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Ian McShane is back big time in 2019.The British actor s Starz series American Gods returns in March — no small feat after showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green departed the series, delaying its season 2 premiere. And John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum is out in May. HBO s long-awaited Deadwood movie is coming this spring; McShane won a Golden Globe best actor drama award for his part as foul-mouthed Al Swearengen in the Western series. There s also McShane s role in Hellboy, and the jazz biopic Bolden.Rotten Tomatoes spoke to McShane about his numerous projects on Tuesday following the American Gods panel during the Television Critics Association s Winter Press Tour in Los Angeles.First, while the third film in the John Wick series hits theaters in May, Starz is planning a spin-off series called The Continental that would be set at the movies hotel for assassins. Though a vital character at the films Continental hotel, don’t expect to see McShane s Winston on the series. That doesn t mean he won t be involved at all, however.“No, McShane told RT when asked about appearing on the series. But I may give em a voiceover. A series, no. They talked about that.”(Photo by David Lee/©Summit Entertainment/Courtesy Everett Collection)There s also the matter of finding out where Winston ends up at the end of John Wick 3. When it begins, he’s going to be in a bit of trouble for letting John Wick (Keanu Reeves) get away at the end of Chapter 2.“Oh yeah, you know The High Table will be pissed off,” McShane said. “The High Table are very pissed off, and they’re very angry.”American Gods casts McShane as Mr. Wednesday, the ancient Norse god Odin living on Earth and trying to lead his fellow old gods — among them goddess of dawn Easter, Slavic god Czernobog, and Ghanaian trickster god Anansi — into battle against the new gods, including Media, Technical Boy, and Mr. World, the god of globalization. Wednesday regularly plays gods, humans, and other entities off each other.McShane hinted that a similar dynamic exists in the world of John Wick, that we’ve only just begun to see the forces behind the scenes at The Continental, and they could all be coming out to hunt John Wick.“It all shifts around,” McShane said. “Talk about shifting alliances, it’s the same thing.”(Photo by HBO)There s also the matter of HBO s long-gestating Deadwood movie. Fans have been waiting to see Al Swearengen again since the network canceled Deadwood following its third season in 2006. McShane said that the intervening 13 years have not been kind to his character.“Al’s a little diminished from what he was,” McShane teased.This time, because the cast and crew are not hoping for a fourth season, the movie gives the show its long-overdue definitive ending. But, of course, there s always the possibility of the movie s unparalleled success.“It’s a full ending,” McShane said. “I say that, but if it’s a huge success for HBO, they’ll go, ‘Can we get another one? Can we squeeze another one of out of you?’ It’s a two-hour movie so it’s a finite thing.”Rumors of a Deadwood limited series or movie have persisted for more than a decade, so McShane still can’t quite believe he actually filmed one. And while HBO has yet to confirm a premiere date — only the vague promise of spring — McShane might have some intel on that matter.“Now it’s coming out in May,” he said. Pencil that into your calendar, but wait until the network confirms to set it in pen. 关于游戏的竞技性,游戏日报也采访过英雄联盟前职业选手若风,他告诉我们,相比于端游更注重的对线、运营,《英雄联盟手游》更注重决策。而决策的基础,就是视野所提供的信息。只是在具体操作上,《英雄联盟手游》的视野不会像端游版的“真/假饰品眼”系统那般复杂,简化了移动玩家的上手难度。

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7.87.7 9月喜迎但作品是好是坏,总得交给时间与大众去检验。2019年10月,在我们的紧张关注下,《使命召唤手游》正式上线海外,很快于一周内突破1亿次下载,首月就取得了亮眼的成绩,这让我们欣喜无比。到了12月,意外的喜讯传来,《使命召唤手游》得到了基于用户投票的GooglePlay年度最佳游戏等多个奖项,随后,我们又被邀请去洛杉矶微软剧院参加2019年的TGA年度颁奖典礼。当主持人念出最佳移动端游戏归于《使命召唤手游》的那一刻,团队一起在台下欢呼。那个瞬间,才真正是觉得自己团队做的游戏,终于被欧美的主流游戏玩家和行业所认可了。
Troys from across different realities charged with the defense of the DC  Multiverse and, most recently, a magical golem created to kill Diana. A few more origins for the character are even more convoluted with false memories, Titans of Myth, and the old multiverse.“I’d be a crazy person if I tried to be all these Donnas,” said Leslie of the more esoteric multiverse concepts for the character. Ultimately, it was Wolfman s idea of an orphaned Donna taken in by Diana that appealed to her the most, because “it feels the most inspiring and relateable and it feels like you can go more places. I also like the idea of Diana taking this girl under her wing. You can create this character as an adult based on how she was raised or what she was raised around and who was her guardian,” she explained. “The other [versions] also feel like there’s an end point. Someone will die or it will be the end of all.”Luckily, the actress discussion with Walker leaned toward that reading of the character’s history. But Leslie said she picked up on “the common character traits people love about her” across several versions and incorporated that into her performance.