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亚博的网址是什么采用百度引擎3(Baidu 4)No season of Stranger Things has been without casualty, but the two major deaths at the end of the series’ third season are the biggest yet. Like, really big. (This is the part where we tell you there are major spoilers ahead regarding the ending of Stranger Things season 3.)SPOILER WARNING: We’re not kidding, we are going to spoil the heck out of this season in the next paragraph.(Photo by Netflix)First, Billy (Dacre Montgomery): A tragedy, but a death for a good cause. Billy spent the season possessed by the Mind Flayer, and in the final moments of the big battle, he regained his consciousness as Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) reminded him of the childhood memories she’d seen while doing some of her supernatural exploring earlier in the season. Billy remembered who he was, and he ultimately sacrificed himself to stop the Mind Flayer.Billy was not a good dude — he pretty much spent the entirety of season 2 being a violent, abusive jerk — but after seeing how he became that way in Eleven’s glimpses into his past, it was satisfying seeing him tap into his humanity and realize what he needed to do for the greater good. He won’t exactly be missed — again, he was a real d-bag — but his abs might be, at least for the thirsty moms of Hawkins.(Photo by Netflix)Second, and most devastating of all, Hopper (David Harbour). Yes, Hopper! We’ll pause here for a moment of silence, particularly for this season’s fabulous Tom Selleck mustache–patterned shirt combo.OK, back to the saddest moment of the series — yes, even sadder than the flashbacks to Hopper’s daughter or Eleven’s past — when Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Hopper locked eyes as they realized what had to be done to close the newest gateway to the Upside Down, which was hidden in the secret Russian bunker deep underneath the Starcourt Mall. Joyce had the power to press the button to close the door, but Hopper was standing next to the opening and would immediately be incinerated if she did.Both Joyce and Hopper knew what would happen if she closed the gateway, but they also knew what would happen if they didn’t. And as Hawkins Police Chief, Hopper wants to protect the greater good — and ensure the safety of his daughter, Eleven. So he nodded to Joyce, knowing they’d never get to have dinner like they’d planned, and she pulled the metaphorical trigger.Here’s the thing, though: We never saw what happened to Hopper after that. Joyce returned to the surface and broke the news to Elle (with a super-sad, wistful look), and subsequently gave her the practice heart-to-heart speech he’d written earlier in the season that turned out to be a lovely goodbye letter, filled with advice for her future — the one he ensured she’d have by sacrificing himself in that bunker. But what actually happened to him?While the emotional ending would’ve played perfectly well if Hopper’s fate were final, this is Stranger Things — and a mid-credits scene revealed that maybe it wasn’t a death that we saw. Deep inside a Russian prison, two guards took a prisoner from his cell, making sure he was “not the American.” The American, hmmmm? Who could that be referring to?Why, Hopper, of course. Think about it: when the feds finally got to Hawkins, the Russians had disappeared without a trace. How did that happen? It shouldn’t be too far-fetched of a leap to assume that maybe they took Hopper with them.Though the ending of ST3 seemed quite permanent, with the Byers family and Eleven leaving town, the Duffer brothers have said that they’d envisioned four seasons for the series. Which means that season 3 might not be the end after all, and a fourth season, potentially, could include a discovery that Hopper is still alive and then trying to get him back from the Russian prison where he’s theoretically residing. Hypothetically.Either way, this can’t be the end of Hopper and his exquisite dad bod — whether in flashback or in the flesh, Stranger Things wouldn’t be the same without him.What did you think of the ending? Do you think it s Hopper in that Russian prison? If so, do you think he ll escape or will those resourceful Hawkins kids and their elder siblings, parents, and friends find their beloved Hopper and hatch a plan to rescue him? Tell us in the comments!Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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六道青云手游是一款精彩绝伦荡气回肠的MMORPG仙侠类手机游戏,超强大的引擎带来精致逼真的游戏画面,唯美主题背景展现东方特色,跌岩起伏的游戏故事,多职业角色自由选择,超多副本闯关厮杀,还有各种奖励和活动让你兴奋不已,刺激的闯关对决扫荡不休,玩法经典乐趣无穷。 Spoiler alert: The following article contains details about the final episode of The Boys season 2. Apparently, girls get it done on The Boys after all. The second season of the darkly hilarious Amazon Prime Video series wrapped up Friday with an explosive and fiery finale — literally — as the Boys took down the evil Nazi superhero Stormfront (Aya Cash). The win was mainly thanks to Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and her powers, of course, plus a little help from gal pals Starlight/Annie (Erin Moriarty) and Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott).Rotten Tomatoes chatted with some of the women from the series about the implications of the action-packed finale and what it was like to film that memorable final Stormfront scene. Below, we break down the episode and Cash, Fukuhara, Moriarty, Shantel VanSanten (Becca Butcher), and Colby Minifie (Ashley Barrett) share their thoughts on the ending.What Happened in the Episode?(Photo by Courtesy of Amazon Studios)While our heroes were all completing their own mini-missions separately for some of the episode — including Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Annie leaking photos proving Stormfront was a literal Nazi (she s over 100 years old) — they all came together in a big showdown. Billy (Karl Urban) and Becca saved her son, Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), from his sadistic father, Homelander (Antony Starr) and his even more diabolical white power–spewing girlfriend, Stormfront.(Photo by Amazon Prime Video)Hughie, Frenchie (Tomer Capon), and Mother s Milk (Laz Alonso) all ineffectively shot at the super-protected, super-powered Stormfront with guns until Maeve showed up and the women stepped in — Starlight/Annie, Kimiko, and Maeve kicked the crap out of her until she launched herself away to safety.Unfortunately, Stormfront ended up finding Billy, Becca, and Ryan, and despite Becca stabbing her in the eye they couldn t overpower her. As Stormfront strangled Becca, Ryan s eyes lit up and everything exploded. When everyone came to, Stormfront was burnt to a crisp, missing limbs, and muttering in German, and Becca was mortally wounded. She made Billy promise yet again to protect Ryan, and also to make sure he knew that her death wasn t his fault.(Photo by Courtesy of Amazon Studios)Enter Homelander, who obviously did not take Stormfront s injury well and was not pleased that Billy was about to flee with Ryan. Before anything terrible could happen, Maeve saved the day again by blackmailing Homelander with the video of him not saving people on the airplane.Meanwhile, the higher-ups at the culty church decided it was OK that A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) stole the Stormfront photos from their archives and used their influence to let him back into the Seven, leaving the disgraced Deep (Chace Crawford) extremely pissed.