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九游会下载采用百度引擎1(Baidu 1)(Photo by Russ Martin/CBS)Intentionally or not, by the finale of its sophomore season, Star Trek: Discovery, along with actor Ethan Peck, who guest-starred as Spock, provided an argument for another prequel to the original series.At least two more live-action series are in the works: the first led by Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou about Starfleet s shadowy Section 31 division, and the other led by Patrick Stewart, revisiting his role as Jean-Luc Picard from The Next Generation. (Santiago Cabrera, Michelle Hurd, Alison Pill, Harry Treadaway, and Isa Briones will join Stewart in the new series.) The Short Treks program has already seen four episodes released, and Emmy Award–winner Mike McMahan (Rick And Morty) is developing Star Trek: Lower Decks, a half-hour animated comedy focused on the support crew of one of Starfleet’s least important ships.Even if the intention is to see Spock recur on Discovery, the case made for a series about a young and hungry Enterprise crew led by Anson Mount as Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One, and Peck as an up-and-coming version of the iconic sci-fi figure couldn’t be stronger.Discovery’s second season focused on universal themes of family, understanding, love, and loss — all well-trod storytelling paths with the inherent danger of an attack of saccharine. Under the guidance of Alex Kurtzman and his team, however, the result has been mysterious, thrilling, unpredictable, and, of course, very worthy of the series’ recent third season renewal.Both Discovery seasons are Certified Fresh: Season 2 currently has an 83% Tomatometer score, while season 1, which endured a lot of huff and bluster about what Star Trek is supposed to be, is just behind it at a healthy 82%.Ahead of season 2, some residual grousing turned up around the highly anticipated appearance of Spock, the brother of lead character Michael Burnham, played by Sonequa Martin-Green.As Sopan Deb of The New York Times wrote in a recap of the season premiere: “There is an elephant on the bridge. Spock … It’s always been a sore point that Burnham is supposed to be Spock’s foster [sister], whom apparently we never hear about in the history of all of Star Trek. In ‘Brother,’ we get hints about this. Burnham suggests that Spock didn’t accept her as a sibling — which seems, frankly, out of character for Spock, but it’s too early to determine that until we see how this story unfolds.”(Photo by Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS)Now the story has unfolded, and we’ve witnessed Michael and Spock push and pull against each other as if connected by rubber bands. Will they or won’t they be a family? In the finale that aired Thursday night, we found out that they will. The hate Michael perceived Spock had for her melted away over the course of the season — life lesson: bad feelings will escalate when fueled by a lack of communication. The finale showed just how deeply his love for his sister ran, with Spock choosing to accompany her into the unknown and their mutual dismay when it becomes apparent that their ever-after as loving siblings is not to be. Personal log: Stardate 1201.7, Spock says in voice-over of a scene of him embracing their mother in the finale. One hundred and twenty-four days have passed since your disappearance We’ve sworn never to speak your name in the presence of others. Yet, I feel you with me, always. We spoke to Peck ahead of the finale to find out how the season went for him and what it’s been like inhabiting such an beloved character in an enormous franchise, and, though he was understandably circumspect about whether we’ll see more Spock, one thing’s certain: He won’t be wearing a red shirt.(Photo by Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS)Debbie Day for Rotten Tomatoes: It’s been so exciting to watch your character develop over the season; the arc has been quite extreme for Spock. Fans have a very specific vision about what the character is, but they start in a very different place with you — can you talk a little bit about that?Ethan Peck: You re absolutely right. The season arc is hugely transformational for him. I consider it, I understand it to be sort of his genesis. He is in this place of uncertainty, and back in the beginning of his appearance on season 2 of Discovery, and he ends up much closer to the Mr. Spock we met at the beginning of the original series. It s just an incredible honor, not just to play Spock, but to play him in this moment in his life when he is full of doubts and he has these pieces of himself that aren t quite yet fitting together well.What makes Spock so special is that he is these polar opposites, but they live together in harmony and he creates something much more than either human or Vulcan, in my opinion. I think this is why he s so highly regarded and so respected and so compelling; because he makes the space in himself for the cold Vulcan logic and the warm hysterical human tendencies. That s an amazing character to play and to be, and to have found that, I think there was an effort on not just my side, but on the writer s side to make sure that it was clear he s not yet the Spock that we have known to come and love in the original series.We get glimpses along the way, and I think at the end we really come full bore with that mature Spock, or begin to.