote-issued simile likely mirror your reaction to the film in which it s spoken. Did you, like so many critics, declare Eddie Brock s solo debut a poorly scripted and misguided mess? Or did you, like so many fans, bow down giddily to your new head-biting Marvel master, thankful for a superhero movie that stood out from the pack by being weird as hell, dark AF, and letting Tom Hardy do all of that?In the world of Tomatometer-Audience Score divides, director Ruben Fleischer s Venom gives us a canyon like few others, with just 30% of critics declaring it Fresh compared with 81% of the Audience. But you don t need us to tell you the film is beloved: The movie made a whopping 6 million at the global box office and fans are hotly anticipated the Andy Serkis-directed sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, due out next year. (And yes, we ve heard you in our comments sections and in our DMs and in all those magazine-cut-out stalker-style letters we ve been receiving: you really, really think the critics got it wrong on this one.)So, of course, we had to do an episode of our new podcast Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong devoted to lovable loser alien Venom and his Earthling host Eddie. Joining hosts Jacqueline Coley and Mark Ellis this week is pop-culture commentator and woman-who-would-absolutely-go-to-town-on-a-tank-full-of-live-lobsters, Roxy Striar, who is our official Voice of the People, arguing that Venom not only be Fresh, it should be somewhere in the 90th percentile. Is she right? Is RT wrong? Did lady Venom really need boobs? We re going deep, so be sure to tune in.Listen Now:  Spotify |  Apple Podcasts  |  Stitcher  |  TuneIn  |  Google Podcasts | Radio Public | Deezer | iHeart | Art19Check in every Thursday for a new episode of Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong (A Podcast From Rotten Tomatoes). Each week, hosts Jacqueline and Mark and guests go deep and settle the score on some of the most beloved – and despised – movies and TV shows ever made, directly taking on the statement we hear from so many fans: “Rotten Tomatoes is wrong.”Episode one:  Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong About  Spider-Man 3Episode two:  Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong About  Mortal KombatEpisode three:  Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong About  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullEpisode four: Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong About  Sister Act 2: Back In the HabitEpisode five: Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong About  The BeachEpisode six: Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong About  Hocus PocusEpisode seven:  Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong About  Vampire In BrooklynIf you have a suggestion for a movie or show you think we should do an episode on, let us know in the comments, or email us at rtiswrong@rottentomatoes.com.Meet the hostsJacqueline Coley is an editor at Rotten Tomatoes, with a focus on awards and indie coverage but with a passion for everything, from the MCU to musicals and period pieces. Coley is a regular moderator at conventions and other events, can be seen on Access Hollywood and other shows, and will not stand Constantine slander of any kind. Follow Jacqueline on Twitter: @THATjacqueline.Mark Ellis is a comedian and contributing editor for Rotten Tomatoes. He currently hosts the Rotten Tomatoes series Versus, among others, and can be seen co-hosting the sports entertainment phenomenon Movie Trivia Schmoedown. His favorite Star Wars movie is Jedi (guess which one!), his favorite person is actually a dog (his beloved stepdaughter Mollie), and – thanks to this podcast – he s about to watch Burlesque for the first time in his life. Follow Mark on Twitter: @markellislive.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News. 😈😈


亚博真人AG For almost two decades, Judd Apatow has been the king of a certain kind of American movie comedy – as he described it to Rotten Tomatoes, films about people who are stuck and whose lives are falling apart… because “life falling apart is usually funny.  In movies like Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Trainwreck, the writer and director has given us some of recent cinema’s funniest moments, from a chest-waxing scene that almost cost Steve Carell his nipple to an epic breakdown in the principal’s office courtesy of a foul-mouthed Melissa McCarthy in This Is 40. His latest comedy, The King of Staten Island, is a semi-autobiographical feature starring and co-written by Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, and it packs in Apatow’s signature mix of big laughs and big feels.Ahead of the movie’s release, Apatow sat down with us to break down the mechanics and stories behind some of the funniest scenes he’s put on the screen – including an messy pool fight that’s getting the biggest laughs from audiences who’ve seen his newest film.