(Photo by Courtesy of Amazon Studios)A congratulatory call from church bigwig Alastair Adana (Goran Visnjic) to congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) revealed that the two were in bed together somehow, which was a head-scratcher until they hung up, Alastair cracked open a Fresca, and his head exploded. Cut to Victoria staring menacingly into his window. So SHE was the one popping people s heads like grapes! This will probably not be great for Hughie next season, since the episode ended with him asking for a job so he could fight against Vought the right way. Stormfront s Fiery (and Snotty) End Took Six and a Half Hours of Prosthetics Prep(Photo by Amazon Prime Video)The image of a burned, broken, limb-less Stormfront is probably the most haunting scene from a season filled with some pretty messed-up stuff. Cash said that the disturbing look was achieved via gray sleeves to cover her limbs (which VFX artists later covered), and some very talented makeup artists. On the day, I m wearing gray sleeves to do the missing limbs and stuff like that. But I have all the prosthetics on me, which took six and a half hours to put on. And then I have Homelander coming down and snotting on my face, she said. I have like this much of my actual face visible, and I m trying to get away from the snot and I m like, The snot should land on the prosthetic, please. [Laughs] I mean, it s a very intense thing on the day. And then to watch it back, it s the magic of being on a show like this, seeing all the crazy VFX change it into something else and seeing how like sad and pathetic and ridiculous she looks at the end, as Homelander comes down to find her. It s cathartic also, Cash continued, because as much as an actor you want to find some sort of humanity in a role, Stormfront is bad, and I want her to be punished just as the audience does. Corporate Campaigning Aided a Manipulative White Supremacist s Rise(Photo by Jasper Savage/Amazon Prime Video)While Stormfront was more evil than anyone could ve predicted, her rise to prominence was certainly aided by Vought executive Ashley s girls get it done corporate PR campaign. Ashley s job is is to deal with optics, to make the optics look as good as they possibly can, Minifie (pictured above in episode 202) said. And I think it was her really brilliant idea to be like, Yeah, Girls get it done. OK, Stormfront s been dropped on my doorstep, and I m gonna serve it up some good, capitalistic feminist spin, here we go. She will do anything for those optics. But, as Cash added, Stormfront s trying to control the optics for obviously a different reason. It s not monetarily based. She wants to use them to create the genocide that she so desperately would like. But it s all about manipulation and her outward feminism in the beginning is both a misdirect and a manipulation. I think that she understands how to real people in in order to get [what she wants]. She s the YouTube algorithm. She knows what to show you next to bring you down the rabbit hole. VanSanten Shed Many, Many Tears Over Becca s Untimely End(Photo by Courtesy of Amazon Studios)VanSanten shed so many tears over Becca s death, in fact, that she felt like a weirdo for caring so deeply about her character. But she always wants the best for the people she s playing. As the human being who pours her heart and her soul into Becca, all I ever wished for was to have healing and love and redemption and all of these things. I m not going to lie, it s pretty tough to have a finality of a character and that be the end no matter what, for a story to end, she said. It s just like one of your closest, best friends — because this person lives in you in your heart and through you — and their life is now gone. How do I process that? And I can only do that by watching season 3 and being like, please, please, please! Let it not be in vain. Season 3 Will Surely Honor the Fallen Mom(Photo by Courtesy of Amazon Studios)VanSanten trusts that creator Eric Kripke will do right by Becca, however. And she s heartened by the fact that although Billy resisted taking responsibility for Ryan, he did the right thing in the end and realized that Ryan is an extension of his wife, the woman he loves so much.She is happy to watch how the stories continue to play out in the third season, because she knows Kripke and the writers are good at following up on seeds they ve planted. In the first season, some people online were concerned that Becca explicitly said that Homelander raped her, arguing that maybe it was a gray area. But VanSanten knew — and Kripke confirmed — that there was no gray area, a point that she was able to drive home in season 3; in fact, nearly all of the major female characters storylines address some form of sexual discrimination and assault. When I watch the women on our show, it isn t like we just shine this flashlight in the closet and we re like, Let s see, there s monsters in there. Oh, but look at this flashy pretty thing! We re like, No, you know what, we re gonna step in, and we re gonna fucking confront it. We re gonna call attention to it, and I don t care if it makes you uncomfortable, if you don t want to hear the R word. Too fucking bad. It exists. We need to talk about it, whether it s racism, whether it s rape, whether it s sexual assault, whether it s white supremacy — however many issues the show actually confronts, and not only confronts, but actually deals with while still being entertaining. Tiptoeing that line is something really important in TV for me to be a part of, VanSanten continued, to be able to have a bigger narrative where we get to have conversations that aren t just like, So who played the biggest joke on set?' Kimiko Studied Starlight and Becca for Social Cues(Photo by Amazon Prime Video)The fact that all the women characters are so multi-dimensional and strong while also being vulnerable at the same time is something that most of the women on the cast are proud of. They re not just strong female characters, they re also scared and tough and curious.Kimiko had a very isolated upbringing (you know, thanks to the fact that she was kidnapped by a terrorist organization). When she meets Starlight she s a little bit like, Oh, she s kind of like me, she s a woman, but she s so different from who I am. I think she has the same kind of reaction when Becca comes into the story and Becca visits the Boys hideout, Fukuhara said. She s kind of in awe of how they do certain things, their movements. It s feminine, but they also have their own will and they have their own agendas going on, especially Annie does, and it was really fun and exciting to get to play with that side of Kimiko for those themes, because it s such a new experience for her. Moriarty Says the Show s Confrontation of Tough Issues Is Admirable, Timely, and Needed(Photo by Courtesy of Amazon Studios)And like VanSanten, Moriarty is also proud that the show is tackling such important issues in such an impactful way. Sexism, racism, white supremacy, radicalization of youth via YouTube — all things that the show takes on that many other series would be afraid to touch at all. I mean, the darkness of the season, yeah, it is really dark. But then again, this year has been darker in a way that none of us could have anticipated, Moriarty said. But what s been brought to light this year is things that have always been around, they ve just come to the surface in a way where everyone is jumping on board to believe in these things and fight these things. But I think the darkness of season 2 is kind of realistic. And it s refreshing to me, because I m really sick of things that should be addressed being taboo, and being in denial of certain aspects of our society. Because when you re in denial, nothing will be improved upon or addressed.

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Playmobil: The Movie (2019) 18% In 2014, The LEGO Movie proved it was possible, however improbable, to craft an engaging, entertaining film from source material that isn t inherently narrative in nature. That film wasn t the first to make the attempt, and it certainly won t be the last, as evidenced further by this week s Playbmobil: The Movie. Adapted from the popular German toy line first introduced in the 1970s, the film centers on a young woman (played by Anya Taylor-Joy) whose younger brother (Gabriel Bateman) is magically transported to an animated dreamland, compelling her to follow him and traverse landscapes populated by pirates, gladiators, and other fanciful creatures to rescue him. Unfortunately, critics say Playmobil is a regrettably mediocre outing that offers little aside from a barrage of colorful images and a brisk but ultimately generic and uninspired story. Never mind that Harry Potter himself (Daniel Radcliffe) lends his voice to James Bond-like secret agent, or that singers like Meghan Trainor and Adam Lambert are on hand to belt out musical numbers; according to the reviews, Playmobil is a whole lot of flash and glitter with very little behind it.亚博的网址是什么Critics and fans are loving Westworld’s reinvented season 3, airing now on HBO and sitting pretty on the Tomatometer at a Certified Fresh 85% with a current Audience Score of 80%. But what should Westworld fans watch between their Sunday fixes, and then when the series ends? The RT team has put our heads together and come up with some suggestions. Whether you re digging Westworld s smart and complex sci-fi storylines, looking for more creepy robot content, or you really loved the Western vibe of seasons 1 and 2, we ve got some bingeable shows for you right now. Check them out in the video above.