(Photo by Russ Martin/CBS)Did you know going into this that you were going to play this very special moment in the character s life? How much did you know about what this season would be for him?Peck: I didn t know all that much. I think they took, obviously a huge risk, casting me. Not necessarily — in my opinion — being proven as an actor. Who knows, because it is such a delicate balance in this character and the portrayal of this character of logic and emotion. But then I think that they saw I was extremely dedicated and passionate about doing it, about understanding it, and I was working on the edge of my abilities throughout the season, and I learned so much from doing it. Not just from the experience itself of creating and showing up every day on set and working, but from Spock himself.I think they gave me a little more responsibility as they went on, and I d like to think that what I did informed their decision to keep him on. I think in maybe some worlds, there was a possibility that I totally shat the bed, excuse my language, and they gave me less responsibilities, sorta phased me out, so I just feel incredibly grateful and honored. It s all very surreal to me, still. I just feel filled with those feelings of gratitude and honor.For fans of the franchise, it s been very exciting to have the character there. One of the highlights, of course, is when it s becoming apparent what Michael’s role is exactly with the angel: that she is responsible for some of the signals. But then Spock s shuttle is disabled, and he s not able to get back to Discovery to continue on the journey with her. How did you build that emotional moment for the character with his sister?Peck: To speak specifically to the good bye on the shuttle, I think all of the work that we ve all done with the Spock in the months that I ve been there prior to that moment was really priming me for that good bye. I think in that moment, we really see Spock take ownership of himself and of his constituents: of this Vulcan side, of this human side. It s an action that is deeply emotional and executed highly logically.In the beginning of part one of the finale, Spock decides that he will stay with Discovery. That s a very emotionally driven move. He wants to stay with his family, he wants to stay with his sister, with one of the, I think, few places that he can call home — if you can call a person a home — because, in a way, they have so much in common. Although she s not half human–half Vulcan, she is. She was this human that was raised on Vulcan, and in season 1 you really see her become more human and learn what it is to be human. In this second season, I think we see Spock become more human and more Vulcan together.In the beginning of part one, he thinks that he ll stay, but in the end, he knows that he can t and must say goodbye, and emotionally he would be driven to go with Michael Burnham with Discovery into the future, but logically it s not possible. I think maybe at that moment he discovers there s a responsibility he has to tie up his end of the journey, which is to remain.(Photo by John Medland/CBS)The relationship was a continuation from moments that we hadn t seen as viewers. I was really interested in your emotional build to that moment with a person with whom you ve supposedly had such a fraught relationship.Peck: Yeah. I think it s a great competition that exists between the two of them — as does exist between many siblings — and we really, I think, dug into the sibling rivalry of it all. Also, I think they re very similar; they re both hyper-intelligent, they re both, I think, perfect candidates for Starfleet, they have dedicated themselves to something larger than just who they are as single beings. So I think there s a great respect that lives between them that, in the beginning, I don t think is honored, but there s a lot of anger on both sides, but they realize that they probably understand each other more than anybody else understands them, in all the known universe.That feeling of being seen, of being understood, I think, is so essential to satisfying life. I think we all search for understanding and for similarities in one another. Because these are such unique characters, there aren t many like them, and so I think to have found, I guess, sort of an anchor point in reality, is crucial to them becoming something more than they were, to evolving.To quote Spock, This comfort is essential to evolution. I think that really encapsulates what s happening in the second season between Spock and Michael Burnham. In terms of the preparation for that last scene, I think the whole season was preparation for it. I don t think that I, at that point, needed to do that much work, but trust what I had built and what we had built, about Spock and about the crew on Discovery.At the very end when she s saying goodbye, she tells him, “There’s a whole galaxy out there full of people who will reach for you. You have to let them. Find that person who seems farthest from you and reach for them. Reach for them. Let them guide you.” Was that a nod to his future relationships with a personality like Captain Kirk?Peck: Absolutely. I m not sure who came up with that, but I think it was Alex Kurtzman, and I remember him just glittering while he was telling me this revelation that he d had about this moment and about this beacon he s setting for the future in himself that does end up becoming Kirk.Discovery and Burnham shot off through a wormhole into the future, Admiral Cornwell is dead, Georgiou is somewhere out there, Leland died in a puddle of nanites, and Ash Tyler becomes a permanent Commander in Section 31. Spock, meanwhile, rejoins Enterprise and — despite everyone lying to Starfleet and saying that Discovery and her crew, including Burnham, blew up — he recommends that a gag be placed on everyone s knowledge of what happened. What is his interest in making that recommendation?Peck: Because of the dangers of Control. To really completely bury the knowledge of this omnipotent and sinister entity, it should be completely eradicated from the books. Not just physically eradicated, but also conceptually eradicated because of the extraordinary danger that he poses to the universe, or it poses to the universe.(Photo by Russ Martin/CBS)I think I know, but what’s the significance of Spock shaving?Peck: I think it s an externalization of his alteration. I think the beard is an externalization of his inner turmoil and his unraveling. To shave is a settling back into a security of who he is and his comfort with himself. That s what it means to me. It s also a part of his goodbye to Michael. The self that he knew when he was learning from her and being with her, and to shave it is a part of that. What did you make of it?Just him transitioning — like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon — and becoming the man that he would be.Peck. Absolutely. Yeah.Is there any hope that we ll see the Enterprise and Spock again?Peck: Is there hope? Yes, I hope so.Are you signed up for season 3?Peck: I can t say. I know there s nothing out there on it either way.But you do hope so?Peck: Yeah, I hope so.Star Trek: Discovery seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on CBS All Access.

