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亚博体彩下载采用百度引擎2(Baidu 1)(Photo by Michele K. Short. ©Universal Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection )All Tiffany Haddish Movies Ranked by TomatometerAfter toiling through the stand-up and TV guest appearance circuit for well over a decade, and using a memorable supporting role in Key Peele s Keanu as a major stepping stone, Tiffany Haddish broke into the mainstream with 2017 s Girls Trip. The biggest and best-reviewed female ensemble comedy since Bridesmaids, the Certified Fresh Trip would raunchify audiences up to a 0 million haul at the domestic box office. Haddish capitalized on her new, sudden fame with a steady yet varied slate of films in 2018, including starring opposite Kevin Hart in Night School, working with Tyler Perry on Nobody s Fool, and turning those Kyrie Irving Uncle Drew commercials into an unlikely (and Fresh!) feature.In 2019, there was no animated sequel with a 2 in its title that Haddish could resist, as she voiced fowl (The Angry Birds Movie 2), a Shih Tzu (The Secret Life of Pets 2), and shapeshifting plastic (The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part).Haddish kicked off 2020 with Like a Boss, but critics were less than enthused: See where it places as we rank all Tiffany Haddish movies by Tomatometer!

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牛年新冰雪手游是一款全新推出的热血传奇类手游带玩家体验原汁原味的传奇战斗玩法,游戏采用经典复古画风设计,享受绝对的战斗快感,牛年新冰雪手游当中还有更多新奇的玩法以及丰富的大型活动等待玩家们前来攻略。 只需要十点券就可以拿到手。新加入的礼盒,直接打0.1折,让玩家们直呼最良心礼盒,到手只需10点券,换算下只需要一元人民币就将惊喜礼盒带回家,这是目前为止DNF手游最便宜的礼盒了,感觉这算是对勇士玩家的福利回报吧,与“感谢玩家们的支持”。

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不管在玩法上,还是在画质方面,《王牌竞速》都给玩家带来了惊喜,3月19日开测后很多玩家都纷纷进入游戏体验了一番。玩家对这款游戏的评价也各不相同,有的玩家认为这款游戏很有可能会成为2021最火的竞速手游,也有玩家表示这款游戏公测后或许会成为王牌竞速手游,不知道你们对此又是如何看待的呢?亚博体彩下载This week s Ketchup brings you another 10 headlines from the world of film development news (the stories about what movies Hollywood is working on for you next), covering such titles as The Batman, Clue, Jurassic World 3, and the next Spider-Man.This WEEK S TOP STORYDISNEY AND SONY MAKE NICE FOR ANOTHER SPIDER-MAN MOVIE IN 2021(Photo by Chuck Zlotnick/ © Columbia Pictures)You may remember that last month, there was a huge story that talks between Sony Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures (and their Marvel Studios) had fallen apart over future Spider-Man movies starring Tom Holland within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Reportedly, Disney and Marvel wanted a 50% cut of future Spider-Man movies , and Sony wasn t willing to budge. People understandably reacted quite passionately to the news, with plenty of folks saying one or the other studio was being greedy at the expense of what the fans wanted. Well, after all of that attention and feedback, the relevant parties started up talks again, resulting in today s big news, which is that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios will indeed work together on a third solo Spider-Man film starring Tom Holland, which will be released on July 16, 2021. The financial compromise calls for Disney to receive 25% of the film s profits (leaving 75% for Sony), down from their original request of 50%. As part of the new deal, Tom Holland will also appear as Spider-Man in one more MCU movie, the title and premise of which haven t been revealed yet. The new release date (7/16/2021) for the next Spider-Man movie is the same as Space Jam 2, a week after Indiana Jones 5 (7/9/2021), and a week before Mission: Impossible 7 (7/23/2021). Marvel Studios other films scheduled for 2021 are: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2/12/2021), Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (5/7/2021), and Thor: Love and Thunder (11/5/2021).Other Top Headlines1. MARVEL STUDIOS BOSS KEVIN FEIGE IS DEVELOPING A STAR WARS MOVIE (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)Before the news about Spider-Man broke, this writer thought for sure that the top story of the week was going to be this revelation about the future of Star Wars. In addition to the Star Wars movies that have actually been released since Disney acquired Lucasfilm, there are nearly as many projects that have been rumored or are still in development for the future, past 2020. We re thinking, for example, of the now apparently cancelled Star Wars Story movies for Boba Fett, Obi-Wan, and Yoda, and the projects from both director Rian Johnson and Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.  As far as we currently know, the first movie from Benioff and Weiss is still scheduled for December 16, 2022 (with two more to follow in 2024 and 2026). It was announced this week, however, that what appears to be another Star Wars project is being developed by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige. No other details have been revealed, except that there is reportedly a major actor that Feige hopes to attract. Considering it was reported earlier this year that Feige had been talking to Keanu Reeves about joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Reeves is now everyone s top guess as to who Feige is courting. Other names included in this piece by The Hollywood Reporter include previous Marvel stars Hugh Jackman and Michael B. Jordan, current Captain Marvel star Brie Larson, former Dark Knight star Christian Bale, and Leonardo DiCaprio, who has mostly avoided starring in franchise movies.2. JONAH HILL LIKELY JOINING THE BATMAN AS THE RIDDLER(Photo by Glen Wilson/©Sony Pictures Releasing)Few modern actors have transformed themselves within the last 15 years or so quite like Jonah Hill has. Based on some of the speculation this week, it would seem a lot of people haven t actually seen what he looks like since 2010 or so. It all started with the news that Hill had begun early talks with Warner Bros. about joining The Batman (the one starring Robert Pattinson) as one of the superhero reboot s villains. That led many to conjecture about him playing the Penguin, but Collider quickly confirmed that the role Jonah Hill is up for is the Riddler instead. The Penguin is still thought to be in The Batman, but another actor will take on that role. The Jonah Hill news ended up overshadowing the report a few hours earlier that Jeffrey Wright (of HBO s Westworld and the Hunger Games franchise) is also in talks to join The Batman as Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon, taking over the role previously played by Gary Oldman and, briefly, J.K. Simmons. Warner Bros has scheduled The Batman for release on June 25, 2021 (a week before Sing 2, and two weeks before Indiana Jones 5).3. ORIGINAL JURASSIC PARK STARS TO RETURN FOR JURASSIC WORLD 3 (Photo by Universal courtesy Everett Collection)In the past, we ve seen some of the stars from the original Jurassic Park return for sequels, with Sam Neill and Laura Dern returning for Jurassic Park III, and Jeff Goldblum having a small role in last year s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. What hasn t happened yet, however, is all three of them returning for the same movie, and in more than just small roles or cameos. That is, until this week, as Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and Sam Neill are all now set to reunite for Jurassic World 3 (6/11/2021). Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow, who skipped Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, will return to the franchise with Jurassic World 3 after also recently releasing a Jurassic World short film called Battle at Big Rock. No official premise for Jurassic World 3 has been announced yet, but the most common speculation involves the world s response to the various dinosaurs expanding their dominance over the Earth after escaping into the wild at the end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Jurassic World 3 is scheduled for release on June 11, 2021, which puts it a week after the Micronauts and Sesame Street movies on June 4, 2021.4. THIS WEEK IN RYAN REYNOLDS, PART I: JASON BATEMAN TO DIRECT CLUE REMAKE (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)Sometimes a given star or director will have more than one big story in the same week. That s what happened this week for Ryan Reynolds, who we last saw on the big screen in Pokémon Detective Pikachu (Fresh at 68%), back in May. Let s start with a movie we already knew about, namely the reboot of Clue, based on the popular board game. Clue came out in 1985, and though it currently has a Rotten Tomatometer score of 59%, its legacy suggests fans feel otherwise. Jason Bateman is now in early talks with Fox and Disney to direct and star in the Clue reboot, along with Ryan Reynolds, who is also producing and expected to star. Bateman and Reynolds previously costarred together in 2011 s The Change-Up (Rotten at 25%).5. THIS WEEK IN RYAN REYNOLDS, PART II: A CHRISTMAS CAROL WITH WILL FERRELLL(Photo by Hilary Bronwyn Gale / © Focus Features)Not only did we get news about two movies starring Ryan Reynolds this week, but they re both basically remakes/reboots. Unlike Clue, however, the other reboot is something that has been adapted dozens of times in film and television. Reynolds is teaming up with Will Ferrell to star in a new musical adaptation