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This week s Ketchup brings you another 10 headlines from the world of film development news (the stories about what movies Hollywood is working on for you next), covering stories for titles like Bambi, Lethal Weapon 5, The Matrix 4, and more Transformers.This WEEK S TOP STORYTHE THING TO BE REMADE AGAIN(Photo by Universal courtesy Everett Collection)John Carpenter s science fiction horror movie The Thing remains one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed (Certified Fresh at 84%, Audience Score 92%), but explaining its cinematic genealogy gets tricky. The 1982 film was actually a remake of 1951 s The Thing from Another World (Fresh at 89%), which was itself adapted from the 1938 novella Who Goes There? We also have to fit in the 2011 movie also called The Thing (Rotten at 35%), which was actually a prequel to the 1982 film. And then, last year, a new book called Frozen Hell: The Book That Inspired The Thing was published, adding another 45 pages to the original novella to make it a proper novel-length story. So, now that we have a longer version of the story behind The Thing, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse are teaming up to fast track a new adaptation. This new movie promises to be a direct adaptation of author John W. Campbell, Jr. s original story, but it s also going to be remaking the story of at least two of these previous movies. It s also worth noting that this whole thing originally started with a Kickstarter campaign, which you can read about right here.Other Top Headlines1. DISNEY TO GIVE BAMBI THE LION KING TREATMENT(Photo by ©Walt Disney courtesy Everett Collection)The world has gotten very used to seeing new remakes of classic Walt Disney animated films a couple times a year (Dumbo, Aladdin, and The Lion King last year, and the upcoming Mulan on 3/27/2020), but it s far from a very recent phenomenon. Back in 2016, there were already enough such movies that Saturday Night Live was able to make a spoof trailer starring Dwayne Johnson as a gun-toting, cigar-chomping, live-action Bambi. We ve now gotten far enough from that parody that we can report, without irony, that Walt Disney Pictures is indeed developing a remake of the 1942 baby deer drama Bambi (Certified Fresh at 90%). The way these remakes are announced is changing, as the language live action is now dropped in favor of photo-realistic CGI, which acknowledges what most people realized, namely that a movie like last year s The Lion King was not live action. Screenwriters Geneva Robertson-Dworet (co-writer of Captain Marvel and Tomb Raider) and Lindsey Beer (co-writer of the upcoming Chaos Walking) are now working on a screenplay that will update the dialogue and narrative of the original 1942 classic.2. TWO NEW TRANSFORMERS REBOOTS IN DEVELOPMENT (AND ONE MIGHT BE BEAST WARS)The 2018 Transformers prequel Bumblebee (Certified Fresh at 92%) earned over 8 million worldwide, which is a lot of money, but it was perceived as a disappointment, because it was part of a franchise that has had two movies that earned over .1 billion (movies #3 and #4). Probably inspired by those prior successes, Paramount Pictures has announced that it is developing two separate projects to revamp the Transformers franchise. The screenwriters working on these new projects are James Vanderbilt (Zodiac, Murder Mystery) and Joby Harold (co-writer of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword). Officially, Paramount hasn t said what either of these two movies is about, but rumors quickly spread online this week that one of them might be Beast Wars, which is basically about Transformers that turn into animals instead of cars and planes. You can read about other directions Transformers might go next in this piece over at Collider.3. PRIYANKA CHOPRA JONAS TO JOIN THE MATRIX 4(Photo by Ganesh Patil/©Aanna Films)Ever since Warner Bros. and the Wachowskis confirmed last summer that The Matrix 4 is officially a go, we ve received a steady drip of casting news, both old (Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss) and new (Neil Patrick Harris, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). The latest addition to the cyberpunk saga to be announced is Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the now more available star of ABC s Quantico, which ended its three-season run in 2018. Priyanka Chopra Jonas is also both a singer and a Bollywood star with over 60 films to her credit. Warner Bros. is currently remaining quiet on the nature of Chopra Jonas character (as they have been for all of the new cast members). The Matrix 4 is currently scheduled for release on May 21, 2021, up against John Wick Chapter 4, which is obviously another fourth franchise installment starring Keanu Reeves.4. PEE-WEE HERMAN S NEXT ADVENTURE MIGHT BE WITH THE SAFDIE BROTHERSThe way that Hollywood works leaves some projects waiting for years and years (or decades) to get produced, and many movie concepts just never happen at all. Comedian Paul Reubens most well-known character, Pee-Wee Herman, lay dormant for a long time, but starting in the 1990s, Reubens had a screenplay treatment in which Pee-Wee would emerge from a dark period in his life as a celebrity, mirroring what he himself went through. Hollywood, however, never bit on that premise, so instead his comeback came in 2016 with the Netflix movie, Pee-Wee s Big Holiday (Certified Fresh at 80%). Paul Reubens now hopes to finally get that dark Pee-Wee Herman movie produced, having recently talked to the Safdie Brothers (Uncut Gems, Good Time) about getting it made. (Stay tuned for any news about them actually signing on.)5. ANDY SAMBERG S PALM SPRINGS SETS SUNDANCE RECORD BY 69 CENTS (SORT OF) (Photo by ©Paramount courtesy Everett Collection)Every January, distributors both big and small head to the Sundance Film Festival in the hopes of snapping up one of the festival s most talked-about movies for amounts both frugal and ambitious. It is, however, those larger amounts that generally make the most news (especially since so many of those projects end up having disappointing box office results upon release). Until this week, the record was held by 2016 s The Birth of a Nation (Certified Fresh at 73%), which was acquired by Fox Searchlight for .5 million. With that amount very much in mind, Neon and Hulu broke the record this year by acquiring the Andy Samberg comedy Palm Springs for a total of ,500,00.69, which is exactly 69 cents more than the previous record. It made for a great headline, but this news comes with a big asterisk, because The Birth of a Nation was a deal for just theatrical, while this deal is for both theatrical and streaming (Hulu), so it s not exactly apples-to-apples.6. ELDERLY CAST OF LETHAL WEAPON GETTING BACK TOGETHER(Photo by (c)Warner Bros. courtesy Everett Collection)At 64 (Mel Gibson), 73 (Danny Glover), and 76 (Joe Pesci), the cast of the Lethal Weapon franchise truly are now very close to being  too old for this s t. On the other hand, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence just reunited earlier this month for Bad Boys for Life to pretty great box office numbers, so you can pretty much guess what the Lethal Weapon guys are doing. During a recent roundtable interview, producer Daniel Lin revealed that Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Joe Pesci, and director Richard Donner are currently all in talks to return for a fifth film. It s unclear if there is an actual screenplay for such a reunion, but there have been reports off and on over the 22 years since Lethal Weapon 4 (Rotten at 52%), so perhaps they re thinking of just dusting off one of those old screenplays and adding more arthritis and Viagra jokes. Did we mention they re old?7. KEVIN HART S NEXT ACTION COMEDY STRAIGHT MAN TO BE JASON STATHAM (Photo by Warner Bros.)After starring in a couple of movies with Ice Cube (Ride Along, Ride Along 2) and more than a couple with Dwayne Johnson (Central Intelligence, and two Jumanji movies), Kevin Hart has found the next action star with whom he can pull off his comedy high jinx. Hart and Jason Statham will co-star in the action comedy The Man from Toronto, about an assassin who goes by the titular codename who is mixed up with a regular guy, leading to the obvious action movie duck-out-of-water shenanigans. The Man from Toronto will be directed by Patrick Hughes, who previously worked with Statham on The Expendables 3 (Rotten at 32%).8. HOLLYWOOD S REBOOTING OF THE 1990S CONTINUES WITH ANACONDA(Photo by (c)Columbia courtesy Everett Collection)One of the most complained-about Hollywood trends is the perceived new obsession with reboots and remakes, but it s worth remembering that this is far from a recent phenomenon, like at all. Classic Hollywood is full of remakes, such as 1931 s Frankenstein and 1939 s The Wizard of Oz, both of which were originally produced as silent movies decades earlier. Generally speaking, Hollywood tends to remake films that are anywhere from 20 to 40 years old. Average those numbers and you get 30 years, which means we re primed for movies of the 1990s to be updated for contemporary audiences. The latest example this week is the 1997 giant snake movie Anaconda (Rotten at 40%), which was an early movie for Ice Cube, Owen Wilson, and Jennifer Lopez. Columbia Pictures is now working on a Anaconda reboot/remake which will be written by screenwriter Evan Daugherty, whose previous films include 2014 s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Rotten at 22%) and Snow White and the Huntsman (Rotten at 49%).9. ADAM SANDLER SIGNS NEW NETFLIX CONTRACT(Photo by (c)Columbia courtesy Everett Collection)According to Netflix, since Adam Sandler first started making movies for them in 2015 with The Ridiculous 6 (Rotten at 0%), subscribers have collectively watched over two billion hours of his movies on the streaming service. Exactly how Netflix s streaming numbers translate into their production decisions has always been somewhat nebulous, but whatever the math, Netflix agreed this week to a new contract with Sandler for another four movies. These four movies will include an animated film that Sandler will write, produce, and star in, but the title and details of that movie haven t been revealed just yet.Like this? 