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在这里,小编要着重讲的是手游的沉浸式互动体验,对于卡牌手游玩家来说,单纯的玩卡牌似乎已经成了常规操作。但在这个魔法学院,玩家们居然还会体验在魔法世界选学院、找室友、参加舞会的游戏内容?于是……众多玩家乐呵呵地玩着卡牌,体验起了魔法世界的快乐时光。 contributing editor for Rotten Tomatoes. He currently hosts the Rotten Tomatoes series Versus, among others, and can be seen co-hosting the sports entertainment phenomenon Movie Trivia Schmoedown. His favorite Star Wars movie is Jedi (guess which one!), his favorite person is actually a dog (his beloved stepdaughter Mollie), and – thanks to this podcast – he s about to watch Burlesque for the first time in his life. Follow Mark on Twitter: @markellislive.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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《黑暗与光明手游》是一款采用动态服务器的生存手游,这款游戏将魔幻元素跟生存玩法相结合,开创了一种全程高能的游戏玩法,在后期,如果玩家感到无事可做,可以尝试去雪山火山这些极地上感受更加硬核的生存玩法,或者是打造,附魔武器来狩猎各种巨型生物。九游会下载the new direction that we were going in. Suits Goes South in Spin-off PearsonGina Torres’ lawyer character Jessica Pearson is used to being a boss on Suits. But in her spinoff, Pearson, which sees her move to Chicago (where she isn t licensed to practice law), she ll have to start over as a fish out of water.  Jessica has to earn her family, Torres said. These are completely different people. It s a completely different world. She doesn t know them. They don t know her. They don t know if they trust me.  Check out what Jessica will experience in the first trailer for the new series, which premieres later this year on USA.Abby’s: Where Everybody Knows Your NameNBC s new sitcom, about a woman who runs a bar in her backyard, will naturally draw comparisons to another famous bar-set sitcom. But star Neil Flynn noted that the setting is really the only thing Abby s has in common with Cheers. Star Natalie Morales, who plays the titular character, welcomes the comparison, though. Any kind of comparison that we could have, or to Ted Danson that I could have, I’m very happy, she said. The setting isn t exactly similar, however. Abby s bar is outside, which meant that the show filmed in front of a live studio audience outdoors in Los Angeles, presenting a few unique challenges. The things we had to worry about were airplanes and helicopters; sirens being noisy, Morales said. But a fun fact is we shot this on Tuesday nights, as opposed to many multi-cams [that] shoot on a Friday night, because we shot on the Universal Lot, and Halloween Horror Nights was going on, and you would have heard the screaming. So we avoided that, which was nice. Abby s premieres March 28 on NBC.

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Shonda Rhimes is a master of infusing otherwise tired or trite television genres with important, topical conversations said with flair.Grey’s Anatomy, her smash hit medical drama on ABC, brought in stories of sexual assault, abortion, adoption, single motherdom, and more into a world of hospital doctors who grapple daily with how to save a life. On her other cult ABC shows, How To Get Away with Murder and Scandal, talks about racial injustice, corruption, and taking down the establishment flittered under the score of, respectively, a murder mystery and a drama about Washington, D.C., insiders.It doesn’t hurt that these shows also frequently involve smoldering glances and frolics under the sheets.In keeping to form, the latest series produced under the Shondaland mantle, Bridgerton, doesn’t disappoint.(Photo by Liam Daniel / © Netflix)Created by Shondaland veteran Chris Van Dusen (Scandal, Grey s Anatomy, others) and base

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On June 22, 36 years have passed since the release of The Karate Kid, the story of an underdog, who explores a life unfamiliar to him, and who — with the help of a grumpy old man — raises himself up to be a champion. The 1984 film, directed by John Avildsen and written by Robert Kamen, had a lasting influence on the movie experience — future sports films would measure their stories against the tenacity and resolve on display in The Karate Kid, and Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, and William Zabka would enjoy a bright moment in the Hollywood sun.That sunlight faded after a time, as new heroes rose — mutants and aliens boasting super-human powers — and now, as their sweet summer dims, Macchio and Zabka have been coaxed back into the open to revisit their beloved characters of  Daniel LaRusso and  Johnny Lawrence in YouTube Premium series Cobra Kai, now available on Netflix.Season 1 was a Certified Fresh hit. All 43 critics that reviewed the season gave it a Fresh rating, landing Cobra Kai — the unlikely streaming TV revival of a slumbering monster film franchise — in our prestigious 100% TV season club. The series also brought back other familiar faces from the original movie, including Martin Kove, who played the Cobra Kai dojo s original alpha-male sensei Kreese in the film, and heartwarming tributes to the humble handyman and teacher Miyagi, played by Morita, who died in 2005.With Season 1 and 2 now on Netflix, with a third Cobra Kai season set to premiere in 2021, we sat down with Macchio and Zabka to talk about what got them back to the dojo, and paying homage to Morita.What follows is a history of Cobra Kai (2018-) and reflection upon the series beginnings, drawn from a sit-down interview with Macchio and Zabka.ALSO WATCH: ORAL HISTORY OF THE KARATE KID WITH RALPH MACCHIO AND WILLIAM ZABKA“It became part of the American lexicon at some point.”Ralph Macchio: “I mean, certainly in the earlier years, from the ’80s into the early ’90s, you had all those images of the crane kick, or the lines like, ‘Get him a body bag’ or ‘Sweep the leg.’ ‘Wax on, wax off.’ [The Karate Kid] became part of the American lexicon at some point. But I think the internet, if you will, or the ability for everyone to be able to talk and spread their voice, really is where it amped up to that other level.And then you have the How I Met Your Mother of it all, which was a show that always teed up from Barney Stinson s perspective of the real Karate Kid. And then that became this whole pop culture thing, and then other videos made. And that set the stage for, I think, the series Cobra Kai fan base coming to the table all amped up for decades of discussion. And it s cool that it all collided in such a good big way.”“We have to go convince Ralph Macchio. William Zabka: “Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, the creators of Cobra Kai, emailed me and they said, ‘Let’s have lunch and talk to you about a project that we re excited about.’ So I said, ‘OK. Where do you want to meet? There s a Mexican restaurant down the street from my house. Let s meet there.’(Photo by YouTube Premium)So we go in and go and sit at this back table, and the chips come, and they re telling the waiters to leave, and then it was just spitfire, like the three-headed dragon, just a machine gun of information. Like, ‘OK, so here it is. We re huge fans of Karate Kid. We love your work. We want to do this. It s called Cobra Kai. We got the rights of Karate Kid. You re Johnny Lawrence. You re like bad sensei, you re like Walter Matthau in Bad News Bears. You re gonna be the anti-hero.’ And I was like, ‘What? You can t just go do this.’I ve had a lot of ideas presented. I ve thought my own self, like, ‘What can I do more in a satire type of way?’ Because I never could imagine getting the rights to do Johnny Lawrence again. And after The Karate Kid with Jaden Smith came out, I felt like it was really all over. Like, ‘It s moved on.’ … This, it just felt right. And I said, ‘What s the next step?’ They said, ‘Well, we have to go convince Ralph Macchio.’ I said, ‘OK.’”“Oh, crap, I hope this works.”Macchio: “They flew to New York. We met down in Tribeca area, and we spent more than a couple hours. They led off with talking about the themes. They were very focused. I could tell they were nervous, but Hayden, he started right away, and says, Bullying. I would love to have the footage of their pitch to Billy, to convince him, and their pitch to me, because they were different. They didn t start off saying, ‘We want to do the Johnny Lawrence story about Cobra Kai and make him the hero of the story.’ They started talking about themes, so credit them. They did a great job. They were also very well-versed in what they wanted to do, the angle. And they did tell me the title of the show. They weren t trying to say, ‘Oh, it s not gonna be that.’ I knew what it was.My biggest question was they were pitching it as a comedy. I said, ‘Well, where s the funny? What s the tone?’ That was the main question, and where s the Miyagi-isms, and how is that going to be woven into it? Because if it s not, then I m not interested. I need for it to have balance, if you will, across the board of the Karate Kid universe, even though the angle in from the Johnny Lawrence story is super smart.(Photo by YouTube Premium)I felt that they were the guys. I knew from Hot Tub Time Machine and Harold and Kumar that they knew [the humor]. I believed they could write for a young generation and humor and great teen dialogue, which I felt was really important for the show to have that. That s really shedding light in going to season 2 and beyond, because we have this great young cast. I needed to digest it all, but I believed that they were the guys. They wanted to make the show the fans wanted to see, because they were those kids.And then timing: 15 [or] 10 years ago there was no YouTube or Netflix, or a place where you could take a five, six-hour movie and cut it up into parts. We shoot this show and each season is like a full-on movie that you just cut up. You allow the characters to breathe and delve into gray areas, and it s not just so black-and-white and leading to one big quick climax two hours later. All those things together got me to the place of saying, ‘OK, let s do this.’ But not without me closing my eyes, holding my breath, and saying, ‘Oh, crap, I hope this works.’ Now we seem like the two smartest guys in the world.”“We hadn t done this for 35-some years  all of sudden, he walks in and it was just on.”Zabka: “My first scene was with Ed Asner, so how s that for day 1 on a show: working with a legend? It s the scene when I walk in and Ed Asner s in my refrigerator. So they just started me at full speed, and it was great, and he was great — I mean really great. What an honor. It felt like he kissed the show in a way, and he blessed it in a way, by his presence being there. It just felt like wow, we re way up here.”(Photo by YouTube Premium)Macchio: “Our first scene together is still one of my favorites in the Cobra Kai series. The first scene I shot was at the end of episode 2, where LaRusso comes into the Cobra Kai dojo and it s a little stare-down, and they question each other, and it just sets up the entire series. That scene was magic, man. We worked together in a film 30-plus years ago, and we ve been friends for years. But that level of chemistry that we have, I didn t know that it was there at the level that it s now turned out to be. It s just a reminder that this project, be it The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai, has some element that the bar just gets raised and we deliver. I m proud of it.”Zabka: “We hadn t done this for 35-some years now, right? And all of sudden, he walks in and it was just on, and everything else was gone, and it was these two characters exist again in this setting. We walked away. We re like, ‘Wow, there s something really happening.’”