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华体会网页登录采用百度引擎1(Baidu 5)hose storms.And boy, did Gotham test him. From a green detective on a police force rife with corruption to commission of a city in need of some serious rebuilding, the show kept finding new ways to sweep Jim’s legs, shoot him in the shoulder, and encase him in darkness, like that time Lee buried him to make him take the Tetch Virus.But through it all, Jim always found his way back to his moral center. Sure, he made bad deals with people like Sofia Falcone and Oswald, but those decisions would prove to Jim that he could never take the convenient path. Consider just how few concession he gave during No Man’s Land: Even with resources dwindling and rival warlords chomping at the Green Zone, Jim managed to stay true to his ideals. He also managed not to kill Ed when he was revealed as the person who blew up Haven. Would Jim have had that strength without all the previous experiences, kidnappings, back-door deals, and Oswald s attempts to be his friend? It may not have all gone smoothly, but Jim managed to save the city from tearing itself apart without the Batman.In fact, he proved you can do a Batman show without Batman. Despite the Dark Knight being the hero Gotham deserves, Jim proved one mostly good cop can hold the line as well. It makes sense. He was the first supporting character creators Bill Finger and Bob Kane introduced into Batman’s world and has had the same 80 years to develop. But Gotham allowed him to take a journey as harrowing and as dark as any his future friend would embark upon, and he is now a richer character for it.Nonetheless, as the series finale airs tonight, let’s see what the Batman can do in his single Gotham appearance.The Gotham series finale airs Thursday, April 25 at 8pm. on Fox.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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In its rush to close out the Skywalker Saga, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker left a lot on the table. Pretty much everything not directly related to Rey, Luke, Leia, Ben Solo, and Sheev Palpatine was left hanging for future storytellers to resolve in comics, novels, television shows, and, yes, future films. And, as it happens, at least a few ideas directly related to them are still in the margins as well. But with so much about the other characters (and the galaxy for that matter) unresolved, it would seem there is plenty of material for a direct follow-up to The Rise of Skywalker – an Episode X, as it were.So let’s go on a thought experiment and consider what an Episode X might look like and why it may eventually be vital for Star Wars to continue to the episode saga if perhaps in a slightly different way going forward.Episode X Was Part Of The Original Plan(Photo by TM and ©copyright Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved courtesy Everett Collection)In the very early days of Star Wars success, George Lucas’ vision was very much in flux. As he has mentioned in numerous interviews, the film was the result of a massive 200-page script that more or less formed the backbone of the Original Trilogy (and, as we’ve discussed elsewhere, the eventual Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace). Early drafts also hinted at the sequels, with one revision directly telling the reader the Leia character would have a larger role in the next film.But even as The Empire Strikes Back began to coalesce into a shooting script, Lucas and his collaborators considered a 12-episode series. That sequence was envisioned as more of a James Bond-style format, with fewer narrative ties between episodes and certain films acting more as preludes or epilogues to larger story ideas like the Clone Wars. It was abandoned in favor of a nine-episode story in which the later sequels would see Leia become queen of her people, Luke finding his sister (who was not initially intended to be Leia), and an Episode IX introduction of the Emperor. All of this changed as Lucas became disenchanted with Star Wars during the development of Return of the Jedi, which condensed several ideas from the later episodes into its plot.Nonetheless, we totally expect the early references to the 12-episode cycle to become part of the Lucasfilm narrative when it inevitably announces Episode X.And make no mistake, Episode X is inevitable.A Matter of Timing(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Although inevitable, the timing of Episode X is less of a certainty. After its experiment with yearly Star Wars films proved untenable, Disney pulled back and cancelled all of its Star Wars Story spin-off pictures. A film is scheduled for a 2022 release – with a director reportedly already on board and subsequent films scheduled every two years afterward through 2026 – but it is understood this project will not continue story threads from the Skywalker Saga.Granted, the possibility still exists that this film could be labeled as Episode X.But presuming Disney sticks to its new plan of slightly more sporadic Star Wars film releases, an Episode X might be what people want after a decade away from the episodic saga and, seemingly, the forward momentum of Star Wars into an uncharted, post-Palpatine age.A New New Republic?(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, © Lucasfilm)As much as the films are about the Skywalker clan struggling to save the galaxy, the are also about the galaxy’s own failure to prevent its fall into an Empire. Even in the Sequel Trilogy, we see its influence continue and the New Republic unable to cope with those remnants coalescing into the First Order.It leaves the galaxy with the problem the Republic faced in the infamous Phantom Menace senate scenes: the centralized government is ill-equipped to prevent its own collapse. In its final form, the Sequel Trilogy was also not equipped to address this problem; it chose to wipe out the New Republic instead. So it leaves the remains of the Resistance with a different set of questions than those the Rebel Alliance faced after the Battle of Endor. For the latter, there was a stated goal of restoring the Republic. But will the weary Resistance fighters of the Sequel Trilogy want to do that?In lieu of a Republic, Episode X could take us into a galaxy without that central leadership. It could be an era when the hyperspace routes are patrolled by more localized coalitions with uneasy alliances and a tacit agreement not to disrupt trade. If we need some familiar faces to give it Star Wars continuity, the Trade Federation could re-emerge as a power player as it maintains security along the spaceways.Sure, it sounds a little dry – and maybe too much like The Phantom Menace for some – but it offers a new context in which to set up a new adventure. Perhaps a core group of Resistance fighters are still trying