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5.24.8 8月喜迎After what feels like 18 months of anticipation and suspense, The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” concluded the only way it could on Tuesday night on DC s Legends of Tomorrow. Taking its inspiration from the 1985 DC Comics maxiseries, a certain change to the status quo was inevitable. But as the producers of the various programs explained to Rotten Tomatoes, this change was always the plan and key to the Arrowverse s growth moving forward.The new format may not be a surprise to readers of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths comics, but the choice to pull the trigger and do it on television — to say nothing of its implications for other DC Entertainment media — is unexpected. Well, perhaps not as unexpected as Crisis writer Marv Wolfman s cameo, of course. Nevertheless, the change means the individual Arrowverse shows will look different when they begin to return next week, so take a tour with us as we investigate this new world and what the Arrowverse will look like in 2020.Earth-Prime Debuts(Photo by Colin Bentley/The CW)As revealed on Tuesday night, the universe was reborn. In its wake is Earth-Prime, an amalgam world in which the CW heroes all co-exist.“We knew from last year that we were going to merge [the worlds] and create Earth-CW, basically,” executive producer Marc Guggenhim said of the “Crisis” conclusion. In choosing a name for this new existence, Guggenheim and the other showrunners latched on to Earth-Prime, which in the DC Comics tradition is the Earth where we, the readers of DC Comics, are said to exist.Of course, Earth-Prime became a fictional world when a Superboy appeared on it shortly before the original Crisis series. And it only gets more messy as subsequent writers returned to the idea and its “Superboy Prime.” But for Guggenheim, the name was the right fit for their new reality. “I just personally liked the sound of Earth-Prime. So all the CW shows [are there],” he said.“[But] Riverdale’s not there,” Batwoman executive producer Caroline Dries interjected.“That would be very weird,” DC’s Legends of Tomorrow co-showrunner Keto Shimizu added.“The CW superhero shows,” Guggenheim clarified.Though now united on one Earth, Guggenheim was quick to point out this new Earth is not the Earth-1 of Arrow, The Flash or Legends. “It s a completely different Earth,” he explained.What that means in the long-term will be revealed as the individual shows move forward. For The Flash and Legends, Earth-Prime s resemblance to Earth-1 means various quirks may continue to appear for seasons to come, like Nash (Tom Cavanagh) being a distinct entity from Harrison Wells. But for Supergirl and Black Lightning, both of which inhabited worlds of their own, Earth-Prime will be major changes to their status quos.Supergirl Welcomes Back an Old Friend(Photo by Dean Buscher/The CW)Supergirl co-showrunner Robert Rovener teased the Crisis was a huge event, and impacts everything going on in the show. This is certainly the case from the brief glimpses of the Earth-Prime National City in the final Crisis episode. Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) is a beloved humanitarian who owns the DEO. He is also Supergirl s chief supporter, or so we re told. How this will actually play out is anyone s guess, but we assume the Lex s presence may alter Kara s (Melissa Benoist) problems with Lena (Katie McGrath) and Leviathan considerably.But even as these concerns simmer, the show s technological bent will continue with Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) returning from the 31st century. Hopefully, the 31st century of the Legion of Superheroes is a brighter place thanks to Winn s time there. Maybe he can bring some of that positivity back to the 21st century.Black Lightning’s World ExpandsThough Black Lightning s creative team was unavailable for comment on the Earth-Prime status quo, stars Christine Adams and Marvin “Krondon” Jones III offered a few glimpses into their post- Crisis reality.“We are exposed to [the] other universes. It s going to become bigger in Freeland,” Jones said.But even with new worlds opened to them — and Jefferson (Cress Williams) obtaining a seat at the Hall of Justice — the situation in Freeland may leave them walled in for some time yet. Of course, Jefferson s new membership in the superhero community may leave viewers to wonder why Barry (Grant Gustin) and Kara are not rushing to his aid. In our reality, it comes down to the fact Black Lightning is shot in Atlanta while the rest of the shows are produced in Vancouver, but Earth-Prime will need to find a good answer for the series standing apart from its Arrowverse siblings.As Adams put it, “In a world that was kind of real before and set in a real place versus this crossover world, how are we going to marry those two things?”Of course, moving Black Lightning and its situation to Earth-Prime means the Markovians will be dealing with more superheroes beyond the Pierce family. Maybe Jefferson can finally form the Outsiders.Batwoman Has an Identity CrisisSince Earth-Prime resembles Earth-1, Dries said the biggest Crisis shock wave Kate (Ruby Rose) faces will stem from that broken Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy) she encountered in Part 2.“She just looked at her future in the mirror, and is like, ‘Is this who I m going to become?’ Dries said of the crossover s lasting emotional impact.That worry will also seed the continuing friendship between Kate and Kara — a World s Finest pairing already glimpsed in “Crisis” itself and further cemented by Kate s presence alongside the Danvers sisters in the story s final minutes.As for Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and the other characters?“It s a little tricky, because our characters aren t yet exposed to this notion of multiple universes, and superheroes with powers and stuff,” Dries said.DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Has Trust IssuesFor Shimizu, the challenge in constructing Legends fifth year was more about writing a thematic sequel to “Crisis” before it was completely written: “It was very tricky for us.” Nonetheless, “Crisis” sets up a few ideas for Sara Lance (The CW) going forward even as the show prepares to say goodbye to Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) and Nora Darkh (Courtney Ford).“ Crisis hits [Sara] pretty hard,” Shimizu said. “[But] in a good way.”It s easy to think Oliver s insistence on the heroes building trust will be part of Sara s story going forward. With Constantine (Matt Ryan), Mick (Dominic Purcell), Nora, and Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellars) always ready to choose the morally-gray option, establishing trust is definitely a good thing — even if its just trusting Mick to rob a place blind.And as Crisis seemingly left Sara as the overall leader of the superhero community, it is possible the new season of Legends will focus on her becoming comfortable with the idea.Also, there s that issue about Behrad (Shayan Sobhian) replacing Zari (Tala Ashe) as a Legend. That will no doubt be a runner as the Legends attempt to return history s greatest monsters back into Hell.The Flash Has Miles To Go Before Baby Nora West-Allen ArrivesAccording to Guggenheim, one of Barry s choices in Crisis — we presume it was his insistence on getting into the Speed Force — will reverberate throughout the rest of The Flash s sixth season. Previously, Flash showrunner Eric Wallace told us the post- Crisis storyline will focus on a new antagonist — quite possible the shadowy arms operation Barry and Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) investigated in episode 6 of the season – while Ralph will finally meet Sue Dearbon, to be played by Natalie Dreyfuss. Sue s such a delight, Wallace told us back in October.But do not expect any of season 6 s stories to lead in the direction of Nora West-Allen s birth. Not