“She’s really cool,” Leslie added. “A friend of mine was like ‘you’re just like her,” and I said, “No, I just try to be like her sometimes, but this girl is pure cool. Nothing ruffles her feathers. ”Who Is Donna Troy?(Photo by DC Universe)Thanks to oblique references made during the episode, viewers can glean that some of the Wolfman origin was indeed incorporated into the series. Donna mentions Diana “took her in.” At the same time, she exhibits heightened abilities more in line with Diana than human vigilantes like Batman or Dick, suggesting the Amazons also gave her powers.Leslie imagined Donna likely became Wonder Girl earlier than Dick became Robin. “I think she has an additional five years in this [crimefighting] world,” she said, adding her hypothesis that it was the extra experience, more than her powers, that led to the confident Donna glimpsed in the episode-opening flashback. In the scene, she is ready to take Dick to task for brooding because Batman and Wonder Woman excluded him from “League stuff.”She also imagined a very different home life for Donna as well. According to Leslie, “the influence from Diana was much more supportive” than the relationship between Dick and Batman. She also presumes her Wonder Girl wore the red suit her comic book counterpart wore into the 1980s. The character s experiences as a sidekick led to the Donna Troy people met in the episode: “An incredible, strong, fierce, non-compromising woman” and someone who “has a good rein on who she is,” Leslie said. “She’s a force to be reckoned with and she’s very inspiring. Comic book fans know that Dick and Donna have a friendship — forged during Donna s time as Wonder Girl — and in the TV series the two are essentially best friends with a sibling-like dynamic. They grew up around the same time and they have similar backgrounds. They were guarded by these guardians that happened to be superheroes,” Leslie said. But their relationship won t get romantic, and Leslie appreciated that the characters dynamic on the show is strictly platonic. She added, “I can see why people would want to put these two together because they’re so comfortable with each other, but that comfort comes from this loving brother-sister relationship. It’s refreshing because we don’t show it a lot in television. You can have a [male] friend for a long time that you don’t do anything with. We need some of that in television.”Who Is Dick Grayson?(Photo by DC Universe)The characters’ sibling bond makes Donna the only person Dick can really turn to after his final days as Robin, and Donna’s transition out of the hero world gives her a unique insight into Dick’s troubles. As the episode opens, Dick feels he doesn t have control over his situation. He feels that Robin owns him,” Leslie said. That feeling highlights one key difference that made Donna’s move away from Wonder Girl less traumatic than Dick’s current experiences: the support of her adoptive parent. Diana was willing to offer her wisdom and tools when Donna chose to leave superheroes behind, and, most importantly to Leslie, Diana was capable of saying “you can be your own person.”“Dick has cut Bruce out of his life, he’s taken the chip out of his arm, and he’s burned the suit. He’s trying not to have ties to it,” she explained. “It’s a struggle for Dick.”Thanks to the support she received, the Donna viewers meet in the episode is quite comfortable in her own skin as a photographer and investigative journalist. She can still enter places of conflict and save people, but as someone who documents important events and shares them with the public.“She wanted to figure out how to do good in the world without being on the front line,” Leslie said. “It probably didn’t take her a thousand jobs to figure out what she was going to do.” Plus, “she’s able to be Donna Troy in her day to day and live that life, but she can be Wonder Girl in a sense behind that camera.”Will Donna Be Wonder Girl Again?(Photo by DC Universe)At the end of Donna s debut episode, the character becomes embroiled in what Leslie called “Dick’s mess” and joins him on Angela’s farm, where a new trouble awaits all of the Titans. In subsequent episodes, viewers will see “aspects of [Wonder Girl] come through,” Leslie said. This will be particularly true as Donna gets to know the other Titans. She added that Donna has also been “keeping some accessories,” which could be a reference to Wonder Girl’s bracelets or even to the comic book Donna Troy’s lasso, which could compel people to do her bidding if their will was weaker than hers.Leslie said Donna’s status as a full-time Titan will depend on “how the team is formed.” But she also said Donna is “getting slowly dragged back into it, and that might be hard to walk away from.”“I see the possibility of her joining the team,” she added. If she does, Leslie said she believes Donna will have to decide on a new version of who she wants to be.” Considering her comic book counterpart, she will have plenty of personas to choose from.Titans airs Fridays on DC Universe.