如果说哪一款游戏在测试阶段,就让无数玩家心痒难耐,那么一定是LOL手游。之所以造成这个现象,主要还是因为两个原因。首先是因为LOL这个大IP,即使是放眼全世界都有着举足轻重的影响力。其次就是大家等LOL手游实在是太久了,要知道伴随着科技的发展,未来几年手游才是王道。看王者荣耀、和平精英的热度就知道了。 n is the creator, writer, and executive producer of Loafy, an upcoming Comedy Central digital series about a manatee who runs a drug empire from his water tank at the Center Park Zoo. Moynihan will also voice the main character in the series, which will premiere in 2020 on all Comedy Central digital and social platforms.The Freeform cable network is developing a modern day spin on Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poem Inferno, which will be set in Los Angeles and revolve around Grace Dante, a young woman with serious responsibilities – a drug addict mother and dependent brother – whose life suddenly starts improving … thanks to the devil. To outsmart him, Grace has to make her way through the underworld, i.e. present-day L.A. (THR)Disney+ has ordered 10 episodes of Becoming – a documentary series that breaks down the early years of celebrities – from producer LeBron James’s Springhill Entertainment. Nick Cannon, Lakers All-Star Anthony Davis, and WNBA All-Star and two-time Olympic gold medalist Candace Parker are among the celebrities who will be profiled.Netflix has ordered eight episodes of Heaven’s Forest, an animated drama with stories and characters inspired by the Indian mythology of Ramayana. Castlevania creator Warren Ellis will write and serve as an executive producer on the project. (Deadline)Sony Pictures Television is developing The Good Dish, a syndicated daytime series for 2020 hosted by Daphne Oz, Vanessa Williams, Gail Simmons, and Jamika Pessoa. The spin-off of The Dr. Oz Show began with cooking segments on that series (hosted by Oz’s husband Dr. Mehmet Oz), and will expand on the cooking segments with lifestyle, budget, and menu advice.Spectrum cable customers will be able to watch all new episodes of the Mad About You reboot on Nov. 20. Spectrum customers can watch all 164 episodes of the original Helen Hunt/Paul Reiser series on demand at SpectrumTV.com.Wilmer Valderrama is producing The Trail, a drama CBS is developing about elite investigators who work for the U.S. National Park Service and solve high-profile cases at Yosemite National Park. (Deadline)Upcoming mobile video platform Quibi has announced a new celebrity gossip talk show called Potty Talk. The series, hosted by fashion designer Alexander Wang, will find the designer and a guest host interviewing their famous friends inside the bathrooms at various pop culture events.Quibi is also putting a new spin on the celebrity game show. Comedian Ron Funches will host Nice One!, in which comedians are pitted against each other and challenged to “out-compliment one another in a showdown of sweetness and consideration.” (Deadline)Lucifer will air its final season in two parts, each made up of eight episodes. Series star Tom Ellis announced the season 5 breakdown while he hosted a tour of the Lucifer set on The Kelly Clarkson Show.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.