of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. So far, none of the stories about this new project specify which roles Reynolds and Ferrell will be playing, although this writer is going to speculate that Ferrell might be playing Ebenezer Scrooge, and Reynolds might be playing his unlucky and much put-upon employee, Bob Cratchit. (The roles could be going the other way, as well.) Musical adaptations of A Christmas Carol in the past have included the 1970 film Scrooge starring Albert Finney and 1992 s The Muppet Christmas Carol, among others.6. SYLVESTER STALLONE S SUPERHERO MOVIE SAMARITAN SCHEDULED FOR 2020 (Photo by Barry Wetcher/MGM)Now that Sylvester Stallone has starred in what is reportedly the last film in his most popular 1980s action movie franchise, Rambo: Last Blood (Rotten at 26%), it appears he now wants to jump on the superhero bandwagon in earnest. After a brief appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Stallone will now reportedly star in Samaritan, which we first heard about in February. In a time when some movies take decades to get produced (like Will Smith s Gemini Man), Stallone s Samaritan is moving at breakneck speed, as MGM has already scheduled Samaritan for release on November 20, 2020. The director will be Julius Avery, who is coming off last year s World War II zombie movie, Overlord (Certified Fresh at 81%). Other movies coming out in November of 2020 will include Clifford the Big Red Dog (11/13/2020), Disney s Raya and the Last Dragon (11/25/2020), and King Richard (11/25/2020), in which Will Smith will star as the father of future tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams.7. SONY PICTURES CONTINUES SPIDER-VERSE PLANS WITH MADAME WEB Although Marvel Studios retains the film rights to most of their characters, Sony Pictures retains the feature film rights to over 900 Marvel characters who are directly connected to Spider-Man. That number might seem outrageously high, but one has to remember exactly how many Spider-Man comics there have been since the early 1960s, especially since, for decades now, there have been multiple Spider-Man comics running concurrently. That being so, not all of the Spider-Man supporting characters and villains are necessarily well-known, even to most comic book fans. Case in point: Madame Web is one of those lesser-known characters, but that is indeed the latest title that Sony Pictures is now developing with the writers of next year s Spider-Man spinoff vampire movie Morbius (7/31/2020). What remains unclear is which Madame Web this movie will actually be about, as that name has been used by two very different characters in the comics: the elderly blind psychic Cassandra Webb and the much younger superhero (formerly known as Spider-Woman II), Julia Carpenter.8. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON DIRECTOR SAYS, LET S GET SMALL WITH MICRONAUTS (Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)The argument can be made that one of the casualties of the immense popularity of the Star Wars action figures in the late 1970s and early 1980s was the Micronauts toy line, which had just started to take off in 1977 and 1978. The Micronauts toys were relatively innovative in that they allowed for mix-and-match play (you could attach the wheels of one Micronaut to the body of another). However, what Micronauts is best known for today is for inspiring a long-running Marvel Comics series in which the tiny heroes from the Microverse ended up coming to our larger Earth. Paramount Pictures, the studio which has in the past given us movies based on other Hasbro toy lines like Transformers and G.I. Joe, has scheduled Micronauts for release on June 4, 2021, but until this week, we didn t know who might direct it. That job is going to Dean DeBlois, who has spent much of the last decade writing and directing the various movies in the animated How to Train Your Dragon franchise. Micronauts remains scheduled for June 4, 2021, which is the same week as the Sesame Street musical film starring Anne Hathaway, and the week before Jurassic World 3.9. REMAKE FRENZY CONTINUES TO REVISIT THE 1990S WITH NEW JACK CITY (Photo by Warner Bros. courtesy Everett Collection)Hollywood has been hooked on revisiting its past for decades now, with most reboots and remakes usually centered about 20 or 30 years in the past at any given point. We re just now starting to see the focus move on from the 1980s to the 1990s, and the expectation is that the 1990s will continue to be revisited for most of the 2020s. The latest such remake to be announced will take audiences back to 1991 s New Jack City (Fresh at 77%), which was part of a wave of early 1990s urban crime dramas, featuring such future stars as Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, and Chris Rock. Warner Bros. has started development of the New Jack City remake by hiring actor and filmmaker Malcolm M. Mays (Snowfall) to start work on the screenplay. New Jack City was very much about the then-topical crack cocaine epidemic, but it s not yet known if the remake will remain in the early 1990s as a period film, or if the setting will be updated.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

3. 激战团竞模式
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premiered Monday night to a crowd of celebrities and critics, and if you thought Star Wars: The Last Jedi was divisive, wait until you see the first reactions to this one. Actually, much of the disagreement on the new movie, which concludes the primary narrative of the franchise, stems from opinions on the previous installment. Still, even the more disappointed have some positive things to say about old and new characters. As for those who love the latest episode, they really love how returning director J.J. Abrams wrapped things up. Here’s what critics are saying about the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker:Is it a worthy end to the Skywalker Saga?OH MY GOD! I am absolutely blown away! I’ve never been so satisfied by a film… This did [the franchise] justice in a way I didn’t imagine it could. Jenna Busch, Legion of LeiaIt’s an immensely satisfying and MASSIVE end to the saga. Rob Keyes, ScreenRantStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is TRULY a satisfying conclusion to the saga. It answers practically everything you want to know and more. Mansoor Mithaiwala, ScreenRantJ.J. Abrams nailed it. He was able to bring a cohesive arc to this trilogy that feels like a fitting end to the saga as a whole. Star Wars fans will be very happy. Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmAnd how is it as a conclusion to the new trilogy?It is the big adventure, lightsaber adventure I hoped for…a very satisfying end to this new trilogy.  Kristian Harloff, Schmoes KnowIt somehow addresses issues, problematic characters, and most unanswered questions from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.  Rob Keyes, ScreenRantI had some issues with The Last Jedi. This movie fixes most of my problems and creates a cohesive story… For me, in the new trilogy, it’s #2.  Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmThe WEIRDEST trilogy of films I ve seen in my lifetime. None of them fit, and they all seem to actively dislike each other. Truly, head-scratchingly bizarre.  Sean O Connell, CinemaBlendIt didn’t work for me, but fans of Force Awakens are going to love it.  Scott Menzel, We Live Entertainment(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)And compared to The Last Jedi?It’s amazing. Last Jedi haters will be very pleased. Ryan Parker, Hollywood ReporterIf you LOVE LOVE Star Wars: The Last Jedi, you may have some issues with The Rise of Skywalker. Rob Keyes, ScreenRantIf you loved The Last Jedi, I have some bad news for you. If you didn’t, then you might be pretty stoked. Joanna Robinson, Vanity FairBottom line: If you like Last Jedi, you probably won t like The Rise of Skywalker. If you didn t like Last Jedi, you ll love this. Mansoor Mithaiwala, ScreenRantIt felt like an apology for The Last Jedi in some ways and a sequel to The Force Awakens in many, which I found frustrating. Terri Schwartz, IGNSome choices feel like an unnecessary course-correct from The Last Jedi and some just plain don’t make sense. Laura Prudom, IGNThe Rise of Skywalker could only have been ruder to Rian Johnson if they had motion-smoothed it. Kyle Buchanan, New York TimesWill die-hard fans apreciate it?Full of the right kind of fan service. Dan Casey, NerdistThrives on moments designed for big fans. There’s a lot of cause for cheer throughout and they went for some really big ideas. Brandon Davis, ComicBook.comHas some great surprises in store for fans that will make you gasp and cheer. Scott Chitwood, ComingSoon.netLOTS of emotional fan service… Yes, all of your questions are answered if not immediately off the bat. Griffin Schiller, The PlaylistAt times I felt too much fan service was given, but The Rise of Skywalker is everything and nothing that you re expecting. Yolanda Machado, The WrapStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has everything you want and more. Which I don’t necessarily think is a good thing. Germain Lussier, io9Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is the ultimate Star Wars movie for Star Wars fans who want more of the same. Its 100% fan service and a collective hodgepodge of all Star Wars films combined. Scott Menzel, We Live EntertainmentIn the end, it was Star Wars ‘fans’ that killed Star Wars. Scott Mendelson, Forbes(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)How big of a movie is it?The Rise of Skywalker is a lot. It’s a big, giant movie with a lot of spectacle and high stakes and it’s definitely going to start a conversation. Brandon Davis, ComicBook.comBrings the serial feeling back to Star Wars. A lot happens, there is constant forward momentum. There seems to be a lot for future Expanded Universe to explain. Dave Gonzales, ThrillistCertainly the most convoluted Star Wars… the first half gets so bogged down with exposition and new plot and doodads and beacons and transmitters. Mike Ryan, UproxxI have some quibbles with some of the plot, it gets a bit convoluted but I’m not sure it matters in the end because of the emotional payoff. Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmFelt a bit more concerned with plot than character, tad rushed, good not great. Griffin Schiller, The PlaylistI was not expecting a genuinely bad movie with video game plotting, thin characters, weak action and endless exposition of no consequence. Heartbreaking. Scott Mendelson, ForbesSo moviegoers will get their money s worth?The Rise of Skywalker has a ton of content packed into one movie as well and wastes no time. It’s like two Star Wars movies in one. Rob Keyes, ScreenRantIt feels like it should have been three movies on its own. Mike Ryan, UproxxThe Rise of Skywalker is a lot. It’s like nine movies of plot in one. Going to take me about nine days to process. Chris Taylor, MashableHow is the pacing?Man does The Rise of Skywakler MOVE. This film hits the ground running and doesn’t let up. J.J.’s energy is all over this thing. A Last Crusade style adventure. Griffin Schiller, The PlaylistStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits the ground running and rarely lets up. There’s a LOT going on.  Scott Chitwood, ComingSoon.netThe Rise of Skywalker has a bumpy start but finds its footing, and when it does, it flies — especially the third act.  Perri Nemiroff, Collider(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Will there be any middle ground for fans?I loved parts, I didn’t love others, and I’m leaving the theater very, very conflicted about it. Germain Lussier, io9Overall I would say I liked it but had some big problems with it. Can’t say I loved it but there’s still a lot to unpack. Jim Vejvoda, IGNThere is good in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. But there is more that is disappointing. There are a number of choices that just don t track, fan service that doesn t work, and ignored details that are missed. I m bummed. Eric Eisenberg, CinemaBlendI will say that I think the more casual of a Star Wars fan you are, the happier you will be. Chris Taylor, MashableWho are the standouts this time?The bromance between Poe and Finn steals the film. Griffin Schiller, The PlaylistThe best thing I can say about Rise of Skywalker is that Daisy Ridley gives her best performance. Gregory Ellwood, The PlaylistLando rules…The Emperor stuff is so weird. Mike Ryan, UproxxAll hail Babu Frick and Zorii Bliss, who are my favorite things from the second they show up. Dave Gonzales, ThrillistI’ll say this I fricking looooove Zorii Bliss and Babu Frick. Love. Joanna Robinson, Vanity FairI wanted to see more of the new characters in The Rise of Skywalker. They were solid additions. Scott Chitwood, ComingSoon.net(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Will The Rise of Skywalker leave fans in tears?You WILL cry….bring tissues. They stuck the landing. Also, Leia! My entire heart! Jenna Busch, Legion of LeiaWhat a lovely send off for our General Leia. Angie Han, MashableI’m emotional, overwhelmed, surprised, shocked stunned.  More than anything, I’m happy.  Thanks for coming through one more time, Star Wars. Mark Ellis, Schmoes KnowI’m so emotionally drained. Star Wars fans will be very happy. Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmThe emotional highs are spectacular. Laura Prudom, IGNStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters December 19.

4. 呼朋唤友 随心所欲
In 2000, after the release of wrestling comedy Ready to Rumble, lifelong fan David Arquette got the chance to realize a childhood dream: for a brief, wild, and controversial period, the Scream star became a professional wrestler. You may not remember the pop-culture crossover in which Arquette, largely used as a comic-relief heel in World Championship Wrestling’s plots, actually won the World Heavyweight Championship, but certain hardcore wrestling fans do – and they’ve never let it go. Here was a flashy “Hollywood guy” who’d infiltrated their arena and seemingly made a mockery of their sport and the pros who’d trained decades for a chance to be in his boots. While he was only champ for 12 days, and quickly disappeared from matches soon after, many fans never forgave him. Arquette, in many ways, didn’t let it go either.In the fascinating, revealing new documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette, filmmakers James Price and David Darg chronicle Arquette’s attempt at a legitimate comeback to the world of wrestling between 2018 and 2020. We follow along as he is confronted by fans who’ve held tight to their fury about his 2000 victory, dips his toe into the super-amateur circuit – an in-the-dark-backyard match is particularly memorable – and ultimately begins to find himself, along with his skills and strength and fitness, through rigorous training and determination. A sequence in the middle of the film, in which Arquette trains with a group of luchadors in the gyms and on the streets of Tijuana, feels like a real-life Rocky film. And just like a Rocky film, there are deep lows to go with these dizzying highs.(Photo by © NEON)Arquette opens himself up here in ways few other actors of his notoriety would, letting the camera into doctors visits during which he is tranquilized and out of control, talking frankly about the disappointments in his life – on screen, in the ring, and at home – and never filtering the damage that’s been done to his body or his soul. In an interview leading up to the movie’s release, he told Rotten Tomatoes that he probably won’t be re-watching the movie – it’s too painful – but he doesn’t regret what he went through. “That s really what I learned throughout this whole thing: to really be good to myself,” he said. Below, Arquette shares how he came to love wrestling as a kid, the importance of support from family and friends like the late Luke Perry, his excitement at returning to the Scream franchise, and why “no holds barred” was the only way to approach a documentary about his life.Joel Meares for Rotten Tomatoes: A lot of people who haven’t been following your off-screen career might be surprised to discover this obsession with wrestling. What was it about wrestling that really connected with you when you were growing up?David Arquette: I saw Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan at the LA Sports Arena, and seeing Andre the Giant in person just blew my mind. I was just like, What? – I couldn t believe it. It was so wild. I d always seen wrestling, even before that, on TV, just here and there, it was always something that intrigued me, but that really got me into it. It was the whole Cyndi Lauper period, and I was a big fan of Mr. T and he was part of it. That whole time period really swept me up. Then my dad did the voice of a Jimmy Superfly Snuka in the cartoon, and that had something to do with it. I remember going to some shows with my dad and my friends, and it s just something we totally got into. I jumped off the roof on to a mattress [playing wrestling] and banged my head for the first time. Did the whole thing.(Photo by Adam Scull/PHOTOlink/Everett Collection)And Miss Elizabeth had an appeal, right? [Arquette has a tattoo of Miss Elizabeth, the late former manager of Macho Man Randy Savage, who was a key part of the then World Wrestling Federation’s main plot lines in the late 1980s and early 1990s.] Arquette: Oh, Miss Elizabeth had such an appeal. I remember, in doing research for this, I was looking back on old matches, just to get back up to speed and see if I remembered anything, and stuff just started coming back. Yeah, Miss Elizabeth had such an impact on me. I loved Macho Man, but I was like, Why do you treat her so bad? I didn t understand the whole dynamic. If I had a girl like Miss Elizabeth, I d treat her with more respect.Did you want her to end up with Macho Man or Hulk Hogan?Arquette: I wanted her to be with Macho Man, but I was a huge Hulk fan. I loved Hulk, just growing up. I bought into it. He was just so great at what he did, just setting it all up. Even seeing him now, working the crowd like nobody else could.The documentary takes us back to the time when you got to fight, partly for the promotion of Ready to Rumble. How did it feel for you when you got the opportunity to then enter the ring on a big scale, have this crazy storyline which is almost 80s-esque in its wildness, and then pin the guy and win the championship belt? Arquette: It was exciting. For me, I always saw it as, Wow. This is like a kid s dream come true. That s how I was thinking of it, like a fan finally gets to become a champion. I understand now why people got so upset, but I didn t at the time. I did think it was a horrible idea. I didn t want to do it necessarily, but it also was explained to me that I could tour with them until the next pay-per-view. I was like, Do you mean that I get to go from city to city and travel with you guys? That s also something I always wanted to do. I don t know, I ve always wanted to run away to the circus kind of thing, and it felt like that.