this season, Wallace said. But that doesn t mean a huge hint to Nora isn t coming. And, as it happens, some of Iris West s experiences during the Bronze Age of comics may become fodder for the show. We do need Iris emotionally to get to this place, he teased. Now, that storyline supports that. And considering Nash s role in the final part of Crisis, we imagine he will be atoning for his misdeeds and finding a new life for himself on this new Earth-Prime.Arrow Makes Way for Green Arrow the CanariesArrow comes to its end later this month. Next week’s episode will be a backdoor pilot for Green Arrow the Canaries – starring Katherine McNamara, Juliana Harkavy, and Katie Cassidy – while the episode after that will be the series finale. Guggenheim and showrunner Beth Schwartz declined to speak about the conclusion, but it will feature Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak.For those with quick memories, Felicity was last seen in 2040, telling the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) she was ready to be reunited with Oliver. Does he still live on some other plane of existence or will she also reach for the peace Oliver accepted at end of Crisis? Superman and Lois Series Takes Off(Photo by Katie Yu/The CW)Though not discussed by the showrunners when we spoke to them about “Crisis,” Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois’s (Elizabeth Tulloch) survival leads into their own series, Superman and Lois. The program will debut in the 2020-2021 broadcast season and see the two adjusting to life as working parents. Lois reference to the boys suggests Clark will have to deal with more than baby Jonathan when he gets home. Presumably, the series will age him to a tween or teenage while the second child takes his place as an infant. Anything is possible — just look at the way Sara Diggle was restored and made a little older than J.J.Stargirl Rises(Photo by DC Universe)And as revealed in the Crisis conclusion, Stargirl (which will stream on DC Universe and air on The CW the next day) will take place on a newly reformed Earth-2. It makes total sense as Stargirl (Brec Bassinger) has strong ties to the Justice Society of America — a team traditionally placed on Earth-2 in the comics.Meanwhile, it was also nice to see Titans recognized as the show of Earth-9, Doom Patrol as happening on Earth-21, and Swamp Thing taking place on Earth-19. Since most of the DC Universe shows are also produced by Arrowverse mastermind Greg Berlanti, giving them a place in the Multiverse was one of the miniseries greatest surprises.The Multiverse Is RebornAs for the Multiverse, it has been born anew with Earth-Prime as its new anchor. While the original Crisis comic book condensed all realities into one new Earth, the producers of the television Crisis saw the value in keeping the concept around around.Now, the DC Universe streaming series, theatrical films, and upcoming shows like HBO Max s Green Lantern all exist within a framework very close to the CW s reality. And as Ezra Miller s absolutely shocking appearance in Crisis confirms, the Arrowverse is a place where anything can happen and just about any DC Comics character can appear. It is, oddly enough, the best of all possibilities and an inadvertent fix to DC Entertainment s wild and sometimes contradictory array of content — they are all true in the infinitude.At least until the next crisis. But at least there will be a group of Superfriends to defend reality against it.
In this first full month of summer, you ll want to catch up with some beloved series of years past to enjoy some of the one-off specials and TV movies hitting in July. Plus, some other small-screen favorites return for their sophomore seasons. Catch up on everything we think you should be watching this month with July 2020’s guide on what’s worth your precious binge.    Hanna 80% (Amazon Prime Video)What it is: This long-form television adaptation of Joe Wright’s 2011 feature tells the scintillating story of a young assassin raised in the woods — one who, when tracked down by a CIA agent on the prowl, will do just about anything it takes to learn the truth about who she is.Why you should watch it: Four-time Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan left massive shoes to fill for the titular assassin when she originated the role nine years ago, but luckily, 20-year-old up-and-comer Esme Creed-Miles proves equally adept and formidable as the demanding heroine. While season 1 certainly proved a Fresh and satisfying viewing, some complained that it was too much exposition, not enough action. Positive early reviews may hint that Hanna packs more of a punch in season 2, which premieres July 3 on Amazon Prime.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 8 hours (for the first season)Psych 89% (TNT)What it is: As if you haven’t wondered what Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and Gus Guster (Dulé Hill) have been up to? While Psych: The Movie reunited the oddball detective duo in San Francisco (a.k.a. “psychphrancisco”) in 2017, Psych is the gift that keeps on giving. A new sequel, Psych 2: Lassie Come Home, brings them back to Santa Barbara to help their old police chief, only to be caught up in a case of the supernatural.Why you should watch it: No, Shawn is not a real psychic, but he’ll have you rooting for him anyway. The original USA Network series, which premiered back in 2006 and wrapped in 2014, followed Shawn as he utilized his impressive observational skills and memory as a Santa Barbara–based crime consultant to trick people into thinking he’s the real deal. But the series succeeds because it does just the opposite and never tries to be something it’s not. Putting affable goofiness to the forefront is what earned Psych it’s devoted “Psych-O” fan base and is what ensures the laughs are going to be hearty with the July 15 film sequel treatment. Catch up now so you can spot all the Easter eggs and call-back guest stars! Psych 2: Lassie Come Home premieres July 15 on Peacock.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 92 hours (for all eight seasons and Psych: The Movie)30 Rock 78% (NBC)What it is: Blatantly inspired by her time at Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey’s 30 Rock (on which she also stars) is a loving ode to the beast that is live television. She plays Liz Lemon, the head writer of sketch comedy show TGS with Tracy Jordan who’s tasked with simultaneously reining in her new boss, Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin).Why you should watch it: Remember when prestige TV was for years through the mid-aughts just the folks behind Mad Men and 30 Rock winning their respective Emmys on an annual basis? If you haven’t watched Fey’s breakout (and best) brainchild, now’s the time to find out just what makes it one-of-the-best-ever comedies of the small screen. The series’ anticipated upfront special airs July 16 on NBC. Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 50 hours (for all seven seasons)The Alienist 77% (TNT)What it is: Based on the novel of the same name by Caleb Carr and helmed by showrunner Stuart Carolan, The Alienist is set in the final years of the 19th century and dives deep into a series of violent, gruesome murders and the mysterious serial killer behind them. Criminal psychologist (a.k.a. “alienist”) Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, newspaper illustrator John Moore, and police department secretary Sara Howard are called in to conduct a secret investigation to bring the killer justice.Why you should watch it: This series is pitch-perfect period perfection with lurid horror (psychological and otherwise) to spare. Add to the mix a central cast that’s more than up to task, including Luke Evans, Daniel Brühl, and Dakota Fanning in a welcome (and decidedly adult) turn on the small screen, we’re hooked enough to see what this drama has in store for its second round. Season 2, The Alienist: Angel of Darkness, premieres July 18 on TNT.Where to watch: Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 10 hours (for the first season)Room 104 88% (HBO)What it is: From the minds of indie film royalty Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass, Room 104 is unlike just about anything else on television. The series sets each of its 30-minute installments (36 total across three seasons) in its titular hotel room through which a varied assortment of characters pass, spending a night or two within its walls and experiencing things that are far from typical. Why you should watch it: Part of the joy of watching Room 104 is bracing yourself for the unexpected. Luckily, the series’ anthology-like narrative means you never quite know what you’re going to get. Genre, tone, time, cast — basically everything but place — changes with each episode. While the diversity allows the viewer to watch it out of sequential order, we still recommend you watch starting with episode 1 if only to appreciate the bigger picture the Duplass brothers are creating. Season 4, its final outing, premieres July 24 on HBO.