(Photo by Merrick Morton/HBO)Fans of Perry Mason the character may find themselves confused by the first few episodes of Perry Mason, the new HBO limited series. The gritty new show is less a “reboot,” or even a “re-imagining,” than a total overhaul of the character created by author Erle Stanley Gardner and immortalized on the small screen by Raymond Burr in the 1950s-60s TV series and later TV films. The famously sharp criminal defense lawyer isn’t even a lawyer as the HBO series opens in L.A. in 1931; instead, played by Emmy winner Matthew Rhys, he is a private investigator more comfortable sneaking into Hollywood starlets’ homes to snap scandalous photographs than he is in a courtroom.HBO’s Mason will eventually suit up and stand before the jury as the series progresses, but even then, this Mason is a different beast. Where the lawyer of the novels and beloved TV show was a mostly blank slate, Rhys’s Mason is a WWI veteran struggling with a crisis of faith, a battle to hold onto his family’s farm, and a drinking problem. (The series is set during the tail-end of Prohibition, but no one is adhering to the laws of the day.) Rhys, who joined the project after co-executive producer Robert Downey Jr. pulled out of the lead role, says it’s these “cracks” in the character that drew him in. “Life serves up plenty of cracks,” Rhys told Rotten Tomatoes, “and that’s where my interest certainly lies.”While the new series may not look much like a traditional Perry Mason series, it does bear the signatures of a traditional HBO prestige drama. It is a single serialized story, lavishly produced, and packed with scene-stealing performances from some big names: Rhys is already earning acclaim as the brooding P.I.-cum-lawyer; John Lithgow shines as his boss and mentor; and Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany plays evangelical preacher – and potential heretic – Sister Alice, whose church becomes increasingly entwined with the series’ central case of a mother being tried for the kidnapping and murder of her baby boy.Gotham standout Chris Chalk is on hand too as a reimagined Paul Drake, a P.I. in the novels, here a Black beat cop torn between his loyalty to a corrupt institution that both employs and spurns him, and Mason’s pursuit of true justice. Chalk’s character and plotline, navigating racism both explicit and systemic – almost 100 years ago – feels disarmingly relevant as the series premieres to a nation protesting police brutality against Black Americans.Ahead of the series’ first episode, Rhys spoke with Rotten Tomatoes about the connection between Perry Mason and the moment we’re in, why “HBO-ifying” the famous lawyer was the best approach for a modern reboot, and whether he would ever return to the role that won him an Emmy, Russian spy Phillip Jennings on FX s The Americans.Joel Meares for Rotten Tomatoes: I was reading an interview you gave the New York Times where you had said that your first reaction to hearing that they were rebooting Perry Mason was: Oh God, why? Can you talk a little bit about that reaction, and tell us what it was that changed your mind?Matthew Rhys: Yeah, it s a relatively simple answer in that I got this message from my agent saying, I want to talk to you about a remake of Perry Mason. And then I thought, God, why do you want to remake Perry Mason? [I was] thinking it would just be some generic, weekly, case-solved, man-in-a-good-suit… not much depth was my imagining of it. You know what I mean? All great justice, or a servant of justice, et cetera. Then when he got back to me, he said, Actually HBO want to make it,” and I went Oh, it s not going to be a remake, because HBO will HBO-ify it. Then when I went and met with team Downey [Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr., wife-and-husband co-executive producers], the producers on it and the writers, it was very apparent very quickly that this wasn t a remake, but a re-imagining, and a redefining of who I think we believe Perry Mason is.