(Photo by Courtesy the Everett Collection)In the documentary, we see how a lot of wrestling fans over the years became pissed off that a “Hollywood guy” came in from nowhere and took the belt. But at the time when you participated, did you feel accepted by the wrestlers you were working with? Arquette: Not really. They didn t really want me to do anything. There s this whole thing, like, I couldn t beat anybody up because of who I was, so nobody wanted to take the heat from me; nobody wants to look bad. They also had some insurance policy, so they wouldn t let me fight; I couldn t get hurt or something. So, I d typically get beat up, somebody would come and then roll me on top of the other person, and that s usually how I would win each of my matches. So, that was pretty funny. Coming back [into wrestling more recently], there was a lot of that still – people not wanting me to beat them up and that kind of thing, but a lot of people were cool about it.There’s a scene early in the comeback that the movie documents, where, after a scuffle with some angry fans in a restaurant, you go outside and you re frazzled and say to the camera, I get it, I get it. It’s tough stuff, it s a really raw film. Did you know, going in, how much you were going to expose yourself and how vulnerable you d have to be for this film, or did you sort of lean into that in the process?Arquette: Well, I know that being vulnerable, being open, and being honest is where you get the best art from. When you do the best interviews is when you re being honest and revealing stuff about yourself. So, I knew I had to be open about it. I didn t know where it was going to go, how crazy it was going to get, and how far we d take it. I never imagined being in Pro Wrestling Illustrated s top 500 wrestlers or something like that. That was never even in my mind. I just wanted to go back and properly train and learn about why people got so upset. I just wanted, also, to be able to enjoy wrestling again without having this attitude.(Photo by © NEON)But I realized through the process of it that the attitude I was having, and the reason it hurt my feelings so much, is because I was believing what I was reading. I was telling myself all these things like, You re not good enough, you re not smart enough. All these negative thoughts that I would then treat as if they were real so, when you read it, it s kind of like confirming or something. That s what I really learned through this whole process, that it doesn t matter what anybody says. It s what you believe in yourself. It s how you feel about yourself, that you have that confidence, that you have that self-pride.We also get to see that you have a pretty amazing support network in your life. Obviously, your kids and your wonderful wife are there, and your sisters and your brothers are involved in this documentary, as well as your ex-wife. How important has that been, not just for this comeback, but for dealing with any setbacks in life, to have that level of support around you?Arquette: It s been really important. They ve had to put up a lot with thinking I m dying a couple of times and all that kind of stuff, and just all the craziness that goes on with this whole wrestling world. They were really scared for me to wrestle and everything, but it s been really important.My wife [Christina McLarty] – not quite single-handedly – but she really did produce this from the ground up. She worked with these amazing directors, David Darg and James Price, and they really put a great movie together. They kicked me out of the editing room at some point because I was too close to it and had so many feelings about it all. It s really hard for me to watch to this day. I m not sure I ll ever really watch it again. Maybe when I get much older.(Photo by © NEON)Yeah. I was going to ask that, because there are really transparent doctor s visits, there s you getting violently beaten and cut in that death match … I can t imagine it was an easy decision to include those things, but then also to re-watch those things must be incredibly difficult.Arquette: Yeah, it s really difficult, and it was really hard to reveal a lot of that stuff. But at some point you allow yourself to be exposed, and you put it all on the line, it’s really what you have to do. I really did want to prove myself and, ultimately, I just needed to learn a few lessons that I d been trying to learn for years. Even some of it that I knew, but it just really had to click like this had to be the catalyst.There are some great highs in this as well, and I think in the Mexico sequence it s really great to see you, there, come into your own. When you first did that leg move on the luchador who was training you… Arquette: Yeah, the flying head scissors.Is that what you call it?Arquette: Well, it s called the huracarana.How did it feel when you finally nailed that? I wanted to cheer. I was at home alone, but I was like, That s awesome! Arquette: It felt awesome, but it also was like, Did I do it right? I was like, How did it look? They were like, It looked amazing. That s also a testament to these incredible Lucha wrestlers. Whenever you work with really great wrestlers, they always make you look so much better. I was impressed by the way it turned out too. I don t think half of the huracaranas I did after that one looked nearly as good.(Photo by © NEON)That brings us to the death match towards the end of the movie, and you ve spoken about that, where your neck is accidentally cut by a broken light and you have to be rushed to hospital. I was watching it and you looked kind of like you knew something was not right here even before you stepped into the ring. Did you almost hesitate to take that match in the moment? Arquette: No. It s a wrestling match. We had the whole thing planned out. There are certain things that went wrong with it, specifically that I pulled his legs when I wasn t supposed to, which caused the light to stab me. I actually caused that to happen, but I didn t know it was going to happen, I didn t try for it to happen. I learned a big lesson in that: to always stick to the plan. We had a whole story we were telling, but it kind of went off track. Marko Stunt, a really amazing wrestler, got injured right before [I went on]. I think three people or four people got really badly injured that night. It was just full-moon type of night.What were your feelings after that night, going to hospital and being injured in that way? Arquette: I had all kinds of feelings. I ve run the gamut of them. My wife was really upset. She was like, Do you want to die? and I was like, No, I don t want to die, but I was in a lot of pain. I was in a lot of emotional, personal pain that I hadn t really uncovered to the extent that I have now. I had to address a lot of stuff from my past, a lot of things I was telling myself. I d just beat myself up my whole life, and it was really time to stop doing that. That s really what I learned throughout this whole thing: to really be good to myself.(Photo by © NEON )That s great to hear. One of the things we see near the end of the film, and following that sequence, is your really close relationship with Luke Perry. Then you fight his son, Jack Perry (a.k.a. the wrestler Jungle Boy), in a really great and uplifting finale. What kind of support did Luke and Jack give you in that moment and through this journey?Arquette: Wow. Jack Perry, he s such a cool guy, man. He s never drank, never smoked. He s never done anything. He s got a level head on his shoulders. He s really like a movie star, like an old-time movie star. He s got a really great attitude. He s a funny guy, too. It was really great to sort of connect with him. I d met him a few times, but it was me going back into wrestling that kind of brought us all together, and I got to see Luke again for the first time since Alexis s passing and I was able to bond with Jack. [Alexis Arquette, David’s sister, died in 2016.]I asked Luke, How is it to watch Jack Wrestle? He s like, You know what, David? He s my son, so I sit there in complete and utter fear every time he wrestles. It was so scary for him, so I was like, Oh, wow. So, we got to bond on that.Then Luke saved me [the night of the death match] and took me to the hospital with Jack. It s just so amazing to see Jack s career take off. He s at AEW [All Elite Wrestling] now, wrestling, Jungle Boy. Then us sharing the time in the ring was really I don t know. It was healing because we had all just gone to Luke’s funeral a couple of months earlier. It was his mom s birthday that night [of the fight]. It was just a moving night. To be able to share a wrestling ring with him, he s such a talented wrestler that he made me look really good. It was probably one of my best matches that I had. It was fun. We told a really fun story. We were joking around a lot.