“It s warm and wonderful and bittersweet. Pat would ve loved this.”Macchio: “All the time, I think about Pat and his performance. Listen, we re not making the show without Pat Morita s performance as Mr. Miyagi, because that s one of the things that elevated that film to what it is today. They re big shoes to fill. I mean, LaRusso has a line like that early in season 2 — he looks at a picture of Miyagi and says, ‘Boy, I ve got big shoes to fill.’He learns very soon that just because you have knowledge of a subject doesn t necessarily mean you can teach it. And Mr. Miyagi was a magical type character who had a special touch, and LaRusso is learning that he might not have that — or he has to find his own. View this post on Instagram Shooting a poignant Miyagi-influenced scene on @cobrakaiseries then, moments later a surprise visit from Pat Morita’s daughter, Aly makes this one of the most memorable days on the show. All the feels from above and beyond. Another stroke of Miyagi Magic graces the day. Thanks, Aly 🙂 And as always, thank you, Pat. 🙏🥋A post shared by ralph_macchio (@ralph_macchio) on Oct 24, 2018 at 9:47am PDT

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7.26.1 8月喜迎Promises (2008) and Captain Fantastic (2017)Rami Malek: Bohemian Rhapsody – No prior nominationsStatistically speaking, the prior nominees without wins (Bradley Cooper, Willem Dafoe, Viggo Mortensen) and the lone first-timer (Rami Malek) have a better chance of winning than Oscar winner Christian Bale. Prior nominees without wins and first-time nominees have won 15 of the last 18 Oscars, with first-time winners Matthew McConaughey, Eddie Redmayne, Leonardo DiCaprio, Casey Affleck, and Gary Oldman winning in the last five years.The even distribution of nominations and awards to first-timers and prior nominees has forced us to dig deep to find an advantage between prior nominees (without wins) and those with zero Oscar love. The Academy has awarded 10 of the last 18 Oscars to actors playing real-life characters (more than any category this century). The reason we’re bringing this up is that 4 of the 5 nominees this year played real-life characters – in Vice, Bohemian Rhapsody, At Eternity’s Gate, and Green Book. Right now, Malek seems like the statistical frontrunner because six of the seven first-time nominated winners since 2001 have played real-life characters (Jamie Foxx, Adrien Brody, Forest Whitaker, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Matthew McConaughey, Eddie Redmayne).Who has the advantage? The competition is fierce, but we think Rami Malek has the advantage because the Academy loves to award first-time nominees for playing real life characters.Best Supporting Actor: No Oscar History? No worries. (Photo by @ Universal)Nominees since 2001: 17 prior Oscar winners, 34 prior nominees (with no wins), and 39 first-time nominees.Winners since 2001: 1 Oscar winner, 5 prior nominees, and 12 first-time nominees.Nominated in 2019: 2 Oscar winners, and 3 first-time nominees.Mahershala Ali: Green Book – 1 Oscar win for Moonlight (2016)Sam Rockwell: Vice – 1 Oscar win for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2018)Sam Elliott: A Star is Born – No prior nominationsRichard E. Grant: Can You Ever Forgive Me? – No prior nominationsAdam Driver: BlacKkKlansman -No prior nominationsThis category leans heavily towards first-time nominees and winners with 17 of the last 18 Oscars going to first-time winners. Twelve of those 17 actors, 12 were first-time nominees, with five first-time nominees winning consecutively since 2014 (Jared Leto, J.K. Simmons, Mark Rylance, Mahershala Ali, Sam Rockwell). This statistic will help Adam Driver (BlacKkKlansman), Sam Elliott (A Star is Born), and Richard E. Grant (Can You Ever Forgive Me?) because they are first-time nominees who are up against prior Oscar winners Mahershala Ali (Green Book) and Sam Rockwell (Vice).Who has the advantage? Adam Driver, Sam Elliott, and Richard E. Grant are the actors to watch according to the category’s history – even if the pundits have Mahershala Ali as favorite.Best Supporting Actress: First-Time Nominees Step Right Up(Photo by @ Netflix)Nominees since 2001: 20 prior Oscar winners, 23 prior nominees (with no wins), and 47 first-time nominees.Winners since 2001: 0 Oscar winners, 6 prior nominees, and 12 first-time nominees.Nominated in 2019: 2 Oscar winners, 1 prior nominee (with no wins), and 2 first-time nominees.Emma Stone: The Favourite – 1 Oscar win for La La Land (2016) and one prior nomination for Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)Rachel Weisz: The Favourite – 1 Oscar win for The Constant Gardener (2005)Amy Adam: Vice – five prior nominations for Junebug (2005), Doubt (2008), The Fighter (2010), The Master (2012) and American Hustle (2013)Regina King: If Beale Street Could Talk – No prior nominationsMarina de Tavira: Roma –No prior nominationsFirst-time winners have won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar 18 times since 2001. No other acting category can boast this stat, which gives Regina King (If Beale Street Could Talk), Amy Adams (Vice), and Marina de Tavira (Roma) the advantage over Oscar winners and The Favourite co-stars Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz.King and de Tavira have an advantage over multiple-time nominee Adams, because they’re first-time nominees in a category that has awarded 12 of the last 18 Oscars to first-time nominees. The category is so first-time-nominee–loaded that four of the last five winners (Lupita Nyong’o, Patricia Arquette, Alicia Vikander, Allison Janney) were first-time nominees, with Viola Davis (Fences) being the prior-nominated standout of the group.Who has the advantage? Regina King is almost a guaranteed lock to win the Oscar. However, based on the data we’ve analyzed, Marina de Tavira has a better probability of winning because Roma was nominated for Best Picture – 11 of the last 18 winning actresses have appeared in movies nominated for Best Picture. Could an upset be brewing? If she wins, you heard it here first.