to restore the Republic. Or, maybe, just trying to survive in this more lawless galaxy is enough motivation for heroes new and old to engage in a star war.The Fate Of The Jedi(Photo by John Wilson/©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)We’ll be honest, the only final end for the Sith and the Jedi would be a galaxy-wide repudiation of the Force itself – something it seems cannot actually happen, as the Force will always find sentient beings happy to access its power. This means the fate of the Jedi must be decided beyond the vague allusions to the future at the end of The Rise of Skywalker. And while Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) story is seemingly done with her finding an identity, the Expanded Universe has taught us – to borrow a Watchmen line – nothing ever ends.Your desire to see the restoration of the Jedi depends entirely on how much you like their view of the Force. We’ll admit the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game and its sequel colored our understanding of their absolutism. In that light, we hope the Order can emerge in the post-TROS time period as something more gray. Both the Prequel and Sequel Trilogies seemingly call for a notion of balance as well.But it is possible that subtext is just too unruly for a continuing series of space adventure movies. Maybe the Order just needs to be unambiguously restored with Rey and Finn (John Boyega) leading the way. An Episode X in this vein could mirror something like The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, with a young adherent learning the ways of the Force and, perhaps, undergoing a trial to face their own Dark Side. While the conflict would be more personal, it would reveal an Order more stabilized than we ever see in any of the films.And in an interesting quirk, this new Order could be filled with all of those escaped stormtroopers like Finn and Jannah (Naomi Ackie), who felt the pull of the Force so strongly that it prevented them from engaging in the First Order’s oppression. Also, for just this moment, we’ll disregard the fact a bunch of former child soldiers are learning to become warrior magicians because we’re still trying to get an unambiguous victory here for the Jedi.Allowing Other Stories To Advance(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, © Lucasfilm)In concluding the Skywalker story, Poe (Oscar Isaac), Finn, and Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) were left by the wayside. New characters like Jannah, Zorri (Keri Russell), and Beaumont (Dominic Monaghan) barely had a moment to establish themselves before the final iris-out. And though the actors all seem pretty burned out on Star Wars at the moment – a common occurrence at the end of these trilogies – the characters deserve better.Giving any one of them the lead position in Episode X would lead to interesting new directions and satisfy fans of those characters – yes, they exist – who felt they all got short shrift in the resolution of Rey and Ben’s (Adam Driver) story.And since some of them are certainly underdeveloped, Episode X could be a film in which they receive that much-needed development. An ace X-Wing pilot, a former Stormtrooper, a mechanic, and a smuggler form a pretty strong starting point in terms of character dynamics. No doubt many Star Wars RPG parties are composed of that exact mixture right now. With the burden of Palpatine and the Skywalkers off their backs, this group could go chart some of the uncharted new galaxy left in The Rise of Skywalker’s wake.Breaking The Trilogy Cycle(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Throughout this discussion, we’ve avoided looking at a potential Episode X as the beginning of a new trilogy for a very specific reason: the format no longer works for the open-ended narrative Star Wars evolved into. The fans’ love of the EU, the success of The Mandalorian, and Disney’s investment in the property as a whole means there can never be a true conclusion. Star Wars is a suite of storytelling tools now. And though commodified by a gigantic corporation, it is the modern mythology early fans always hoped it would become. Star Wars would continue even if there wasn t a huge monetary benefit in its longevity.At the same time, it still needs a major storyline to anchor the various ways people interact with the mythology. Episode X could be the beginning of a new saga structure. Like the looser concept of the 12-episode cycle, new Star Wars episode films could be more complete story units on their own while furthering an overall vision of the post-Skywalker galaxy. Sure, it could become as vast and unwieldy as the old EU and its tiered canon structure, but the essential bits of Star Wars lore are for another civilization to agree on a long, long time from now. For those of us living in it, it means an almost boundless array of Star Wars ideas to call our own, while we occasionally gather together for a new episode. And that next new planet, character, or idea may be reason enough for Episode X to become a reality.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week. 冠隆手游盒子手机版是中国最大的平台手机游戏下载社区,是游戏用户的第一选择。冠隆手游盒子长期致力于为中国近10亿移动用户提供包括单机游戏、手机网游、破解游戏等游戏互动社区等移动娱乐游戏服务,为用户带来方便快捷绿色安全的体验,数万个优质的游戏等着你哦。

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0.62.6 9月喜迎(Photo by HBO)The Best TV Movies of 2019 (So Far)Identifying a TV movie is more difficult than ever. The Television Academy put new rules into place this year that would prevent titles like Black Mirror from entering episodes under 75 minutes into the Television Movie Emmy category. The title s 61-minute San Junipero won the 2017 award in the category. (On the flip side, shorts now must be at least 2 minutes long.)So, when we re compiling a list of Certified Fresh TV Movies, we re faced with making choices like whether or not individual episodes of an anthology film series like Black Mirror should be listed in such a way that they are eligible for Certified Fresh designation as the title s one-off Bandersnatch is.Fortunately/unfortunately, the individual episodes for season 5 don t meet the scores required for consideration anyway.Read also: The Best Black Mirror Episodes to the Worst, Ranked We pulled together a list of TV and streaming film titles that do meet the eligibility criteria to be Certified Fresh, which is a minimum of 40 reviews (higher than the 20 needed for TV seasons) with at least five reviews from Top Critics. We also took into consideration whether a title s primary release was in theaters or on broadcast, cable, or streaming. So limited releases that saw only festival screenings or had very small theatrical time and number of theaters, but then was available broadly on a streaming service, were included as well.Read on to find out which titles in this very exclusive category came out on top for 2019.