(Photo by © Dimension Films)It s a beautiful moment to watch, and it s a beautiful way to end the film. Changing gears to the future. In this movie, I think it s your wife who talks about how you felt typecast with some of the Scream movies and that playing Dewey Riley – who is one of my favorite characters of all the time – put you in a hole, career-wise. And now we know you’ve signed on for another Scream movie. How do you feel about returning to the role now, after all these years? Arquette: Actually, what she was talking about, in retrospect, that I can see, it was more my feelings, personally. It s really easy in Hollywood, with all the rejection and all the stuff, to start feeding yourself that, Oh, ugh, blah, blah, blah. You just get complainy and bitter. So, that s more of what was being talking about. I ve always loved playing Dewey, it was a huge break for my career, if anything, and I don t blame wrestling in any way for the downward aspects of my career. It s more the choices I made, doing a bunch of AT T commercials or getting TMZ to shoot you when you had drunk too much outside of a club. Stuff like that had more of an impact on my career than something like Scream, and Scream was a real gift in that sense.I m excited to return as Dewey. It ll be sad without Wes [Craven] there, but these filmmakers that are doing it were inspired by Wes and have always loved him, and they love making horror films. It s great to be able to carry on the legacy and work with Courteney again, and hopefully work with Neve again, and Kevin Williamson s involved. So I m excited to play Dewey again.The title of this film is You Cannot Kill David Arquette, but can you kill Dewey? He’s survived… a lot. Arquette: I don t know. I hope so. I love playing the character, so that would be good.Just finally, what do you want people to take away from this documentary when the credits roll? What do you hope they think about your journey and you after they ve seen this film?Arquette: The whole thing I say is: I am a champion, but so are you. You know what I mean? You re the champion of your world, I m the champion of mine, we re all great in our worlds, and that s what I want people to know. Don t let anyone write your story for you, you can do it yourself. You can write it, you can stop beating yourself up, and you can do anything you want.You Cannot Kill David Arquette is available to rent or buy on VOD on August 28, 2020.

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0.74.0 3月喜迎These 10 series are just the thing to bring you from winter to spring this March, whether you are craving wars between gods, unlikely romantic comedies, badly behaved rich folk, or the corrupt getting their due. Catch our monthly binge guide below.American Gods 77% (Starz)What it is: The gods are out to play — and out for blood — in this cult favorite series on Starz. Based on the fantasy novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman, American Gods follows recently released convict Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), who’s employed by the mysterious Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) as a bodyguard. Diving into a world of dark magic and gods new and old, it is soon revealed that Mr. Wednesday is on a mission to unite the Old Gods against the rise of the New. Why you should watch it: Few series are quite as engrossingly strange and ambitious as American Gods, and that’s what has us hooked. It s a timely commentary on the world we live in today but set against the backdrop of a dark and lurid fantasy epic. Season 2 premieres March 10. Where to watch it: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 8 hoursCatastrophe 98% (Amazon Prime)What it is: Here’s a romantic comedy squarely for adults. Amazon’s very funny London-set Catastrophe shows what happens when a no-strings-attached week of sex between a visiting American businessman (Rob Delaney) and an Irish schoolteacher (Sharon Horgan) turns into an unexpected pregnancy, a move overseas, and a proposal. And that’s just in the first episode.Why you should watch it: Co-creators and stars Horgan and Delaney perfectly blend comedy and heart in their utterly original spin on the classic sitcom. Plus, their airtight scripts full of rat-a-tat-tat dialogue are about as joyously quippy and naturalistic as they come. (Judging from the pair’s famous Twitter accounts, that comes as little surprise.) And did we mention the late, great Carrie Fisher co-stars? The fourth and final season premieres March 15. Where to watch it: AmazonCommitment: About 8.5 hoursThe Good Fight 95% (CBS All Access)What it is: Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) gets the leading lady treatment with CBS All Access’ hit spin-off of The Good Wife. Set one year after the events of that acclaimed series’ finale (and picking up on the morning of President Donald Trump’s inauguration), The Good Fight follows Lockhart after she’s forced out of her own firm and teams up with goddaughter Maia Rindell (Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie) and The Good Wife s Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo).Why you should watch it: Sure, if you loved The Good Wife, you’ll love The Good Fight — but believe it or not, Baranski is even more astounding here and finds exciting new shades to the beloved Diane Lockhart. Season 3 premieres March 14.Where to watch it: Amazon, CBS All Access, FandangoNow, Google Play, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 19.5 hoursQueer Eye 93% (Netflix)What it is: The early aughts’ hit, boundary-pushing reality series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, gets a makeover of its own with this charming, three-time Emmy-winning reboot on Netflix. Why you should watch it: If any other series captured the world’s collective heart over the last year like Queer Eye did, we haven’t heard of it. Yes, its main hook lies in the fashionable, fabulous, and heartwarming makeovers the Queer Eye guys give Georgia men (and the occasional woman), but you’ll stick around for the playful banter and true, deep friendship between the main cast of industry experts. It all packs a surprisingly emotional punch, so stock up on tissues! Season 3 premieres March 15. Where to watch it: NetflixCommitment: Approx. 12 hoursBillions 89% (Showtime)What it is: Showtime’s Billions dramatizes the high-stakes world of Wall Street when Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti), a U.S. attorney, sets his sights on bringing down hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod (Homeland s Damian Lewis) for insider trading and other illegal proclivities. Talk about one-percenters.Why you should watch it: Giamatti has built a career on playing the everyman, and here, he’s fighting for him. The actor s turn as the hard-hitting U.S. attorney would be reason alone to watch (scenes of surprise BDSM and all), but Billions also boasts a timely, engrossing premise and firecracker performances from Lewis, Maggie Siff, Condola Rashad, and a bevy of other supporters that meet Giamatti mark for mark. Season 4 premieres March 17.Where to watch it: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Hulu, VuduCommitment: Approx. 36 hoursJane The Virgin 100% (The CW)What it is: It comes as no surprise that a series as sprawling and ambitious as Jane the Virgin has taken on many forms over the last four seasons, but the family-driven hourlong series begins when Jane, the titular character, is accidentally artificially inseminated.  Why you should watch it: More than just a star-making vehicle for the incomparable Gina Rodriguez, Jane the Virgin is a dramedy like no other, rolling out bits of magical realism, vital cultural representation, female empowerment, and plenty of charm. It’s a series that wears its heart on its sleeve, and we can’t wait to see what its final installment has in store. Season 5 premieres March 27. Where to watch it: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Microsoft, Netflix, VuduCommitment: Approx. 57 hoursHappy! 84% (Syfy)What it is: A small-screen adaptation of Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s graphic novel of the same name, Happy! follows a crooked, alcoholic cop-turned-hitman Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) who inexplicably begins seeing his kidnapped daughter’s imaginary friend: a blue winged horse named Happy (voiced by Patton Oswalt). Together, they set out on a mission to find a Santa-dressed kidnapper on-the-loose.Why you should watch it: “Happy” is one word for it, another is “weird.” Other words for it are “transporting,” or “hallucinogenic,” or “wild” — all meant in the best way. Unlike just about anything else on TV, Happy! demands your attention and promises a crazy ride. Season 2 premieres March 27. Where to watch it: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Microsoft, Netflix, VuduCommitment: Approx. 6 hoursSanta Clarita Diet 89% (Netflix)What it is: We’ve seen the modern-day American layperson satirized to no end on the small screen, but we’ve never seen them with zombies. That’s where Santa Clarita Diet comes in. Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and Joel Hammond (Timothy Olyphant) are happily married real-estate agents living in the titular Californian town when Sheila unexpectedly becomes a bloodthirsty, flesh-craving, card-carrying member of the living dead. Why you should watch it: Any excuse to watch Barrymore is A-OK in our book, but it’s even better when it’s a series as unique, fun, and — pardon the pun — biting as Santa Clarita Diet. Driven by its central mystery as much as it is its core cast of characters, it’s a suburban satire for all, not just fans of The Walking Dead. Season 3 premieres March 29. Where to watch it: NetflixCommitment: Approx. 10 hoursBarry 99% (HBO)What it is: Bill Hader stars as Barry Berman, a Midwestern hitman who, when traveling to Los Angeles for a job, unexpectedly takes an acting class and considers a career change.Why you should watch it: Henry Winkler is gifted the kind of late-career role that the Happy Days TV veteran has long deserved in washed-up acting coach Gene Cousineau. (And he’s got the Emmy to prove it!) That in itself is reason enough to tune into Barry, but then there s the title character himself. Hader has never been better as the hitman-turned-aspiring actor: circumstantially funny as a fish out of water, boasting leading-man gravitas as a morally torn hero, and even exuding an unexpected sex appeal as a kickass former Marine. Season 2 premieres March 31.Where to watch it: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, HBO Now, VuduCommitment: Approx. 4 hoursVeep 93% (HBO)What it is: Selina Meyer is an anti-heroine for the ages as a former senator and now Vice President of the United States who curses like a sailor and handles the things her predecessor never bothered to attend to.Why you should watch it: There are few comedic performances as decorated as Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ turn in HBO and creator Armando Iannucci’s Veep (a record-tying five Emmy wins for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for the same role, to be exact). But still, she and the series seem to get better year after year. While Veep started out as a hilarious satire of the goings-on in our country’s capitol, it’s proven over the last few seasons to be more of a premonitory look at what’s to come in the West Wing — making it as relevant and darkly funny as ever. The seventh and final season premieres March 31. Where to watch it: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, HBO Now, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: About 29 hoursThumbnail photo courtesy Patrick Ecclesine/CBS; Isabella Vosmikova/HBO; Jan Thijs/Starz/Fremantle
Rick O Connell defeated the Mummy 20 years ago today, but as Imhotep liked to say, death is only the beginning. The Brendan Fraser-led action-adventure remake of The Mummy has proven to be as enduring as its titular bandaged baddie, and 90s moviegoers of a certain age still remember the film fondly.Although based on a black-and-white horror movie from nearly 70 years earlier, 1999 s The Mummy – released May 7 of that year – owes more to Harrison Ford than it does to Boris Karloff. With a swashbuckling sense of adventure, some supernatural spooks, and a stellar cast, Stephen Sommers globetrotting spectacle recaptured Indiana Jones’ magic for millennials, swapping the Ark of the Covenant for a sarcophagus that never should have been opened, even if it was a blessing, not a curse, for moviegoers. How was it that The Mummy was able to channel Indy so successfully?It Put a Fun Spin on Past InspirationsBoth The Mummy and Indiana Jones draw inspiration from the same era not ancient Egypt, though that’s obviously a factor, but the films of the 1930s. When they created Indiana Jones, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas wanted to revive the spirit of old matinée serials and pulp magazines. Indy was the modern version of Doc Savage, an adventurer who explored strange new lands and braved thrilling challenges. By virtue of premiering almost 20 years after Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Mummy was able to invoke not just the spirit of those old serials in the same way, but also Indiana Jones itself, putting its own spin on the vintage tropes.But The Mummy also benefits from its own history. 1932 s The Mummy, one of Universal Studios’ classic monster films, provided the 1999 movie its name and general plot, and the remake takes those ideas and runs with them. The original film is great, but it s slower than the shambling monster itself, and there is actually very little “mummy action,” as modern viewers might define it. Boris Karloff is chilling as the creature, but he’s hardly in bandages, instead opting to blend into society and manipulate victims with his piercing gaze.The 1999 Mummy effectively plunders the 1932 Mummy’s tomb, which seems fitting. It’s a good bit of grave robbing, though, as the remake does a genre switcheroo, infusing the old plot into another mold, one that Indiana Jones had so successfully revived, and makes it work spectacularly.Brendan Fraser is Harrison Ford with a Goofier Smile(Photo by Universal Pictures courtesy Everett Collection)Brendan Fraser is still doing great work (he’s a delight as the voice of Robotman on DC Universe’s surprisingly good Doom Patrol series), but it’s hard to overstate just how hot he was in the 1990s, both as an acting commodity and as a hunk. Without Fraser, The Mummy doesn’t work, just as Harrison Ford is integral to Indiana Jones’ success.As Rick O Connell, Fraser is able to showcase a lot more of his chops than one might expect, effortlessly conveying our hero’s wide range of emotions across a variety of outsized set pieces and quieter moments. When we first meet him in prison, he’s a quip-happy nihilist who remains somewhat distant once he s freed. On the voyage to the City of the Dead, O’Connell gradually opens up, finding his purpose, his courage, and a hankering for romance. Fraser has all the looks of a classic pulp hero, only he’s got the charm and the heart to make O’Connell more than just an adventuring straight-man.In that way, Fraser’s not unlike Ford, who imparts Indiana Jones with just the right mix of world-weariness and wonder. If there’s a difference between the two, though, it’s that Fraser is more game than Ford. Whereas Ford makes characters like Han Solo and Indiana Jones work by keeping them somewhat at arm s length — a subtle, constant eye-roll that lets viewers know not to take everything too seriously — Fraser is a puppy. There’s something indescribably late-’90s about the way his smile radiates in the role, his enthusiastic force of personality welcoming viewers into spooky tombs. Just as O’Connell couldn’t keep playing the part of the gruff veteran, Fraser can’t help but have a great time, and the audience loves him for that.The Supporting Cast of Characters Belongs in a MuseumWhile it’s fun to watch characters like Indiana Jones and Rick O’Connell explore unknown lands, their journeys would be far less entertaining without other memorable characters to play with. Where’s the fun in an action-adventure if there’s nobody to trade witty one-liners with?While Raiders of the Lost Ark has Karen Allen’s Marion Ravenwood, The Mummy has Rachel Weisz’s Evelyn “Evie” Carnahan. She’s a perfect match for O’Connell, as the two characters trade the high ground throughout the movie. When one makes a mistake, the other has the solution, and together they blur the line between courage and foolhardiness. Evie and O’Connell egg one another on, buoyed by Fraser and Weisz’s excellent chemistry.John Hannah, on the other hand, offers plenty of comic relief as Jonathan Carnahan, who is in way over his head when it comes to this whole “ancient curse” business — think of Henry Jones Sr., Marcus Brody, or even Temple of Doom’s Willie Scott. The sniveling Beni (Kevin J. O Connor), along with the group of rival American Egyptologists, serves as a fitting counterpart to the heroes, just like many of Indy’s ersatz foes. Oded Fehr also imbues personality into what could have been a stock role as Ardeth Bay, the leader of the guards who have kept Imhotep at bay for three millennia.Then there’s Imhotep, the Mummy himself. As played by Arnold Vosloo (once he claims enough victims to graduate from emaciated CGI skeleton to f

Women tended to prefer shows like Downton Abbey (16 percent of women vs. 5 percent of men) and Lucifer (14 percent vs. 7 percent), while men went for The Mandalorian (33 percent vs. 19 percent) and Breaking Bad (31 percent vs. 18 percent). The biggest generational split? That would be The Office — 22 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds picked the NBC sitcom versus only 2 percent of the 55 and over crowd. Conversely, 21 percent of the 55+ demographic chose Downton Abbey versus just 4 percent of the 18-34 demo.Plenty of network sitcoms made the list, but prestige cable dramas also scored many spots on the list. The oldest series is Friends, while the newest entry is Amazon s meta comic book series The Boys.Check out the list below and let us know if your favorites rank where you think they should.