Even as we enter the final month of 2018, superhero movies continue to draw massive interest, with a member of DC s Justice League and an alternate version of a Marvel icon topping the list of Decembers most anticipated movies. If you count the Transformers prequel about a certain VW Beetle and Disney s decades-later sequel to a celebrated classic, then fantastical tales about extraordinary individuals comprise the top four. Toss in a couple of real-life based dramas that tied for the fifth spot, and you ve got a pretty hefty holiday movie season to look forward to. With that in mind, read on for the Most Anticipated Movies of December!1. Aquaman (2018) 65%(Photo by Warner Bros.)10,107 Want-to-See Votes#1 pick by our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter fansOpens December 21How do you make a superhero who talks to fish and wears orange spandex cool? Cast Jason Khal Drogo Momoa in the role, surround him with people like Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, and Amber Heard, and put the man behind the Conjuring universe in the director s chair. James Wan s origin story about DC s reluctant Atlantean king ranked #1 across all of our social polls and garnered the most Want-to-See votes on RT of any December movie by a wide margin. Aquaman looks primed to rule the box office when it opens right before Christmas, but it ll face some stiff competition from a few other movies on this list.Watch Trailer2. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) 97%(Photo by Sony Pictures Animation)1,183 Want-to-See Votes#2 pick by our Instagram and Twitter fans, #3 pick by our Facebook fansOpens December 14We ve already gotten three different versions of Peter Parker since the superhero movie boom of the 2000s, but we ve never seen Miles Morales on the big screen, and if early reviews are any indication, Into the Spider-Verse could be one of the best Spider-Man movies yet. Produced by The Lego Movie and Jump Street franchise s Phil Lord and Chris Miller (and co-written by Lord), Sony s animated film made believers out of skeptics with the first trailer, which showcased a unique, vibrant art style with a beating heart at its center. Considering almost all the reviews thus far have been raves, this one looks like a crowd-pleaser.Watch Trailer3. Bumblebee (2018) 90%(Photo by Paramount Pictures) 793 Want-to-See Votes#2 pick by our Facebook fans, #3 pick by our Instagram fans, #4 pick by our Twitter fansOpens December 21The Transformers franchise has never performed very well with critics (the first film in 2007 is the Freshest at 58% on the Tomatometer), but it has raked in over billion at the box office. With that in mind, this month s Bumblebee represents a break from formula: It s a prequel set during the 1980s and centered on just one of the characters, and it s directed by someone other than Michael Bay (namely Travis Knight). Hailee Steinfeld stars as the human companion this time around, and instead of the more futuristic designs we ve seen in the franchise thus far, we get robots that more closely resemble the classic Transformers from the TV series. We ll have to wait and see if the gamble pays off.Watch Trailer4. Mary Poppins Returns (2018) 80%(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)1,149 Want-to-See Votes#3 pick by our Twitter fansOpens December 19The latest in Disney s efforts to remake, reimagine, or otherwise reintroduce classic films from their extensive library comes in the form of a sequel to 1964 s Mary Poppins. The magical nanny formerly played by Julie Andrews is replaced by Emily Blunt, who returns to Cherry Tree Lane to teach timely lessons to the children of the now grown-up Michael Banks (Ben Whishaw). This one only cracked the top five in our Twitter poll, but it also earned the third most Want-to-See votes on RT.Watch Trailer5a. Mary Queen of Scots (2018) 62%(Photo by Liam Daniel/Focus Features)552 Want-to-See Votes#5 pick by our Facebook and Instagram fansOpens December 7Like last month, two films tied for the fifth spot on our Most Anticipated list, and in this case, they re both political dramas based on true events. The first is this look at the life of Mary Stuart (Saoirse Ronan), the young Queen of France who returns to her native Scotland just as the country comes under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie), setting off a fierce rivalry with consequences that will echo through history. Mary Queen of Scots managed to sneak in at fifth in both our Facebook and Instagram polls and earned the fifth most Want-to-See votes on RT, and judging from early reviews, it s an impressive showcase for the talents of its two leads.Watch Trailer5b. Vice (2018) 65%(Photo by Annapurna Pictures)195 Want-to-See Votes#4 pick by our Instagram fans, #5 pick by our Twitter fansOpens December 25Last but not least, we have Adam McKay s profile of former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, chronicling the congressman s rise to power and substantial influence during the George W. Bush administration. The stellar cast includes Christian Bale as Cheney, Sam Rockwell as Bush, Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney, and Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld, just to name a few, and it represents McKay s second foray into more serious material after a string of broad comedies. Though it didn t score many Want-to-See votes, it managed to rank fourth in our Instagram poll and fifth in our Twitter poll.Watch Trailer

亚博真人AG Flipping through the pages of Dark Horse Comics’ Resident Alien, it is easy to see why it might become a television show. Written by Peter Hogan with art from Steve Parker, it tells the tale of an alien marooned on Earth who adopts the name Harry Vanderspeigle. His alien physiology gives him the ability to cloak as human and it is a good thing as the mayor and sheriff of nearby Patience, Colorado, ask for his help after their local doctor is murdered. Harry, a fan of cheap crime novels, decides to risk going to town in order to see the corpse. What follows is a curious mixture of police procedural, film noir, and the slow burn quirkiness of Northern Exposure.“I fell in love with the thought of using an alien as eyes into trying to figure out what it s like to be human,” showrunner Chris Sheridan recently told Rotten Tomatoes. “[Harry is] in a place where he s trying to figure out the human condition and people reading it can maybe get an insight of their own based on how Harry is seeing things. So I really fell in love with that.”Of course, the show is different from its source material in may ways. It is faster, quippier, and Harry (Alan Tudyk) is far less genial on television than his comic book counterpart. Harry is, in fact, not exactly a good guy, and his mission on Earth may have dire consequences if he can ever recover the pieces of his ship.“I felt like raising the stakes would be helpful,” Sheridan explained. “Giving Harry a sort of a negative mission and a negativity around him a little bit, gives him a place to go.”That place, of course, is discovering his literally newfound humanity.“Now that he s sort of infected with these emotions, sort of becoming a little more human himself, we can watch his journey and learn a little bit about ourselves as well,” Sheridan explained.As viewers will see, what it means to be human is very much at the core of the series — that is, if those viewers get over the part where Harry tries to kill the one person in town who can see him as an alien: a boy named Max (Judah Prehn). When homicide fails, Harry resorts to psychological warfare.“He becomes a threat to Harry, so he uses that against him,” Tudyk said.As it happens, no one else in town believes Max, which leads to an Invaders From Mars dynamic. Granted, the alien s desire to kill a boy is just one trait that makes Harry fun to watch.

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