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华体会网页登录 This week s Ketchup brings you another 10 headlines from the world of film development news (the stories about what movies Hollywood is working on for you next), covering such titles as Inspector Gadget, The Little Mermaid, and The Matrix 4.This WEEK S TOP STORYJOHN WICK FRANCHISE GETTING FEMALE-CENTRIC SPINOFF, BALLERINA(Photo by Summit Entertainment)When John Wick was first released in 2014, it could have been received as just a very well-made Keanu Reeves action movie, in a one and done way (like say, Charlize Theron s Atomic Blonde). Instead, it became something of a pop culture phenomenon that helped Keanu Reeves stage a mid-career comeback, including two sequels (thus far) and continued box office success. Lionsgate has already scheduled John Wick 4 for release on May 21, 2021, but this week, we learned that the studio is also moving forward with plans for a female-centric John Wick spinoff called Ballerina about a young female assassin who seeks revenge against the people who killed her family. Although the premise doesn t specify a nationality for the Ballerina, there is something of a trope involving Russian ballerinas who become super spies or assassins (mainly we re thinking here of both Red Sparrow and Marvel s Black Widow). The director who Lionsgate has hired to take on Ballerina is Len Wiseman, who is best known for his work with his wife Kate Beckinsale on the Underworld vampire action movies. The Ballerina character was briefly seen in John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum, played by newcomer Unity Phelan, but it s possible/likely that another actress will star in Ballerina.Other Top Headlines1. BLACK MANTA FROM AQUAMAN ENTERING THE MATRIX 4(Photo by Warner Bros.)Less than two months after we learned that Lana and Lilly Wachowski were preparing to return to their most successful franchise, this week, we heard about the first major new casting for The Matrix 4. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who co-starred in Aquaman as the villain Black Manta, has been cast in The Matrix 4 in what is described as both a lead role and a new character (i.e. he s not young Morpheus ). Abdul-Mateen is the third actor attached to The Matrix 4, as both Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are returning as Neo and Trinity. Warner Bros. has not yet announced a release date for the movie, but filming doesn t start until next year, and most sources are speculating a release date sometime in 2022. As of this writing, no details about the film s premise have been revealed, including whether it will be a direct sequel, prequel, or perhaps some sort of rebooting of the entire Matrix itself (and/or the franchise as a whole).2. HAMILTON STAR DAVEED DIGGS TO VOICE SEBASTIAN IN THE LITTLE MERMAID(Photo by Dale Robinette/© Lionsgate)The last we heard about casting for Disney s live action remake of The Little Mermaid, One Direction star Harry Styles had turned down the offer to co-star as Prince Eric. The studio appears to still be on the hunt to replace him, but one of the other major roles that was still uncast did get filled this week. Daveed Diggs, who is probably best known for his work in the stage musical Hamilton, is now in talks to provide the voice of Sebastian the singing crab, whose signature song, Under the Sea, is probably the original film s best known. Although it s described as live action, this new take on The Little Mermaid is probably more likely to combine live-action and CGI characters, with Sebastian one of the most obvious examples of the latter (Flounder, voiced by Jacob Tremblay, is another). If he signs on, Daveed Diggs will be joining a cast that includes Javier Bardem as King Triton, Melissa McCarthy as the evil sea witch Ursula, and Halle Bailey as Ariel.3. WHAT COMES BEFORE TRAINING DAY? RECRUITMENT DAY? Without getting into third act details, there were some pretty obvious reasons why the 2001 Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke police drama Training Day (Fresh at 72%) never received a sequel, despite its box office and critical success. Having said that, it s probably always been likely that Warner Bros. would want to revisit that world some day. One option might have been a remake, but instead, WB is now developing a Training Day prequel. Since the original film came out 18 years ago, we can expect that the prequel will feature a new cast (in other words, no Ethan Hawke or Denzel Washington), especially since the new story will be set closer to 30 years in the past. The Training Day prequel is expected to be set in Los Angeles in April, 1992, just before the Rodney King verdict that sparked citywide riots.4. BILLY PORTER MAY JOIN REMAKES OF BOTH CINDERELLA AND LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS(Photo by Jason Mendez/Everett Collection)Just a few weeks after his big Best Actor win at this year s Emmys, Pose star Billy Porter is the focus of two new casting reports for major upcoming remakes. Both stories came out today, with the first being the news that Porter is now in talks with Sony Pictures about their Cinderella adaptation. Not to be confused with Disney s 2015 Cinderella remake, Sony s Cinderella will be a new musical starring Camila Cabello. It s expected that the role Porter would play is that of the fairy godmother. The other remake he may be taking on is the third Little Shop of Horrors feature, for which he is reportedly being eyed to voice the plant monster Audrey II.5. JASON STATHAM REUNITING WITH DIRECTOR GUY RITCHIE FOR LE CONVOYEUR REMAKE (Photo by Warner Bros.)Far before Jason Statham became a famous movie star in blockbusters like this summer s Fast Furious Presents: Hobbs Shaw, Jason Statham s main claim to fame was his work in director Guy Ritchie s Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Eighteen years later, Ritchie and Statham now appear likely to reunite for another British crime story with the news that they are both attached to an untitled remake. The original movie was called Le Convoyeur (a.k.a. Cash Truck ) and was an ensemble crime drama about a heist scheme revolving around an armored truck company.6. FELICITY JONES AND SHAILENE WOODLEY JOIN THE LAST LETTER FROM YOUR LOVER(Photo by JA, Dee Cercone/Everett Collection)Jojo Moyes is a British author with over a dozen of popular novels to her credit to date, but so far, the only major adaptation of any of her books was 2016 s romantic drama Me Before You (Rotten at 55%). The next Jojo Moyes book to be adapted as a feature film will be her 2010 novel, The Last Letter from Your Lover, which begins filming next week, from the producers of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. The story is set across several decades, as a contemporary journalist in London (Felicity Jones) discovers a series of love letters from the 1960s between characters played by Shailene Woodley and Callum Turner.7. SPIRIT: STALLION OF THE CIMARRON TO RETURN AS SPIRIT RIDING FREE (Photo by DreamWorks)Although DreamWorks had a huge hit in 2001 with Shrek, their next film in 2002 was a bit of a stumble, as Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron earned less domestically ( million) than its production budget ( million). DreamWorks kept going with the franchise, however, including the Netflix animated series Spirit Riding Free, which debuted in 2017. This week, Universal Pictures and DreamWorks announced plans for a new Spirit Riding Free movie for 2021, which means that it will be a movie-based-on-a-TV-show-based-on-a-movie. Universal has scheduled Spirit Riding Free for May 21, 2021, which puts it up against John Wick: Chapter 4 and a week before Disney s Cruella.8. SONY MAY SELL OFF HE-MAN AND HIS MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE TO NETFLIX(Photo by Cartoon Network)The continuing success of Netflix and the promise of its impending competitors like Disney+ and HBO Max are challenging the ways in which the major studios produce and release their films. Streaming services seem to be a smarter option for certain types of mid-range movies that might otherwise have difficulty finding large enough audiences to justify theatrical releases. Sony Pictures, for example, has been trying to get a new version of Masters of the Universe done for several years now, but the budget required to adapt He-Man s fantasy adventures also might mean that it has to be a huge blockbuster to justify the expense. This week, a new theory emerged that Sony may be considering selling off Masters of the Universe to a streaming service like Netflix. It could lead to an excellent film, but it s also possibly a sign of over-caution in Hollywood, and Hollywood playing it safe also sometimes means Hollywood being boring.