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亚博体彩下载 So it wasn’t even close. The legend of John Wick only grew this weekend when it took the presumption of a tight battle for the top spot and turned it into a franchise growth that Lionsgate can be proud of. The Endgame crowd delivered a bit less than expected this weekend but with Wick’s foot firmly on the pedal this weekend, the Avengers never had a chance. King of the Crop: John Wick Unleashed With Million Debut(Photo by Summit Entertainment)Since 2016, Lionsgate has only had two films open over million (one of them being John Wick: Chapter Two) and another five open over million. They also have not had a 0 million grosser since Wonder in 2017 and only had one movie (Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral) gross a total higher than what John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum made this weekend: million and another million internationally. Not bad for a film series with humble beginnings whose original film grossed all of million domestic. JW3 is the second-highest 3-day opening of Keanu Reeves’ career. While The Matrix Reloaded is the highest with .7 million, the third chapter of that notable series (The Matrix Revolutions) opened on Wednesday and had .8 million in its first three days and a first weekend of .4 million. This is a success story all around for the actor, the studio and the filmmakers.Rotten Returns: The Sun Sets On WB As Star Joins Weakest Wide Openings(Photo by Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection)There is no other way to describe The Sun Is Also A Star’s numbers this week than rotten. Warner Bros. did not seem to do much for the film marketing-wise and only got the film released in 2,073 theaters. That is the lowest wide launch for the studio since 2012’s Cloud Atlas opened in 2,008 theaters. The .6 million estimate for Sun ranks down there with Almost Heroes (.83 million), Lucky You (.71), Grind (.51), The Adventures of Pluto Nash (.18), Major League: Back to the Minors (.08) and the Zac Efron DJ film, We Are Your Friends (.76) for WB lows on films opening in over 2,000 theaters.The Top Ten And Beyond: Endgame Still Eyeing The All-Time Record(Photo by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / © Marvel Studios / courtesy Everett Collection)So where is Avengers: Endgame after four weeks? At 0 million it is now officially the second-highest grossing film of all-time both domestically. Worldwide, it sits at .61 billion still chasing down Avatar’s .78 billion with just 3 million to go. However it has fallen off of The Force Awakens’ pace by million and all of a sudden falling back to just the 11th best fourth weekend of all-time, it is pretty guaranteed at this point that J.J. Abrams’ film will remain the all-time domestic champion.Pokemon Detective Pikachu finds itself on similar ground with Hotel Transylvania 3 which had .7 million after its second weekend of wide release. Adam Sandler’s animated sequel made .7 million that weekend while the Pikachu made .8 million and stands at million. That suggests the 0 million production is headed somewhere around 7 million domestic. It has made 6 million worldwide to date.The rest of the Top Ten is a sad place. Not just with dogs dying over and over in A Dog’s Journey, but the numbers for the sequel are just not up to Universal’s expectations. They had a surprise little hit with A Dog’s Purpose which opened to .2 million in January 2017 and finished with .5 million domestic and 5 million worldwide. Journey opened to just million and is going to have to stretch hard to reach million. Maybe even million. And it just gets more depressing from there. Any movie making more than the Certified Fresh bomb Long Shot on this list has been critically reviled, like STX’s double failure of UglyDolls (.2 million/30%) and Poms ( million/32%). And for the third straight week The Intruder ( million/29%) managed to beat the Charlize Theron/Seth Rogen comedy. Looks as if The Hustle (.1 million/15%) is going to outgross it too.This Time Last Year: Deadpool Continued The Summer Superhero Dominance(Photo by 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved./courtesy Everett Collection)Audiences substituted one group of superheroes for another when Deadpool 2 took over the top spot from the Avengers with a 5.5 million start. Avengers: Infinity War fell to second place and was just short of 0 million. Book Club started much better than Poms did last week, opening in third with .5 million. Finally, the controversial family film, Show Dogs, opened to just million and was later edited to remove its offensive take on consent. The Top Ten films grossed an impressive 0.4 million but they averaged a dismal 50.4% on the Tomatometer. This year’s Top Ten grossed an estimated 1.8 million and averaged 53.4%.On the Vine: Disney Tries To Avoid Another Dumbo Will Booksmart’s Critical Support Be Enough?(Photo by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection)Disney hopes to avoid another Memorial Day disappointment with their second live-action remake of 2019 with Aladdin. Can Will Smith replace the memory of Robin Williams or will the film go the way of Dumbo? Meanwhile, James Gunn is producing the bizarro Superman tale, Brightburn, a horror film about an intergalactic child using his powers for evil. Finally there is Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut, Booksmart, which drew raves at SXSW this year (still a perfect 100% on the Tomatometer). But can the already struggling United Artists Releasing partnership between Annapurna, MGM and Orion successfully get the word out or will this be doomed to discovery after it leaves theaters?The Full Top 10: May 17-19John Wick: Chapter 3 -- Parabellum (2019) 89% – .02 million (.02 million total)Avengers: Endgame (2019) 94% – .41 million (0.80 million total)Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) 68% – .81 million (.00 million total)A Dog's Journey (2019) 51% – .00 million (.00 million total)The Hustle (2019) 14% – .08 million (.14 million total)The Intruder (2019) 33% – .02 million (.05 million total)Long Shot (2019) 81% – .40 million (.7 million total)The Sun Is Also a Star (2019) 52% – .60 million (.60 million total)Poms (2019) 36% – .09 million (.01 million total)UglyDolls (2019) 28% – .60 million (.24 million total)

Ryan Murphy announced via his Instagram account that the upcoming tenth season of American Horror Story, which has been filming in Provincetown, Massachusetts, will tell two spooky stories — one by land, one by sea — in a theme he s dubbed Double Feature. Also new this year: cast members including Macaulay Culkin and the just-announced Kaia Gerber.Season 10 of the horror anthology, like so many other shows, was pushed from 2020 to 2021 due to the pandemic, but is on track to premiere ahead of the Halloween season later this year.What We Do in the Shadows Spinoff Finds U.S. Home(Photo by Paramount Pictures)Wellington Paranormal, the TV spinoff of cult-favorite Kiwi vampire movie What We Do in the Shadows, has found a U.S. home. The New Zealand-set series — not to be confused with the What We Do in the Shadows TV show, which is also a spinoff of sorts set in New York City — will air on The CW and HBO Max this summer. The series, which was created by WWDITS directors Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, follows the adventures of Officers O’Leary and Minogue, hard-working members of the Wellington constabulary’s paranormal unit who, under the supervision of Sergeant Maaka, investigate supernatural occurrences that arise in the capital of New Zealand on a surprisingly regular basis. National Treasure Is Becoming a TV Series(Photo by Touchstone courtesy Everett Collection)The long-rumored third National Treasure movie might still be up in the air, but the franchise is getting a new entry