ame from, and where she actually fits into the world, found the young girl disobeying her father s orders and searching for her identity.As the episodes progressed, she learned who Erik really was: a former CIA agent who recruited pregnant women to sell their female babies to a secret government operation known as Utrax — an off-the-books outfit that conducted experiments on the girls with the goal of molding them into killing machines. He was the one who ultimately rescued Hanna from the facility when she was just an infant, and when Utrax agents under the command of Marissa Weigler (Mireille Enos) shot and killed Hanna s birth mother, Erik fled into the woods and raised Hanna as his daughter, teaching her to live off the land and stay out-of-sight.(Photo by Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video)In season 2, Hanna is searching for freedom and family. With the tragic death of her father, and Marissa s surprise turn from villain to potential ally in the first season s final moments — the former Utrax officer decides to kill shady CIA operative Jerome Sawyer (Khalid Abdala), and help Hanna, Erik, and their new teenage super-soldier friend Clara (Yazmin Monet Prince) walk free from the Romanian facility — it s clear there s a bond between Hanna and Marissa. And in season 2, it continues to grow into a complex mother-daughter/partners-in-espionage team-up. I think that the dynamic that evolves between Marissa and Hanna is actually the most interesting thing about the series because it s so convoluted and tainted with the trauma of Hanna s past, and whether they can trust each other, Creed-Miles says. Whenever they are with each other or trusting each other with their lives, they both have the ability to kill each other in one way or another. And that s one of my favorite things about the season. (Photo by Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video)Freedom, for Hanna, is a tougher goal to achieve. First, there s the ongoing trust issues she has with Marissa, especially considering the woman s awful past. (Marissa, after all, oversaw the incineration of the modified babies when the Utrax facility was originally shut down.) Season 1 also revealed that a new Utrax operation was up-and-running, and season 2 introduces Dermot Mulroney as CIA agent John Carmichael, who took over the duties of running the place. Hanna fixates on liberating Clara, which requires diving into the belly of the beast.This trip back to Utrax pivots the kinetic tone of the series, which found Hanna on the run throughout Europe in season 1, to a more grounded, though still tense, environment this time around. The organization s Meadows facility, which has this full-on Professor Xavier s School for Gifted Youngsters vibe, provides a lot of the conflict and nuance. The young women are trained in firearms and combat while being integrated into the world through government-assigned identities that are extensively documented in photo albums, each trainee s wardrobe, and carefully manufactured social media profiles. It s the control of Utrax over these young women; that ability to say, We ll give you this freedom, and, Look what we can offer you, look what we can give you, and still be totally in charge, Farr said, comparing this fictional power structure to the many real ones that have faced ridicule and engendered conflict in recent months. There s the idea that Hanna is, in some way, a true existential heroine who says, No. I ve looked it in the eye, and I know I don t want that. I m going to rebel. That, for me, gained the character a kind of prescience that I think it probably didn t have before. (Photo by Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video)Hanna does see the appeal of the place. Once inside, she finds herself seduced by the allure of community. She may not have a physical family, but living among the other trainees, so like her, builds a feeling of belonging and connection, which is something Hanna has struggled to hold onto since the onset of the show. I think that the loss of not having any heritage, any family, any idea of her own history gives Hanna a huge insecurity that is exploited by the Utrax organization in terms of the girls, Creed-Miles said.Hanna s physical and intellectual prowess may be heightened, but Creed-Miles recognizes that the character is still a teenage human. And she s going through some of the relatable struggles with identity and acceptance most females her age grapple with. Despite the superficiality of [social media], it s still very emblematic of the way that young people are often engendered an identity that s created through, I guess, what s socially acceptable and what isn t, she said. I think that s changing, but social media is still definitely like the charging pools behind what people do and don t do and what they can and can t do. I think it s such an interesting element of the show and seeing the way that Hanna interacts with it highlights those differences. (Photo by Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video)The series has become an unexpected mirror to some recent real-world issues, and as Farr noted, there s a history of the younger generation pushing back against the power structures that are no longer operating with the people s best interests in mind. What I find heartening about the politics of what s going on right now, in the world, literally right now — which I know, at the moment, is around race — is still fundamentally around identities and groups of identities that have been appallingly treated, Farr said. There is something hopeful of how the younger generation has gathered around that. And there s an energy, at the moment, around the youth. Enos agreed, adding:  Teenagers, at this moment, with all of the power of social media and their identities and self-worth being tethered to how many likes they get, it s a very complicated time. So, I hope for the teenage girls that watch this, that it helps them to consider why they identify with the things they do and what aspects of themselves they re putting as the most important. Hopefully, it isn t what other people around them are telling them. There s supposed to be some quiet inner voice that says, This is your path. This is your worth.' Hanna season 2 premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, July 3.