ipation. We know Jenkins, Gadot, and the team can deliver; we now just want to see how they can top themselves (and what fabulous 80s flair they will bring). We also know that they changed the way audiences, and studio decision-makers, think about blockbusters. More women – from Cathy Yan (Birds of Prey) to Chloe Zhao (The Eternals) – are stepping up to helm major comic-book–based movies, and more female superheroes are hitting the big screen (Captain Marvel opens today; Birds of Prey, Black Widow, and more are on the way). Yet, again, the fullest picture of the power of Wonder Woman might be best grasped not on the big screen, but in the people sitting in front of it. Watching people come up to Gal is enough to bring tears to your eyes. “I spend a lot of time with Gal [Gadot] because she s my best friend in the world. Watching people come up to her is enough to bring tears to your eyes – like when you watch what effect she has on little kids when they come up and they look at her and they re so struck and inspired by her. That s really one of the most incredible things to see and that makes it all worth it.”Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot shake hands with a Girl Scout Troop at the Wonder Woman UN Ambassador Ceremony in 2016. (Photo by Mike Coppola/WireImage) When he saw Diana step over the edge in No Man’s Land, willing to brave the world, just like that, it was him. “There s this one fan interaction that really sticks out in my mind. I was at a screening at the Directors Guild of America Theater and a man was there in a wheelchair and he was sitting in the front row and wanted to talk to me after the screening. He reached out and he held my hand and he told me that so many times in the hospital he d had to have help on crutches and he would have no clothing on and he would have to stand up and be helped out of his wheelchair. It took all the bravery that he had in the world, and when he saw Diana step over the edge in No Man’s Land in just her Wonder Woman outfit, willing to brave the world, just like that, it was him. It felt like him and it made him cry and he got emotional as he was telling me. The fact that her decision to stand up and move forward, because she s an unlikely hero as a woman and as a vulnerable person, was striking that chord in other people. She s almost become a religion in my world. “To me, she has expanded in what she even meant to me originally. She s almost become a religion in my world because she s a better version of me and all of us, who really inspires me to be a better person and believe in the better of mankind, that mankind can be better than this. You know? I think that s what she stands for to me.”Wonder Woman was released on June 2, 2017. Buy it at FandangoNOW. As the 2010s comes to a close, so do a number of beloved comedy series this month — cheers to you, Schitt’s Creek and Bojack Horseman! But not to worry: The rest of January has plenty of returning fan-favorites, plus an ultra-buzzy sci-fi sequel series decades in the making. Catch up on all that and more in this month’s binge guide.Doctor Who 92% (BBC America)What it is: Considering Doctor Who is about nothing less than fantastical adventures through the space-time continuum, it’s difficult to sum up in a sentence or two. But just know that it follows an alien Time Lord who’s known as the Doctor (who’s been inhabited by a number of actors, and now an actress, over the years) and his companions — in the two newest seasons called her “friends.”Why you should watch it: Doctor Who is making a case for being one of those timeless sci-fi properties that’s earned a devout following akin to Star Wars or Star Trek. The decades-spanning series always finds ways to one-up itself, and with Jodie Whittaker making her grand debut last season as the first female Doctor, there’s never been a better time to jump aboard. Season 12 premiered Jan. 1 on BBC America — we recommend you begin with the 2006 relaunch.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 101 hours (for the first 11 seasons of the relaunch)Schitt's Creek 93% (Pop TV)What it is: Father and son co-creators Dan Levy and Eugene Levy pack in the laughs as the fictional father and son within the Roses, a millionaire mogul family. They are joined by Catherine O’Hara as wacky matriarch Moira and Annie Murphy as the ditzy daughter Alexis. When they lose their fortune, they’re forced to relocate to their sole possession: the town of Schitt’s Creek, which was bought as a gag gift years prior. The ensuing five seasons follows the family as they adjust to their new life and learn to call that small, unfortunately-named town home.Why you should watch it: We love a success story, and Schitt’s Creek has one of our favorite little-show-that-could narratives of the decade. While always well-received and enjoyed by its niche Pop TV and CBC audience, this Canadian television series didn’t really bloom until hitting Netflix, where its bingeable 30-minute episodes — full, in equal measure, of both humor and heart — were eaten up by American audiences who became eager for more. Cut to 2018 Emmy nominations for best comedy series and lead actors Eugene Levy and O’Hara, and we’ve no doubt that season 6 will wrap the series on a touching — and hilarious — high note. Season 6 premieres Jan. 6 on Pop TV.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Microsoft, Netflix, VuduCommitment: Approx. 24 hours (for the first five seasons)The New Pope 90% (HBO)What it is: From the mind of Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino, The New Pope is a John Malkovich–starring follow-up to The Young Pope, which dramatizes the controversial rise of Pope Pius XIII (Jude Law), the world’s first American Pope.Why you should watch it: As the first Italian series to be nominated at the Primetime Emmy Awards and the first television series to host its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival, The Young Pope is nothing if not cinematic in scope and aesthetic — and led by Law and Diane Keaton on season 1, it’s got the star power to back it all up. Season 2 premieres Jan. 13 on HBO.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, HBO Now, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 10 hours (for the first season)The Magicians 91% (SyFy)What it is: Based on the acclaimed fantasy series by Lev Grossman and from producers Michael London, Janice Williams, John McNamara, and Sera Gamble, The Magicians follows Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph) after he enrolls in Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy in New York. What follows for the young magician is a collision between our world and a threatening fantasy world with nothing less at stake than reality as we know it. Why you should watch it: The Magicians has all the straight-up drama that comes with magic, secret academies, and battles between good and evil — and it’s a whole lot of crazy fun, too. Season 5 premieres Jan. 15 on Syfy.