in the form of a TV series reimagined through the eyes of a 20-year-old DREAMer named Jess Morales.According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jerry Bruckheimer is on board as a producer, as are original screenwriters Cormac and Marianne Wibberley. Mira Nair will direct the series, which centers on a younger cast as they explore the ideas of identity, community, patriotism and who gets to write history as Jess and a diverse group of friends embark on an adventure to uncover her mysterious family history and recover lost treasure. Bruckheimer said in May 2020 that the series was being developed alongside a potential third film, which would star Nicolas Cage and the rest of the original cast.NEW TRAILERS: Cristin Milioti and Billy Magnussen star in Made for LoveAfter 10 years in a suffocating marriage to a tech billionaire, Hazel (Cristin Milioti) finally makes her escape — only to find that her controlling ex (Billy Magnussen) has implanted a monitoring device in her brain that allows him to track and observe her as well as mine her  emotional data as she tries to regain her independence. Made for Love premieres April 1 on HBO Max.More trailers and teasers released this week:• Big Shot follows a temperamental basketball coach (John Stamos) who takes a job as the head coach at an elite all-girls private high school. Premieres April 16 (Disney+).• Kung Fu follows a Chinese-American woman (Olivia Liang) who returns from a years-long stay at a monastery in China and uses her teachings to protect her hometown of San Francisco. Premieres April 7 (The CW).• The Nevers is a sci-fi series set in Victorian London that follows a group of women with newfound supernatural powers who are all in grave danger and must be protected. Premieres April 11 (HBO).• The first season of horror anthology Them follows a Black family who moves from North Carolina to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood in 1953, where their idyllic home becomes ground zero for malevolent forces. Premieres April 9 (Amazon Prime Video).• Season 3 of Miracle Workers sees its characters hit the Oregon Trail. Premieres later in 2021 (TBS).• Christopher Meloni s Detective Elliot Stabler is back in action in Law Order: Organized Crime. Premieres April 1 (NBC).• Godfather of Harlem season 2 sees Forest Whitaker return as 1960s crime boss Bumpy Johnson. Premieres April 18 (Epix).• Dad Stop Embarrassing Me follows a single dad and cosmetics brand owner (Jamie Foxx) who figures out fatherhood on the fly when his strong-minded teen daughter moves in with him. Premieres April 14 (Netflix).For all the latest TV and streaming trailers, subscribe to the Rotten Tomatoes TV YouTube channel.CASTING: Jamie Foxx is Mike Tyson in Scorsese-Produced Series(Photo by © Warner Bros.)Jamie Foxx is set to play Mike Tyson in the authorized limited series Tyson, executive produced by Martin Scorsese, the boxer himself, and Antoine Fuqua, who will direct. Colin Preston is set to write the show, which currently does not have a home.Naomie Harris is set to star alongside Chiwetel Ejiofor in the Showtime series The Man Who Fell to Earth, based on the Walter Tevis novel of the same name (and, of course, the famous David Bowie-starring film). Ejiofor plays the titular alien, while Harris will play brilliant scientist Justin Falls.HBO s series about the Los Angeles Lakers has added super-tall actors Jason Segel as former Lakers head coach Paul Westhead and Bo Burnham as player Larry Bird.Stanley Tucci is an Inside Man — he ll star as the titular character alongside David Tennant, Dolly Wells, and Lydia West in the four-part Netflix/BBC miniseries that follows a U.S. prisoner on death row, a vicar in a quiet English town, and a math teacher trapped in a cellar whose paths unexpectedly cross.Ryan Murphy has recruited American Horror Story veteran Evan Peters to play serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in his upcoming Netflix limited series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.The most adorable part of 2021 s award season, Minari star Alan Kim, is joining Awkwafina is Nora From Queens for the comedy s second season. He ll play the younger version of BD Wong s character, Wally, in flashbacks.In a surprise move, The CW s Batwoman has recast Wallis Day in the recurring role of Kate Kane, the character previously played by former series star Ruby Rose.PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT: Issa Rae is Sticking With WarnerMedia(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Women In Film)Insecure might be ending, but Issa Rae is staying at her home of WarnerMedia. The writer and actor has signed a five-year overall deal with the company, which will include television and features created by Rae s company Hoorae. Upcoming projects include the fifth and final season of Insecure, which is filming now, plus HBO Originals including The Vanishing Half, Nice White Parents, and the documentary Seen and Heard, plus the HBO Max Original Rap Sh*t and a scripted series with Mark Phillips.A new Disney+ series starring Alaqua Cox as Marvel s Echo is in the early stages of development. Cox debuts as the deaf Native American hero in the upcoming Hawkeye Disney+ show, which stars Hailee Steinfeld.David Duchovny s latest novel Truly Like Lightning is headed to Showtime, with Duchovny writing and starring in a series adaptation. Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz will write the script alongside the star, whose book follows a former Hollywood stuntman living with his three wives and ten children outside of Joshua Tree who becomes embroiled in a deadly chain of events after being approached by an ambitious real estate developer.Girls Trip creator Tracy Oliver has signed a sweeping multi-year overall deal with Apple, which will see the creator developing original television series and feature films that emphasize telling diverse and meaningful stories.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News. 无论是战棋类还是回合制手游在如今的游戏市场都已泛滥成灾,体验过太多同样的游戏机制后,玩家的游玩就成了一种内心的消耗,更何况B站推出的这款手游都同样有着二次元游戏的宏大世界观设定,再次增添了玩家游玩的学习成本。


In our latest episode of Vs. we’re paying tribute to cinema’s greatest scream queens… by making them battle it out to the final reel! (To be fair, something each of them has some practice in.) It’s slasher icon Jamie Lee Curtis against sci-fi icon Sigourney Weaver against ghostface killer Neve Campbell against fisherman’s not-friend Sarah Michelle Gellar as we seek to crown horror’s ultimate portrayer of the “final girl.” How will the battle play out? Well, first we’re trapping them in a mansion with about 30 escaped-from-a-mental-hospital serial killers… Oh wait, no, not that, that would be illegal. We’re actually comparing their box office performance, Audience and Tomatometer Scores, and the quality of their enemies, and adding a bonus round for good measure. Will it be Ripley, Laurie, Buffy, or Sidney who lives to earn that sweet sequel paycheck? Watch along as Rotten Tomatoes Contributing Editor Mark Ellis breaks it down, then have at us in the comments.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

亚博体彩下载 Join us for a deep discussion of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, the movie many critics say is the most ambitious and inventive in the series. Host Mark Ellis, Beyond the Trailer host and creator Grace Randolph, Rotten Tomatoes editor Alex Vo, and John Wick: Chapter 3 stunt coordinator Scott Rogers break down the movie kick-by-kick, headshot-by-headshot, and tackle the big questions: How good is Halle Berry? Which is the best fight scene? And should there be a Chapter 4. Watch it above and let us know what you thought of John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum in the comments.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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