(Photo by HBO)Mason’s been such a blank canvas in so many other iterations. Here, as you say, he’s been “HBO-ified”: he s divorced, he s drinking, he s having a crisis of faith, he was in the Great War. Why the decision to fill in the blanks? And why did the team feel modern audiences would be drawn to this version of Perry Mason?Rhys: When I met with the writers, they said, Look, our hope is that we’ve loaded this guy s bases and that he s cracked. You know, that s what they were interested in portraying and that s certainly part of the large attraction for me – seeing someone with some very real universal issues that you can relate to. Like I said, I wasn t interested in the great servant of justice. I liked how fallible he was, how kind of gray his life is. It s not that it s depressing, but it s certainly not black and white. He lives in the cracks.All of the elements they heaped upon him, I think there s a foundation, so they come from some very real places. Certainly, his time as a veteran and through the war has informed enormously who he is when we find him. His family, both his own immediate family and his generational family problems, on top of everything else, there were just a number of things I could relate to, or I could see that would be interesting to watch and certainly play.We don’t get the Mason that I think some audiences might be expecting – the clever, inspirational trial attorney – until later in the series. And there is one sequence which really stands out, when you really give us old-school Perry Mason with a big courtroom reveal, but it s kind of a bait-and-switch. Was that fun to play? To have a moment where you could be the heroic lawyer, even if it wasn t necessarily truly happening in the narrative? Rhys: Yes, I loved how the whole project was approached. We had to be careful because we were working with Erle Stanley Gardner s estate. It wasn t just carte blanche, you couldn t be willy-nilly and say, We want to give you this, this, and this. Things have to be okayed, and they were as game for it as everyone else, which was refreshing. But yeah, there was a sense of mischief in that you knew there s a certain generation of people probably tuning in hoping to see one thing and going, Oh, well, I wasn t expecting that. And there was an element, possibly, a smug element of the inside joke going, Everyone might be expecting this, but we re not going to do it. There was fun to that as well.(Photo by Merrick Morton/HBO)It s impossible to talk about this show without talking about the time that it s premiering in – this is a show in which police violence, corruption, and racism is front and center. Was Ferguson and the Black Lives Matter movement alive in the conversation as you guys were developing this series, working out the plot and who the characters would be?Rhys: Not as specific as you ve outlined and certainly not as specific as what we re seeing at the moment. They re age-old issues that they were interested in showing. There s a number of reasons. I know Robert Downey Jr was interested in – and certainly with Paul Drake (Chris Chalk) – creating these outsiders who were kind of unified by that element. Los Angeles was always going to play a very interesting character in this piece. And at that time, there was this incredible thing happening where Black policemen were deployed to police their Black neighborhoods, but with White jurisdictions or White suspects, they didn t have the same equality as their White counterparts. So, it was this incredibly interesting, if incredibly fraught, time. Certainly nothing new, but sadly something that is still relevant in this day and age. That was something they did want to bring to the forefront.Pivoting a little bit, I wanted to talk about Sister Alice (Tatiana Maslany) and Perry s relationship with her. But first of all, I just want to know how exhausted Tatiana was after delivering her incredibly lively sermons? I watched her thinking, Holy s t, I hope she only had to do one take. Rhys: I don t know how she did that physically. The funeral scene was like two days – she did that sermon to 400 extras and she did not drop in any way in intention, clarity, focus, energy. It was like a feat of endurance to do that for two 14-hour days straight. I don t know how she did it. It s a testament to her.