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, HBO Now, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 18 hours (for the first three seasons)The Muppets 64% (Disney+)What it is: The Muppets are back! Given Disney’s streaming treatment with Muppets Now, this unscripted series will feature all our favorite characters acting through three different, unscripted and improvised segments of a game show, a cooking show, and a talk show. Watch the trailer above, and it is clear the rest is being held under lock and key.Why you should watch it: At the risk of sounding hyperbolic: Hollywood wouldn’t be what it is today without the Kermit the Frog and his Muppet crew. Since their inception from the mind of puppeteer Jim Henson in the 1950s, they’ve gone on to entertain the masses with 10 feature films, a smattering of on-again, off-again television series beginning with The Muppet Show in 1976, and over 20 television specials. Plus, they’re frequently credited with influencing the young minds and sensibilities of some of today’s biggest Hollywood stars. Muppets Now, premieres on Disney+ on July 31. To get a feel for it all prior to, ABC’s Emmy-nominated 2015 series from creators Bob Kushell and Bill Prady, The Muppets, is a solid place to start.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 5.5 hours (for the first and only season)The Umbrella Academy 83% (Netflix)What it is: An adaptation of Gerard Way’s Dark Horse Comics series of the same name, The Umbrella Academy follows a “dysfunctional family of superheroes” who, as children, were adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Now estranged adults, the family reunites to solve the mystery of Hargreeves’ death.Why you should watch it: Led by Oscar-nominee Ellen Page and Merlin alumnus Tom Hopper, the ensemble of imperfect superheroes is what makes this series sweet like candy — the looming apocalypse and genuine heart are just the cherries on top. Season 2 premieres July 31 on Netflix.Where to watch: NetflixCommitment: Approx. 10 hours (for the first season)
This week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Evil Dead Rise, Highlander, Jackass 4, and Wonka.This WEEK S TOP STORYAARON TAYLOR-JOHNSON TO STAR AS SPIDER-MAN VILLAIN KRAVEN THE HUNTER(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)Generally, Marvel Studios has a rule about actors not playing more than one of their roles, except there are many exceptions, mostly due to the fact that not all of them are MCU movies. For example, the reasons former Human Torch actors Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan were both able to star as Captain America and Killmonger in Black Panther, respectively, is that their Fantastic Four movies were under 20th Century Fox, not Marvel Studios itself. Marvel played around with this concept a little bit in WandaVision (Fresh at 91%), in which Wanda s brother Pietro (AKA Quicksilver) was recast as Evan Peters, who first played Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past (Certified Fresh at 90%) (again, a Fox film and not Marvel Studios itself). It was a cheeky switcheroo to pull, since the MCU s Quicksilver was played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Avengers: Age of Ultron. With that in mind, Taylor-Johnson signed on this week to star in another Marvel movie, namely Kraven the Hunter, a solo movie about one of Spider-Man s oldest villains (August, 1964 to be precise), which Sony Pictures has scheduled for release on January 13, 2023. J.C. Chandor (All is Lost, Triple Frontier, A Most Violent Year) will direct the Kraven the Hunter movie, which is expected to be a standalone very much in the style of Venom (Rotten at 29%) and the upcoming Morbius (1/28/2022).Other Top Headlines1. TODD PHILLIPS OFFICIALLY WORKING ON SCREENPLAY TO JOKER SEQUEL(Photo by Niko Tavernise/©Warner Bros.)The DC Comics origin story Joker (Fresh at 68%) might have led to a satisfying conclusion, but the film also left a lot of the villain s story yet to be told. Warner Bros. moved quickly into development on a Joker sequel in late 2019, but the year-that-was-2020 may have slowed down how the sequel may have otherwise developed. This week, in a profile of various Hollywood lawyers, The Hollywood Reporter may have buried the lede, which is that Joker director and co-writer Todd Phillips is now officially signed to co-write the Joker sequel. That doesn t give us much more to work with, such as whether Phillips will return to direct or Joaquin Phoenix will return to star, but both are probably more likely than not. Warner Bros. has not currently scheduled the Joker sequel for release (but we can guess that it won t be before 2023 because WB/DC s 2022 slate is already packed).2. TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET IS YOUR NEW WONKA (Photo by Jason Smith/Everett Collection)Some classic characters are portrayed just once and seem to transcend generations (Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird), while others seem to be reimagined occasionally for new generations. Gene Wilder starred in the 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Certified Fresh at 90%), but then Johnny Depp took over the character in the 2005 remake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Certified Fresh at 83%), and both movies have their fans. Warner Bros. and director Paul King (Paddington, Paddington 2) have been developing a prequel called Wonka for a while now, with the most recent news before this week being in January, when it was revealed that Warner Bros. was considering either Tom Holland (Marvel s Spider-Man) or their own Dune reboot star, Timothée Chalamet. Well, it s finally official: Timothée Chalamet will star in the prequel Wonka, which will reportedly feature several musical numbers that will require Chalamet to sing and dance on screen following several months of practice and preparation. Warner Bros. has scheduled Wonka for release on March 17, 2023. In the meantime, Chalamet is now filming another movie with his Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino. The film is called Bones All, and it s a horror film adapted from the 2015 novel by author Camille DeAngelis.3. HENRY CAVILL TO PROVE THERE CAN BE MORE THAN ONE HIGHLANDER (Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)Henry Cavill is well on his way to being one of Hollywood s modern stars with several franchises on his resume. In addition to his movies as Superman, Cavill has also co-starred in Mission: Impossible Fallout, tried his hand at The Man from U.N.C.L.E., starred as Sherlock Holmes on Netflix (Enola Holmes), co-starred in new adaptations of The Count of Monte Cristo, Red Riding Hood, and Tristan Isolde, and is currently starring in Netflix s video game adaptation series The Witcher. We can now add another fantasy franchise to Cavill s filmography, as he is signed to take on the lead role in the Highlander reboot to be directed by Chad Stahelski (of John Wick and its sequels). The premise of the Highlander reboot isn t yet known, including whether Cavill will be playing one of the characters from the original or a completely new one.4. POP STAR RINA SAWAYAMA TO MAKE ACTING DEBUT IN JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4 (Photo by David M. Benett/Getty Images)Like many things, filming of Keanu Reeves John Wick: Chapter 4 was delayed by COVID-19 from its original start date in 2020 to later this year, aiming for a release date of May 27, 2022. As is common with all of the John Wick movies, the details are being kept secret, but we now know Reeves will be joined by Japanese-British pop singer Riwa Sawayama in her feature film acting debut. Filming of John Wick: Chapter 4 is expected to take place in France, Germany, and Japan this summer, after which Sawayama will be starting a world tour. John Wick: Chapter 4 will be directed by Chad Stahelski, who is also developing the aforementioned Highlander reboot.5. EVIL DEAD RISE FRANCHISE REBOOT (AGAIN) COMING TO HBO MAX (Photo by ©New Line Cinema courtesy Everett Collection)The Evil Dead horror franchise is currently getting a little tricky to track. Bruce Campbell starred in the first three Evil Dead films, which included Army of Darkness (despite it not having Evil Dead in the title). Then, there was a fourth Evil Dead (Fresh at 63%) in 2013 that was basically a reboot, and that was followed by a Starz television series called Ash vs Evil Dead, which served as a sequel to the original films. Now, New Line Cinema is moving forward with plans for Evil Dead Rise, which some sites are calling Evil Dead 4, which presumably refers to it continuing the story from the first three (despite really being the 5th). Bruce Campbell will not return to star as Ash Williams in Evil Dead Rise (but he will executive produce along with Sam Raimi), as the leads will now be two twin sisters played by Alyssa Sutherland (Vikings) and Lily Sullivan (TV s Picnic at Hanging Rock), and the setting will also be the city versus the cabin in the woods of the previous movies.6. JAMES BOND PRODUCERS ASSURE NO TIME TO DIE WILL DEBUT IN THEATERS (Photo by ©MGM)Less than a week after the news first broke that Amazon had bid to buy MGM, the deal was