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Microsoft, Netflix, VuduCommitment: Approx. 39 hours (for the first four seasons)Sex Education 96% (Netflix)What it is: This British teen dramedy from creator Laurie Nunn tells the story of a high school outsider who, buoyed by the tricks he’s picked up from his sex therapist helicopter mom, begins his own sex therapy practice out of an abandoned bathroom — to booming results.Why you should watch it: You’d be hard-pressed to find a 2019 series whose ensemble was quite as immediately loveable — though a bit chaotic — as this one. The pitch-perfect cast is led by Asa Butterfield as Otis and a scene-stealing, never-better (if you can believe it) Gillian Anderson as his mother, Jean; the nuances of their fraught and evolving relationship paired with the high school dramas of puberty and beyond make this a must-watch. Season 2 premieres Jan. 17 on Netflix.Where to watch: NetflixCommitment: Approx. 8 hours (for the first season)The Bold Type 91% (Freeform)What it is: With industry-specific dramas pulled directly from Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief (and series executive producer) Joanna Coles’ decades-spanning career, The Bold Type follows the day-to-day adventures of three millennial New Yorkers and best friends who work together at the fictional fashion magazine Scarlet.Why you should watch it: From Ugly Betty to The Devil Wears Prada, the New York fashion magazine and media industry has proven a fine playing field for high-stakes drama and fantastic wardrobes. The Bold Type dives right in and still finds ways to make this well-documented world newly exciting. That’s largely thanks to a stellar cast led by Katie Stevens as Jane Sloan, one-third of the BFF and co-worker trio that also includes Aisha Dee as Kat Edison and Meghann Fahy as Sutton Brady. Season 4 premieres Jan. 23 on Freeform.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 21 hours (for the first three seasons)Star Trek: The Next Generation 91% (CBS All Access)What it is: To catch up on the Star Trek universe as shown in this month s Star Trek: Picard, we’re recommending you revisit The Next Generation (and perhaps the franchises 2002 feature film, Nemesis) for a wintry binge. As the series that first introduced the USS Enterprise’s Captain Picard, played by the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart, TNG sets the stage for the 20-years-later action that befalls the captain after he disassociates from Starfleet.Why you should watch it:  While the Picard creative team, including showrunner Alex Kurtzman, have emphasized that this series will be accessible to newbie Trekkies, a binge of TNG will inform your foundational knowledge of those revisiting the Picard world (including Data and William Riker from the trailer alone) while giving you a fine excuse to watch a classic!Set 20 years after Picard goes into retirement and isolation, the new CBS All Access series marks the grand return of one of today’s most iconic heroes. The story picks up with the unexpected arrival of Dahj (Isa Briones), a young woman who turns to Picard for help following an enormous trauma, in turn reigniting the former captain’s desire to return to Starfleet. Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard premieres Jan. 23 on CBS All Access.Where to watch: Amazon, CBS All Access, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, Netflix, VuduCommitment: Approx. 132 hours (for all seven seasons)Shrill 87% (Hulu)What it is: Based on the hit book by Lindy West and co-created by Alexandra Rushfield and Aidy Bryant (who also stars), this series puts a feminist, body-positive spin on the classic workplace drama as our hero Annie Easton (Bryant) finds her voice as a journalist and learns to love herself in unexpected ways.Why you should watch it: Saturday Night Live stalwart Bryant is finally given a star-making vehicle with Shrill, which earnestly and humorously portrays the daily microaggressions plus-size women face in the office and beyond. Season 2 premieres Jan. 24 on Hulu.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 3 hours (for the first season)BoJack Horseman 93% (Netflix)What it is: BoJack Horseman (voiced by Will Arnett) was once the hottest horse in town, star of a hit sitcom and riding high in Tinseltown. Fast-forward 20 years, though, and he’s a depressive has-been — and our titular protagonist of this hit Netflix comedy.Why you should watch it: It’s not often that an alcoholic horse and a fictionalized Hollywood full of as many flawed humans as talking animals teaches you about yourself, but this one does — trust us! There’s reason BoJack’s blend of pitch-black humor and weighty human circumstance has gained such a cult following over the last five seasons. The second half of season 6 — the series’ final episodes — premieres Jan. 31 on Netflix.Where to watch: NetflixCommitment: Approx. 34 hours (for the first five seasons and first half of season 6)Like this? 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This week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Downton Abbey 2, Furiosa, Haunted Mansion, and Muppet Man.This WEEK S TOP STORYMAD MAX: FURY ROAD SPIN-OFF FURIOSA WILL BE BIGGEST AUSTRALIAN MOVIE EVER (Photo by Jasin Boland/Warner Bros)Director George Miller and various Australian government agencies came together this week for an official statement announcing that the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road spin-off Furiosa (featuring Anya Taylor-Joy as the younger version of Charlize Theron s character) will be the biggest film shoot ever in Australian history. Filming of Furiosa is scheduled to start in New South Wales in June, 2021, aiming for a release date of June 23, 2023, and is made possible by financial incentives on both the federal and state government levels. Taylor-Joy will also be joined in Furiosa by Chris Hemsworth and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. The production of Furiosa is expected to bring in over 850 local jobs and increase the local economy by over A0 million (around 5 million U.S. dollars). As one can guess by the hiring of the much younger Anya Taylor-Joy to replace Charlize Theron, the film is expected to be a prequel depicting the earlier life of the woman who became known as Furiosa, though we don t know any details of what that might be (other than what we learned in Mad Max: Fury Road).Other Top Headlines1. SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE 2 DIRECTING TEAM ANNOUNCED (Photo by ©Columbia Pictures)The Miles Morales animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Certified Fresh at 97%) was both a critical hit and the winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2018. That film was