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Ghcxuf (Photo by Warner Bros.)All James Wan Movies, Ranked by TomatometerDirector James Wan and creative partner Leigh Whannell broke into the industry with their 2003 short Saw, which they remade a year later as a feature-length Lionsgate film. Introducing horror icon Jigsaw (the moral and vengeful escape-room architect with lots of time on his hands, played with aplomb by Tobin Bell), Saw s high-concept, extreme-gore thrills found its audience of young, increasingly desensitized viewers. Wan and Whannell branched out early from Saw, remaining on the franchise as executive producers.Dead Silence and Death Sentence came and went before Wan struck upon on more franchise horror gold with Insidious. Wan would direct the first two films, as Whannell made his directorial debut on Chapter 3 (and from there would climb to Upgrade and The Invisible Man). After Insidious for Wan: Directing horror opus The Conjuring, a blockbuster 1970s-style scarefest, reminiscent of The Omen and The Exorcist.Wan was given the keys to the Fast Furious series, with Furious 7 pulling off the action, the heists, and the proper, emotional family tribute to star Paul Walker, who died late in production. F7 remains the best-reviewed and highest-grossing Furious of the franchise. The Conjuring 2 came pretty close to capturing the magic of the first, and Wan s sojourn into the DC Extended Universe yielded Aquaman, the first DCEU movie to top billion worldwide.Wan is back again to his smaller-scale horror roots with Malignant. To mark the occasion, we re ranking all James Wan movies by Tomatometer! 😈😈


九游会下载 英雄联盟手游在国服测试这么多天,我发现一个很重大的事情,手游支持玩家玩所有的位置,即使你对辅助、打野等位置的英雄和玩法不熟悉,你也可以在这些你不擅长的位置上正常游戏,甚至可以打出精彩操作。

(Photo by HBO)Despite stirring speechifying by the Seven Kingdom s newly crowned despot, her death at the hands of the man she loved, and a dragon s moving lament, Game of Thrones went out with a whimper, according to critics. Season 8, Episode 6: "The Iron Throne" 47% is not the worst episode of the series, but it is in the bottom three based on the first reviews of the series finale.With this final entry, the season s current score is well below the 75% score needed to be Certified Fresh, marking the first season in the series history that will not receive the honor. The season is, in fact, now Rotten (updated May 23), which is just stunning given the series track record.Here s what critics had to say about the episode.It Was the Best of Finales (Photo by HBO) It s almost impossible to imagine it ending any other way. — Steve Greene, indieWire After showing us a nightmare for eight seasons, Game of Thrones finally dares to dream of spring. — Sean T. Collins, Rolling Stone A stupendous end that the series deserved. — Mikel Zorrilla, Espinof The series finale, proved largely satisfying after eight seasons of incredible drama. — Todd Gilchrist, Birth.Movies.Death. Read more: Game of Thrones’ Series Finale Best Moments: Breaking the Wheel and a Dragon’s ChoiceIt Was the Worst of Finales(Photo by HBO) As a fan of the TV show, I felt battered into submission. This season has been the same story over and over again: a lot of tin-eared writing trying to justify some of the most drastic story developments imaginable, as quickly as possible. — David Sims, The Atlantic Game of Thrones has lulled us into believing that its women would end up in charge. In the end, it s only Sansa, by sheer force of will, who wears a lesser crown. The wheel hasn t broken; the patriarchy is still alive and well in Westeros. — Anne Cohen, Refinery29 The kindest thing I can say about the Games of Thrones series finale is that it might have satisfied Plato. — Judy Berman, TIME Magazine Gotta say this episode felt more like a season finale than the series finale it was, if only because this last season seemed so isolated from what went before. — Glen Weldon, NPR It s hardly an exit cry of triumph. — Steve Johnson, Chicago TribuneHow Was the Writing and Pacing of the Final Episode?(Photo by HBO) The ending got rushed to the point of a fantasy even greater than the story told given all we had grown to know and love over six seasons (or seven, depending on your view) got torn asunder in the space of six episodes. — Carissa Pavlica, TV Fanatic I liked this episode, and at times I thought it was truly brilliant But the lords and ladies of Westeros picked a new king in five minutes, when we ve spent eight seasons fighting a bloody war over who would sit on the Iron Throne. — Erik Kain, Forbes It was hacky; it was cliched. Every character left standing received a saccharine coda. It was all too simple, too clean, even with a major death and a surprise contender for the Iron Throne. Closure is one thing, but pandering is entirely another. — Kelly Lawler, USA TodayOne second from every episode of Game of Thrones. pic.twitter.com/rFz2CFLwBx Andy Kelly (@ultrabrilliant) May 20, 2019 Like most of Season 8, it felt like a Wikipedia summary more than a full story being told, with only Arya, Sansa, Sam, and Brienne getting endings I can halfway believe. — Gina Carbone,CinemaBlend But the pacing and the hurry to get to the finish line are not the only issues. There are large, gaping holes in the fabric of logic that one just cannot ignore anymore. — Soumya Srivastava, Hindustan Times In dramatic terms, it may have resolved itself with something like indecent haste. But thematically, it made perfect sense. — Karl Quinn, The Age (Australia) In this last season there was too little surprise, too many high-dollar digital theatrics, and less drive to really drill down into the essence of what made Westeros a place where so many people wanted to spend their Sunday nights. — Hillary Kelly, New York Magazine/VultureRead more: Game of Thrones’ Final Season Is Officially Its Worst, According to the TomatometerWho Were the MVPs?