confirmed with a .45 billion price tag. The logic behind the deal seems to be that it will greatly bolster the content available on the Amazon Prime subscription service, but the immediate results are sometimes more complex than that. For example, MGM actually sold the rights to most of its pre-1986 catalog to Turner and Warner Bros. in the 1980s (so this deal doesn t include The Wizard of Oz or Gone with the Wind). Some people also wondered if this meant the long-delayed-by-COVID-19 James Bond film No Time to Die (10/7/2021) might debut on Amazon instead of theaters. James Bond franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson were quick to correct this speculation, saying, We are committed to continuing to make James Bond films for the worldwide theatrical audience. (Of course, this doesn t necessarily mean anything for future Bond films.)7. GODZILLA VS KONG DIRECTOR ADAPTING COMIC BY THE WALKING DEAD CREATOR (Photo by Jason Mendez/Everett Collection)The monster movie Godzilla Vs Kong (Certified Fresh at 75%) was both a critical and box office success (relative to when it was released in the COVID-19 pandemic, obviously). Director Adam Wingard has been quite busy lining up future projects, which currently include a Face/Off sequel and the long-awaited ThunderCats movie, but Wingard is now also now signed with Universal Pictures to at least co-write an adaptation of the comic book series Hardcore by Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead and Invincible fame. Hardcore is set in a world where ordinary people s bodies can be taken over by The Hardcore Program to act as living human drones by soldiers who can t otherwise get access to their targets any other way. This Hardcore should also not be confused with 2015 s Hardcore Henry (Rotten at 52%), which was released in the USA under the same Hardcore title.8. EVERY BOXER GETS HIS DAY: GEORGE FOREMAN BIOPIC TRAINING UP (Photo by ©Lionsgate courtesy Everett Collection)Pretty much every major sport has had at least a few biopics over the years, but arguably, few sports are as well represented as boxing. Even with that being the case, there still remain many famous boxers who haven t had their own biopics yet, and few of those exceptions are as famous as George Foreman, who notably followed up his career as a two-time Heavyweight Champion with a lucrative second career as an entrepreneur with his trademark George Foreman Grill. Sony Pictures is moving forward with plans for an untitled George Foreman biopic, with Khris Davis now signed to star as Foreman and Sullivan Jones cast as his rival Muhammad Ali. Davis recently co-starred in Judas and the Black Messiah, and his credits also include TV s The Blacklist and Atlanta. This biopic from director George Tillman Jr. (The Hate U Give, The Longest Ride) will focus on both Foreman s early career success and his comeback at the age of 45.9. JOHNNY KNOXVILLE CONFIRMS HE S DONE BEING A JACKASS (Photo by ©Paramount courtesy Everett Collection)Time, as it s said, waits for no man, and Jackass stars are no exception. Johnny Knoxville has been starring in various Jackass projects since the original series first debuted on MTV over 20 years ago in 2000, but he also turned 50 this past March. While talking about his latest injuries filming Jackass 4 (10/22/2021), Knoxville revealed that it will also be his final Jackass project, saying, You can only take so many chances before something irreversible happens I feel like I ve been extremely lucky to take the chances I ve taken and still be walking around. Of course, we may still see another Jackass movie someday, as a new generation of pranksters could ostensibly take over the franchise in the future.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

This August, Rotten Tomatoes turns 21 and to mark the occasion we’re celebrating the 21 Most Memorable Moments from the movies over the last 21 years. For this special video series, which we’ve been publishing over the last four months, we spoke to the actors and filmmakers who made those moments happen, revealing behind-the-scenes details about how the moments came to be and diving deep into why they’ve stuck with us for so long. You’ll find big ’90s twists – yep, he sees dead people – as well as super-recent cliffhangers, like Thanos’s universe-halving Snap. There are laughs (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Elf, Bridesmaids) and romance (The Notebook, Spider-Man) and more than a few scares (The Blair Witch Project, 28 Days Later…). But which moment is the single most memorable of the last 21 years? Well, that’s where you come in. We’re asking you to watch the below videos and then vote on your favorite movie moment of the last two decades (and a bit).Voting is open now and runs until midnight Friday August 16 and we will announce the winner on August 19. Fans get a single vote – so choose wisely – and moments are listed in the order they were published over the past few months, most often to tie in with anniversaries and relevant occasions.Take me to the voting!“Remember Me!?” from Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) 97%Director George Miller: “It’s a moment by the way, I think, is available only to her. I don’t think any other character could have done it. I remember the line. I remember Charlize on that day said that she wanted to say the line. It wasn’t a written line. She said, ‘Look, I feel like I really want to say it. OK by you?’ I said, ‘Great.’ It just hit a sweet spot in amongst that action, and it was a little pause before the brutality of the moment and the continuation of the action that was to come.”Read director George Miller’s full interview about the “Remember me!?” moment.The Snap from Avengers: Infinity War (2018) 85%Co-director Joe Russo: “Anth and I, through our entire experience at Marvel, always tried to make very disruptive choices with each film. The end of Winter Solider, good guys and the bad guys, we flip everything on its head. In Civil War we divorce the Avengers. With Infinity War we knew we wanted to make a strong narrative choice. There s an adage where you write yourself into a corner, and you try to figure out how to get out. That usually creates really dramatic moments for the audience. There s no bigger way to write ourselves into a corner than killing half the characters.”Read directors Joe and Anthony Russo s full interview about the moment Thanos devastates the universe.Satine s Entrance from Moulin Rouge (2001) 76%Director Baz Luhrmann: “I thought, wouldn t it be great if we put her in a circus trapeze and we did a trapeze number, but we ll have to have a stunt person. But Nicole being Nicole was like, ‘No way.’ So she trained with a circus person for a good, I would say, two weeks to do that number and when you see her swing around that s her. It s her all the way through that footage. She s on the trapeze, she s being swung around, she comes down, she falls into all those guys. So she was 100% stunt-free on that moment.”Read director Baz Luhrmann and production and costume designer Catherine Martin s full interview about Satine s big moment.The Joker from The Dark Knight (2008) 94%Makeup artist John Caglione Jr.: “Heath [Ledger] was great in the chair. Special actors like Heath – and my experience with Al Pacino over the years – these actors help you relax so that you can bring your game… I always got the feeling that [Heath] had already worked it out in his head, from what I remember. He knew where he was going. Early on, in first meeting Heath and playing around with the makeup, he already kind of had it all figured out. It was my job to just basically gild the lily and try to catch up with him, really. That s what I felt.”Read makeup artist John Caglione Jr. and marketing company 42 Entertainment CEO Susan Bonds  full interview about this iconic take on the Joker.Heather s Confessional from The Blair Witch Project (1999) 86%Co-writer and co-director Eduardo Sánchez: “The direction was: You re not going to make it out of here. This is like an internal monologue. We were directing these actors to almost be like their conscience speaking to them. For Heather, it s like, ‘You re responsible for this. You re the one who brought them out here. You didn t heed the warnings. You knew this is dangerous and you brought these guys out here. Say your goodbyes. If you want to apologize to people, apologize to people, just basically say goodbye. We called it a confessional, your last confessional before you re going. You re not going to get out, and hopefully, somebody will find these tapes and will be able to tell your story, but tell your mom goodbye, and tell your family goodbye.”Read writer-directors Eduardo Sánchez and Daniel Myrick s full interview about Heather s confessional.The Upside-Down Kiss from Spider-Man (2002) 90%Director Sam Raimi: In the rain while he was doing the scene, I remember, he was slightly drowning because he couldn’t wipe his nose and the water was falling down into his upside-down nose, into his nostrils. So he was kinda drowning, and the only way he could breathe was through his mouth. It doesn’t look un-pleasurable, but