(Photo by Merrick Morton/HBO)When people watch the first couple of episodes, they may start to think, Who is this person? What is the connection? Because there are kind of parallel plots happening. Without giving the plot away, how would you describe their emotional and experiential connection? What’s drawing these two characters to circle each other?Rhys: I think they recognize in each other a number of things. They re kind of caught in their own set of circumstances, looking out. They ve had a number of impositions placed upon them, constraints in a way. And, ultimately, they re very free-thinking, strong-willed people. Mason s stance on religion – possibly brought about from his own family upbringing but definitely because of the war – where he s kind of lost his religion, he views any kind of structured religion with great suspicion. So he is very wary of her. He very plainly says to her, God left me in France. And thus begins, like you said, the circling, this cat-and-mouse where he s kind of going, I think I ve got your card lady. And she s kind of going, Oh if only you knew the half of it.  They re just very intrigued with each other, which I think is great. That is very often skirted, we had a very few scenes together. So that always keeps you dangling.One of the other great relationships Perry has is with John Lithgow s E.B. Jonathan, his boss and mentor. Had you worked with John before? Were you a fan?Rhys: No, no, never worked with him. Huge fan, though, even from Footloose. I remember thinking, When was it I first saw John Lithgow? And I m like, Oh my god, Footloose. And he s like an icon now. You realize why [he s an icon] when he comes on set, because he s such a pro, in a Herculean scale. He comes on, he s got all these ideas, he’s so prepared. He s the real deal. I was awestruck when I saw him. It took me a moment to go, Oh my god. I m talking, sharing a screen with John Lithgow. It was a great moment.(Photo by Merrick Morton/HBO)You kind of get to impersonate him later in the series. Did you workshop that with him? Has he seen it?Rhys: I don t think he s seen it – I hope he hasn t seen it. And I was worried because I came to love the man dearly and the last thing you want to do is create any kind of offense. So that worried me a bit. I watched so many YouTubes of him and went, Oh god, I hope this doesn t offend.” But we ll see You’ve said you didn’t go back to read the source material or watch the original series starring Raymond Burr. Why did you approach it that way?Rhys: I ve done some book adaptations in the past and what I always do, I read the book and then I tend to bring things from the book into the script that script doesn t necessarily hold up, warrant, or justify. So this time I was like I m going to leave the books alone. I m going to stick purely to the script.” So that s the Bible, that s the linear point. So that there s no other influence.And I know with my own self, if I was to start watching any Raymond Burr, whether I was aware of it or not, I would have unconsciously or subconsciously probably started imitating or stealing or mimicking or bringing something. Then if you found out, that would be embarrassing. So I didn t want any influences. I just wanted to kind of build him boots-up on my own.(Photo by Patrick Harbron/FX/Everett Collection)Finally, Rotten Tomatoes users are huge fans of The Americans. Is Phillip Jennings a character you would ever revisit either in a film or some other adaptation that continued his story?Rhys: Oh my God, I would revisit Phillip in a heartbeat. One of the simple facts is there s so much foundation work gone in now. Whenever you picked him up, it would be just be so incredibly interesting. Whether you see them in Russia, whether you see them come back to try and find Henry, there s so much that you could mine from how it was left. I would do it in a heartbeat.Is there a storyline you d be most interested in pursuing, or a period that you d be most interested in going to for Phillip?Rhys: Yes. One of the things I thought was just heartbreaking, and Joe Weisberg the creator said something interesting [about this], is that there has to be a cost to what they ve done. As much as we created antiheroes, there has to be a cost to what they ve done. And the greatest cost is abandoning, leaving their children, which as a kind of new father, I just found incomprehensible. So I think as we joined Phillip, what he would want is to see his children again. And the coming down of the Berlin Wall, I wonder if that would be a kind of good kickstarter for him to try and find Paige and Henry again. And then have a shootout with Stan or something.OK, but no more U2 or you ll break me again. That was too much.Rhys: I know, I can t listen to that song the same any more.Perry Mason airs Sundays on HBO from June 21, 2020.