directed by the team of Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsay, and Rodney Rothman, but for the sequel, Sony Pictures has hired another trio of directors. The directors of the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sequel will be Joaquim Dos Santos (The Legend of Korra, Avatar: The Lost Airbender), Kemp Powers (co-director of Soul, writer of One Night in Miami), and Justin K. Thompson (an animator on shows like Star Wars: Clone Wars and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command). Dos Santos had previously been announced as the sole director of the the sequel, but both Powers and Thompson have been working with Dos Santos on the sequel since the project started. Although Sony Pictures has not yet announced the sequel s cast or premise, the film is scheduled for less than 18 months from now, on October 7, 2022.2. RUSSELL CROWE REVEALS GAMECHANGING ROLE IN THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER (Photo by © Universal Pictures)Marvel Studios does a pretty great job of keeping most of their secrets (who knew until last week that they had cast Julia-Louis Dreyfus in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?). Having said that, the COVID-19 pandemic has arguably made keeping secrets a little more difficult, as the sequel Thor: Love and Thunder is being filmed in Australia, where stars have to quarantine upon arrival, making their presence there more obvious. That even applies to an actor who is himself Australian, like Russell Crowe, whom we ve known for a few weeks was filming a role in Thor: Love and Thunder, even if we didn t know what role he was playing. At the time, it seemed possible that Crowe s casting was another wink wink cameo like Matt Damon playing the Asgardian actor who portrays Loki on stage in Thor: Ragnarok, but Russell Crowe told an Australian radio show this week that he is instead playing the Greek god Zeus. The introduction of Zeus to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is significant not just because it expands the MCU beyond just Norse mythology, but also because it potentially sets up the introduction of long-time Avenger Hercules. Walt Disney Pictures is also developing a live-action adaptation of their 1997 animated film Hercules (Certified Fresh at 84%) to be produced by the Russo Brothers (the directors of the two most recent Captain America and Avengers movies). Thor: Love and Thunder is scheduled for release on May 6, 2022, starring Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher.3. DOWNTON ABBEY 2 ARRIVING JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS  (Photo by ©Focus Features)While Downton Abbey was still on the air, the show regularly filled in the gap after the end of each season (except for the first) with a Christmas special. This week, Focus Features announced that filming has begun on the sequel to the 2019 Downton Abbey feature film (Certified Fresh at 84%), and it sounds like the sequel might be another Christmas-themed story (partly because Downton Abbey 2 is scheduled for Christmas, 2021). No actual premise details have been announced yet for Downton Abbey 2, but we do know about four new cast members. The rest of the large ensemble will be joined by Dominic West (The Wire, and Prince Charles in S5 of The Crown), Hugh Dancy (Hannibal), Laura Haddock (Peter Quill s Mom in Guardians of the Galaxy), and French actress Nathalie Baye. Seemingly confirming the Christmas theme for Downton Abbey 2, Focus Features chairman Peter Kujawski said, There s no place like home for the holidays, and we can t imagine a better gift than getting to reunite with Julian, Gareth, and the entire Downton family in 2021 to bring the Crawley s back home for their fans. 4. SING STREET DIRECTOR TAKING ON THE FASCINATING RHYTHM OF GEORGE GERSHWIN (Photo by Andrew Schwartz/©Weinstein Company courtesy Everett Collection)Like many filmmakers on his level, Steven Spielberg is at any one time developing a number of projects, some of which don t end up happening. Spinning the clock back to 2010, there was once a time when Spielberg was developing a biopic about the life of composer George Gershwin in which Zachary Quinto would have starred (until it was eventually scrapped a while back). Fast forward 11 years to the present, and a different George Gershwin-themed film called Fascinating Rhythm is now in development, with Marin Scorsese aboard as one of the producers, and Irish filmmaker John Carney (Once, Sing Street) is attached to direct. Fascinating Rhythm is being described as an original musical drama that focuses on a young woman’s magical journey through past and present New York City, inspired by the life and music of American composer George Gershwin. It s not yet known who might be cast to star in Fascinating Rhythm.5. ANTOINE FUQUA TO DIRECT ALL-BLACK REBOOT OF CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (Photo by Scott Garfield/©Columbia Pictures)Some classic writers are cinematic evergreens (Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Charles Dickens, for example), but others are not as in vogue as they once were. Tennessee Williams is definitely in that category, having given us several hits in the 1950s, including The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Suddenly Last Summer, but not much in the way of major Hollywood productions in the decades since. If a Tennessee Williams cinematic revival is indeed looming, it might be coming to us from an unexpected source. Frequent Denzel Washington collaborator Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, The Equalizer) is now attached to produce and direct a new film adaptation of Tennessee Williams play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, adapted from the 2008 Broadway production featuring an all-black cast that included Terrence Howard, Phylicia Rashad, and James Earl Jones. It s not yet known if any of them will return for this film.6. JIM HENSON BIOPIC MUPPET MAN TO BE PRODUCED BY DAUGHTER LISA HENSON (Photo by ©ABC courtesy Everett Collection)Among the projects that spend the longest time in film development, a frequent theme is celebrity biopics, which can sometimes take decades to get produced for a variety of reasons. Some examples include films about Janis Joplin, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, San Kinison, Richard Pryor, and Martin Luther King, Jr. One similar case can be found back in the February 8, 2008 edition of the Weekly Ketchup, which just happens to be this writer s very first entry in this column. Thirteen years later, the world still hasn t gotten the long-in-development Jim Henson biopic, but his daughter Lisa Henson is now putting together a project called Muppet Man to be produced by The Jim Henson Company and Walt Disney Pictures (which has been the Muppets corporate home since 2004). Although described as a biopic, the premise of Muppet Man will reportedly focus on Henson s struggle in the 1970s to convince broadcasters that The Muppets was a great idea and how he worked to get the characters on air where they became a comedy staple. The screenwriter currently working on Muppet Man is Michael Mitnick (The Giver, The Current War).7. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 SET PHOTOS REVEAL FAN FAVORITE KNUCKLES (Photo by SEGA)The ending of Sonic the Hedgehog (Fresh at 63%) teased the introduction of Tails the Two-Tailed Fox, so we ve known pretty much all along that Tails was almost guaranteed to co-star in next year s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (4/8/2022). This week, however, set photos from Canada where Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is currently being filmed revealed that in addition to prop stand-ins for Sonic and Tails, there is also one for Knuckles the Red Echidna, one of Sonic s long-time racing rivals. We don t yet know who might be voicing Knuckles (or Tails), or really, much else about the sequel as of yet.8. DISNEY REBOOTING HAUNTED MANSION THEME PARK ADAPTATION (Photo by Walt Disney courtesy Everett Collection)Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Certified Fresh at 79%) was a hit that inspired several sequels, but it might be easy to forget that in the 2000s, Walt Disney Pictures attempted to adapt other theme park attractions as movies (like, say, The Country Bears) with far less success. Another theme park adaptation that flopped for Disney was 2003 s The Haunted Mansion (Rotten at 14%) starring Eddie Murphy, but 18 years later, it looks like Disney is ready to attempt another adaptation. Disney has hired Justin Simien (Dear White People, Bad Hair) to direct a new movie based on the Haunted Mansion theme park attraction, which will be adapted from a screenplay by Katie Dippold (The Heat, Snatched). We should also note that about 10 years ago, Walt Disney Pictures had been working with horror filmmaker Guillermo del Toro on a Haunted Mansion reboot one of his unrealized passion projects that was eventually shelved.9. VIN DIESEL TO STAR IN TOY MOVIE ROCK EM SOCK EM ROBOTS (Photo by George Kraychyk/©Paramount)Several years ago, when we were frequently hearing about new movie projects based on popular toys (spurred on mostly by the success of The LEGO Movie in 2014), some people online started joking about the inevitiblity of a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie (until, almost inevitably, an actual Hungry Hungry Hippos movie project actually did enter development). Another game that was popular in the 1970s that had a similar mechanism was Rock Em Sock Em Robots, and that boxing game is finally getting its own movie as well. Vin Diesel is already attached to star in Rock Em Sock Em Robots, although it s unclear if he will be playing one of the boxing robots or perhaps a human coach, a la Hugh Jackman in Real Steel. Rock Em Sock Em Robots is being produced for Universal Pictures by Mattel Films and Vin Diesel s One Race Films production company. That was actually the first of two new Vin Diesel projects announced this week, as he is also attached to star in an action thriller called Muscle for director F. Gary Gray (Straight Outta Compton), who previously directed Vin Diesel in A Man Apart (Rotten at 11%) and The Fate of the Furious (Fresh at 67%). The premise of Muscle is being kept secret.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

华体会网页登录 Almost two years have gone by since the last theatrical release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and by the time Black Widow does hit screens (big and small) on July 9, that two-year marker will have passed. That puts a lot of weight on the shoulders of its titular Avenger (again played by Scarlett Johansson), but this solo, standalone superhero blockbuster is worth the wait, according to most early reactions from critics. While full reviews will come later, social media posts about Black Widow hint at another win for Marvel, with great action, plenty of heart, and the introduction of a new favorite character for the franchise.Here’s what critics are saying about Black Widow:Is it worth the wait?We finally have a solo Black Widow movie and it does not disappoint…the phrase better late than never really does apply to this film.  Ferdosa Abdi, Geeks of ColorBlack Widow kicks ass. It surpassed my expectations.  Simon Thompson, IGN MoviesI was pleasantly surprised!  Britany Murphy, Geeks of ColorBlack Widow is exactly what fans have been waiting for!  Gabriella Geisinger, Digital SpyBlack Widow was exactly what I d hoped for: a story about family and sisters that deepened Natasha s character development.  Nicole Ackman, Next Best PictureBlack Widow is everything I ever wanted in a female led comic book film… To see a film led by women where they are strong, fierce, and kick ass warms my heart.  Sharronda Williams, Pay or WaitI wanted to enjoy Black Widow, but it was a disappointment.  John Nguyen, Nerd ReactorIt s fairly unremarkable.  Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist(Photo by ©Marvel Studios)How does it compare to other MCU movies?Black Widow is one of Marvel s best solo films. Start to finish, the movie is great. Brandon Davis, ComicBook.comUltimately, I think it ll become an MCU favorite, especially in terms of solo films. Trey Mangum, Shadow and ActMore Winter Soldier and Civil War than anything. Fico Cangiano, CineXpressBlack Widow is really going to please fans of Captain America: The Winter Solider. The film shares a lot of blood… Fans who enjoyed the way Black Widow was written in that film will find a lot to love here. Meagan Damore, CBRBlack Widow feels like a Phase 1 Marvel movie in that it’s the most standalone story in quite awhile. That whole an MCU entry like you’ve never seen! trend, yeah that’s not this. Mike Ryan, UproxxBlack Widow is far from my favorite MCU entry, but there s still plenty to like for diehard fans. Dan Casey, NerdistGeneric, uninspired and ultimately lacking the Marvel Magic. Scott Menzel, We Live EntertainmentDoes it do anything for the franchise?This is the kind of prequel story that feels bound to enhance other installments of the MCU. Perri Nemiroff, Collider[Black Widow has] a first half that s intimate and talky and kind of funny in a new way for the MCU; yes, I enjoyed this. Kate Erbland, IndieWireThis was something that we needed more of in the MCU and I am glad we finally got to see it. Britany Murphy, Geeks of ColorMarvel fans are going to really enjoy Black Widow. Lots of questions are answered with plenty of cool action… A solid addition to MCU. Germain Lussier, io9.comThis is a fantastic chapter in the MCU. Sean O Connell, CinemaBlendBlack Widow doesn’t necessarily add to the larger MCU narrative. It has a singular focus and in the pursuit of telling a stand-alone story about Black Widow, it ends up being a much better film overall. It isn’t just a puzzle piece. Ferdosa Abdi, Geeks of ColorCate Shortland s vision for the MCU is bold, empowering, and utterly unmissable. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comRyan FujitaniHow is the action?It’s action packed with awesome fight choreography and great set pieces. Sharronda Williams, Pay or WaitBlack Widow is full of incredible action sequences. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyBig action set pieces are thrilling, propulsive and capably constructed. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionBlack Widow is a hard-hitting romp with thrilling action sequences, including a fantastic car chase. Brett White, DeciderActually bruising fighting and chase sequences. Kate Erbland, IndieWireFrom start to finish it is an exhilarating ride. Trey Mangum, Shadow and ActAtomic Blonde-level fight scenes. Anne Cohen, Refinery29Entertaining Bourne/Mission Impossible style action for sure. Rodrigo Perez, The PlaylistBlack Widow is Bourne meets Bond meets Terminator. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comBlack Widow wants to be Bourne Identity but ends up more like Bourne Legacy. Hoai-Tran Bui, SlashfilmSome overly long action scenes disrupt its pacing. Gabriella Geisinger, Digital SpyHow is it to see Black Widow in the spotlight?Watching Natasha at the forefront rather than sidelined was a joy to see as a fan of the character… wish we had more solo time with [her]. Britany Murphy, Geeks of ColorIt is so good to see Natasha again even if she feels like a side character sometimes. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyScarlett Johansson was a treat when she’s on the screen. John Nguyen, Nerd ReactorScarlett Johansson finally gets to pour everything into the role. Brandon Davis, ComicBook.comAnyone who has followed the character s film journey closely will be rewarded. There are a lot of effective payoffs here. Meagan Damore, CBRThe big problem is we know Nat so well by now, she gets hugely outshined by almost everyone else in her own movie. Germain Lussier, io9.comRyan FujitaniWho shines the brightest?Florence Pugh as Yelena is the star, bringing lots of charm, humor, and emotion. Nicole Ackman, Next Best PictureFlorence Pugh steals the show. Fico Cangiano, CineXpressFlorence Pugh steals the show, as she always does, with a hilariously down-to-earth performance that might also make you cry? Anne Cohen, Refinery29Florence Pugh steals the show… Get ready to welcome Yelena THEE Belova to the MCU. Trey Mangum, Shadow and ActBlack Widow is an excellent introduction to the character. Florence Pugh s performance is pitch-perfect as Yelena. Ferdosa Abdi, Geeks of ColorFlorence Pugh as Yelena Belova is an ABSOLUTE STANDOUT. Marvel fans will ADORE her… She’ll be an instant fan favorite. Meagan Damore, CBRFlorence is one of the bright spots, she s hilarious and perfectly vulnerable. Hoai-Tran Bui, SlashfilmFlorence Pugh rules. Fico Cangiano, CineXpressFlorence Pugh steals the show. Mike Ryan, UproxxWhat about when Johansson and Pugh are onscreen together?Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh are fantastic! Sharronda Williams, Pay or Wait[Pugh’s] chemistry with Scarlett Johansson makes the movie what it is and provides a lot of laughs! Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyWith two phenomenal, BADASS female leads in Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyScarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh nail the banter and ballet-like stunts. Courtney Howard, Fresh Fiction(Photo by ©Marvel Studios)Does it work on an emotional level?Besides all the laughs, there is some heart in Black Widow as well with great lessons about family that might have fans shedding some tears. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyThe relationship is so fun to watch develop and fits into the MCU history really well. You re gonna feel things. Brandon Davis, ComicBook.comMaybe it’s because I’m super close to my sister but I couldn’t get enough of the Natasha/Yelena relationship — from the bickering to the more heartfelt moments. This is my kind of twisted family film. Perri Nemiroff, ColliderThe movie s heart, and display of a broken family, hit me hard. Very much appreciated this deeper dive into Natasha. Sean O Connell, CinemaBlendThis took me by surprise, but Black Widow managed to make me cry…really opened the floodgates for me. Bring tissues! Meagan Damore, CBRThe entire family subplot doesn t work because there is little to no chemistry between the characters. I get what the writers were going for but the emotional hook isn’t there. Scott Menzel, We Live EntertainmentDoes anyone else in the cast stand out?David Harbour is another great addition to the MCU and delivers a lot of fantastic one liners that will have audiences laughing and begging for more from the Red Guardian! Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyDavid Harbour is absolutely terrific. Brandon Davis, ComicBook.comDavid Harbour is doing a thing. Mike Ryan, UproxxDavid Harbour has some scene-stealing moments as Red Guardian and Ray Winstone he s great. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comRachel Weisz is wonderful. Jenna Busch, VitalThrills.com(Photo by ©Marvel Studios)How is its villain?Taskmaster is one of the best villains from Marvel Comics and is too underused in this film but looks great when in it. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyI definitely didn t expect to love Taskmaster as much as I did, but what a beast of a character. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comSomewhat disappointed with Taskmaster. Fico Cangiano, CineXpressThe only con I d say is the Taskmaster stuff isn t that fun. Trey Mangum, Shadow and ActThe villains never felt like threats, and Taskmaster’s potential was wasted. John Nguyen, Nerd ReactorWill it leave us wanting more Black Widow?It left me wanting to campaign for another Black Widow movie so, some things never change. Brett White, DeciderIt is a great set up for things to come! Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyCan’t wait to see more of Yelena. More sarcasm and action please!.. May her era be fruitful because lord knows we need a proper Black Widow film series. Ferdosa Abdi, Geeks of ColorAnd should we stay for an end credits scene?Don t miss that end credit scene it truly delivers and will give CHILLS to Marvel fans. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyStay to the very end. It’s a biggie. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionKNOCKOUT end credits scene!! Sean O Connell, CinemaBlendBlack Widow opens in theaters and on Disney+ with Premier Access on July 9, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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