(Photo by HBO) That finale was a mixed bag for me. I m not sure how much it made ACTUAL SENSE in terms of how we ve seen this world to work, but Jon ending up back at the Wall with Ghost actually felt to me like one of the best endings for his character. — Huw Fullerton, Radio Times Wow. Drogon understood more about the geopolitical power struggle and human weakness than I would ve thought he did. — Kimberly Roots, TV Line Bran was the king of least resistance, with the added bonus of some superpowers that definitely are real, but which are dubiously useful at best. — Kathryn VanArendonk, New York Magazine/VultureRead more: All Game of Thrones Episodes, Ranked by TomatometerFinal Verdict?(Photo by (Helen Sloan/HBO) This was a largely satisfying conclusion. One could quibble over a couple of plot points, and argue about the reassertion of the show s regressive gender politics. But a piece of entertainment as complex as this was always going to involve some compromise. — Nick Curtis, London Evening Standard Over all, though, it was a solid and largely satisfying wrap-up to one of the most exciting and enthralling TV series ever. — Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times So, yeah, it all worked out in the end, really. Was it perfect? No, because it couldn t be. Was it enough to course-correct some of the more truncated story decisions from this season? Yes, I believe it was. — Tim Goodman, Hollywood Reporter(Photo by HBO) Because the Game of Thrones finale is really a bunch of different endings rolled into one. All the outcomes combined add up to a finale that s sort of bittersweet, just as author George R.R. Martin has been saying all these years. — James Hibberd, Entertainment Weekly After showing us a nightmare for eight seasons, Game of Thrones finally dares to dream of spring. — Sean T. Collins, Rolling Stone It s not quite the dream of spring we might ve hoped for, but it s not a disaster either. And now our watch has ended. — Laura Prudom, IGN MoviesDid you agree with the critics? Tell us in the comments!Game of Thrones season 8 is available to stream on demand, on HBO Go, and on HBO Now. 由“超电磁炮之父”镰池和马经典IP概念打造的全新日式沙盒RPG手游。玩家可以充分体验建造、探索、破坏等经典沙盒自由玩法,体会自由度与RPG战斗的结合。充分运用各种沙盒规则,不同玩家将有不同的副本通关方法。游戏将于暑期开启不删档测试。


(Photo by Netflix)Click to open full image in new tab.Netflix has set February 7 for the premiere of Locke and Key, the Carlton Cuse–produced adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s IDW comic book series that has been in development for more than a decade. The mystery series revolves around the Locke family, three siblings and their mother who move into their ancestral home – Keyhouse – after the murder of their father. Keyhouse, as the Lockes quickly discover, is filled with magical keys that hold special powers. That draws out a demon who wants to steal the keys, which may have played a role in the murder of the Locke paterfamilias. The series stars Darby Stanchfield (Scandal), Jackson Robert Scott (IT), and Connor Jessup (American Crime).The Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) returns with the launch of season 12 on Wednesday, January 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT with friends Ryan (Tosin Cole), Yasmin (Mandip Gill) and Graham (Bradley Walsh). Subsequent episodes will air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT beginning January 5 on BBC America. The season kicks off with a two-part episode entitled Spyfall. Last season on The Magicians, magic was saved, but at a terrible cost: Quentin Coldwater died heroically to save his friends — and the world. Julia (Stella Maeve), Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley), Eliot (Hale Appleman), Margo (Summer Bishil), Penny (Arjun Gupta), and their friends (and frenemies) must learn to navigate a world without him. In season 5, premiering January 15 at 10 p.m. ET/9C, a new threat has arisen: in freeing magic, the balance tipped the other way and there’s too damn much of it. As the excess builds, an apocalypse looms.Cantankerous Larry David returns for season 10 of his HBO drama in January. Vince Vaughn joins the fun in a multi-episode arc.Better Call Saul will return with a two-night premiere event on February 23 and 24, 2020. The fifth season will premiere on Sunday, February 23 at 10 p.m. ET/9C following a new episode of The Walking Dead. The season will continue the next night, Monday, February 24, with an encore presentation of the season premiere at 8 p.m. ET/7C followed by the season’s second episode at 9 p.m. ET/8C. Subsequent episodes will air Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/8C. The new season will find Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill finally embracing his Saul Goodman persona to practice law, and the fallout that ensues for everyone around him, including fellow attorney and girlfriend Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), fixer Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks), meth kingpin/restauranteur Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), and Jimmy’s criminal associate Nacho Varga (Michael Mando).Find out when the rest of your favorite shows return and new shows premiere below.Update (12/12): Pavarotti (Dec. 30), Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Jan. 24), Next in Fashion (Jan. 29), Briarpatch (Feb. 6), The Sinner (Feb. 6), Interrogation (Feb. 6), Wrong Man (Feb. 9), Hillary (Mar. 6), Ride with Norman Reedus (Mar. 8); Messiah (Jan. 1)Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.  December | 2020 TV Premiere DatesARCHIVE: January | February | March | April  | May | June | July | August | SeptemberOctober | November | 2018 PremieresAlso: Renewed CancelledDecember

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