The Villain that Tested Them the MostFassbender: Apocalypse. I mean, I was always, personally, like, does Eric really have to follow this guy? It definitely went against the grain for me, I’ve got to say. But it was Oscar [Isaac], so that was the bit that I was like, OK, well, I would follow Oscar.McAvoy: Yeah. He s a great peer. He s a great fellow Shmactor. But, yeah. Maybe him. I m not sure actually. Trask, maybe? Because I felt like I got to a place of trust with you again, you know? A place where I thought we could be together again… and then you go and drop a stadium on the White House.The Evolution of their RelationshipMcAvoy: I don t feel like it s that different [now]. Do you know what? We had more to do together in First Class and Days of Future Past, less so in Days of Future Past, but we had more to do with each other in every film in the past; Apocalypse there was less to do. Until finally, we find ourselves in this movie saying like three words to each other. So that s how it s changed massively; we don t get to do it. I think it s a great travesty, and one of the great missed opportunities of this incarnation of the X-Men saga.Fassbender: Agreed. We do get to play a game of chess in this last one.McAvoy: We do. We do.Fassbender: We come full circle.(Photo by © Twentieth Century Fox)Reflecting on Each Other s PerformanceMcAvoy: My favorite performance of his in [the X-Men films] is definitely First Class because I think that was really, truly, actually a great film balancing an ensemble and giving everybody an arc and stuff, but in terms of who that film is really about, that was the origin story for Magneto in essence. And just getting to see him rock this… not just mutant leader figure, which he wasn t yet, but actually imbue it with a sort of James Bond, espionage, spy-like quality as well. That was just a wicked thing to do with your character.Fassbender: I would say Days of Future Past. Because you really go through the ringer in that one. And just in general, something with James, which is pretty impressive to see, is like, he s got a really good understanding of storytelling, like where the character is in the journey of the character and where it should end up at the end. Just that sort of awareness of a character journey. So much so that what we see in this last film – the germ of it was there in First Class, which was this idea that you had we ve always seen Professor X in such a positive light. He s always so giving and generous, and you were like, well, there s a flip side to that, you know. That there was an element of his ego that was there and to be explored, and of course, we see the whole effect of it here in this movie. So that s been cool to watch over four movies. That s impressive.Team Magneto or Team Professor X?McAvoy: There s a great line in Braveheart from the late actor, great actor, Ian Bannen, who said to Robert the Bruce when he s trying to caution him and say, don t go off and fight with William Wallace, right, even though it s the right thing to do, don t go and do it. He says, It s really easy to like him, isn t it? Because uncompromising men are easy to like. And it s true. Erik s so uncompromising, you re drawn to him. But also, he s always right as well. Humanity is going to stab us in the back, he says. And they do. They always do. So, I think I would go with Erik.Fassbender: I think I m going to go with Charles just because I think in order to move forward, you have to integrate. Because of that alone, I would have to stick with his ideology.(Photo by © Twentieth Century Fox)ON “CHERIK” – THE FAN-FICTION LOVE AFFAIR BETWEEN CHARLES AND ERIKMcAvoy: I feel like it might have been due to the “Cherik” shipping that after First Class, they restricted the amount of time we spend on screen together because they realized it was going to cause a lot of problems in certain parts of the world.Fassbender: You know, I think I know where it all started. Remember when we were storming that building in Russia, and we were laying in the long grass just chatting. It was like a scene in Out of Africa or something.McAvoy: Oh, in between takes.Fassbender: Yeah. And that s where, I think, it all started.Making Cherik a Throuple – with an MCU Hero or One of the X-MenFassbender: [After understanding the throuple question] I m going to go Sophie [Turner}, Jean Grey. Because she s the most powerful mutant out there. Well like, you know, if we re going to have a team, we re solid.James: I would definitely want to go with somebody who s a psychic because I think we could have some crazy, mind-bending fun. And so that would either be Jean Grey or Emma Frost.Fassbender: Sticking within our group. Mutants stick together.Dark Phoenix is in theaters now.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