I think it must’ve been.”Read Sam Raimi and stunt coordinator Jeff Habberstad s full interview about the upside-down kiss.London is Deserted from 28 Days Later (2002) 87%Director Danny Boyle:  One of the technical advantages of using these smaller cameras is that you could shoot a location, not multiple times, but you could shoot it from multiple viewpoints simultaneously. Cillian was in no rush, he could just walk across. But you don’t get much time at these locations free of people even at four o’clock in the morning when we shot. So what happened was we hired a lot of students, because they’re cheap, to be our traffic marshals.”Read Danny Boyle s full interview about creating an eerily deserted London for the opening moments.A Kiss in the Rain from The Notebook (2004) 53%Director Nick Cassavetes:  There was something built up between these two kids, and it has nothing to do with directing. Because when we turned the cameras on, the scene was like: He s mad at her, she s mad at him, and then he says that he wrote her every day, and that s the key that unlocks the door. And when that door got unlocked, I didn t need to direct nothing. They wound up together for many years after the movie, which is…I don t know if I m proud of it, but I think it s fantastic that they found each other like that. And I think that was the moment, because they weren t together before that kiss. But they were together after that kiss, so maybe that was one of the deciding moments.”Read Nick Cassavetes full interview about the kiss in the rain moment.Crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge from Selma (2014) 99%Representative John Lewis:  I truly believe that Oprah, Ava, and the staff working on the film sought my involvement because they knew my history. Selma represented an attempt to redeem the soul of America, to help us move closer to the participation of all people in the political process. This film can educate and inform the mind of hundreds and thousands of young people around America and around the world.”Read Representative John Lewis and actor Stephan James s full interview about the final bridge-crossing moment. Cars don t fly! from Furious 7 (2015) 82%Actor Vin Diesel:  And it was that moment where we realized that Fast and Furious didn’t need to be restricted in any way. That we were so thorough about story and character, and it’s so much a tale of brotherhood and family, right, that we were allowed these kind of outrageous and fantasy-filled moments, and flying through the air was playing to that. Flying from building to building was playing to that. It was one of those solutions to the riddle, or answers to the riddle, How do we one-up the spectacle of each film? ”Read Vin Diesel s full interview about the skyscraper-jump moment.Juan teaches Chiron to Swim in Moonlight (2016) 98%Cinematographer James Laxton:  When Barry alerted us to the storm approaching, we gathered our equipment together as quickly as possible, ran out into the water, and in some respects… I don t want to say improvised, because what is in the script is on camera, if not in the exact way it was depicted. But we had a lot more shots in our shot list, and [were going to be] much more organized about capturing it. We had to really get out there and let Mahershala as Juan guide this young man, and [have] me out in the water, as well, trying to capture this swimming lesson as it came. It [was shot] almost like a documentary, less so like a film in some respects. Sometimes your reaction to moments is as good as a well detailed plan might be. Sometimes it s even better.”Read James Laxton s full interview about the swimming lesson moment.Carl and Ellie in the Opening of Up (2009) 98%Director Pete Docter:  There’s one moment in that montage where Ellie has to go to the doctor and it’s implied that they can’t have children for whatever reason. That raised some eyebrows even here at work as we were developing the film. So, we did experiment with taking it out. And we thought, ‘Well, maybe [the sequence] could still work [without it] because there’s some really charming stuff.’ But the strange thing was, not only did we not feel the emotion as strongly in that one little sequence, but as we watched the rest of the film the whole film lost a little bit. I can’t really fully explain that other than to say it was a real dark, low moment for them that I think made that relationship feel more real. The sort of pain and loss of that situation bonded those characters together and made you empathize more with them. Read Pete Docter s full interview about Up s opening sequence.Gollum Talks to Smeagol from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) 95%Actor Andy Serkis:  I d never considered myself a voice actor, just a regular actor, and I had to kind of think my way into it. I started to work on this notion that he s called Gollum because of the way he sounds – and what would make his voice sound like that? I started to think about constriction of the throat, and as I was doing that, I was actually fortunate enough to witness my cat throwing up a fur ball. It suddenly gave me this idea that the whole physicality of the role would be determined by this force within, which is kind of built out of guilt and torment – this involuntary physical action is what caused this sound coming out of his mouth. The cat throwing up a fur ball is actually what generated the idea for this involuntary spewing out of words. Read Andy Serkis s full interview about the Gollum-Smeagol moment.The Bridesmaids get Food Poisoning from Bridesmaids (2011) 90%Co-Writer Annie Mumolo:  We [originally] had a fantasy sequence where they go into the dress shop, and Kristen s character tries on this dress and she has this fantasy that when she wears this dress, she s all of a sudden in a castle. And all the men at the wedding are fawning over her. There s so many of them wanting her so badly [that] just to escape from the castle she goes running out into this field and runs into the forest. And she naturally sees Christian Bale there, who’s chopping wood without a shirt on. And they end up on a bearskin rug, and he was combing her hair, and it was this expansive sequence of her little love affair with Christian Bale. In the meantime, [back in the real world] Helen gets the women to get the dress she wants because Annie is caught up in her fantasy. So that was the original [scene]. And then I think Judd said at one point we ll never get Christian Bale to do this. And then we tried to put in Matt Damon and then we re like, As if we re going to get Matt Damon to do this.’ He was concerned we weren t going to get anybody to do it. And also he felt it needed harder comedy there, rather than what we had. So, we sadly let that go. We did not want to let that go. We loved that sequence. Read Annie Mumolo and director Paul Feig s full interview about the food-poisoning moment.Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort Duel from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011) 96%Director David Yates: “Harry so
FX s day at the Television Critics Association winter press tour was loaded with news of premiere dates and renewals; although not every anticipated show is coming as soon as its fans would like (or as FX had promised). FX Networks and FX Productions chairman shared the following details on hits like Atlanta and American Horror Story — as well as new shows like Devs — with entertainment journalists on Thursday morning.Plus, news of a h
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Amazon announced a major Good Omens casting, a Lord of the Rings series update, and much more in the final day of the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Los Angeles on Wednesday.TOP STORYBenedict Cumberbatch Will Play a 400-Foot Animated Satan in Good OmensFrances McDormand is playing God in Amazon s Neil Gaiman series Good Omens — which means Gaiman and his series director Douglas Mackinnon needed to find someone who could go head-to-head with the Oscar winner. The glorious young Benedict Cumberbatch is our Satan, Gaiman told reporters at a TCA panel for his series on Wednesday.Cumberbatch voices a 400-foot-high, animated Satan in the series, which is based on Gaiman s book of the same name and follows an angel (Michael Sheen) and demon (David Tennant) living on Earth who unite to stop Armageddon by finding the Antichrist, an 11-year-old boy unaware of his part in ending the world.Other guest stars in the season include Jon Hamm —  He does say that he did it for the money, Gaiman joked, but I know he did it for the money and because it was his favorite book in college — Jack Whitehall, Michael McKean, Miranda Richardson, Mireille Enos, and Nick Offerman, who stepped in last-minute when another actor had to drop out. He texted back saying, I will buy my own plane ticket to be with you,' Gaiman said of texting Offerman about his casting pickle. He didn t have to do that., but two days later he was w 如今,距今海钓玩法上线已有近1个月的时间。倩女手游陆续推出海洋系列家具、海洋副本玩法,解锁挖宝、特殊动作、感冒、晒黑等状态功能,并开启了海洋商店供玩家挑选珍奇道具。未来,游戏内还将上线更多趣味玩法,敬请期待吧!

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