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亚博体彩买球靠谱的 In its attempt to collect every single person who was once related to a DC Comics TV property for the CW’s upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, the network has announced several more actors who are joining the five-episode event. Erica Durance (Smallville) and Ashley Scott (Birds of Prey) have joined the crossover, reprising their roles, while Supernatural’s Osric Chau takes on a new one.The Little Mermaid Finds Her Prince(Photo by Disney)The Good Wife’s Graham Phillips will play Prince Eric in Disney’s upcoming live concert broadcast of The Little Mermaid. Also joining the project: John Stamos as The Chef, whom the Full House alum has played before (in a 2016 Hollywood Bowl production).Law Order: SVU Is Expanding(Photo by NBC)Dun Dun: Executive producer extraordinaire Dick Wolf is launching his first podcast. Squadroom will be the official companion to Law Order: SVU. Hosted by SVU insider Anthony Roman, it will feature exclusive interviews with the cast, producers, and writers. New episodes will debut weekly following the East Coast airing of the record-setting 21st season of the series.Hulu Kills Ghost Rider Series(Photo by ABC)A Ghost Rider TV show is no longer in the works at Hulu. According to Deadline, the series, which was set to star Gabriel Luna (introduced as the character on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD in 2016), will no longer move forward due to “a creative impasse which could not be resolved.”Vice Moves Networks(Photo by HBO)Vice has found a new home: Showtime. The Emmy-winning weekly newsmagazine series will move to the network with a new 13-episode season scheduled to premiere in spring 2020. The diverse group of award-winning journalists will continue to report on the ground from conflicts around the globe. HBO canceled Vice in 2018 and then Vice News Tonight in June.Casting News: Downton Abbey and The Office Follow-Ups John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers, Jimmy O. Yang, Tawny Newsome Alex Sparrow have joined Steve Carell in #SpaceForce, a workplace comedy centered around the people on Earth who have been tasked with creating a sixth branch of the armed services: @realspaceforce pic.twitter.com/rGTo8vazB6 See What s Next (@seewhatsnext) September 26, 2019Space Force, the newest collaboration between The Office creator Greg Daniels and star Steve Carrell, has added John Malkovich, Parks and Recreation’s Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers, and Tawny Newsome as series regulars, and Jimmy O. Yang and Alex Sparrow in recurring roles. The workplace comedy is centered around the people back on Earth tasked with creating a sixth branch of the armed services, Space Force. The 10 30-minute episodes are scheduled to launch in 2020.Christine Baranski and Cynthia Nixon will headline Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes’ next big project, The Gilded Age. The actresses will play aristocrat sisters in the HBO drama, which takes place in the titular era of American history that began in 1882. Agnes van Rhijn (Baranski) is “a proud and stubborn aristocrat who will never accept that the world has changed, and that ancient values are being replaced by new ones. She found herself penniless as her parents’ plantation was foundering, even before the war, but she managed to catch a husband just in time. Agnes has a son named Oscar, whom she worships, but her worship is not returned,” per Variety. Meanwhile, Nixon’s Ada Brook never figured out a way to leave the collapsing South until it was too late. “Forced back on her sister’s charity, she is not naturally confrontational but she is capable for standing up for what she believes.  Amanda Peet will play middle-class Bertha Russell, whose merchant husband is a financial genius and who is trying to break into the upper crust of society. Morgan Spector plays her husband, George Russell, a “classic robber baron” who is “fond of his wife and his children, but utterly ruthless in business. He has already acquired millions, and billions will follow. In every challenge, George must win.”Jeremy Pope, David Corenswet, Holland Taylor, Samara Weaving, Dylan McDermott, Laura Harrier, Patti LuPone, Jake Picking, Jim Parsons, Maude Apatow, and Joe Mantello join Darren Criss in “Hollywood,” a new series from Ryan Murphy Ian Brennan pic.twitter.com/RuzR068Swv See What s Next (@seewhatsnext) September 27, 2019The Politician actor David Corenswet and Broadway star Jeremy Pope will lead Ryan Murphy’s next Netflix project, Hollywood, alongside Darren Criss. According to Deadline, the project is a love letter to Old Hollywood and will center around three men in 1940s Tinseltown. All three actors are also executive producers alongside Murphy and his co-creator Ian Brennan. Production reportedly began this summer. Joining them on the show are Holland Taylor, Samara Weaving, Dylan McDermot, Laura Harrier, Patti LuPone, Jake Picking, Jim Parsons, Maude Apatow, and Joe Mantello.Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss will recur on season 3 of Showtime’s The Chi.Hulu’s adaptation of the bestseller Little Fires Everywhere, starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, has added six new actors for a flashback episode: AnnaSophia Robb, Tiffany Boone, Alona Tal, Matthew Barnes, Andy Favreau, and Luke Bracey. The eight-episode limited series is scheduled to premiere on Hulu in 2020.The second eight-episode run of Starz’s The Spanish Princess will bring back Charlotte Hope, Ruairi O’Connor, Laura Carmichael, Georgie Henley, and Stephanie Levi-John alongside new cast members Ray Stevenson, Sai Bennett, Andrew Buchan, and and Peter Egan.Blythe Danner will recur during the third season of Starz’s American Gods as Greek goddess Demeter, who has an unresolved romantic history with Ian McShane’s Mr. Wednesday.Development Update: Grab a Bottle of Red, a Bottle of WhiteMajor musical news: Billy Joel’s oeuvre is being adapted into a new anthology series, Scenes From an Italian Restaurant. Inspired by the song of the same name, the singer has teamed up with Kevin Fox to develop the series, which will focus on different characters from his songs (the Piano Man, Mamma Leone, the Stranger). Want to find out what Brenda and Eddie are up to? Stay tuned, as there’s still no network attached, though MGM Television and Universal Music Publishing Group have teamed up for the project.Ellen DeGeneres isn’t busy enough with her daily talk show and occasional stand-up special, so she’s adding four new projects to her plate: The comedian will produce reality competition Ellen’s Home Design Challenge, reality dating series First Dates Hotel, animated children’s show Little Ellen, and docuseries Finding Einstein for HBO Max.Haley Lu Richardson and Euphoria star Barbie Ferreira have joined HBO Max’s film adaptation of the novel Unpregnant. The duo will play ex-best friends who come together when one of them discovers she’s pregnant and they embark on a 900-plus mile road trip in a stolen El Camino. Production begins in New Mexico this fall with Rachel Lee Goldenberg set to direct.Thirtysomething could be the latest series to get a revival: A sequel to the 1987 drama series is currently being developed that would focus on the children of the married baby boomers who were the focus of the original series (and are now thirtysomethings themselves).Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS!The final chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe s Infinity Saga came to a close with Avengers: Endgame, and at just over three hours long, the movie not only tied up a bunch of loose ends, but also offered up a franchise s worth of fan service. Whether it was a reference (or two, or three) to an iconic 1980s teen adventure, a nod to the pages of the source material, the requisite Stan Lee cameo, or even one of the several callbacks to previous MCU movies, there was a little something in Endgame for everyone, from casual fans to hardcore comics geeks. Check out our video for every Easter Egg and fun fact we could piece together from the movie, and let us know what we missed! 蛮荒沉默神途传奇手游是一款有着海量武器装备等着玩家们来领取的掌上神途传奇手游,游戏场景中有着丰富的关卡等着玩家们来挑战。



亚博体彩买球靠谱的 Best-Reviewed TV Sci-Fi/Fantasy 2019Small towns, missing children, unnatural-seeming happenings, Netflix: Combine, stir, then stream for a high-scoring sci-fi/fantasy TV show. That was the recipe for super-success in this category in 2019, when Netflix’s German series Dark and the hit Duffer Brothers’ show Stranger Things came out on top, with Disney+’s big Star Wars effort, The Mandalorian, not too many light years behind. Rounding out the top five were ABC’s Emergence, which gave former Fargo star Allison Tolman a formidable and compelling network vehicle, and British series A Discovery of Witches, an adaptation of part of Deborah Harkness’s All Souls trilogy of novels.The order of the rank below reflects the Adjusted Score as of December 31, 2019. Scores might change over time.« Previous Category Next Category »

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